Penthouse Club (was Diamond Cabaret) - Sauget, IL
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Recent Comments for Penthouse Club (was Diamond Cabaret) - Sauget, IL
driver • 2/4/2015Post a Reply   Delete This Comment
What ever happened to London Taylor? Long Blonde Hair, Perfect body, Tall, Great Personality and loved her job? She gave these incomparable lap dances. Said she was becoming a surgical nurse. Ever see her around? I'd love to see that girl back up on stage. I know surgical nurses don't make what she was pulling in. London! Come Back!!!!!
economics • 1/24/2015Post a Reply   Delete This Comment
I guess if you go looking for it in a strip club it ain't. Especially, at this one.
Economist : • 1/24/2015Post a Reply   Delete This Comment
Pussy ain't cheap !!!
Club Prices • 1/24/2015Post a Reply   Delete This Comment
Wow, that's ridiculous I can't believe people pay that. Add in drinks and tips on stage and your in the whole 200 bucks just for an okay night. That's why I pretty much never go Sauget. I used to go during the day for lunch but its been awhile. Glad I haven't missed much.
Club Economics • 1/23/2015Post a Reply   Delete This Comment
You pay up to $12 to get in plus $5 for wristband. You do 3 dances for $100 but dancer has to pay club $5 for each dance plus at least $15 in tips. No wonder people this place is too expensive.
Tipping • 1/10/2015Post a Reply   Delete This Comment
Why are you tipping more then everyone combined at the stage? Maybe she finds desperation a turn off. LOL. but really I do know where you are coming from. I think some new girls think well I can just make a bunch of money stripping and not have to work for it. Or maybe they are really fucking stupid.
J k • 1/9/2015Post a Reply   Delete This Comment
This club is lame! The ladies are stuck up snobs. Completely dumb. End of story!
RE: Gotta Agree • 1/8/2015Post a Reply   Delete This Comment
If a customer tips you more money at the stage than everyone combined then afterwards introduce yourself say thank you and ask if he wants company. Don't go sit at bar with your face in the phone. Don't disappear into the dressing room. Go sit with the 3 or more drunk assholes who tipped you $5 total and later try to figure out why you're not making money. Most of the servers abd bar staff are first rate at this club.
Rambone • 1/2/2015Post a Reply   Delete This Comment
I've been coming to this club since 1988. I could write a narriation on things I've seen and done here. This is by far the best club in the St.Louis area. But it isn't without it's problems. After reading the comments below, I'll agree the girls lack basic social skills. I think this reflects society as a whole. I see the girls setting at the bar on their phones. Then straight to the stage and back to the bar. Most girls don't realize they're working in the hospitality industry. The smart girls are looking for the guy that wants the private dance while she's on stage. I've often wondered why management doesn't attempt to coach these girls. On the positive side, the bartenders are first rate. The lighting is like none other.
Service • 12/31/2014Post a Reply   Delete This Comment
Something has to change. Maybe we can write a letter to management. I know the Hustler had the same problem. The last few times there, the women approached me for dances. Unfortunately, that is the MO for a lot of clubs now. The girls just do not care about actually working for their money. Guys like me get turned on by an intellectual conversation. I can understand if I was at a lower level club, but this is the Penthouse. I expect more quality.

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