Deja Vu- Lansing - Lansing, MI
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Recent Comments for Deja Vu- Lansing - Lansing, MI
Tracy onlooker • 1/31/2015Post a Reply   Delete This Comment
Been watching this thread with amusement. Most this near dead club has been talked about in years. I think most of these posts are coming from that batshit crazy old dancer on days, who openly hates guys. Maybe the time would be better spent in a knitting circle? I doubt Tracy, who I danced with regularly, gives a crap about any of this. She never conned me, just gave a damned sensual dance and was nice company. Who the fuck wants to end up with a stripper? It's all a fantasy, the dancers sometimes actually believe it themselves. I sure as hell wouldn't want a dancer showing up at my doorstep.
Tracy onlooker • 1/30/2015Post a Reply   Delete This Comment
I have no clue who Tracy is, but apparently she made a career out of false promises to old guys but then when age wins (as it always does) she tries to turn the tables and calls the customers losers?
you. • 1/29/2015Post a Reply   Delete This Comment
The real loser is the guy who worships a stripper who was glad to finally get away from you weirdos. Poor guy..
Earth to onlooker • 1/27/2015Post a Reply   Delete This Comment
Picture attached of back rubbing ole daytime granny who posts half of the shit here. Don't let the old hag make you lose your loyalty to the greatest club dancer ever. She's just bitter about those days she made 15 when Tracy walked home with a thousand. Lol. Who's the real loser?
onlooker • 1/26/2015Post a Reply   Delete This Comment
Earth to pathetic lonely moron. Don't be mad at me because the love of your life retired and u can no longer be graced with her presense. She kept saying how happy she was to get away from all the creepy guys she had to dance for lol poor pitiful loser
Onlooker • 1/26/2015Post a Reply   Delete This Comment
onlooker has the look and sound of a bitter all dancer who must've been jealous of Tracy all of those times they had to share shifts together. It's amusing to speculate which old hag would've written those comments about how stupid men are . It's amusing to see the comment about how she must've rubbed the guys dicks or something, one knows the vile old dancer who is writing that post knows perfectly fucking well about rubbing dicks.anyone want to speculate on what nasty and smelly old day dancer is writing that shit about how stupid the Male customers who ignored her and danced with Tracy instead. Sad to see that the old bitch has to involve herself in this and every other discussion on here.
Ok.... • 1/24/2015Post a Reply   Delete This Comment
Wow. Finally I get to see this phantom dancer named Tracy. Thanks for the pic. I was beginning to believe she really was an urban myth. Pretty but nothing special. There have been hundreds of dancers over the years equal or better. Her allure must have been something else.
Ahhh • 1/23/2015Post a Reply   Delete This Comment
so that is the legend; I'd never seen her before. Very different than what I expected, very elegant. But it's true if she's retired, one should let her go. We've all fallen for dancers, some are worth it, but I think the remark is a bit cynical to say she took advantage, if she's providing a paid service, good for her for making the most of it.
Nicko • 1/22/2015Post a Reply   Delete This Comment
How is Spencer's dances?
Time to end this shit! • 1/22/2015Post a Reply   Delete This Comment
Truth be told Tracy is retired! She was shops dancer with many loyal customers. Mostly though she is a great person. It is time to realize she retired from the stage and now is getting on with her life, time to do the same. Stop the posts, stop the harassment, and just get a life and let her have her life w/o all this DRAMA
GOOD BY TRACY we appreciated you


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