Deja Vu- Lansing - Lansing, MI
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Recent Comments for Deja Vu- Lansing - Lansing, MI
Big Smack • 12/21/2014Post a Reply   Delete This Comment
Maybe he didn't come in anymore. At one time he got banned from the club cuz he threatened to kill/beat-up Tom
Big Smack? • 12/20/2014Post a Reply   Delete This Comment
clarification? Who is that?
VIPS • 12/18/2014Post a Reply   Delete This Comment
I used to get them with Leah but haven't seen her the last few times I've been there. Any update?
Dead • 12/16/2014Post a Reply   Delete This Comment
Speaking of that, I heard Big Smack got killed. At one time, he was at the club like every night. I know his friends said he was a great guy in the LSJ obit comments, he seemed to be a angry thug.
T.O.D. • 12/15/2014Post a Reply   Delete This Comment
i call this one, the Vu has officially died, and all threads about it need to be buried.
Laila • 12/3/2014Post a Reply   Delete This Comment
laila Ali, not Tatiana, although would be amusing yo watch her box, too.
Leon Spinks • 12/3/2014Post a Reply   Delete This Comment
never danced with him, so I wouldn't know, but Cherish sure doesn't look like Tatiana Ali, either. Glad you enjoy her, even plain dancers need our love. Lol
help...where's Lola? • 12/1/2014Post a Reply   Delete This Comment
Anyone have a clue what happened to Lola? Cute natural black girl. Dancing anywhere?
Re Cherish • 12/1/2014Post a Reply   Delete This Comment
Never danced with her but I do think she has a very attractive face. She looks way better than Leon Spinks
Cherish • 11/29/2014Post a Reply   Delete This Comment
her letting you touch her is a major selling point? Does one still have to use latex gloves to finger her? I find her so lame, face like a guy who has been boxing too long. Every girl except Alex lets you run your hands over them, this is hardly a big deal n a club with much prettier girls.

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