Deja Vu- Lansing - Lansing, MI
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Recent Comments for Deja Vu- Lansing - Lansing, MI
Boring • 8/30/2015Post a Reply   Delete This Comment
No reason to visit this club. They don't come out of dressing room. Don't come out for red lights. Don't make conversation. Might as well go on internet for free to see girls. Most girls are single moms, old as dirt, or need to support a drug habit (the dirty fat mexican dude supplies all that) This has become a place where dancers come to die.
boo hoo • 8/29/2015Post a Reply   Delete This Comment
Oh no! They get naked for hours and barely make anything! Wtf! At least they have a chance to have fun instead of being in a cubicle or flipping Burgers! To all the bitchy, arrogant, dumb ass cunt dancers who is a thought...Drop your clothes, do your job, and shut the fuck up! If you can't do that simple parstistic job, then get the fuck out of the club!
Sky's the limit. • 8/29/2015Post a Reply   Delete This Comment
sky: was in the club for years. Is convinced she's a superstar. Never got what it was about. Even the also ran girls seven eight years ago would be headliners now. Star? Candy? The young ones used to be hot and dirty. Now you've girls who are dirty like Vivian. Meaning, needs a shower.
whatever • 8/29/2015Post a Reply   Delete This Comment
They are barely making it because they chose to be strippers with attitudes!
sad • 8/29/2015Post a Reply   Delete This Comment
What's sad and pathetic is the girls who don't dance worth shit for the money. Sky is a good example.
???? • 8/29/2015Post a Reply   Delete This Comment
What has this site turned into??
These girls are getting naked for hours on end and barely making it
Because of men like you. If you don't enjoy these girls, because face it
Everywhere else has ugly fat girls, than don't come here and ruin
It for everyone else please.
This is sad and pathetic.
Funny • 8/29/2015Post a Reply   Delete This Comment
haha. 90% of the posts here are written by employees. The only way they can make the club appear alive. No one cares about this dive.
fun • 8/28/2015Post a Reply   Delete This Comment
Haha. We know customers ask for extras. Oops. Did I say that?
Citizens for moral right • 8/28/2015Post a Reply   Delete This Comment
Lol, tipping off the police. Did you call the crime stoppers hotline and say that Victoria plays with men's penises? The only cops who will come will be in street clothes looking for a dance. its michigan, fool. More things to worry about than handjobs. Dvl isn't that dirty a club. A tug, a rare bj. Girls get leaned on if they go too far. But I've had enough extras to know this a bs argument. Go have fun. Ask for extras if you want.
duh • 8/28/2015Post a Reply   Delete This Comment
Its called tipping the police off... fuck head! So we actually have bob the fucking guilable turd who thinks the Lansing police actually spend tax payer dollars wisely? Lmao. It happened a year ago. Get your head out of curious guy' ass and open your eyes!

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