Deja Vu- Lansing - Lansing, MI
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Recent Comments for Deja Vu- Lansing - Lansing, MI
Top 10 • 4/23/2014Post a Reply   Delete This Comment
Agree that this is only a small Midwest club but there have been a couple of dancers that would be able to make it in large metropolis clubs too! I think Tracy could compete with most of the girls in most any Florida or even east coast clubs on looks alone, combine that with her ability to communicate intelligently she wins hands down. More about this another post
gil • 4/22/2014Post a Reply   Delete This Comment
Paige is a legit hottie. Spencer too.
Re • 4/22/2014Post a Reply   Delete This Comment
Sad but true. I've nearly stopped going.
re; top ten • 4/21/2014Post a Reply   Delete This Comment
Couldn't agree with you more. Problem now is the club does not even have cute.
Top Ten • 4/20/2014Post a Reply   Delete This Comment
That's because the top ten here would be the bottom ten in a really fine club; let's not pretend this is anything but a small upper midwestern city shack sitting behind a muffler shop. This isn't PC. Give it abreak. There's no one here to be enthusiastic about. Some cute girls, but I fucking am not going to empty my cank account for cute.
Top ten • 4/20/2014Post a Reply   Delete This Comment
Well, listing the top ten appears to have worked out well! Great insights.
Top #10 • 4/17/2014Post a Reply   Delete This Comment
Tiffany: the dancer that most of the other dancers wanted to fuck. Lol
re: Past top ten • 4/16/2014Post a Reply   Delete This Comment
I assume you meant now "know", why? Also, when was Cassandra around?
Past Top Ten • 4/15/2014Post a Reply   Delete This Comment
Only in the past, wouldn't go near her know:
Cassandra: Best stripper I ever had. God, that woman knows her way around a body, . Does Mercedes have the touch?
Top ten • 4/14/2014Post a Reply   Delete This Comment
10- Several
9- Tracy
8- Tracy
7- Tracy
6- Tracy
5- Tracy
4- Tracy
3- Tracy
2- Tracy
1- Tracy

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