Deja Vu- Lansing - Lansing, MI
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Recent Comments for Deja Vu- Lansing - Lansing, MI
Drug heads • 11/29/2015Post a Reply   Delete This Comment
U got lucky, u only got a drunk dancer instead of 1of the meth head girls or heroine junkys! I talked to a girl who was high on something and kept going on and on about the other girls I imagine she must not have friends here!
Alcohol • 11/28/2015Post a Reply   Delete This Comment
I thought this was a no Alcohol club. When I did a VIP dance and kissed the dancer I smelled booze.
Old timer • 11/27/2015Post a Reply   Delete This Comment
No play at this club. Dancers are old lazy trashy racist hicks. Only want to dance for country ass white boys. You try and touch their tits and girls freak out. Move on. Tom, the head manager, is known in the club industry as a moron. After all these years he has no concept of customer service or how to make money for the club.
His and pretend ghetto • 11/25/2015Post a Reply   Delete This Comment
Nice impersonation of ghetto speak, we know most of the girls are racist hicks. Dani the tyrranni tranni probably wrote this.
Ho's • 11/25/2015Post a Reply   Delete This Comment
Who be best ho for outside da club. And dont u be sayin Victoria.
Extras • 11/24/2015Post a Reply   Delete This Comment
Clearly, you've never been to PT's in Dearborn. It's probably the club with girls that are comparable or better than the current crop here is, but fs without the dance count can be had for 120, plus 20 for VIP room. And this club is much better than Bogarts and the Henry's, where a full meal deal can be had for less. Yes, penthouse is expensive, flight club has lunatic dancers who will try to score 1, 000 for what they normally give for 200, but if you want it with DV level, most clubs there provide. There is nothing comparable, at DVL, 159 gets you the right to play with most girls boobs. Nothing more.
Extras • 11/24/2015Post a Reply   Delete This Comment
150 for the by machine and 150 for the girl..not bad similar to Detroit clubs. Centerfold is extras friendly but not private and the place looks/feels nasty
Fetish • 11/22/2015Post a Reply   Delete This Comment
One easy way to get a payoff: listen to the girls gossip, wait till they leave, then start dancing with bad girl. Spend lots of money, the other bad girls will find you. Be nice yo them all, take a booth dance with now and then. Tip checkers. Be friendly to Tami and Tom. What do you get? A hj. Ocassionally more. For the cost of twenty nights with top level escorts. Or go to Detroit, put down 160 and get your dreams fulfilled with almost any girl in the first dance. You do the math.....
DD • 11/21/2015Post a Reply   Delete This Comment
I got full service here from a girl years back who said it was her 2nd or 3rd day, no BS! If I can remember correctly I think she used a pillow to help block from the camera. She was scared to do again thou
Albino lipstick and fetish • 11/21/2015Post a Reply   Delete This Comment
You must have not shopped carefully. I had regulars that always provided, but at least I brought a towel, as I always came on them...... As to cum couches, it's undeniable, I ve seen the stains on Sunday's after a big Sunday. Was also in VIP, girl found she was sitting on something, reached in and found a bottle of lube in the couch. Lol

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