Deja Vu- Lansing - Lansing, MI
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Recent Comments for Deja Vu- Lansing - Lansing, MI
Playing with balls • 10/31/2014Post a Reply   Delete This Comment
why should anyone censor their opinions on this site? I want opinions, who's fun, who's not. Avery is awful, Olivia is real fun. Celia is ok, talks constantly. Brooklyn is entertaining. Leslie annoys and is the biggest con artist there. Foxy is wild.
There are mild extras from some of these girls. who cares, though, if you want sex, go to penthouse.
Give it a break. • 10/31/2014Post a Reply   Delete This Comment
victoria is a nice woman, generous in her dances. Leave it at that. We need more dancers like her, not drive them away.
Don't ruin it before it begins • 10/30/2014Post a Reply   Delete This Comment
Let's not share too many details and ruin things before fun can even begin. Even if it did, allegedly, already start.
Think I'll buy me a football team • 10/30/2014Post a Reply   Delete This Comment
"Pay as you go"

Definition please
Pay as you go • 10/30/2014Post a Reply   Delete This Comment
thats accurate, and it's hardly worth it.
Fall classic • 10/27/2014Post a Reply   Delete This Comment
Victoria won and club facebook page says come in and see how. I know firsthand how. She's pay as you go and it's not that pricey.
Tracy • 10/25/2014Post a Reply   Delete This Comment
oh, missing her. But as to the a-hole who suggested I didn't even know her name, well it was under the pic on her fb page pointing a revolver at the camera. Tougher chick than people think.
Wow • 10/25/2014Post a Reply   Delete This Comment
wow, what a great answer. Like I care what the manager does........
terry lynn lands bush • 10/22/2014Post a Reply   Delete This Comment
Decent veterans all suck toms dick and licks his balls then hes so pussy wipped and dumfounded he comes up with big girl fetish night. Anyone no who the dancer was whoss wig fell off and on the floor when she was on stage glad I got to be one of the few lucky witnesses
Big girls • 10/16/2014Post a Reply   Delete This Comment
anybody go? I wanted to but had other plans. If it's a fetish to like bigger girls, guilty as charged.

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