Club Erotica - Pittsburgh, PA
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Recent Comments for Club Erotica - Pittsburgh, PA
Tiffany? • 1/1/2015Post a Reply   Delete This Comment
What is with your obsession with Tiffany? It is just bizarre.
Is Tiffany... • 1/1/2015Post a Reply   Delete This Comment
...back dancing? I heard she was a waitress on the North Shore, but she's front& center in CE's latest Go-Go ad. Looks like an old pic, though.
Joey BJ • 12/30/2014Post a Reply   Delete This Comment
I remember that movie theater in the photo, back in the day I could pick up a hooker on the street for 20 bucks and have her suck my cock in that movie theater for 1/2 hour, what great memories !!
Francis Ford Coppola • 12/30/2014Post a Reply   Delete This Comment
Hey! Maybe more people would have watched if they did a reality show about the lives of the strippers, not the boring ass owner!
Nobody comes to the club to see the owner.
But, what the fuck do I know??
Nadia • 12/19/2014Post a Reply   Delete This Comment
about a year ago, she danced here every Saturday night - very thin, strawberry blonde hair - any idea if she's still here?
pixie 90 pounds? • 12/3/2014Post a Reply   Delete This Comment
No, she's more like 80 pounds! Tiny and way cool. Haven't seen her the last few times I was there. M
A&E pulls plug on Godfather of Pgh. • 12/3/2014Post a Reply   Delete This Comment
That's it... A&E cancelled the series after 3 episodes. They may air the remaining shows that have been done already, but it will be in an odd time slot. The Post Gazette says that fewer than 1 million viewers tuned in for two airings of the premier episode. So, there was not enough interest in the show.
The Godfather • 12/2/2014Post a Reply   Delete This Comment
I don't know how it turned out, but I was watching that episode about Sammi and I can't understand why they are so clueless. I've known girls just like that. At first, their family gets them into detox, and then rehab. They're on methadone for a while, but they always relapse. They relapse over, and over. Eventually, the family gives up, especially when they find out that their girl has been stealing off them to buy dope.
The only drug that I have seen work is the Suboxone. The Isoldi clan has all that money. Why don't they just take her to a doctor, get her a script for Suboxone, and see if she can get herself off the shit with that. Otherwise, they'll have to 302 her.. or she'll detox in jail when she eventually gets busted.
Tifanny (Lucky) • 11/30/2014Post a Reply   Delete This Comment
Is there a dancer at club erotica named Tiffany? She use to work at blush as Lucky a few years back, then changed her name to Tiffany? I think her real name is Lindsey. She has pale skin, medium height, blondish hair. She has blue eyes and a very baby dollish face. I heard she went to club erotica ? Any info?
Endzone • 11/30/2014Post a Reply   Delete This Comment
Lydia?? I remember that one. She was stuck up as fuck. She acted like her husband was around the corner with a shotgun. You must of put alotta of money to fuck her. I mean thousands

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