Carousel Lounge - West Nanticoke, PA
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Recent Comments for Carousel Lounge - West Nanticoke, PA
hi • 7/5/2015Post a Reply   Delete This Comment
is this club open again
LINDSEY? • 8/11/2012Post a Reply   Delete This Comment
Met her last Saturday but really didnt get a chance to talk to her-Can someone tell me what nights she works -would like to get to know her and spend some money at the Club-Ty
former customer • 7/16/2012Post a Reply   Delete This Comment
how is this place since new owners took over
Phoenyx (Aka Kyra) • 5/4/2012Post a Reply   Delete This Comment
I just want to say Thank you to Exotic Dance Masters for the compliment. And also ty to all th regulars that came in before the club got flooded. It made it easier to come back seeing the faces I know. It feels good to be back again. I really missed this club after all i have been through with the flood and losing my mom. Im glad that I came back and it is good to be back again.
EXOTIC DANCE MASTERS • 4/26/2012Post a Reply   Delete This Comment
We visited the club last night and we were very happy for several reasons!!! All of which we identified in our detailed club review. Please READ our club review remarks here on the Carousel's page under the review the club section!!!

We give the Carousel a thumbs up, and when you read our comments int eh review, you'll see why!
Zach • 4/21/2012Post a Reply   Delete This Comment
Was at the club & liked the new setup of stages adjoining with the bar. Also liked the atomosphere...friendly & upclose with the dancers. A few questions I hope you will answer here soon: Does MaryJane still dance there, if so when? And is Connie pregnant? She is a hunny & such a draw there...mmmmmm....plz repy soon....luv that place!!!
jay • 4/21/2012Post a Reply   Delete This Comment
I think this club went to shit in last year it used to be fun its very dull now no lively dancers
klampet • 3/22/2012Post a Reply   Delete This Comment
club is open, they did great job remodeling, hot sexy girls here, check it out
good ole boy • 9/15/2011Post a Reply   Delete This Comment
does anybody know when the club will reopen how much flood damage was there i miss the place cant wait for a grand reopening
me • 8/25/2011Post a Reply   Delete This Comment
Jewels was gonna sell but the people from tattle tales backed ourt at the last minute. They baught the old planet pocono which they made look like shit n their. Business n girls are terrible.

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