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5 January, 2017

Fatal Crash raises neighbors concerns about strip club
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It's called Double Dee's but some nearby residents say it's Double Trouble.

A local strip club is under the spotlight after a deadly crash involving a 25 year old.

Double Dee's Ranch and Saloon, 8199 Southern Boulevard, West Palm Beach, a strip club and eatery, opened last month.

Some neighbors in Palm Beach Plantation, a gated community down the street did everything they could to stop it from being built. And it appears some are still not ready to have a strip club as a neighbor.

"I mean honestly, I think it's despicable. We certainly did not want it there," said Heather Albert, a mother of two who lives at Palm Beach Plantation.

Albert was opposed to Double Dee's from the start.

It opened November 11, to the dismay of some who live nearby.

"I wish it wasn't in my neighborhood," said Tami Clay, also a resident of Palm Beach Plantation.

Thursday, December 29, a tragic crash on Southern Boulevard at Cleary Road, claimed the life of Paige Crowley--a Double Dee's employee. Friends say the 25 year old from North Miami Beach had just gotten off work and drove away from the strip club at about 5:30 in the morning.

A sheriff's office report reveals she may have had drugs or alcohol in her system when she hit a guardrail, a dump truck and a car, less than a mile from Double Dee's on Southern Boulevard.

It's just the sort of thing that a neighbor predicted might happen when we talked to her almost two years ago, in January 2015.

"You're gonna have people leaving at all hours during rush hour when children are going to school and who knows if they have been drinking too much and getting onto the roads," said Francine Stavisky, who lives nearby.

Two years ago, some neighbors tried to prevent Double Dee's from being built, and started a petition drive. They did not succeed.

"I just feel like with drinking and that kind of environment I feel like we have some exposure for maybe some drunkenness coming out of there, just rowdy party behavior that I'm not privy to or don't like to participate in, " said Tami Clay, Palm Beach Plantation resident.

No one from Double Dee's would comment on camera. One of the managers, who declined to give her name said: "I don't think there's any negative impact. There's always gonna be people opposed to strip clubs."

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