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6 February, 2017

State revokes strip club's liquor license after finding kinky back rooms
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The joint is no longer jiggling.

The State Liquor Authority has yanked the liquor license of Tribeca nightspot Remix after investigators found the purported sports bar was operating as a kinky strip club known as the "St. Venus Theater," officials said.

During a three-hour raid Jan. 21, investigators headed by the NYPD Vice Squad found 18 couples in "a make-shift back room cordoned off with curtains and rope partitions with topless and scantily clad females performing lap dances and lewd sexual behavior."

Remix boss Panagiotis Kotsonis, 57, told investigators he rented out Remix for "private parties and events." But there were no business contracts or records and all the events were paid for in cash, SLA officials said.

The Post had revealed that the St. Venus Theater, launched in 2009, is a roving amateur strip club that caters mainly to young finance guys looking for a less tacky, more girl-next-door stripping experience.

Last April, Remix bartender Jamilya Bliss claimed she was forced to work while weekly "sex parties" were held at the club. "It's right out in the open," she told The Post then. She said Remix hosted everything from birthday bashes to baby showers. Despite her

complaints, Kotsonis also booked sex fests -- billed as pajama parties.

Her Manhattan federal lawsuit against the club was dismissed because the judge found no gender-based harassment.

The SLA slapped the club's corporation with 56 violations, including unlawfully converting a restaurant into an adult entertainment venue, allowing lewd behavior, and not following certain fire codes.

Kotsonis did not return messages.

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