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30 March, 2017

Cloud 9: Longtime strip club shuts its doors
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Cloud 9 Gentlemen's Club, 4807 E. 31st St., closed this past weekend after more than two decades in business.

The long-time midtown Tulsa business known for its "legs and eggs" promotions closed because of rent-related issues, the owner of the club said Wednesday in an interview with the World.

Shea Feehan, who has owned Cloud 9 since 2007, said she worked there when the club opened in 1993. She said the rent on the property had become too much to handle, leading to the closing.

Feehan, who also owns the nearby bar On the Rocks, said the industry has changed since the club opened in the early 1990s. Social media arrived. So did the proliferation of casinos and dating websites.

"Businessmen used to come to town. They would sit in their hotels. What would be the first thing they would do? Look in the phone book, which is really old-fashioned, and take a cab for a gentleman's club," said Feehan.

"Now the casino buses will just pick you up at the hotel," she added.

Feehan said she had about 15 people on staff and dozens of dancers at one time, but the number had dwindled over the past few months.

On Saturday night, as the time ticked away on the club, Feehan said she thought of how much she would miss the people that worked for her, especially the dancers. Over the past few months, she said she tried to help as many of her employees find jobs as she could.

Feehan said she was one of the first -- if not the first -- female owners of a gentleman's club in Oklahoma.

That made her unique and set the table for better relationships, she said.

"I think the girls felt more comfortable and felt more protected," she said. Being a female took the male-female interplay out of the employer and employee relationship.

"I think in a normal strip club situation ... they come in, they work. If they make money, they make money. I don't think people (male managers) get to know them, know their lives."

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