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4 April, 2017

Strip Club Bouncer's Head Bashed Open on Parking Block
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JOLIET, IL -- A bouncer at a Patterson Road strip club was hospitalized with a large laceration to his scalp after an unruly customer knocked him down and his head slammed against a parking block, police said.

Will County deputies were sent to the Cellar about midnight March 18 and found the 59-year-old bouncer bleeding from the back of his head, police said.

"The man was in and out of consciousness and was sitting outside the bar," police said, and his scalp was hanging open. Paramedics transported him to Presence St. Joseph Medical Center.

The deputies spoke with the bouncer and witnesses to the incident, police said, and learned that Joliet resident Elgy Booth, 30, had been causing a disturbance at the Cellar.The bouncer told Booth he had to go, police said, and Booth was on his way out -- with his beer -- but was also "making comments to bartenders and patrons" as he left.

When Booth and the bouncer made it outside, Booth "was getting in the bouncers face and then shoved him," police said. "The bouncer fell and struck his head on a parking block. Booth then left the scene and was later stopped by deputies at Jackson and Herkimer and was taken into custody."

Booth was taken to the Will County jail and later released on his own recognizance.

The Cellar is currently looking to hire a new person to work the door.

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