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16 June, 2017

Supreme Court Case : DIY Strip Club in a Vacant House from Airbnb ends in Catastrophe
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Williamsburg Airbnb party didn't end too well and is currently undergoing a case through the Supreme Court.

Gothamist showed its face late last month as part of a case assessment to see weather cops were wrong or right for arresting the people hosting the party-

The case , District of Columbia Vs Wesby , bases on a party In the Anacostia neighborhood in the SE section of the city in 2008.

The cops responded to a few calls about "Illegal Activity" in the house about 1:30 AM -

and when the got up to the front door - everyone scattered - runnigh to different corners of the house.

The house was Unfurnished - Lit by candles - Condoms EVERYWHERE - a few women had on garter belts stuffed with cash - and upstairs..... There were MULTIPLE men surrounding one naked woman..Hmmm...

There was also a man huddled in a bathroom and another hiding in the closet ...

When the cops got a hold of everyone and asked them why they were there , some said they were invited by others - others said only the woman named Peaches gave them access .

When she was called to come to the house, she refused in scare that they would arrest her and wouldn't be straight forward if she had been to the house that day- and the owner , Mr. Hughes , said no one was allowed to be there....

Image credits: SCN

The cops that night arrested 21 people for " Trespassing " then chose to change the charges to "Disorderly Conduct" - Prosecutors later dismissed those charges.

Most of the arrested people sued the district and police for false arrest. And the Jury awarded the arrested 680,00 plus attorneys fees , and held the officers personally liable- putting them on the hook for nearly 1 MILLION !

As for the issue of weather the officers had probable cause to arrest the partiers for Trespassing : Under D.C Law , a person is guilty of unlawful entry only if she or he knew his or her presence was contrary to the wishes of the person in charge of the property. One of the main questions lingering is weather the cops should be entitled to the immunity typically afforded to the public employed , acting in their official capacity , even if they did act improperly.

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