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7 July, 2017

Woman forced into prostitution at Pompano strip club
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On her second day in the U.S., the young Brazilian woman was put to work at 4Play Gentlemen's Club in Pompano Beach, she told police.

She was given a place to stay with a woman in Lake Worth, told she had bills to pay and forced to strip and engage in sex acts in the club's "Champagne Room," a police report said.

"The victim was ultimately transported daily to a strip club in Pompano Beach where she was forced to engage in commercial sex acts with numerous clients each day," the report said.

The Brazilian woman, according to the report, walked into the Miami Beach Police Department on June 16 and revealed her situation, provided police with the Lake Worth address where she was staying and the cellphone number of her host. Police did not disclose the alleged human-trafficking victim's identity.

When an undercover detective went to the club on June 26 he was approached by Raimunda Lopes-Schenell, who gave him a $25 private dance and offered much more for $200 in the VIP room. When the detective declined, Lopes-Schenell gave him her cellphone number for future use. It was the same number the alleged victim gave police for her host, according to the police report.

Three days later Lopes-Schenell, 52, was arrested and charged with prostitution and living off the earnings of a prostitute. She is now jailed in Pompano Beach where she is being held on $7,500 bond, records show.

"We don't have any Brazilian girls here but [Lopes-Schenell]," the club's manager, Sean Wright, said Friday. "We don't recruit anybody

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