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30 October, 2017

Pure Platinum gentleman's club stripped in auction
Article written by SCN. Additional content from Video: Mike Stocker.

Pure Platinum, the challenging Oakland Park strip club where dancers stripped nude all despite the city's long fight against adult entertainment venues, is now over.

It was denuded of all equipment, right down to its glittering light switch.

Approximately 15 people showed up to the auction including Rafael Mawardi who bought a disco ball for $50 as well as two stripper poles for $20.

The city wanted the club to scale back it debauchery and fought the city in the courts, refusing to comply even after the city had enacted an adult entertainment ordinance in 2004. But it gained traction earlier this year after the city won decisively in federal appeals court in March. By June, Pure Platinum and its sister club, Solid Gold, packed up and left for Pompano Beach.

The huge building located at 3411 Federal Highway, will soon be bulldozed to make way for residential and commercial space.

There was alot sound and lighting equipment everywhere. The owners spent massive amounts of money on those systems over the years.

There was even two chandeliers alone that cost over $40,000 each, said Scott Grasso, with the Hollywood-based J. Sugarman Auction Corporation. He said everything together would likely fetch between $5000 and $10,000 at the auction.

"A lot of it is passe," Grasso said.

Most of the stuff seemed to go for under $50, bulky equipment not for household use.

Mawardi said he hadn't stepped foot inside the club since it opened more than three decades ago. And he had a plausible excuse for wanting those stripper poles, which were attached to prop pianos that provided a stage for the strippers. Mawardi said his son will soon open a dance club, of the non-stripping variety, in Orlando and he wanted to buy the equipment to warehouse in case his son's club needs replacement parts.

"Just to have," he said. "I would like to take those stripping poles and put them on real pianos -- because they do have real pianos in the club."

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