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26 February, 2018

Florida stripper pulls BB gun on boss
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An exotic dancer in Florida is accused of pointing a BB gun at her bosses after getting into an altercation with another dancer, according to police.

Amber Colquitt, 28, was performing at Pin-Ups gentlemen's club in Daytona Beach when another dancer, who wasn't performing, allegedly started taking Colquitt's money, According to sources.

Both women got into a verbal altercation, but management broke it up. The other dancer wasn't punished because she reportedly only took $3 from Colquitt, according to sources.

As Colquitt was leaving the club, she saw the other woman performing and decided to take her money. The two then got into a physical fight,

While a security guard was breaking it up, Colquitt claimed the guard hit her. She then went to a friend's car and came back into the club with a BB gun.

One of the mangers then pulled out a real gun and told Colquitt to drop hers, according to the Daytona Beach Police Department.

Colquitt was charged with aggravated assault without intent to kill. She also was fired from the strip club.

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