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5 April, 2018

Shakers Strip club fights lawmakers over regulations
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LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - Standing tall on Highway 6 in Waverly, it's hard to miss the message above the strip club Shakers. But Senator Theresa Thibodeau says you should read between the lines.

"We must have really gotten somebody's attention, so we must be doing something right," said Thibodeau.

The sign is in response to a bill that would in part make bottle clubs, like Shakers get the same liquor license as other bars.

A bottle club is a business that lets customers bring in their own bottles of alcohol. Since these specific clubs are not serving it, the state does not regulate it the same way as bars.

"The question is simple, do bottle clubs have the same potential to generate the same risks as bars and other alcohol serving establishments and the answer is yes," said Thibodeau.

Thibodeau states that these businesses are also often associated to sex trafficking and putting a stop to it is nearly impossible under the current law, because access inside the businesses is limited.

"Putting them under the regulation of the liquor commission, one, not only can they ensure responsible drinking that also allows access so they can ensure prostitution and sex trafficking are not going on in these places."

The owner of Shakers was not available for an interview, but in a Facebook post he posted in part, "Whether you are ok or not with private clubs, this is more about people being United. It's time to stand up and not permit Big Brother to interfere in our private lives and personal choices. "

The owner also denies to have ever threatened or bullied Thibodeau.

Senator Thibodeau says they are still looking into how the liquor control commission would enforce this new rule. The bill has cleared two of the three rounds of votes and will soon head to final reading.

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