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15 May, 2018

2 Hospitalized After Stabbing At Strip Club
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SMITHTON, Pa. - A woman is being accused of trying to stab a man to death with a knife when a fight outside a Westmoreland County strip club escalated, state police said.

It happened early Monday morning as The Filly Corral Gentlemen's Club in Smithton was closing for the evening.

The fight escalated quickly, which resulted in the woman landing in jail for attempted homicide and two men wounded in the hospital.

According to Pennsylvania State Police, the argument started inside the club 20 minutes before it closed. Marcus Davis arrived at the club with three women, but got disorderly when he was refused alcohol because the bar was closing.

Bouncers escorted Davis outside, but he didn't leave.

Davis stayed until the club closed and customers were walking out into the parking lot.

Witnesses stated that Davis slapped a patron and was then knocked out cold with a return punch, slamming his head on the pavement.

One of the women who came to the club with Davis allegedly had a knife and started stabbing the man who threw the punch.

Police said he was stabbed in the arm and torso.

According to court paperwork, Kristin Kruel, is the woman responsible and is being charged with attempted homicide.

The Filly Corral's comments about the stabbing on Monday:

"The incident went down after the club closed for business in the back of an adjacent parking lot," a spokesperson said. "The state police were on the scene and handled everything."

Kruel allegedly told troopers she "sliced" the other man in self-defense.

She remains in jail Monday night on $100,000 bond.

The victim is still in the hospital.

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