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13 March, 2019

Alcohol for strip clubs moves forward
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AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) - Augusta leaders do not want to see adult night clubs downtown in the future, but some believe they still have a place somewhere in town.

"It's the right thing to do. Again, we're a growing city, a progressive city, and people like that form of entertainment so..." says Mayor Pro-Tem Sean Frantom.

Adult night clubs are only allowed in industrial areas of town, but without alcohol. But last month commissioners directed the Planning and Development department to write new regulations.

"Just the adult entertainment clubs can apply for an alcohol license. They would be eligable but they would have to be in the location, the zones," said Rob Sherman Director of Planning And Development.

Commissioners understand that without a liquor license an adult entertainment club faced an up hill battle.

"You won't get too many customers to come in and watch the entertainment if you're serving grape juice, I think it was designed to make sure these entities fail but that's unfair," said Commissioner Dennis Williams.

Commissioners say last months vote not to allow the clubs downtown to transfer their licenses (meaning they'll close in the future) helped paved the way for this code change.

"Now that we're basically losing the only strip clubs we're going to have, in the near future sometime the commission is moving forward to allow alcohol in a strip club," says Mayor Pro-Tem Frantom.

"Is this a good move for the city?"

"If you don't have alcohol in a strip club, people can bring in alcohol. You can control it, one of those things. It's good in some respects, it's bad in others. Again it's not for everybody but we got to move the city forward," said the Mayor Pro-Tem.

The Public Services Committee voted 3-to-1 to recommend the change to the full commission, only commissioner Mary Davis voted no.

City planners say no one has inquired about an adult entertainment license in the industrial zones yet.

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