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0 reviews for “Allstars

  1. Bruce

    went here the day after I went to the Palace because my associates wanted to check it it was a culture shock. we went from seeing beauties to seeing desperate women. never going back there again. must admit, though, that it is better than sugar’s.

  2. ljekeufa


  3. John
  4. Cole C.

    Went on a Friday night, right before shift change. Day girls are nice but nothin to write home about and there aren’t many of them. The night manager was really rude (bald dude with glasses). The night girls are pretty and very friendly, but the biggest spoiler is when happy hour ends. It’d be really nice if they let you know a BUD LIGHT goes from $3.5 to $7. Seriously, Budlight DOUBLING in price? Same goes for wells. Fund place i guess, but the night time drink prices are outrageous. So far most expensive in the city, an I’ve been to pretty much every one.

  5. nickstrip

    Terrible girls here, not sure how they got a job here honestly. They all also have nasty attitudes but the front desk girl is the worst. She charges a different rate every night and pockets the rest.

  6. Andrew
  7. Mistercap12

    My wife and I went there for New Years and we had a great time. Everyone there treated us fantastic and all of the ladies were beautiful. It was our first time there and we will definitely be back. I’d give it 6 stars if I could we had that much fun.

  8. The Master viewer

    This place has gotten worse over the years. So bad that now they went down to $5 but the talent reflects the price. Avoid if you can, dances usaully are not that good. This place survives because it use to have a good rep, but no more.

  9. Daje

    Went with a small group including a few girls on a Thursday night. I wasn’t real impressed but had a good time. The DJ was loud obnoxious and full of himself. He talked during and between every song telling jokes and repeating jokes and laughing at his own jokes. A tall beer (20oz or so) is $8 not too bad mixed drinks are $6 or so. The waitress was the best looking girl in the place. The dancers didn’t pay much attention unless you went looking for them but that’s good cause they aren’t hustling you for every dollar. *****At one point the DJ started calling all dancers to the dressing room. This went on for 4 or 5 songs. Then when all the dancers were gone. (Really no strippers in the place) the DJ gets on stage and starts talking about football and upcoming events and trying to work the crowd for 10 minutes. Finally the girls come out wearing Allstars tshirts you can buy but it really just killed the mood. I paid to be in a strip club don’t take away the strippers.

    The lap dances weren’t bad but pasties peeling off look nasty and they weren’t in a private room. They were just at the side tables.

    All in All not a bad place but I’ll try a different one next time i’m in san antone.

  10. moneyman2

    Went there on a Thursday night. Nice lay out. Very ethnic. Not the most attractive girls, but it’s San Antonio, not Atlanta. First chick tried to hustle me. Two stars is a gift

  11. Joe

    My current favorite. $5 cover, $5 dances Tues & Thurs, friendly staff. Day and night shift girls are always 8+ in looks. Ask for Jocilyn or Vanessa — you won’t be disappointed. Also, Brandy at the door is hott – give her a wink and tell her joe sent ya.

  12. Bob

    Overall a fairly decent club. The girls range from fair to a couple that are downright hot. One of those started the first night I went, so we’ll see how long she lasts.

  13. Travelin' Man

    Stopped by this afternoon….best way to avoid rush hour on the I-10! Great time…$5 cover, $10 lap dances, and I LOVED Madison….beautiful english girl that is a keeper! If you are in San Antonio and enjoy strip clubs, this is one you shouldn’t miss….three stages and a nice liberal touching policy…very nice

  14. Johnson12

    Fucking bullshit. Just left and was having a good time until i was ready to close my tab. First they tried to double charge my friend and i when we had separate tabs. Then after taking forever to clear the issue and getting my sign off, im told the manager wants me to resign “to match my id”Apparently cause i have an out of state idea and had a lot of drinks (with hardly any alcohol mind you) that i can be taken advantage of. Manager is a scumbag. Don’t go here.

  15. Atari

    There are some very hot girls.. and a few fugly ones. The dances are good if you have the right girl. There is this one named Alieah that works M-F Open till 5pm. Shes a day girl but shes a hot little latina and she gives very dirrttyyy dances =)

  16. Dave

    Most of the girls are nice to you and dance ok. The best thing about this place is the bartender sally. She can really fuck hard. She just got boobs and she looks terrific when giving head. gotta go there again when I get our of jail.

  17. adamrod

    Don’t go to this expensive, overrated, trashy, super rude place! Go to Sugars or perfect 10 instead! Better places in SA, with prettier women!Samantha or Sabrina? Sandy? Is one of the rudest, most disgusting, dirtiest, ellitist, bitchiest, nastiest woman I’ve ever met! I can’t tell you how many times this rude bitch ass hung up on me or my friends! Calling about music, food, dancer on duty or door price!!You aren’t that busy! You are a shitty eceptionist at a strip club! You can answer questions! Afterall, moron, It’s your fucking job!!!Crappy door chicks and management are the reasons we don’t go here anymore! The best businesses word of mouth! Nobody will he be hearing anything good about Allstars from me!Again go to perfect 10 or Sugars!ALLSTARS = Expensive, rude, holier than thou, unintelligent, Dirty strip club!!

  18. Franklyn

    Cool place $5 coverage before 7pm on tue & thurs $5 dances and tall mug beer a bargain also.

  19. harryharry

    One of the better strip clubs in town good deal if u get a bucket of beer. U can always get in free if u login to and show them on your phone

  20. Doc

    Went by on a Thursday evening. Had a great time. Lots of dancers. The place was packed until late. Stayed until closing time. Can’t wait to get back to SA.

  21. ll
  22. Roshambo

    Missy was the hottest girl you could find any where she has a body built for speed and I will make speacial trips back to SA just to get another dance from this fine peice of ass.

  23. Ronald Walker

    You guys are the best among the strip clubs i have visited till date. You guys are amazing…

  24. Johnnyboy123

    It was the worst strip club I have ever been too. Plus the beer tasted like someone Pissed in it. And we sat there for an hour before anyone got on stage. At 8:00 pm. On a Saturday. Don’t waste your time.

  25. stripforme123

    Well folks, this is the crème dele crème of San Antonio strip joints. Gals in here look like friggin’ models. Smokin’ hot! Before going in, my cousin James bet me one rum and coke that I would be rock hard the minute I sat down. He was right! Damn, 5 minutes into this place and I felt like I needed to take a cold shower. Awesome showgirl type chicks in here. I sware I even saw a very famous porn star in there. The security in here is great and I just can’t go on about the caliber of chicks dancing in here. It’s like Las Vegas. Top of the line. Had one fine as hell chick, I think here name was Trinity…I bought (2) lap dances from her and holy sh#* can that girl grind. I was about to unzip my fly and go to town and it seemed as though she wouldn’t have mined as long as the dollars kept flowing. Awesome place and I would recommend it for all bachelor parties, guy night outs, or whatever you can think of. Cool place, cool chicks, and cool security and staff.

  26. Jai J.

    Been here a few times and always enjoyed it (especially since I didn’t have to pay – always a good thing!). It’s definitely one of the better strip clubs in town. Relatively a a safe area and even when it’s girls’ night, we haven’t had any issues with security. Drink prices are the same as most places and as always they try to reel ya in with their lunch and dinner specials. Never eaten their food although one would wonder what strip clubs use to season the food??

  27. fuckery12

    Came in on a fri 30 min b4 close and the girl didnt charge us cover so that meant more drinks to buy , walked in and was impressed with the layout but seemed like not alot of girls for a weekend night, girls were average w a mix of different gitls , i drank my drink and left with no opportunity to grab some stripper ass , go f yourself allstars

  28. james1412

    This place is alright to get away for the night. But I wouldn’t say it’s the best. The food is decent. But they kept forgetting our order and took 1 hour to get our food. Drinks are decent and so is the price. Music there is hit or miss. The dancers are great. Something for any gentleman’s taste. I like my women with ink and any size, so I look for that. Overall I would go back, but maybe for just a beer or two. Or three, four…….,…..

  29. jack

    the girls are whores pay extra and get sex

  30. Greg D.

    Awful! Poor talent. Our waitress was the best looking girl there, unfortunately she doesn’t dance. Saturday night…not crowded…understaffed as far as dancers…B team at best. Weak!!!

  31. dixierose
  32. joseph1k

    Not too shabby of a club. The layout reminds me more of a bar and grill tho. Nothing too fancy or upscale. We actually got here with only 20min left and they weren’t like most asshole clubs that still try to charge you. They let us in free. The girls are subpar, I would honestly rather come here n play beer pong. No tips tonight. #stripclublife

  33. Damon

    The dancers are pretty enough, but the only reason I go to All Stars is to see Brandi the blackjack dealer. HOT!!! Those sexy glasses drive me wild! Plus, she actually has a brain and watches the news, so you can have an intelligent conversation.

  34. customer

    They got a girl working there now – I won’t say her full name but its “A. harbour…She is a whore” – why she is dancing on a pole is beyond me? She screws for a living and has this attitude like she is some thing special. News flash, your a hoe, nothing special bout dat

  35. Fun202

    Visited a few evenings when in town this past week. Staff was friendly, some more attractive than others, but presented an environment that they enjoyed what they do. Private dances where off in a corner with liberal engagement

  36. LJ

    I went in in the daytime on Thursday, where they have the $5 for lap dances. I had a dance with Samatha a white lady, I would make sure that you listen to the songs playing. Because I only wanted one $5 dance but after the song ended, she said that will be $10. She did not ask me if I wanted another dance, so I let it slide this time but watch out for this.

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