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1421 South 39th Street, Manitowoc, WI 54220


44.0819703, -87.696228




8am – 8pm


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8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Top Hat Lounge

  1. ebony
  2. Jess
  3. owner

    hey jonny boy, donnie here, I dont know what little rift you have with molly, I really dont care however it does sound like you know the law a little. that being said i really dont care what you think of the club because your opinion is just that , an opinion. and i will be the first one to fight for your right to have that opinion but, when you put derogatory and slanderous comments in print about my club you open yourself up for legal action, I to know a little about the law.if you dont like the club or the girls thats ok, i can live with that, but i dont feel you should slander the club and myself. I hope you and yours have a wonderful holiday season, peace out D.

  4. stanly
  5. bobby g
  6. Free voice

    Not everyone has to like this place, why is it when someone

    posts a negative comment, another whiny “regular” posts a

    stupid response like “wah, wah, wah” … At least they

    renovated this place. How about dumping the ugly chicks..

    maybe finally turn Marta loose. She’s what, 70?

  7. jonny boy

    To comment on the dancer. Either you are Molly who is upset that I wouldn’t give her a tip for extra gifts for her child for Christmas. Look guys like me visit whore houses excuse me I mean strip clubs to meet hookers excuse me dancers that get nude and do lap dances which involves contact for montary gain is what you call being a hooker. Look it up its in the state law. So don’t get upset if you have affordable hookers and your whore house thats a good thing. Besides I had fun with atleast 6 girls from there and you don’t here them complaining. So fuck you human trapaline. Hey I got a question since when did hookers learn how to work a computer?

  8. Ken
  9. hank
  10. chase
  11. Allen

    This place is down home fun, been going there for 10 years and loved every minute of it.

  12. franky

    stopped in to see erika eve and was not disappointed. as usual the tophat proved why they are the best club in the area. keep up the good work. shawna rocks !!

  13. bruce
  14. cam
  15. Mr. Wonderful
  16. re william

    you are a tool, how much they pay you to write that shit ????

  17. Roy

    I won’t lie. The place sucks. The girls are nice but they

    aren’t quality (looking) girls. Not to mention I think the

    bartenders are more looking to get laid then bartend. Sisters?

    Alcoholics, I think.

  18. billy
  19. blah

    blah blah blah, been there,nice place, good girls, this site is all bullshit.

  20. bo
  21. sparky1

    its first time here so i dont know if there are new girls or not but the ones i saw were great, pretty, friendly, fun to be with . ill be back

  22. =D

    Top Hat, home for retired strippers.

  23. jerry
  24. travellerBarry

    Below average girls, odd stage with angled mirrors guaranteed to give you a headache, unfriendly door and bar staff, I would rate this club marginally below average. The only saving grace was this phenominal blonde that danced to Nelly Furtado’s “Maneater” right before I left. Truly, she had no business there, she is “vivid girl” beautiful, and put the lie to all of the rest of the dancers. 5 days and 500 miles later, I am still thinking about this girl. I don’t know her name, but if she is there you will know….

  25. vince
  26. th
  27. mustafa

    absolutely my favorite.

  28. ty
  29. lou

    i was in on fri, had a good time. ill be back

  30. eddie
  31. patrick

    havnt been back in a while, but i stopped last week and loved it. they got rid of that self centered bitch nikki and brought shawna back, atmosphere was great, girls were great, actually had fun again. keep up the good work!

  32. HOTTIE
  33. Tall Allen
  34. Jessica

    As a former dancer here, I must disagree with Tim, because I know for a fact that there are drugs in this club. I’ve worked at many clubs in Wisconsin, and this is the only club I’ve worked at where dancers smoke weed in the dressing room, and the manager Shawna, and owner Donnie pretend it doesn’t happen, even though they both know it does. The “dancer rules” are basically just for show, and are never enforced. I’ve also seen more than one dancer snort coke. I’ve never seen this at any other club. This is one reason I didn’t last long at this club, and moved on to a club with class.

  35. stevo
  36. schultzy

    hot hot hot

  37. book

    i danced at this shithole and didnt make shit for money cause they aint got shit for people. they fuckin up real hard fuckin ugly old ass skank bitches that work their need to clean them cobwebs out of their coos. for real.

  38. jay t
  39. Scott

    What a disaster. How does this place stay open? Not a single goodlooking girl in this place…. i came to check this place out for a future bachlor party and looks like we’ll have to go out of town to find a good club for the party.

  40. Club

    Ah? Who owns this place? Do you really need all friends and

    family of the bar manager working in this place. Talk about

    downhill. The new bartender was on CNN last year for picking

    up her kids drunk. And sort of evading police. How can

    Donnie honestly trust these employees. The girls don’t come

    down because they’re lazy. It sucks. Most good clubs don’t

    let any girls upstairs. This place can’t even keep it’s

    girls in the bar, much less its patrons

  41. billum
  42. Y bother
  43. captain ron

    the club is well worth the drive though not all of the girls you would want to see naked. the drinks are reasonably priced but the service is less then stellar. overall nice club for a dump

  44. jimmy
  45. john boy

    Hey to some of these past comments on here, who cares what goes on at some other club! Go bash on their page. Come on now, ppl wanna hear about this club. Not some club 2 1/2 hrs away. And just to let you know, Teasers isnt shutting down you dumbass! Plus the owner never fucked the bitch, she was fuckin some 24 yr old dude. So get ur facts straight. Oh ya, love your club Donnie! Always fun there!

  46. dennis

    stopped on sat, had a great time. wonderful club for a small town!

  47. roger d
  48. tony t
  49. Jeff

    The ladies weren’t horrible, but were definetely not the best I’ve ever seen. I guess this place is pretty average, kinda boring. There isn’t really a great atmosphere. Half the girls looked really bored, and the other half were drunk.

  50. dr.bill
  51. rick t
  52. dancer

    to jon good, bye bye

  53. kevin
  54. Visiter

    I was here for fishing, but stopped in for the Naomi Knight event, was treated pretty good. Great club for a small City, will have to go back the next time I am out here.

  55. johnny boy

    this club sucks. all the girls look like pale crack heads. but least something good came from da night i was able two catch an very inexspenive date from a dancer named molly.

  56. Richie

    i dont know about this place. I used to cum alot and now its not worth the trip cause there was no variety. I met “Molly” and she really needed to brush her teeth. Overall the lap dances were fair. Shawna is still sexy. Belle ive known for years and she has not changed a bit. Celeste well there is just something about blondes that drive me crazy. I wish my wife had her body. She is HOTT. bottom line is i loved the bitches but TH had no strippers to watch. I cant wait until i finally get a date with shawna.

  57. Scotto
  58. Pattron

    Above average dancers in both looks and effort on the dance floor. Up close and personal stage is both tacky and fun. Not the best mix of girls but above average hometown girl looks. $1 walk arounds. The interior needs a little updating, especially an exhaust fan.

  59. dean

    loved it! 8 girls and no nikky, tophat was fun again. ill be back

  60. spanky1

    the tophat jams, girls are hot and the staff is great. i understand the tophat is under new management. I dont know what it was like before but it rocks now !!!

  61. Iwill2

    The Girls would rank from Good to Smokin hot!!!Not a bad apple in the whole barrel.

  62. jeremy
  63. Jake
  64. bobi
  65. charlie
  66. Words

    This place stinks. The employees jump on here and post in

    defense because they think it’s ex-employees posting shit.

    That’s how ridiculous this place is now. If the girls in

    here get any older it’ll be someone’s grandma. Pretty sure

    there’s a few of those here already. SUCKS. The management

    is horrible, drinks over-priced, girls blah.

  67. to Travelerbarry

    that was the feature erika eve. they have a different feature once a month to give guys a goodlooking girl to watch for a while.

  68. Dice

    I’m not sure what has changed in the past month or two,but the place is on the rise.The dancers are the hot and the staff is on the ball.I’ve frequented clubs in NE.WI for 15 years.This is THE club I’ve been looking for.Keep up the good work.

  69. brian s
  70. james

    they need better dancers. The dancers are really friendly, but are lacking in the looks department. If I wanted to go to out for good conversation, I’d go to a regular bar. When I want to see pretty ladies I go to a strip club and they don’t really have that here, besides one or 2 good looking girls.

  71. jimmy b

    i dont know who the hell mike or pinky are but its not nice to trash a club just because you like another club. the tophat is and will always be the best club in northeast wi. i know for a fact that the new manager is always bringing in new girls.i am there at least three times a week and they always have business.i cant believe you would actualy compare that freakin whorehouse bonkers to the hat. as i said these jerks are probly banging some skank from another club so they feel the need to trash other clubs. the tophat has been voted the top club in ne wis. thirteen years in a row, so you can ignore these jealuos assholes and come see for yourself. rock on hat!!!

  72. hotshot

    had a blast

  73. Al

    This club is dirty, the floors have wholes big enough to put a leg through, and the drinks are small and the glasses are dirty. The new manager can’t get girls to get on the stage, and for the most part is drunk or sucking face whatever guy will do it. The good girls who were there are gone now. Don’t waste your time or money here.

  74. former stars girls
  75. wa wa wa

    wa wa wa its amazing, every time someone gets fired all kinds of shit shows up on this site, coinsidence? wa wa wa whatever get a life.

  76. jarrod
  77. scout
  78. Gary
  79. regular

    great dancers & friendly staff. been coming in for 6 years and never disappointed! keep it up ladies!

  80. marky
  81. edward
  82. joe blow! lol

    Well in comment to whats bein said about this club. If it does or doesnt happen here, its gonna happen at any freakin club you go to. If you’re not the one doin the drugs, why complain so much. Yes it shouldnt be tolerated, but its gonna happen no matter what club you are at. So get over it all ppl and start lookin at the naked women and drink more damn it!!!!!!!!

  83. agreed


  84. bobbo
  85. dave
  86. brian
  87. john
  88. ted
  89. re chuck

    but what do you think about william, isnt he really gay?

  90. Miss Nude Wisconsin

    Shawna, Shawna, where have you gone? Dancers, as a former dancer at

    this club, I am red flagging the current manager. She doesn’t respect any

    of the girls under her care. She tells bouncers to turn a blind eye to

    customers who touch so that the bar can get their money! With my own

    eyes I’ve seen her talk about girls spitefully to customers. Her bartending

    is atrocious. This is unacceptable. She was fired once before for such

    conduct and I call for her to be fired again, this time for good. Donnie, I

    implore you to consider. I and the other good dancers that have left would

    love to come back, but not while she’s there! Angie could manage better

    blindfolded and hogtied!!! -La Marquise

  91. angel
  92. junior
  93. alex
  94. Donnie
  95. Ouch

    My eyes cried in agony over what was on stage here. Not to

    mention behind the bar. Someone needs another surgery. Or a

    refund. Ouch.

  96. Sub

    Pretty good size place. Small stage. Only one girl on stage at a time. Good value for drinks. Will go back again.

  97. pbomn
  98. Violations

    This club has repeatedly violated the law regarding women

    who are not licensed and topless. As well as violations for

    people in the bar after closing time. All non-employees must

    not be in the bar area after 2 p.m. or 2:30 p.m. This will

    be forwarded to the City of Manitowoc Police for further


  99. lillian
  100. stan
  101. jade
  102. pete
  103. carl
  104. blah blah

    blah blah blah dont like it dont go. i was also there this weekend and it was rockin, the other two sucked, whine on

  105. Tom

    I don’t know how this club is rated as highly as it is. It’s an ok club, but I’d rate it around a 5, not a 7 or 8. The girls are average, the club is kinda old and worn-out looking. I stop in for a few drinks once in a while, but wouldn’t go out of my way to come here. It just happens to be near my house.

  106. stephen
  107. oscar
  108. Codi
  109. bernie
  110. The Anti-Christ
  111. brittany
  112. charity

    hello ive worked at the hat, and it rocks, staff and customers are great. good money low stress.

  113. spike3

    stopped at the tophat last week and had a great time. as they have for years the hat didnt disapoint. have fun girls ill be back next week.

  114. scotty
  115. jonny rotten
  116. jimmyem

    apparently there is a glitch in the system or someone who got canned or rejected erased all the comments. but it doesnt matter ill fill u in, this place freakin rocks. check it out for yourself tks

  117. kristin
  118. like it

    stopped in for the feature, had a great time. i dont believe any of the shit on these sights. staff was nice, girls were nice, its not the taj mahal but its not the dump some disgruntled people claim. ill go back.

  119. Skeez21
  120. Randy

    Yah I’ve been there 2 a couple of times! it does suck something bad. Real dirty restrooms when I was there and not alot of people in there, dancers or customers. I think they are shutting down.

  121. Sam
  122. bobby j
  123. bobby
  124. Bailey
  125. Mike

    I agree that this club has gone way downhill. I haven’t been going as much because they just don’t have any great girls right now. There are a couple girls that are average, and the rest are below that. I don’t know how they’re staying open. The last couple times I went there it was totally dead. Granted, I don’t go on weekends, I just go on weeknights, but you still can’t tell me that those girls are making good money there. Maybe on weekends if its busier, but I dont’ know why any of them would want to work weeknihgts if it’s that dead. if they got some better dancers, I would come back. But I think my trip earlier this week to the Hat might have been my last. I was disgusted.

  126. kris
  127. pauly
  128. Luscious

    wow! nice to see ppl know how to spell in this world. lol hey i havent worked at this club in about 2 yrs. Sorry if decided to spend some money on me while I was working and sorry that i must have turned you down, cuz as most dancers know, you dont go home with customers! Go get a life now. Donnie always love your bar when im there. And no teasers isnt being shut down and no Marshall didnt get cought sleeping w/a 15 yr old. Sorry Donnie I gotta stick up for the bar I work at. Who ever is posting those posts is full of shit and should get their facts straight before they go bashing!

  129. bill b
  130. whatever

    blah blah blah, you dont like it dont go.

  131. daveyboy

    thisplace rocks period.

  132. jay
  133. steve
  134. tabby
  135. terry
  136. dan g

    stopped after the bike show and this place rocks, period!!!

  137. Jesse

    The Top Hat is by far the best club in Northeast Wisconsin. The girls are great, especially Crystalle and Cheri. Make sure to stop in when they are dancing, you will be blown away. And not to forget the the employees working there too, they make the night very interesting. Nobody tops the Top Hat.

  138. rotten jonny
  139. johnyonspot

    sex, drugs, and rock and roll. thought i was on the far east side of milwaukee. could use a lot of improvements with the staff and the run down bar. seriously… the drink prices are fine the bartender service is good but over half the dancers and the bar need improving.

  140. bill
  141. frankie
  142. chuck
  143. nick

    i agree, its nice to see some new faces at the hat, keep up the good work!

  144. danny
  145. Me
  146. A Dancer

    Top Hat is a great place, the bartenders’s are friendly as well as the dancers working here. Drink prices are reasonable. For those of you that have not been in here yet, What is stopping you?

  147. rick
  148. Matt
  149. Don

    I have been coming to this place for a while, and I have to

    say the attitude’s have changed. Seeing the bar owner upset,

    and the knowing how the manager handles things first hand, I

    know people are pissed because it’s getting a bad rap but do

    something about it other than bitch at the people reviewing

    the club. This place deserves the rap it’s getting. Sub-par

    girls, the inside is old, and even Stars and Gold have

    remodeled.. so?? why not Top Hat

  150. fast eddy

    im not sure where “james” was last night but i was at the hat and they rocked. obviously he was wearing beer goggles because the show was great. peace out.

  151. Tony

    Awesome place, hot dancers & lots of variety

  152. bobbie

    awsome, stopped last nite and this place was rockin on a monday. nice girls ill be back

  153. sammy

    now i know why the hat has been voted ne wisconsins top nude club for 12 years running. had a blast

  154. rob
  155. Nicole

    Stopped in with some friends and the bartender was too busy

    with the man she was flirting with to serve us. Place looks

    nice but the girls are not all that great. Good personalities

    but no looks, and we came in off the highway. Not worth the

    stop. Moving on.

  156. larry
  157. paul

    tophat is da bomb! c u at the golf outing.

  158. spaz
  159. tommy2
  160. william
  161. jacob
  162. Casssandra

    I had such a great week coming back, Once again it was nice to see everyone again.. There are still some customers from when I last was working here that did not come in yet..Hope I still get to see them… Take Care

  163. andy
  164. steve g
  165. MotherFucking William

    Tool? because i like a place and a good time? fuck you you closet homosexual cocksucker! youd a probably had a better time if it were pre-pubescent boys on stage you fucking pedofile. i bet you still live at home with mommy, trying on her panties when shes at church. fucking cum dumpster

  166. howie
  167. tommy
  168. Customer
  169. Yo

    Ya not impressed. Was there, the bar manager obviously favors

    friends. Treats outsiders like shit and can’t find a good girl

    to work here. This place is like Golddiggers No. 2.

  170. tonkin
  171. dano

    stopped in last night, had a blast.

  172. codadog

    I had the best time ever at the hat last nite. the girls were spankin and boy did i get ripped.

  173. big jimmy
  174. pinky

    if your in manitowoc turn around and go to rockwood for bonkers….. what in the hell happend to the HAT. Talk about falling on hard times. the strippers are disgusting, I mean come on just look at MARTA and you’ll need lasic eye surgery! If you don’t want your hard earned money going to crack, dont bother with the the hat.

  175. Jarred
  176. steven
  177. Leon Wiegand
  178. barry
  179. Gay

    Whoever’s spamming the site to jack up the ratings, try not

    to make it look so obvious. Wow, can’t believe it’s that bad

    you need to do that. And, “hot little number”? Considering

    the clientele, if she was 45 she’d still be a hot little

    number, lol.. there are no good girls in this place. NONE!

    And No I wasn’t refused a # because I wouldn’t ask.. all you

    disrespectful guys who do are perverts.

  180. Derick

    This place FUCKING ROCKS!

  181. tz
  182. pdoc

    Went to this club for bach party. we were ther all of 15minutes then drove an hour to a differnt club. Oh don’t use the bathroom no lock or door knob. no worth the 3 dollars cover.

  183. bill... lol

    Wow Bill way to stuff the ballet to fake a good

    rating for this joint. that just dropped my respect

    for this place by leaps and bounds.

  184. sucked

    This join tis empty, whoever said it rocked must be the owner cuz

    no one else goes here.

  185. fisher

    I would say go to Gold Diggers before go to this place. The girls did not seem very happy at all or want to be there. The music was not that great. Lighting not good at all.

  186. robert

    i dont know where jeff was but i stopped on monday and had a blast. the girls were great, i had a ball with them. if you coundlt have fun with one of the seven girls they had maybe its you. i will be back as often as possible

  187. Kyle
  188. wally
  189. bill j
  190. Lee J.

    Was slow and boring.

  191. Cara
  192. ryan
  193. Jim

    Had a great time at TH! Molly is an awesome dancer and truly takes care of the customer…such a Sweet heart.

  194. Justin

    First time back in the Top Hat in about a year. Found it to be much better than the last visit. The “new” bar manager is very nice & knows her job is to serve the customers… not talk on her phone or sit on the boyfriends lap. didn’t wait for a drink got the correct change back and had a wonderful evening with the ladies. The girls all seem happy about the change of management saying it was fun again to be at the Top Hat. I will be sure to stop again & let my OTR buddies know its a fun place again to spend money. Keep up the good work!

  195. tatiana
  196. elliot
  197. Krissy
  198. suz
  199. Jan
  200. :D

    Not much here. Try Stars.

  201. Stewart

    Bar service sucks. People are OK, but dancers, and from what I

    read it hasn’t changed, are just plain lazy. Most clubs have

    an rule about girls hiding in the back. This place..

    obviously, does not. Impose some penalties.

  202. william is gay

    watch out ladies william is a violent sex offender who has a history of raping young girls he might just blow his stack and load all over you!

  203. lonnie
  204. D-Daddy White-Folks

    No Doubt the THL needs some tlc but overall, its a great place…very personable…the dancers and staff treat treat you like they know you… no bullshit formalities. Dont be an asshole and youll have a great time….if you come in like you own the place(unless youre donnie) and youre gonna get the jerk treatment…come in looking for a good time and youll find one….just remember, its a titty bar not a whorehouse…..

  205. jen
  206. jackd

    stopped in to the hat after a few months away. had a great time. shawna was serving up the drinks as the best (hottest) bartender i seen and had an awesome time with the lovely ladies they had for the viewing pleasure. lookin forward to seeing you again…soon!!!

  207. monty
  208. Reply

    Sorry to hear that but I know the manager

    an she works hard there are other people

    there drinking to she has to meet an greet

    everyone not just you be a little more


  209. Cassandra

    After being gone for close to a year, I had so much fun…It was really nice to see everyone again. Hope to see more familiar faces during the rest of my time working at The Hat.

    This club rocks!!!!!!

  210. harry

    i always stop in when I am in the area and i always have a great there. great work donnie, i have seen you kick em out. keep it up. see you when i get there!

  211. jonny wad

    hey scott, are u blind or just some preppy silver spoon prick that thinks your shit dont stink. the hat has the best show in notheast wis. i have been going to the hat for at least 5 years and the other clubs in the area pale by comparison. get a life

  212. billy c
  213. sassy

    i always have a blast at the hat, party on man.

  214. sharb
  215. agree

    The reason the bar manager hires friends and family is because no one else will kiss her ass and you are right about the girls the talent has deffinatley went down i think they find some of they’re girls at the dog pound the good girls don’t want to work there because they have to compete with the bar manager to make any money she acts like a dancer herself i mean honestly if shes going to act like that she should be a stripper not a bar manager.

  216. dan

    tophat is still the best in the area hand down, maybe the previouse poster was acting like an asshole and the manager didnt want to deal with you! rock on hat!

  217. HaHa

    Is it me, or can no one on this review board post

    grammatically correct comments? lol Maybe they’re all just

    so excited about what they’re typing. I’ll give you the

    honest run down. This place is old, it’s been here more than

    17 years, it’s beat up, the floor definitely needs work, yes

    there’s holes, some of the girls need to think about

    retirement. Old leathery skinned chicks here. Unimpressed.

  218. Bonnie
  219. lee
  220. Joe

    you keep getting comments from people on here about teasers because you happened to employ a nasty whore named lucious who worked there! don’t trust her she will smile to your face, take your money and then stab you in the back!

  221. brad
  222. jimmy j
  223. liz
  224. Eww

    Old. One word: situps. Seriously, this is the best you can do?

  225. Dear Donnie

    Spend more time at your own club man. Might help. Make some

    changes, get some real professionals (management) in there. At

    least make it classy not trashy.

  226. Wiiliam

    I think this place is great. The bartenders are hot hot hot…the dancers are excellent…. beer is cold and the atmosphere is laid back. very comfortable…ill be back, just wish i lived a little closer.

  227. trashy

    Trailer park dump and girls to prove it. Only

    the regulars (few) ever go. Ppl keep bitchin’

    bout guys getting rejected and not gettin’

    laid…its illegal. Hoe stupid. Shows how bad it is

    if customers ate to dumb to get that if ppl

    don’t like it it must suck.

  228. Um

    Ya, man. Been to all three. Honestly, next time I decide to

    see some T & A it’ll probably be in GB or Appleton. It’s a

    waste of money to go here. The woman are old saggy ladies.

    Good personalities. Just not quality. And who goes here for

    personality? Not I. I’ll oggle some place good. Plus, took

    like 20 minutes to get a beer. Bartenders gotta know when to

    stop talking to their friends. And hell, if they’re getting

    free beer, I want a few.

  229. ?

    Isn’t dat golf shit for kidz?? wtf..

  230. Nikki
  231. steve o

    i agree, it does happen everywhere but it sounds like the club is on it. donnie has been there 15 plus years and if he says something i believe it. of course you cant watch everyone all the time, but i bet he’ll be watching closer now. keep up the good work, the tophat rocks!!!

  232. sara
  233. dann o
  234. shawn
  235. georgio
  236. Dear D

    The upgrade are nice no doubt. The personnel send the wrong

    message. My friends won’t go because girls won’t come down

    on the floor and it’s a battle to get them to dance. The

    manager and dancers clash all the time. It’s not fun to

    watch this go down. It doesn’t help the employees are

    related, ex-bfs or friends of the manager. This place has

    too much turnover. There is potential though. I hope you

    make more time to revive it. Linebacker does rock

  237. tommy g
  238. angelica

    the two times i was in top hat, i was able to actually relax and meet a few of the dancers and they seemed very nice and from what I’ve seen, down to earth. they new how to talk to people and dance. it is definately a pretty good place to go and just chill out.

  239. kent
  240. slik
  241. doug
  242. rich
  243. FYI

    It’s Donnie and Nicci posting as “Wa wa wa.” What kind of

    bar is this? And no Angie did not post the message about

    Tamara, the sister Nicci just hired. But, for a club who

    hosts a golf outing each year, I have to speak out against

    Top Hat if it would hire someone who so recklessly

    endangered the life of children by allegedly picking her

    kids up drunk from school, evading police with her car,

    before being arrested and featured on national news.

  244. mitch
  245. freddy
  246. Cujo
  247. Shithole

    Not my kind of place. Girls were below average and so was the atmosphere.

  248. Ummm

    What’s with all the out-dated chicks?

  249. bob

    stopped on thur, only four girls but i had a good time. staff and girls were great. look forword to my next visit.

  250. chaz
  251. Cammie
  252. bill t
  253. rocky

    this was my first time at the tophat and this place rocks!!! the feature was hot and the house girls were great. it was packed but the staff was great, fast service and friendly girls. i will be back!!!

  254. tim
  255. calvin

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