Deja Vu Showgirls



11252 Trade Center Drive, Rancho Cordova, CA 95742


38.6040478, -121.2646739




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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California’s state capitol of Sacramento has a long and colorful history from Sutter’s Mill and the Gold Rush to celebrity governors such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Ronald Reagan. Besides having a typical Mediterranean climate, with cool, damp winters to hot and dry summers, the NorCal scene is buzzing about politics day and night.


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0 reviews for “Deja Vu Showgirls

  1. james1412

    This place is awesome, I went on a Monday and had a really great time! Seriously the best lap dance I ever had and it was private which was a huge plus, thanks girls!

  2. harryharry

    This was the first strip club I went to, so my opinion may not mean much…I thought the place was pretty good. Although the cover is normally $20, we got in for only $10 with a coupon which I think is pretty common. The girls for the most part were pretty attractive and a few were really attractive. For only a few dollars in tips up at the stage you got to see them up close an personal. I didn’t get a lap dance, but a few of my friends did. It probably wouldn’t have been too worth it, but they were offering 2 for 1 lap dances.All in all, not too shabby of a place.

  3. Jeff

    Zeo(I think that’s how she spells her name) was awesome. Very attractive and provided a very good VIP experience.

  4. Trevar

    The girls are sweet and not too pushy. Best money spent was on a petite gal named “Tasha”. She rates the highest for best lap dance in my book. And she can work the pole too. I found here that tipping in advance = better grind.

    Ill b back for more of Tasha T.T.

  5. Dion and Shannon

    Shannon and I went to Deja Vu (Trade Center) our first time on March 18th and had a BLAST! We were the only girls there besides the pole dancers and were representin’ like crazy! Vanessa, Skyler and Josie are amazing, nice and sweet. All the ladies at this club have their own style and personalities. The DJ is hilarious and the French maids/servers are the fuckin’ shit. We all joked till closing time. We are going back this friday March 21. Xoxo Dion and Shannon.

  6. todd

    nice place, I would have to agree, girls look too young, not very good at hospitality. The body shop is better, hotter girls and friendly.

  7. ndub

    best lap dance i’ve ever had at a strip club was here!

  8. JYD

    More laid back than other clubs in Sacramento. Girls are mostly average, but if you spend some time you can find a few gems. Typical DJ (sucks at best). Standard dance booths suck, but the big booths are wonderful. Monday night is $10 dance night and Tuesday is 2 for 1 dance night both are good nights to be there. And oh say hello to Glen.

  9. Keebler


  10. Weedman420

    It was amazing, granted it was my first time going to a strip club. The girls were very nice. Some of them were a bit to pushy, some of them were excellent while they actually talk to you and were really nice. Especially Danger. I felt welcomed.

  11. Russkirokzvezda

    Vacant, cow-eyed flabby collagen beasts with a few butterfaces mixed in. Low-class customer base and the trashy psuedo-music to reflect it.

    Girls are encouraged to steal from customers and frequently do with the blessing and protection of management and security, who I’m sure get a cut. Also, the first dancer tried lying about prices and picked a number so high “for touching” it was hilariousy unconvincing. And she had bad hygiene.

  12. Jason

    went here on new years 2010. had a good time. been to other clubs this one is 7 out of 10. would score better if i could order a beer or a shot. vip area is where it is at, well worth the money. dancers did not approach you, you had to get up to talk to them, which i like but more timid people may not. not a pushy atmosphere at all. great for couples or newbies. management was polite and dj played good full songs. not a lot of dancers maybe 13 or so. some dancers gave better lap dances than others. we wanted a dance from the drink waitress but i do not think they can or do. cover thursday night $10 not bad. lap dance booth area seemed too small. again the vip couch room was amazing and advised. on top of it all the two story main stage pole was something to see. thank you to all the ladies and management we will be back. to all the future guests reading this….make sure to tip well. take care of them and you will not go home unhappy.

  13. Nick

    I was there not too long ago with a couple of friends and we thought it was a pretty cool club. Good music, cool staff, hilarious DJ and with the exception of a few they’ve got some pretty hot chicks. I got a couple dances from a girl named Mackenzie. She was the coolest chick there. She was hot, funny, gave great dances and was killer on stage! Her pole tricks are the best. The only thing I could complain about is that they don’t serve alcohol. Other than that, we all had a blast. We’ll probably go back again soon for our buddys birthday. Hopefully I’ll be able to see mackenzie again.

  14. Danny Boy

    I wish I could LIVE there!!!!!!!1111111

    You are wasting your time if you go any where else. Most for your money. I hated the old club this place rocks with the new girls and staf I will definatly be back!

  15. Dancer

    The club has definately went through a huge upgrade! The new Vip lounge is spectacular, It makes is that much better when the girls are super friendly, which they are… I think once all the changes are finally finished, its going to be one of sacramentos best club… come check it out

  16. Casey

    I had never been to a club before this last Thursday, so I honestly don’t have alot to compare to. I will say a few things for certain:

    1. The managers and staff were cool, even the drink girls weren’t too pushy.

    2. The bathroom attendant rocks, hook that guy up.

    3. If you’re not a tool and talk to the people, they’ll tell you that the bartender is able to hook up cash from cards without a problem.

    4.The DJ had the best voice for his role, better than I could have imagined.

    Then, there’s the girls.

    There were a couple of fugly girls, but they never came near me so I definitely did not complain.

    There were some pretty awesome girls that were fun to talk to and gave GREAT dances.

    If you want the best girls go for Jersey, Leilani, Veronica, and Harmony(best stage performance I saw while I was there).

    Another girl was great, but I forgot her name, gorgeous blonde who said she works 3pm-9pm pretty regularly, she was the first girl I got a dance from there and entertained me enough to where her name was the last of my concerns.

    Those girls will definitely all give you your moneys worth, and they were all pretty cool chicks to bullshit with before and after.

    Trinity was another good one, but she’s pretty straight to business, smart girl no doubt though.

    Now even though every chick was not super hot, there were plenty enough beautiful awesome girls to make you empty your wallet and still fell good about it afterwards. All those girls I mentioned gave AWESOME dances and were incredibly cool chicks.

    Definitely worth the time, it’s a great place to have an all around good time.

  17. Mikel

    As soon as I walked into the club I knew I had come to the right place. I

    frequently visit sacramento for business and decided to treat myself to a

    gentlemens club. I stubbled upon this club. Very nice club with very

    beautiful women. I bought a few lap dances from a few girls but, Isabelle

    stole my heart. She is exotic, smart, sexy, and you will have your mind

    blown away by her classy and erotic lap dances. The half hour was worth

    every penny. I’ll be sure to stop by when I’m in town again.

  18. larry1

    By far the worst place I’ve ever been to. This one star is for the only cute and nice girl named victoria, I do wish she would’ve given me a better dance but that’s fine maby she is new. out of 8 or 9 girls including waitresses (witch dance every few songs). She is the only one that is worth mentioning. The others are missing teeth, too thick, not cute, it said $16 cover charge but some reason I got charged $20? (It was Monday at 10pm) The waitresses are very nice/helpful. If you want a dance you go to this dark room witch is a good/bad thing with a timer machine that takes the money??? Then you sit in this small booth chair with 2 side walls literally 3or4 feet wide this does give you extra privacy but you dont have enough room to see any tricks or even stretch your legs. Anyways this post is a waste of time go and see for yourself, if your experience is better I might concider trying it again, in the mean time I’m sticking to CITY LIMITS SHOWGIRLS. Auburn blvd. Nice atmosphere and reasonable prices. 95% of the girls are sexy and young. Let me know your experience a

  19. Brian

    Ive been to all the clubs in the area, and this by far has my attention as the best. Great laid back atmosphere, and the girls are very outgoing and easy to talk to.

  20. Road Rash

    Dj plays the music loud but not so loud as to blow your eardrums or not hold a conversation with the girls. More relaxed atmosphere than other clubs in the area. Good variety of girls. Non too pushy.

    The club should mix up the 2-fer type specials, and give more incentive to the girls for those private dances. More dances + more money for both. All VIP dances have been the BOMB.

    The only thing I dont care for is the Chewing gum while dancing.

  21. yanard12

    $20 entry, $20 for a dance, the girls aren’t too pushy, neither are there a lot of cute ones; maybe I just chose the wrong night to go. NO PHOTOGRAPHY THEYRE STRICT ABOUT THAT. “Kimmy” is super sweet, she said “thank you” after I tipped her from her stage performance. She as friendly and easy to talk to but when I had her for a dance, she was awkward (she’s a few months new) she just moaned and humped me. “Lola,” on the other hand, was nice, she welcomed my friends and I in, she was GREAT with her dance, and was super energetic. 3/5 stars becuz the bathroom was dirty and only “kimmy” and “Lola” were welcoming, rest of the staff was rude.

  22. JR

    First of all the exterior of the club is good looking with decent amount of parking spaces. Inside is spacious with an oval main stage with two poles at each end and plenty of comfy seats and drink tables all around. Lights are dimmed down but other lights are focused on the main stage. A few flat screens near the ceiling for sports entertainment. There are open lounges/booths at the front and LD booths/couches/VIP in a separate large backroom. All of the club was clean and up to date.

    I went in on a Sunday afternoon-early evening and there was a good 10 dancers in rotation and a few customers. Dancers come in variety as always from white, european, and latina. I did not see any blacks or asians, but I’m probably sure there are some at other days and shifts. So its basically ethnically mixed. Girls with big breasts and big round butts to small breats and small round butts. Mixed of blondes and brunettes. Short and tall with great bodies. The girls have pretty faces and hair. Some girls know how to shake their butts and tits real good. Others stay pretty and be sensual and sexy while working the stage.

    Girls arent pushy for dances, but they do go around and talk to customers regularly. Every girl that I saw did an exceptional job on the main stage. They knew how to work the pole and themselves. Some girls in particular caught my eye. First, it was Miami. She is pretty and knows how to work the stage, pole, and give a good entertainment. By that I mean she gets up on stage and dances like she is horny and wants to get pounded in a very sexy way. Vanessa is a latina who can really shake her booty and give you a good time. Her movements are fast and sexy, but didn’t really see a lot of pole tricks. She has nice round big booty and tities. Austin is a great looking babe. She is tall, has a great body and face. Her bangs keeps her looking fresh and mature. On stage she didn’t do pole tricks and any booty shaking. I think she is the type of babe who keeps it simple, sensual, and let her beauty do all of the work. Vanessa and Austin are the ones I got lap dances from. I just have to say that they are excellent. Up close and personal is where you want to be with these two ladies. They are so good that I just want to go back and get another very hard erection from them. Btw the prices for lapdances arent bad at all. I did a 2 for 1 for both. Next time I go, I think I will need the VIP.

    Overall, great club!

  23. Jarad

    danny is hot

  24. Dan

    I visited this club on a business trip this week and had a great time. The facility is very nice, the people are great, and the chairs comfortable. Man, I wish I could remember the names of the girls that I talked to, but I was distracted by their beauty and poise. The only thing that keeps this place from being a 10 is that the girl I went to the private area with didn’t really let you know when one “dance” stopped and the next one started so I spent my cash faster (and with mostly one girl) then I normally would have. Which is not to say that I did not have a good time, but I really wanted to spend some more time with one of the other girls. Note to club owners, you’re going to get my money, just tell me as I spend it, surprises suck.

    This is the kind of place that you could take a client.

    The quality of the girls is unprecedented. They all seemed to be very intelligent and witty. They also happened to be very beautiful, good dancers, and not completely covered in bad tattoos (don’t get me wrong, I like a tattoo or two). Especially the really hot blond with the great body. She, although this probably sounds gay, has really nice hair when it is down (she wore it in pig tails later). Obviously this club has good hiring standards.

    The ATM fee is $5 which seems high given that they know exactly where the money is going to go. So, bring your own cash.

  25. lovesacclubs

    Just got back from Centerfolds in Deja Vu. Used to always visit Centerfolds, but I feel so much more comfortable with the girls at DEJA VU. Overall, I think this club is starting to become my favorite just because of the value and quality of girls. Had a few dances with MONA! Very Very good. Treat her with respect and she will treat you awsome!

  26. dick

    club is nice, girls are OKAY, average, nothin to write home about. Guys, there are way hotter chicks at the body shop (fri and sat nights) and serves liquor.

  27. Cami Girl

    I am in love with this club!!! They treat us females that love to go like VIP’S!!! Casey and Sky are my fav!!!! I have so much fun when I go!!!!

  28. Gpt

    best club ever

  29. Jen

    I think think that the club was pretty nice. Not as enthusiastic as i would have liked, but I talked to some of the girls and they were really nice! I do think that some personal hygiene rules should be applied. I will not state the persons name for their benefit, but with one of the strippers my boyfriend, my friend, and I had a lap dance from had a little bit of a smell issue. Other than that she was a great dancer and a sweet girl. I enjoyed the atmospher, the waitresses and the dj. I will be returning to the strip club again!

  30. Chara

    We got up on stage Tuesday night and it was AWESOME

  31. Andre

    Had lots of fun

  32. bghfree4me

    Went there on a late Friday afternoon as the shifts were changing and there like 20 girls and maybe ten guys. Most of them were rather hot looking, only one or two that I tried to avoid. French maid was nice, but slow to keep the drink refreshed.

  33. Ambrose

    PHOENIX IS SEXY…..ladies drinks are ridiculous. way better than centerfolds. Tommy is hot too.

  34. Markincali

    This club is awesome. Make sure to check out Serenity!!!!

  35. Alex

    I think the cover was $20 but it was my birthday so they let me in for free and everyone else in our group got in for half off which was cool. They Don’t serve liquor but the sodas are free. After we had been there for about a half hour they called me out of my seat hooked me up with the best birthday ever!

  36. JFair

    I love going here. Most of the girls are hot, even the bartender was pretty hot. They are pretty good at not pressuring you for dances even though they come around to talk all time, I had a great time just talking with the girls even when they weren’t dancing. The last time I was there I got dances from Geanna(I think thats how you spell it) and Zoey. Both were beautiful and gave amazing lap dances. The atmosphere was nice and relaxing, hot naked girls all around, how could you go wrong!!

    Also, Jixie, my favorite dancer, worth the trip alone!

  37. lelon
  38. richard peek
  39. iceman2002benz

    Had been to club since day one when it openned. even got a free T-shirt….hee….hee….pretty much lived in the VIP area and use to be able to smoke with the dancers in that little room in the back…Do not care for the cameras in the VIP room. Girls are very friendly and most are good looking.

  40. Rick

    I wanted to go somewhere after work before I had to face the traffic up the hill. So I wound up at Ricks Showgirls right down the street from work, I pass everyday but have never been in before, I usually go to centerfolds. I have to say going in there during that time is great because you get your chance with all the girls and let me tell you around 5pm there is alot and they are all so HOTT I wish I brought more money so that I could get dances from all of them but the ATM fee was a little costly Id rather spend it on the girls. They are lots of fun to be around and you can get 2 dances for only 20 dollars which I thought was great but the real deal is when they have that VIP special now back there is what I am talking about very Fun, I asked the girl if you can have 2 girls give u a dance at the same time and now that is what is all about she went and grabbed her friend and took me in the VIP and I had so much fun that I got more after that special and trust me it was worth it in the VIP. I will be coming alot for those.Thank you

  41. fritter17

    it never ceases to amuse me to read comments by people who say negative things about this (or any other club, place of business…etc), when the real reason they had a negative time is their own damn fault! this club goes out of it’s way to provide a great time to every one of it’s customers! the only thing i find lacking in this club is the fact that they tolerate way too much from the very few that do come in and make asses of themselves…but hey…that’s my opinion! i’d recommend this place above every other club in the area!

  42. rogue

    i was impressed with this club in comparison with the others in the area, as well as in general. the music was good, MOST of the girls were extremely hotter, about half were good looking (this of course does not just mean a nice body, but a nice face and attitude as well), and the atmosphere was comfortable! i had a really good first experience here and will be back for more!!

  43. jezzie

    First time at this club and the last. The girls are ugly and have no talent! I have seen monkeys swing a pole better than those girls! Thank God it was all free

  44. Gary Silverman

    The club was nice. One of the mangers was nice to talk to. I think his name was Chris. Overall, the dancers were rude. Great staff!!

  45. seemorenow

    use to better, it is all down hill now. beware of how much they charge. some girls will play you like a fool and over charge you. songs are also shorter than normal……so the two for one specials are actually one full song…..stage is a joke, my buddy and I went in, sat there, watch one dancer on stage, then to wit at least 15 whole minutes for another stage show…..WTF…..all the girls were all in the back dressing room. their manager needs to manage this club better or it will close very soon……

  46. Frank

    Heidi is the sexiest and best dancer ever.

  47. Doo

    it was my first time at the club i guess it was ok but things that i don’t get is the vip part. this girl took me to this vip place and she said its 150$ for half hour but i didn’t know what it was so i said no is that for one night stand? or is it lapdance for 30 mins?

  48. Diego

    Overall the club is nice, the girls are nice, but the new management sucks a floppy donkey dick! They rape the girls for 40% of their money and treat the employees like shit. I’ve talked to the dancers and employees and they are all unhappy.

  49. XhXeXy

    This club is a hit and miss lately, sometimes they have cute girls and a lot of times they have nothing going on, I think management should be more selective with the girls they hire, as a lot of them have nothing to do at a strip club.

  50. JVelasco

    It wasn’t the BEST club in the world, but overall the dancers are nice and atmosphere is decent. Couples get in for free too. There was one dance there the last time I went that I just can’t get out of my head and I think I’m gonna go back some time this week to chat her up some more. On that note, it seems like they’re doing their job well.

  51. joseph1k

    This is my favorite strip club in Sacramento. Why? Because they don’t really play rap or hip-hop. There’s one girl there that does a crazy stand-on-her-head-ass-shaking move that I’ve seen a few times throughout the last year that plays crazy rap songs, but they’re good. They’re not poopy hip-hop.That being said…the chairs are comfortable. The poles go way up to the *very* high ceiling. The waitresses are friendly. The girls are pretty okay. Most of them have crazy personalities, which is refreshing and entertaining. I’ve gotten a couple lap dances there and it’s a little awkward putting your money into a money-eater comparable to how it is when you buy a soda, but hey. Boobs are boobs.And wait! They have a smoking area INSIDE in the back! The girls smoke back there, too, and are usually talkative. Where did Parker go? She threw her shoe at a guy once for not coming up to her rail. Crazy? Yes. Entertaining? Definitely. And she used to dance to pop punk. Four stars because you can’t guarantee hot girls every night, but that’s just the way it is. I’m sure I’ll be back. I appreciate being able to just sit back and chill out without being hassled. Maybe it’s because I’m a girl? No complaints here.

  52. babalou

    the dancers at this club are pretty low quality, but they give some pretty nasty dances! a good place to go if you want some freaky lap but don’t care about the girls looks. if you’ve been to the body shop on auburn blvd, think of this place like that, with younger, still average girls and no alcohol.


  53. eddyL

    Where do I start…. Half the dancers seemed high or lost in space. NO girl even climbed the pole, whirled, twirled, or did tricks. The girls who cleaned the poles & helped collect tips did more on the pole than the damn dancers. If I wanted to see pole grinding I’d watch myself in a mirror. I wanted to see the athleticism and strength from those pole tricks. Out of the 5-6 showgirls last night, 3 where entertaining. Only because they either payed special attention to a patron sitting near the stage or had some sexy dance moves and a pretty face. Although this may seem like a total rant, I wasn’t completely disappointed. I was entertained watching the dancers grab women from the audience and flash their boobs to everyone in the club and i got a kick out of watching the men stare intensely at the dancers and toss money at them. Wouldn’t go back unless someone told me they had the time of their life at this place. BUT it would have to b a recent trip. Nothing over 3 weeks ago.

  54. Mike Brown
  55. Ramon

    I was very dissapointed when I walked into this club Saturday night. I used to frequent this club years back and thought I might get the same quality of dancers that there were maybe five years ago. The sound and lighting were excellent, the waitresses were the best looking women in the club, I didn’t get approached by one dancer and I had pockets full of money. I will give it one more chance maybe in a couple of weeks.

  56. Christian

    This club was really great. Unlimited drink refills is a plus. My favorite dancer there was Paris. She was smoking hot!!! Haha. It was pretty empty at the time I went in so my buddy and I had a nice time. All of the personnel were really nice. This place is good for a first timer or a veteran to strip clubs.

  57. Eric

    Girls look too young and trashy. Thought it would be slightly classier.

  58. richard95

    This place is really fun! Although this is my first strip club I’ve been to, so I guess you could say I was shocked to see it… nonetheless, fun!I came on my birthday so I got free admission and my party got half off! πŸ˜€ So yay! And then my ID got given to the DJ. So when that happens, get ready to be pulled onstage if it is your birthday and be tousled by the girls. I was really not expecting a lot of what happened up there, and I was super nervous and scared… but otherwise, it was really fun. I had no idea how to react to anything that they did (such a newbie, right?) Uh… but it was fun. I got a lapdance- two dances for $20 from Trisha (SHE HAS AN AWESOME MOHAWK FAUXHAWK THING! And she’s adorable and nice and awesome), though that was a special. And she let me hug her afterwards when I asked I was surprised, apparently the sodas, lemonade, and a few other drinks were free. I don’t know if it was just because we were all girls, though (just warning ya, check beforehand)… and I wasn’t sure if we were allowed to keep the plastic cups, but my friends took them anyway. Not like you can really recycle plastic cups… still awesome though!The girls are really nice there, they gave us a mini tour and explained the prices and stuff to us since we were really new to everything. Sometimes when they’re on the stage they look bored, but I mean, it is a Sunday night with not a lot of people so… hay, it must be tiring!THE TRICKS ON THE POLE ARE AWESOME! πŸ˜€ The weird downside is that a random customer came up to my friend and told us that apparently “you don’t belong here, you know that, right?” Jokingly, but it still seemed mean. :/ He seemed like a weirdo anyways.I love the music here~~ It was awesome. I would not go here again unless it was a special occasion just cos I’m SO not used it it, but it was a really fun and awesome experience. πŸ˜€

  59. Jim

    The new updates are very tasteful and comfortable. I love the couch dance area. Wow what I night I had back there. The dancers on the stage are not that great but get them back on the couchs and the fun begins.

  60. centralvalleystripclubber

    Ok, lets first say that I am comparing deja Vu with Centerfolds since they are both nude and relatively close to one another. I think that Deja Vu is much better for the value, but Centerfolds has more girls. The quality and beauty of the talent is comparable in both clubs, but I felt alot more comfortable in Deja Vu. The club is smaller, and the cover is 10 dollars including n/a drinks. At centerfolds, it is 15 for drinks. One thing I liked the most about Deja Vu, is the main stage is right in the center, and close to the girl. It is also alot less crowded in the afternoon compared to Gold Club I have had a great time at both clubs, but I give a slight edge to Deja Vu. Girls are hot and work hard for little money.

  61. Mike

    I can’t remember the name of the dancer who danced for me but she was slightly shorter with long brown hair and one of the sexiest ladies I have ever had the pleasure to meet. She was very polite and friendly. I will definitely be back.

  62. igor34

    Do you have a lactating fetish ? This will be your place half the girls here gave birth 3 days ago and still have a baby bump … you might even tpuch a belly and feel a kick ! Uh oh . This place will hire any hoochi that comes in an auditions because they are desperate . I’ve seen dancers doing coke in the bathroom and most of them are drunk or on drugs here. They have cheap dances 3 for 25 specials and the club takes almost half of that . The poor girls . No liquor 10 water bottles . The music sucks . They have old dirty mattress in the vip rooms probably infested with bed bugs and herpes . Beware . Anywhere is better than here …

  63. Franklyn

    This is probably the most cut throat strip club I’ve ever been in. I’ve been to other Deja Vu clubs like in SF and had a great experience in SD, but this spot does not come to par by any means. It was $20 to get in. There were pretty girls. As soon as I got in, all the girls went on the stage, and the DJ announced a 3 for the price of 1 lap dance promo. I was quickly confronted by an attractive dancer, and which she advised me that it would be $20. Sounded like a good deal to a newly single guy, so I agreed. She took me to the back room and directed me to put the $20 bill into a machine. She started to give me a dance which was quite pleasant. But before the first song was over, the light turned red. She said that was it. I was like… “What do you mean thats it? The first song hasn’t even finished yet?” She advised me that was actually the way it goes here. I asked for a manager, and he clarified their policy is that 3 songs actually means 2 minutes and 30 seconds. 1 song actually means around one minute. I thanked the girl for being sweet, and attractive, but…THAT WAS MY QUE TO LEAVE!This certainly wasn’t my first rodeo, but the is no way I would patronage an establishment with those kind of standards. I WILL NEVER GIVE THEM MY BUSINESS AGAIN.

  64. winston12

    This is my favorite strip club to go to with my boyfriend & girlfriend. By far, the hottest women, nicest setup, most polite staff & dancers, & cleanest bathrooms. Sexy red velvet couches, & very reasonably priced with bad ass specials all the time. My favorite out of all the strip clubs in Sac.

  65. Matt

    Love it keep up the good work!

  66. drs
  67. Crystal

    All the dancers and wait staff are great… I should know… im one of them

  68. dave
  69. tonycluber

    Talk about butt ugly girls … sheesh this has to be the only club in the country to hire only ugly girls. The atmosphere sucks and the employees and dancers are lifeless. There really isn’t anything good about this strip club, I’d rather stay home then waste my money here. Never again, I’ll stick with pure gold down the street.

  70. curtis17

    Been here 2 times already so here is my feed back..Presentable from the outside, I like the fact that it is right next to the freeway and tucked away from the main street. Nice parking lot size, don’t have to worry about it being over crowded. They also have people patrolling the lot so that’s a plus, I don’t mind having my car patrolled. The guys watching the lot were really nice guys and after a nice conversation with them about my car, one of them gave me a discount card to get in.Walking in has a good feel to it, have to pay first obviously ($10 bucks with discount card and $20 without), the cashier guy is really nice too. Latin guy that takes the time to let you know about special deals they have going, I’m sure it’s his job to upsell and he does it with a smile not all grumpy or disrespectful.The place is nice, and looks well kept up. Nice seating, chairs, carpet, ceiling (don’t put on an awkward face I been to places where there is ceiling tiles missing, you’ll see in one of my other A.E reviews). The bathroom could use some upkeep. One stall does not have a door and the other one can’t be locked so if you need to sit on the can you’ll have to use one leg to keep the door close (imagine how funny and uncomfortable that is lol) … Nice drinking area (I’m talking about the bar but it’s not really a bar since no alcohol is served).The stage is well designed because it has 2 poles to accommodate both sides of the stage which is important for people that are paying that dollar for an up front show and for the girls to be able to perform on both sides and make more mula.Ok so service is really good. The waitresses are really nice and they sit and have a conversation with you from time to time. Every 30 minutes or hour all the waitress get on stage to clean the floors and pole but the best part is they also shake they rump while cleaning the floors and go all the way to the top of the poles to clean them with a little show of course. Talented young ladies with much potential in the adult industry.Exotic dancers: Not all the girls are nice and don’t judge me on that comment because I know they are there to make money but you not getting money from me if you ain’t got no act right πŸ™‚ …. Most girls just approached me for a lap dance and after a decline they kept it moving which is fine with me, I know, I know “its all about the Benjamin’s baby”… but there were 2 that chatted with me and I obviously paid for their services because they know how to work the c.s (customer service). Be sure to be on the look out for Zaharra and Charlotte, you won’t regret it.The only problem with the place is that not all performers are respectful. One of them called me an asshole after declining her services, which means I will definitely not go to that one in the future. I know they deal with a lot of disrespectful, horny guys but I always keep it respectful with the ladies and I do appreciate their talent while on stage but I’m no chump neither.An over all breakdown of the stars:1 star for the staff in the parking lot, register and waitresses1 star for the up keep of the establishment2 stars for Zaharra and Charlotte. -1 star for the rude entertainer…

  71. Justin

    Loved the club! The set up was great and the girls were hot! I particularly liked Ecstasy who gave me the best lap dances out of the girls I danced with. She was really good on stage too!

  72. Jack

    Best atmosphere of any club in Sacto.

  73. Kevin

    Excellent club. Had much more fun here than at Centerfolds. Private dances are nicely priced – 2 for 1 dance come up frequently and you get the same quality as the full priced dances. A lot of freedom in the private room with out going to far. The DJ was great and played whole songs which was cool, where at other clubs you get half songs and quarter songs on 2 for 1’s.

  74. Birthday Boy

    It was my birthday and a dancer named Crystal gave me a free blow job ! Best birthday ever !

  75. Ted

    It is now a Deja Vu Showgirls “Erotic Ultra Lounge”. Glad to see the change. I’ve been to other Vu’s and I for one am very happy to see the change!

  76. Bill

    Went there last week, had a great time.

  77. v


  78. Jon

    It Was Awesome!!

  79. James Steel

    Everyone was awsome I took my wife there for her 21st Birthday. Jasmin was a perfect host as well as a few of her friends, they treated us like we were VIP’s. We had a Great Time. Thanks To all the Ladies, Especially Jasmin.

  80. A Couple

    Great Club!!! Wonderful for couples!

  81. James
  82. Simon T.

    Appalling. Absolutely appalling. The club is tatty, the girls are fat, ugly and should have quit stripping years ago.Most of them seemed more intent on texting on their phones rather than servicing paying customers.Save your money and avoid disappointment – steer clear of this hovel.

  83. Tim

    Had fun girls were really nice & friendly

    will repeat in future, great mix of girls

  84. billtheguy12

    What a joke! We went here on New Years Eve ($20 entry) and walk into the bartender asking can I get you drinks… Ok but you guys don’t serve any alcohol right? I asked. The dumb b!+ch replies the only thing alcoholic we have is the champagne but it’s $50 a bottle! I said no way! And left. My buddy walked up a few mins later with a bottle of the champagne and said she gave it to him for $25 instead. We start drinking it and it taste like sh!+ but I thought it was just cheap champagne. Now it’s getting closer to midnight and my wife begs me to buy another bottle so we have something to toast with at midnight so I give in and go buy one for $25. A few mins later my buddy hands me an empty champagne bottle and points to the words on the back “NON-ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGE CONTAINS 100% JUICE”… WTF!!! That lying b!+ch of a bartender is lucky my buddies dragged me out of there before I slapped the H0! I can’t believe they can get away with scamming people like this! False advertisement is illegal isn’t it!? I want my money back you lying bas+ards! Also while we were there my buddy’s wallet went “missing” and so did another random guy who we overheard talking about it to the manager. This place is such a scam from their “champagne” to their ugly H0s stealing wallets to their $10 ATM fee. LOL! I will never go back or recommend this place to anyone! –BEWARE IF YOU GO HERE AND KEEP YOUR WALLET IN A SAFE PLACE– I wish I could give negative stars.

  85. Ray

    Best place I have ever been!!

  86. Bo Bob r Ran

    The club started of pretty nice, but has slid down hill

    pretty bad. Don’t look at the carpets, the seats are

    comfortable, but broken legs on some. Bathroom is broken

    for a few months now.

    The girls are the best, they do work hard and do treat you

    well if you behave well toward them.

  87. scarecrow
  88. Ben

    This place is legit. Two story pole. 2 for 20, 3 for 20 dance specials. Girls in hot french maid outfits serving the guests, very attentive. Girls are hot, but even better, they’re friendly. Most can hold a conversation and won’t pop the question before saying hi, then snub you the rest of the night. Don’t buy the girls drinks, don’t imagine they think soft drinks for $10 taste any better. $10 in tips > cup of soda.

    I’m here to see Indica.

  89. Steve

    Beautiful girls way better than centerfolds down the street…way more classier.

  90. Juan


  91. J

    Nice relaxed atmosphere

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