The Landing Strip



745 U.S. 183, Austin, TX 78741


30.2332011, -97.6841958




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “The Landing Strip

  1. Zapman

    Second class club. Waitstaff was attentative, without being pushy. Dancers were generally 3-6’s, but a 9+ showed up and offered a lap dance, WoW. High contact just short of anything illegal.

  2. XhXeXy

    There was one cute girl there, i will admit it… she was a waitress. The dancers were hideous. Unless you like em huge with c section scars…No thanks.

  3. eddyL

    Attended a holiday gathering here. Walking in starkly reminded me of a horrible strip club experience in Nuevo Laredo years ago: lots of bad tats and porcine dancers. Didn’t see any BBQ on the menu either. Had a beer and left.

  4. South_Austin_man

    Best Club I have found so far.

  5. BMOC

    Nice girls and consistently “high mileage” dances.

  6. Beth B.

    I brought a group in for a bachelorette party and we all had such a good time! The girls were hot, the drinks were strong and the managers were so nice and accommodating!

  7. stripforme123

    I spent an hour here without seeing so much as a gam. The management is unprofessional, cavalier, and borderline criminal. There are better establishments half a mile away.

  8. Jason R.

    Went here for a bachelor party back in the day. Had a good time. No issues at all during my visit. Clean club with clean looking dancers. Good music was playing, so my hat is off to the D.J. We were treated like royalty that night and that’s what I like to see from the managers and staff. I would recommend this club and would return.

  9. Brookie B.

    The landing strip was mediocre. The dancers are all malnourished and needed to eat a few burgers! There was ONE stripper who decent but she didn’t have any real talent she was just showing her *Meow* the whole time. I like to see talent and shapely women, if I wanted to see a teenage boy dancing I would just go to a teeny bopper club! Good thing it was ladies night and free.

  10. Ashley L.

    Best place in town cheap on Tuesdays before 8 pm very nice clean place everything you looking for all in one place can’t complain .. See for yourself !!

  11. Big Jim

    The girls are very willing to spend time getting to know the customer. Several of the older (over 30) dancers are very skilled at making you feel comfortable and the entire time very enjoyable. I visit the landing Strip on a regular schedule and always appreciate the hospitality.

  12. Duran D.

    LUKE is the best thing that ever happened to this place. He treated me like gold. The girls are sexy and give me what I want. Great drink specials. $3.75 drinks , are you kidding me?!!? Will be back soon. Promote Luke!

  13. Tall Man

    Had a great time, Think people under rate this club. I keep returning, tonight there where lot of new girls. but that’s fine. More private then other clubs I been to in Austin. Lots of space. Club was only 25% full on 4/23/11. Only down fall is your ask about drinks every 8 min but don’t let it get to you, and don’t leave your drink they will take it. Please visit, I like the club and you should too.

  14. Mike T.

    no thank you. the dancers werent dancing. The service from my waitress was garbage. I left without ordering a single thing. Ive seen better clubs, during lunch, in the sticks. Wont be returning.

  15. andrew

    The female manager was the hottest thing in the club… she knew her strip club business, but she looked hotter then the other girls and took away the attention from them.

  16. Harrison69

    I love hanging out at the hottest spot in east Austin. Sexy fun girls, good drinks, good food, quality service. 5minutes from downtown and 5 minutes from the airport, can’t beat it. Great place for anyone wanting to have a great night out. I’ll be returning very soon.

  17. AssnTits5

    Stopped by here before a flight to kill some time. Ordered a few shots to numb my fear of flight, which at $10 a pop, seemed high, but the best came later. A dancer took me to the VIP which cost another $35 for 30 minutes…. If you’re tracking, thats $65, plus some tip. Oh well. Decided to pay with a credit card. Wrong decision. This shady place allowed a waitress to pencil in a $300 tip after I left. Of course I discovered this once I was in another city. Credit card company was called… Google this place, apparently I’m not the first and only one this had happened to. If you must go, take cash.

  18. StripClub431

    When me and my husband went it was pretty crowded with a bunch of men and 4 dancers from what I counted. The dancers were attractive not going to lie but only 4 dancers with a full room yikes!!! I give it 3 stars because our waitress, I don’t remember her name but she was super nice and kept talking to us and picked a drink for me and it was delicious i wish I remembered the name of the drink!! Maybe we will go back I don’t know.

  19. fuckery12

    First off, major props to whoever named this place for evoking the rare triple entendre. Masterful.So the place is a bit rundown inside, and the dancers have been mediocre the two times I’ve been. But the vibe is relaxed and if you have to kill some time out by the airport, this is not a bad choice. Drinks are inexpensive by strip club standards. The clientele was a little rough, but it’s way east, so go figure.

  20. XXXbeast

    I’ve been here 4 or 5 times so far… so I say it’s time for a review of this strip joint. First off…. don’t come here any other day other than Tuesday if you’re looking for dances. Why you might ask? Because on Tuesdays the dances there are only a measly 5 dollars! I mean you’ll be obviously doing more than just 1 dance with a stripper since once a song’s over then the dance is over too, but that’s about the best you can get in Austin. The girls here are gorgeous… I’ve only seen a couple of girls that aren’t that good looking really and that’s it. The drinks…. bleh… well I usually get the angry orchard which is a cider beer for 6 dollars there which ain’t too bad for a strip club. Also during certain days they have 4 dollar drinks on everything… but then you would have to pay more for the dances on those days. Also if you come before 8pm on every other day the dances are 10 dollars… after 8pm they will be 20 dollars. Yikes… so try not to come here after 8 unless you’re the rich gentleman kind of guy. I certainly am not. The girls there seem pretty nice surprisingly for the most part. They’ll let you touch (the ones I’ve been with will anyways, they want the tips), just don’t let the manager catch you doing it since you’re actually not supposed to do that there. But that’s it… really this 5 star rating is for Tuesdays. I would had to rate this place lower if it was on any other night. The entry fee for me is usually 10 dollars… which is fine for a strip joint. Before 8 I usually get charged 4 dollars. Also I love the little outdoor smoking area. And as for the interior of the building itself… well… it looks like a classy strip joint… which is fine by me.And whenever I left last time from this joint the door guys there just started talking to me about video games… it was one of the most amusing conversations I’ve ever had leaving a bar/club. I mean E3 was going on at the time I did this review but wow lol that almost made my night more so than the strippers xD.The food here is alright. Just typical bar food I think, but it’s not bad. I enjoy it. It’s probably cheaper food than most strip club food really and they give you HUGE portions that u can share.

  21. joseph1k

    If the yellow rose is closed, the landing strip will take you in. What kind of a club serves BBQ as well? This place was awesome, and the girls were really friendly. Still FB friends with one of them after so many years. Oh yeah, we were there at 1030am.

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