Deja Vu Showgirls



135 South Byrne Road, Toledo, OH 43615


41.6357273, -83.6250493




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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Up in Toledo, Ohio, things are rocking hard with the area’s premier party launch pad, the DeJa Vu of Toledo. Located at 135 South Byrne Rd., the Toledo Vu has long been recognized as one of Ohio’s wildest city’s for all nude cabaret’s, and DeJa Vu is mainly the reason why. Its staff of entertainers are notorious for some pretty hot stage performance’s, and are without a doubt well versed in banishing any signs of fatigue. Since 1989, the Toledo location has been making things click with some of the most gorgeous entertainers anywhere.

The layout inside the Toledo DeJa Vu is comprised of one main stage and one large satellite stage. It has plenty of room to cruise and carouse, with plenty of dance booth’s and couch’s to keep you busy all day or night. A bottomless glass special offered to keep your whistle wet, as well as a fully stocked bar from mixers to imported suds. And if its food that’s on your mind don’t forget about the several local eateries near the club where take out is a snap and a sight for sore eyes for the famished fun seeker. The DeJa Vu Of Toledo, just what you were looking for!


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0 reviews for “Deja Vu Showgirls

  1. yvc
  2. wong

    Went to this place a few weeks ago and didn’t have a good visit. First, the waitresses were pushing drinks on me like it was nobodys business. I don’t buying drinks but I don’t like being pushed into it like she was. Very rude and not appreciated at all. Also, there were very few girls there for a Friday night. I will say the drink were priced very fairly thought which was a nice thing to see. Kudos for this. I had a couple of dances and none were that great. Lot of air and not much touching. I would go to platinum instead if this place if you are trying to decide.

  3. J J


  4. xxguyxx

    hottest girls in toledo by far!

  5. ortiz

    Ive went there a total of 3 times for my birthday and this past tuesday when i was there was the best time ive had there so far.My favorite dancer kenya she was really attractive i have a thing for mexican girls so i had to get 2 dances from her. I really hope to see her again she was really nice and talkative and she seemed down to earth i fell in love with a stripper lol, thanks again kenya : )

  6. CHRIS


  7. layla
  8. jacob smith

    bad place,the bartenders are rude, the girls are mean. and dont even get me started on the bouncers couple of jokes if you ask me.

  9. steve

    was here 2/24, spent an hour or more with a beautiful brunette with the most perfect body, couldn’t hear her name,(forgive me) i’ll be back on the afternoon/evening of the 18th, hope to find her there again,

  10. wflow
  11. Chuck

    Hillary is an awsome private dancer

  12. Albert Campos

    Really good and worth it.i am looking to be come a VIP or regular if possible.

  13. lobes

    best club i have been to in toledo. hell yes keep it up

  14. cumbrawght

    My fiance and I higly enjoyed this club. The cost for pop was a little steep, but the girls made up for it with dance prices that where more than fair. We higly recomend this club.

  15. Seth
  16. Northern Sherlock

    I would rate it much more friendly than any other Deja Vu I have been to. Great atmosphere..lots of fun.

  17. yasmine

    nice club

  18. Guy

    I have to say that the overall quality of dancers here is surprisingly pretty good. There are some truly amazing girls, some(3 or 4) that truly should NOT be stripping, and a vast amount of cute girls. I really like Courtney and Jasmine. They are both good looking and give a good dance. Jasmine is amazing on the couch. Best body I’ve seen on a dancer. Atmosphere is nice, drinks/cover are priced excellent for a strip club. Only negatives are that there is no truly “private” dance here. The dance booths are open and other people/and bouncers are always looking. I wish they had a VIP at this place. Beware of the VERY HOT girls at this place…Jezebel (dark hair) is Hott, but the dance is mediocore at best. No grinding, just stares off into space. The same for Daisy and Carmen. These chicks are model hot, but the dances lack any sensuality and are air dances. Hot with fake boobs = Beware. Good eye candy yes, but save your money unless you want an air dance. They look incredible I must admit, but better to stick with Jasmine, Courtney, Ruby, Candy, or Miranda. Good lookin and good dances.

  19. BG Guy

    This club is the best gentleman’s club that I have ever visited. My favorite dancers were Raven, Miranda, and Desire. Couch dances’ were phenomonal from Raven. Miranda and Desire are great stage dancers(haven’t had the pleasure of a couch dance from either,yet) I would choose Deja Vu over Platinum any day, the girls are more realistic (personality and boobs) and alot better looking. I will be back next week girls, keep an eye out for me.

  20. Brad and Jess

    We love you guys

  21. Nick (Voncloft)

    I went the day before I turned 21 and had a blast. Best dancers are: Miranda, Angel, Clio, and Trinity!

  22. Amy Reed

    Not hot girls!!!!!!

  23. kevin

    not as good as Lansing’s

  24. Rod Nalley

    All in all it was pretty good! The only negative is my wife didnt get alot of attention, that was a bummer.

  25. nick gates

    good dj not hoppin the stripers did not sit down an talk and get a fell of the croud

  26. Kyle
  27. Bill simon

    All the girls did was try to huassle me for more money because the the manager finds ways to take all there money for himself

  28. Chill

    Calm down Rikki, i was just asking. stop jumping to conclusions. if she aint dancing, then obviously i wont see her. everybody on here is not a perverted stalker.

  29. g money
  30. BEN


  31. Troy

    It was really sweet.

  32. Mr. Man

    Many hot girls. A good variety of girls. Excellent dances. The only drawback is that all of the seating is uncomfortable. Its worth a little pain in the posterior though.

  33. x_(A)_x

    Lily is really sexy! I really enjoyed the dances I got from her on Friday.

    Though I was disappointed not to find Angel. Does anyone know what days is she there?

  34. jesus

    one of the best in toledo

  35. don

    beautiful gurls!

  36. rc
  37. Saseee
  38. Jenna

    Nicole C. is most definately the hottest stripper in there, and i would do her in a minute…

  39. Matt

    The ladies were hot I am from cincy and toldeo deja vu is much better than cincy’s. Venus is hott.

  40. jphi

    best club in ohio

  41. Carolann

    My husbad and I recently spent a great weekend there. I had a fabulous time with Kenya. She is absolutely a sweetheart. She is by far my favorite dancer there. My husband enjoyed Miranda. I think its a great club. I don’t feel uncomfortable at all. I give Kenya a 10+……

  42. Da Greek

    Zoe has herpies and you can get them too for only 50 bucks

  43. kevin t

    was there 3-10-07 had a blast cant wait to go back i think i found my favorite dance but cant remember her name u should have a list of dancers and pics need to find her she was the greatest thing in the world

  44. Ryan

    great club. girls are down to earth and great. great atmosphere and easy going people. over all and excellent club,

  45. Bildo69
  46. Gleason

    The girls here are real nice and know how to show you a good time, they also like talkin and just shootin the bullshit at times!

  47. Rick

    The private dances are great

  48. keith

    girls were real nice and hot. gonna be going back real soon. love it

  49. Jim
  50. Amanda
  51. eddy
  52. wildman
  53. bozzco
  54. Kachiko
  55. ctl
  56. uc

    Would love to see pictures of all the girls that dance at club, love the new short girl, not much on top, but very perky!

  57. CR

    This club is amazing. One of the best clubs in toledo by far. Close to home and a great deal nearly all of the time. Two thumbs up ladies.

  58. Wendi

    De Ja Vu Toledo is the place to be! The dancers are friendly, the drinks are reasonably priced, and the DJ rocks my socks. Kudos to the entire staff from two of your biggest fans!!

  59. Phil
  60. MVC
  61. boogie
  62. Adam

    Fun club, I was in friday night with a cupple friends, hott girlz nice place.

  63. Mac 76

    I was there 6-2-2009, the club looks great with the new furniture. Not to many dancers working at shift change, but as the night goes on they trickle in. Got quite a few dances from JENNA, GREEEEEEEEEAT Dances. Looking forward to the next time there to get soom moooooore dances from JENNA.

  64. Dave

    Went on day shift and had a blast. Alexia gives very physical dances especially when the song turns her on as much as it did. Miranda (i thing that her name) is very talented too. road construction out front is a bit of a pain but noting they can do about it really.

  65. TomSanders

    First time was fantastic , next time a bit ROUGH especially in parking lt

  66. William

    Stopped in Saturday night and had a blast. The prices are great and your dancer diversity is excellent. When I come back in few weeks I will be stopping in. See you then…

  67. john doe

    been too the vu a few times, its a nice place to hang and watch the show

  68. Tuesday Couple

    The place is really nice for a couple. The wife gets more perks than the guys and that makes for a nice show! We’ll be back whenever we’re in Toledo.

  69. dustin wilkins

    I had a great time but the dj could interact more with the crowd, and the drink prices were a little high. This is compared with the other clubs in the toledo, oh area.

  70. Kirk Yost

    I went there during Melonfest for my friends 18th birthday and had the time of my life and I cant wait to go back. Ya!!!!! DejaVu Rocks!!!!!

  71. jeremy
  72. Lap Dance Lover

    There are some hot girls at this club, dances are great.

  73. Anon

    Was in on 8/21 had a great time. Nice, beautiful girls seemed to be having fun not just working.

  74. Nikko

    Cool club

  75. Mac76

    I was there on Tu. 1/13/09 and had a wouderful time with Jenna, I recommend her for anybody who wants a great couch dance. A wide variety of girls, Brooke was a great dancer. Only draw back to the club was the DJ playing the music to loud, hard to carry on a conversation with the girls.

  76. ZURC

    one of the best i’ve been to. if not the best in ohio.

  77. Mac1976

    I was in the club on June 14th. Came to wish JENNA good bye & good luck with her job switch. Always enjoyed her company and especially her couch dances. I will miss you!!!

  78. Tyler

    We just checked out this club tonight (Wednesday) expecting to see a B-list of girls and an empty club. Well we were only half right, when we walked in at 8pm the club was literally empty, 0 patrons. There wasn’t even any girls on stage. So we sat down and after about 2 songs they started bringing girls out. To my surprise the first girl was a skinny hot blond chick. And to my even bigger surprise the hotties kept coming! We stayed until 10:30 and I think we probably saw at least 10-15 different girls, of which I only didn’t like 2 of them! The rest were great looking! 95% white girls, and 90% in shape.

    I got 2 lap dances, one of which I don’t remember the girls name, the other was from Abby and boy was she awesome. She has the best personality of any stripper I’ve ever met. Lap dance was great, some nice 2-way contact, definitely worth the money. Dances were $20 each but about 2-3 times an hour they offer up 2 for $30. I was drinking Rum & Coke’s which were only $3.75 each but my girlfriends regular coke’s were like $4.50 each (explain that?). However they do offer an unlimited soda drink for $7 so she just did that. Cover was $10 for me and $15 for her (she’s only 20).

    Overall this is definitely one of the best clubs I’ve been to and recommend it hands down!

  79. Wdre
  80. John

    This club rocks!!!! My favorite dancers are Mons and Veneris. Can’t wait to return!!!

  81. Scott

    The place is clean and has very nice girls. The music is very diverse. I think Anastasia and Kenya are the hottest women in the club. If you want a Great dance, I would ask for 1 of them.

  82. Brad
  83. Voncloft

    MIRANDA AND SECRET give the BEST PRIVATE DANCES. They are awesome!!!!!

  84. M.A.N

    This is the only club in town my boyfriend and I go to. We are frequent guests and visit maybe twice a month. We love it, we love the girls, we love the staff and want you guys to know you’re absolutely wonderful. Thank you Deja Vu of Toledo!

  85. Turener
  86. Greg

    Good Atmosphere, Good Girls, Good Times!!!!

  87. Jimmy

    Great place, Jada’s awsome amd nice music.

  88. Benjamin Jr Resendez

    I loved the club more for the younger group though. The dancers are younger so I expect that attracts the younger group esp. but its still good for everyone. Pink is pink. I even received a free pass and a shirt of my size. My private dancer was beautiful, easy to talk to and price is fair all around. I highly recommend Deja Vu-Toledo, Ohio.

  89. Ripper

    Wow, I love this club. I was their during the day shift and let me tell you the two girls Anastasia and Delilah where awsome. I got a total of 10 dances by Delilah and by the seventh one, I am not joking, she made me cum in my pants. Her dances are so hot.

  90. angel
  91. Andrew

    i love the girls! you can actually talk to them outside of the dances. Theres one girl there that i go JUST to see, and i hope shes single;)

  92. Dan

    It is great the girls are very hot and the private dances are great

  93. Woody

    Interesting place!

  94. VanHalen

    Quality dances. Lots of fun. Great time. Highly recommended.

  95. silky
  96. is
  97. coondog

    If there is heaven on earth I think on found it

  98. ALIZE'

    Hey there are a plenty of black girls at this club you should come see us on the weekends that’s when we’re all there.

  99. Kacee

    I Went for the First time last night! it was AWSOME!! and even though i was one of the only few female coustomers, i had a blast! Ruby is awsome and gorgous!! and kitty…wow! my husband enjoyed himself too! almost as much as i did! I definately will return! I hope To see A Lot Of the same dancers!! they are very sexy! Thanks everyone for making my first time enjoyable!

  100. "The Ring"

    I was there on the 20th during day shift. There were 6 girls dancing and all were very attractive. I was the only customer in the place for awhile, so I had a lot of attention from Anastasia and Venus. Both are great gals and great dancers. I had a wonderful and long lapdance from Venus. Venus as defined in the dictionary should read – sexual, sensual, professional, energetic, intelligent, with a near perfect body (as no one is perfect) and a great personality. We could have talked for a lot longer than we did. I hope I can have the chance to see her again (hint, hint) at the club. Venus was a joy to be around and best of luck to her in all her future endeavors. {p.s. Heartbreak Kid, and Venus if you read these, I would love a response. Thanks.}

  101. nya

    me and brooke work tues,thurs,friday and sat come back in patrick we miss you!

  102. Teddy
  103. Lingxiao Zhao

    I like a girl whose name is Eve, she is the best!

  104. Jay

    I think that Deja Vu is the best club around. The dancers are great and very friendly, and the dances are amazing! And to the man below you would rather go to Platinums then the Vu because for $20 you can get your dick sucked there but I guess the girls from the Vu are too classy for you!!

  105. pjames

    I went in on the day shift only 2 girls but one [anastasia] was extremly nice sat and talked for a long time i highly recommend her.

  106. JOHN W


  107. tiggs
  108. Bodi

    I absolutley LOVE that you guys have started hiring REAL women and not all girls thaT ARE 100 POUNDS OF SKIN AND BONE…NICE THICK WOMEN

  109. chinho

    I got a couple of dances from JENNA, I was in heaven. Thanks JENNA for a wounderful time!!!!

  110. Evan

    Some of the girls were amazing, the dances were amazing, and i had two girls i really liked that gave me special attention all night

  111. chynaman

    it was monday so not high expectation but drinks for dancer was ridiculous $12

    for a red bull was normal price for cover $10 girls were ok they didnt really walk

    around to talk to people or anything.

  112. Josh

    Great dancers with great inviting attitudes!

  113. Jason

    I stopped in Saturday night, the place was great, and i have to say that Jada’s performance on stage was phenomenal! Her lap dances with me were fun too!

  114. BURN


  115. Venus......

    where have you been. Are you still working dayshift? I like the new club look, but not sure about the push to buy a girl a drink.

  116. nick

    best club ive ever been to

  117. fritter17

    Penny the Marketing Manager is beautiful, too bad she doesn’t dance. The barmaid gives a show while she cleans the stage that is a must see.

  118. Dale

    Spent an early saturday with Crystal. She has a lovely body, blonde hair. Had a great time.

  119. tony
  120. Krazekiote

    WOW!!! Yo DJ /hi-5! Very plesantly erotic and relaxing club. The ladies are deffinately HOT!!! and Britney is the BOMB!!!! Deffinately recommend getting a dance from her. I will deffinately come back for more!!! :)Happy Times!!

  121. Lisa The Bombshell Stoll

    I love all you girls. Had a great time being a coordinator with Jen and all you girls . Hope to see you all soon!!! love Lisa

  122. Chin-ho

    I was there on 10-28-08, had a wounderful time. Got several (a bunch) dances from JENNA. Highly recomend this club. Only draw back to this club is it is starting to show it’s age. Needs spruced up!!! Thanks JENNA.

  123. Rich

    Was Just at the Vu 3-17 The jello wrestling was great and the girls overall were wonderful keep up the good work! Also great job to the ladys and there skills to make the men happy Jenna Sure did have me bouncein around!

  124. Calvin

    Stopped in on amateur night. I was glad to see some diversity. I am a black gentleman and enjoyed seeing you had 2 black ladies on your premisis. The contest was great and your drink prices of just $2 was great. I will be back. Thanks for the hospitality extended to me by the staff.

  125. Casey

    Very nice girls and excellent private dance.

  126. cclittle

    Yes Vince all the girls at all the clubs act board during dances. They have done this before. Several times. You or I only do it once.

  127. Baltimore B

    Well, where do I start. The place is big, clean, and inviting. The cover charge is a sham to keep the riff raff out. The dancers are weak at best. The seats are nice. The waitress I had was good. Nig Nogs fighting in the parking lot was a surprise. Not a nude club. The bums don’t tip the ladies when they are dancing or after; which is unheard of where I’m from. Overall, not worth the 10 bucks unless you’re bored and need to be distracted for an hour or so. Are all Ohio clubs this weak? You need to come to Baltimore and learn what a real club is about. Out there, you wouldn’t dare not tip; unless you want an ear full. The women go all out, even if they aren’t 10’s. A man can fulfill his needs and not feel ripped off in the process. Nig Nogs don’t act up around the clients, or else. If you want, you can even take the talent home. Now that’s a club.

  128. Weedman420

    They had very few dancers. The DJ was calling girls impatiently to take the stage and they either would not take the stage or got on the stage only after several songs had played…. The dancers who were there were very busy trying to snake the customers into “private dances.” There was one decent girl who nagged and nagged for a VIP private dance which I wasnt looking for, but when she promised a happy ending, I finally agreed. Let’s just say her interpretation of a happy ending was “customers are always happy when I dance for them….” I wasn’t too disappointed because I figured there was a catch. With few dancers taking the stage, and girls making offers they can’t deliver, this place gets a low rating. Don’t offer what you don’t have to give, and when the music is playing, the girls need to be on the stage. My recommendation…. Drive an extra 30 minutes to Windsor, Ontario.

  129. Titty Fanatic

    Took my son for his 18th birthday WOW was i surprised i go to clubs all the time but will make it a point to drive the 180 miles again to visit this place was slow at first but started booming about 9 what a place to take a 18 yr old could not get him away from stage

  130. Jake

    It is awsome

  131. Xinyang He
  132. Thomas C.

    Was in town for a weekend and stopped in for a night of entertainment and fun. The club was very nice and the girls were great. Wish they had food. I travel quite a bit and the Deja Vu chain rarely lets me down. This one once again kept my opinion intact. Thanks for the fun filled evening.

  133. Vince

    was in there last saturday and got a dance from a decent looking girl with short blonde hair Nija was her name i think?? do all the girls act bored during there couch dances?

  134. Zach
  135. l
  136. flav

    the vu is the sh!t…all u haters continue hatin cuz girls like myself keep the club and out customers happy…if u are lookin 4 a whore then yes go to platnium but if not then th vu is 4 u…see ya soon!

  137. randy
  138. StripClub431

    Pro: beer and drink prices pretty reasonable for an adult venue, beers $4, drinks 8-9; some hot girls, lots of 2/$30 private dance specials- nice w the right girl.Con: lots of pressure to go to VIP room once you buy a dance, some girls who are overweight and not very attractive. Overall, a pretty good time, in a clean and comfortable environment. Good for couples, as well. Note: bring cash. ATM not working, and VU cash costs 10% premium, to customer and girls, and is only good day of purchase.

  139. coolio
  140. CJ

    I use to go to Deja Vu often back 8-9 years ago, since then they have remodeled. It was definately a bad choice, they took away the semi-private areas for private dances, the girls weren’t that good looking, the atmosphere is dull. Cheap cover and drinks, but I’d rather spend more and go to Platinum and see better girls and have real ‘private’ dances.

  141. j
  142. Richard B.

    This club is nice but could use some more private booths and maybe better seating. The prices are the best in this city. I would return for my next visit in T-Town. The waitresses could be a bit more cheerful.

  143. rikki

    Hey if Meka is retired, then leave it at that! Some girls do

    quit dancing and would like to live their own private lives!

    Why don’t you find another girl that you like? There are

    plenty of dancers!

  144. Travis
  145. fred
  146. Robert

    reminds me of home 😛

  147. sean
  148. Scylar

    this club is all about the money instead of customer service

  149. Klaus

    Was really great!!

    The girls dance for me in my birth day…!! amazing

    Trinity was my kind of girl…my kids mother!!

    From chile congratulations.

  150. Hank

    This is my number one club

  151. Fe
  152. mitch

    Dancer ID: going on a wild goose chase to find a dancer that used to dance at Subis in detroit 4-5 years ago. Name was Mica (pronounced Mike-uh). Black girl, short really thick, round soft booty, from toledo. looked like some chick youd see in an atlanta club or in a rap video. anybody have any idea where she might be – retired, in toledo, detroit?

  153. Aaron

    This is a Great Club! All of the girls are hot! The DJ is F’n sweet!

  154. Mike

    Fucking Awsome

  155. danielson

    There were 4 girls working. 1 at the front desk, 1 bar tender and 2 dancers. And there was 15+ guys there and no one on stage with numerous songs played before any dancers performed. The best part was the bar tender (kinda chic). They must not offer dental insurance to there employees cause she was missing at Least 2 front teeth… this a strip club.The $10 cover charge and drink prices are normal.

  156. Jimmy22

    Brittney is AMAZING!!! Anyone know her schedule? Great club, best I’ve been to in Ohio.

  157. Patrick

    I went Wednesday and had a blast. I’ve been in a couple times, from out of town, and this was the best. In fact, it was the best time I’ve had at a strip club. It was slow compared to other clubs, but I didn’t mind that one iota. Private dances were well worth it. Thanks Nya and Brook for getting me drunk and giving me a great time. I will try to be back soon. Post your schedule?

  158. J.

    I was bored and went here in the middle of the day.. There were only 3 people in the whole place, but they still danced for us which was cool of them. There was a really beautiful short girl in a black dress that I liked, but after a few dances she kind of acted strange. She kept flipping back and forth between being extremely sweet and being kind of mean. But mostly sweet.

  159. joe b.
  160. newbie

    hey does anyone know if alexia is still workin here?

  161. Kelly & Julie

    My girlfriends came in on Tuesday night and had a blast. The D.J. was funny and had some fun with us and the drink prices were great. two dollar amaretto sours and four dollar long islands is great for an adult club. We work in Cleveland on occasion but thought we would look around. The girls were nice and the staff was plesant. The manager asked us if we were interested in the amateur contest but we did not have our gear. We might come back next Tuesday though to try it out. The place was very busy.

  162. Out-of-tonwer

    Great variety of girls, talents and body types. Can’t wait for another trip to Toledo.

  163. Beshad

    Britney , you rock!!! youre the best dance ever and thanks for everythin,,, later sexy

  164. jack

    Private dances are the shit…. still have wood from them!

  165. Tom

    Visited while in town on business. Stopped by on consecutive days. Who knew a Thursday night would end up being better than Friday.

    Crowd was completely different Friday. Girls were more pushy and not too friendly. Completely the opposite of the experience I had the previous night.

    Laid back, nice girls who chat, hold intelligent conversations and knew how to push the right buttons without being pushy or sounding like they were desperate.

    So like in any strip club, the right girl can make or break the experience.

  166. Gregory
  167. Manuel

    This was my first time visiting. I went during the day shift so as to avoid the rowdier night crowd. It was pretty empty, only a couple of other guys there. The ladies, however, were great. Venus and Angel especially are excellent dancers. The place looked pretty clean, it seemed okay. My only complaint is that it’s kinda dark in there. I was very satisfied with my experience.

  168. anonomous

    Best time ever, especially with Miranda and Venus, highly recomment both of them.

  169. blah
  170. Tim

    Just stopped in today to see if the club was open. Many were nobeing the 4th of July. I was surprised to see they had 5 or 6 gilrs. The bartender was nice and the dancers were hot. I will be back soon. Thanks for the dance Alexa.

  171. Rob

    Roxy is the Best

  172. Bob

    This club is the best and the MGR rocks, the girls are friendly, hot and above average, and the dj plays great tunes.

  173. dw
  174. Bubba

    Went to this club last night and a pretty damn good time. Cost $25 for myself (21yo male) and my girlfriend (20). I was drinking Captain n Coke’s which were $5 each. There was 17 girls there, of which the majority were white, all of them were normal sized and fairly hot (i.e. No fatties!). I got SEVERAL dances from Raven and she was awesome. They do 2 lapdances for $30 all the time (at least twice an hour) and usually do a “bonus” 2 for $30 right after the first (to get you to buy another set of dances from the same girl) which led me to spend $120 on dances…but they were totally worth it.

    I thought I should add because of that new law this is no longer a fully nude club. They are topless but I didn’t see any vag the entire night unfortunately…

  175. StripClubFan99

    Went to this club on a Friday night and would say it’s pretty solid overall. Good atmosphere. Most of the girls were attractive though I wish there was more variety (black and latin girls). The lap dance I got was worth getting again from Candy. It seems that the girls here aim to please within the rules. I would definitely recommend this club.

  176. Austin

    It is the greatest place on earth. If you go ask for Candy

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