Palomino Club



1848 Las Vegas Boulevard North, North Las Vegas, NV 89030


36.1491015, -115.1539209




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Palomino Club

  1. Bill
  2. LongLance

    I had 2 girls, Pricilla and Bella I think, man that was a fun time. Naked dancers and they all drink with you, so it was a fun time. I will definatly be back next weekend.

  3. Derek

    I had a great time. There was a TON of young girls!

  4. Big Fan!

    I came to see you guys after seeing your TV show. It was a blast and jsut as much fun in person! Thank you for a gret weekend!

  5. Watkins

    The club has improved greatly!

  6. goober
  7. LV Fun

    My wife and I had a great time. Thanks to all the girls for making her night special.

  8. Franklyn

    Guy here, Why do you need to have a girl with you to see the male dancers seems crazy

  9. winston12

    This was truly a fun experience! We were referred to this venue because of a member in our organization. When we entered, we were greeted politely by security and directed to the cashier. We paid a very light and fair cover charge (actually cheaper than we expected for a Saturday night) and got change in $1 bills. When we entered, we saw an obvious sign for the restroom then went straight into the main room. When we entered we saw the main stage which was lit up and had 2 poles. We went to the bar and bought 2 drinks for $20 (of course we tipped more. It’s respectful :]). We sat at the stage and watched dancers one by one show what they got. These women are beautiful each in their own way. I love rock music and tattoos. My significant other I brought loved the R&B music dancers. I asked her which dancer she liked and brought her over. She gave her a dance and let me watch which was entertaining.I really liked the attitude and personalities of the women here. I wish we brought more money so we could spend more time. When I went to the restroom, I met MANNY who offered items and courtesy towels. He actually made my night by being super cool and chill. Seems like the guy that I would hang with. I’m glad he’s also there to have the womens’ backs. I’m all for having trustworthy gentleman around. All in all, this place was great. I’ve been to Sapphire and blew a lot of money there. I feel more welcome here at Palomino’s even though it’s a smaller place. I would definitely come back here with friends!P.S. One of the dancers came to us and offered a “couples” dance. I won’t go into detail go spoil it but it made us wish we had more money because it totally would have been worth it!!! Shout out to Andrew up front for being generous and showing us VIP. Can’t wait to come back! #aimfortheface #zert

  10. Yes Really (Tim)

    Honestly, this place is great. Every club has good and bad girls. MILF pornstars are great, but god damn there are wall to wall hotties here. Not sure what others are expecting.

  11. T.A.

    VIP is VERY worth it.

  12. J.Fridley

    My girl and I were at your club two nights in a row and had a great time.

  13. AZ Party

    My friend Mike had us go to this club on Thursday for a Party. The place was clean, and the girls were a great time. The waitress took a bit long, but I think they were short staffed.

  14. danielson

    Completely disappointed with this spot. I feel completely robbed. I visited this strip club in March for my 1st time. It was my g/f, a friend of mine and myself. I was emailing back and forward with a promoter or marketing guy or something. He told me there was only one table available and that I would have to buy a bottle in order to get it. He said the place was pretty packed already. Upon arriving I see that was not true. Don’t get me wrong there were people there but it wasn’t close to full. As I get seated and wait for my bottle. I notice not 1 other table has a bottle purchased. Whats the deal here? No one has to buy a bottle for a table but me? I kid you not when I say not one person had a bottle. I was just jipped into buying a bottle Smh. Next bad thing. Not one time in our entire visit did we get approached for a dance by any strippers. I even had to ask some that were dancing if they could come after they were done dancing (which they didn’t).I never had such a bad experience at a strip club. EVER!The only good note I may add is that our waitress was super sweet and attending to us.

  15. Return Customer

    I had not been to this club in about a year, and the improvment is incredible.

  16. S.C. Hoppin'

    Walked in at about 10-10:30pm on a Sat night, and staff seemed friendly but who gives a fuck about that when the place is a rip-off! $30 entrance fee + 2 drinks mininum should NEVER allow me to see a few heavily overweight, unattractive girls! Saw a few better girls slowly coming out, but not enough hot ones in this relatively small club. Instead, I gEt stuck w/2 hippos offering me company. (It’s funny how a 7-7.5 rated girl at Cheetah’s warned me before hand, but my curiuos ass just had to check it out for myself.) If your curious ass is also trying to find this place, pay careful attention to the address, as it is located & correctly listed on North LV Blvd – not South.

  17. nickstrip

    I went here with my brother recently with the hopes that we could get into some trouble i.e. have some good drinks and see some pretty ladies! we took the shuttle from our hotel straight to the club which was pretty convenient (not so much getting back though as we had to wait about 20 minutes) the girls were very pretty and theres a little something there for everyone (personally i like em natural and juicy in the right regions *schoolboy giggle*) the best part of the night was MANNY, easily one of the best customer service workers i have ever met, he had me dying of laughter and I would definitely buy him a drink if I go back!! the worst part for me though is the drinks are reasonably priced but they tasted HORRIBLE i got a screwdriver that tasted like it was made with rubbing alcohol and sunny D and an old fashioned that just tasted like sweetness (i dont think the bartender knew how to make it) our waitress was very nice and sexy though and i made sure to tip her well… All in all I took off 1 star because I wasnt blown away by the girls enough to give it a perfect rating and another star for the horrible drinks that made me want to pregame elsewhere … I go to Vegas a few times a year and im still shopping around for a go to strip club to attend… maybe i will give Palominos another shot when I go for my birthday, but i will have to be sure to bring a secret flask with quality booze.

  18. Adam
  19. Joe B.

    The gentleman’s code prevents me from revealing anything that happened here when my lovely girlfriend and I went there on a recent trip to Vegas. Guys, try to see if you can get your lady to go along with you. Ladies, give it a try. You’ll have good, harmless fun, and your man will love you for it. And you might just get some friendly conversation and attention from the ladies who are providing the entertainment and the smart, funny bartender. Good times, kids, good times.

  20. Vor

    This place was incredible.

  21. KAO

    Thanks for the SEMA party!

  22. Heath
  23. williamr

    I had my bachelor party there only have being there once before and let me tell you, From the moment the party bus picked us up till the time I was told we were dropped back off I had a blast BEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE. Recommend doing the Party package. Since my party one of my friends has had his bachelor party there and one more planned for next year. Manager was nice lady’s were GR8 and prices weren’t outrageous like Vegas can get

  24. james1412

    When I walked in, I wasn’t greeted. Instead, I was immediately asked for my driver’s license, which I handed to the entrance guy.I asked if there was a cover and he said said no, but he said there was a two drink minimum. I asked how much the drinks were and he said he didn’t know.That pretty much sums up everything I needed to know . . . Palomino requires that you agree to pay something to get in, but they aren’t going to tell you what that is until you’ve agreed to pay it.I walked out and went to Little Darlings, which was packed for a Monday night.For the record, the entrance guy mirrored my respectful demeanor, and he likely isn’t the one responsible for Palomino policies. I’m not sure if management has instructed him not to disclose drink prices or not.

  25. Michael

    fun club, a little too much smoke from all the smokers but

    I went on Friday march 13 and the place was abuzz. Many hot

    ladies and the placed was jammed. I had a particularly good

    time with Chase. Very pretty, friendly. Good drinks. Take

    the shuttle service from the club. A very good deal

  26. Jim F.

    I get to Vegas about three times a year and I make it point to visit the Palomino every time I go. Look, you can go to strip clubs for a variety of reasons. One is because there are pretty girls that pay attention to you. Two, because the club makes you feel comfortable whether or not you spend a lot of money. I know that there are pretty girls at the club but I go to the Palomino because I can get a great drink upstairs, talk to some pretty and smart women and forget about life for awhile. Yes, I guess the Palomino is my cheers. I enjoy seeing Moxxie the bartender. It can be months between visits but she knows I want Jack Daniels. And then there is Moment. She doesn’t mind that I don’t take her to privates. She sits and talks to me. Of course, she is hot and we have been alone but that is not why I go back. I go back because they make me feel special. I have been to many strip clubs but I have never had the same feeling that I get at the Palomino. I enjoy having a drink, smoking a cigar and have a nice conversation with a half dressed beautiful woman. For three hours, life is really good. I highly recommend taking a seat and relaxing upstairs. I can’t wait for my next time back.

  27. june
  28. Pixie

    Holy Shit! This is a GREAT place.

  29. Jeff
  30. Jerry

    Best Club in Vegas!

  31. Jason

    I cannot say enough good things. The club was a blast, the Halloween party and haunted house were amazing!

  32. Devine

    My girlfriends loved it!!!

  33. Alan V.

    My girlfriend and I took advantage of their free shuttle service. Our driver was both friendly and respectable, we tipped him for the awesome service. Once there we proceeded to the dance floor where there were some seats in the front. The dancers were both beautiful and very talented. We always visit strip clubs when we go on trips, and this place was by far one of the best. After 30 mins or so, two beautiful blonde bombshell twins went up and they were the best dancers of the night. My gf saw that I was having a good time and bought us both lap dances. I returend the favor a couple minutes earlier. The girls were very sweet, friendly, and down right sexy. They stayed with us to talk for a while, and really made our night. Carmen was my dancer, and she was amazing! Great night overall for this happy couple! The drinks are well made, and fairly priced. The dances are average ($20).

  34. big bill
  35. Greg

    I am in this place about twice a week. I always go in early for happy hour. Its a great place to just relax after work. VERY little presure, from the girls or the staff.

  36. Jimbo

    Not a bad little club. Lighting is a bit on the brighter side for me and I hate the fact that they don’t let you wear hats in the club. As for the girls, nice variety with lots of energy and most know how to dance. I would say it’s a party type atmosphere with lots of fun and energy. Will give it another shot sometime in the near future.

  37. Scott LA

    Been there 3 times. 2 times were great. 1 time it was a bit slow, but still very fun and friendly

  38. Ron W

    Tried this place this weekend. It was a blast. The drinks are strong as hell. The dancers put on a great show on the stage. I got dances from Rachel and Ryan in the back, DAMN good time. Will definately be back next month

  39. Joaquin O.

    The club it self is great. The girls are amazingly beautiful. However what kills the whole experience is the shuttle service. My friends and I waited over one hour to get a shuttle back to our hotel. If you can drive here do so. I do not recommend the shuttle service at all. The shuttle guys over the phone said we would enter for free but we still ended up paying the $30 cover charge.

  40. Han

    This club is a great place to celebrate. The girls are friendly and fun, and the bar is the only full service bar at a nude club in all of the Vegas Valley. The other fully nude bars do not serve alcohol. Some advertise that your first drink comes with the price of the cover charge, but when you get inside you will see that that free drink is either a coke, sprite, or a bottle of water.

  41. Chuckie

    Good things

    Hot Girls as young as 18

    Girls actually dance on stage. Entertaining show

    Relaxed atmosphere

    Music isn’t too loud usually

    Cheap locals nursing a beer and not tipping make it easier to seem like a big spender and score the hottest dancers

    Good staff

    5 minute cab ride from downtown, 10-15 from strip.

    Bad things

    Stupid DJ talks too much and sounds so garbled it’s annoying. Can’t catch the dancers name most of the time.

    Booth seats are too narrow, aren’t comfortable.

    For the knowledgeable strip club denizen, best club in Vegas. There are more upscale clubs, but none better.

  42. mk
  43. Zac

    I was really amazed at this club. I saw thier show on Playboy and had to check it out. It was a great time.

  44. Tony

    Went in Monday. It was raining outside, but the girls were REAL eager to warm me up.

  45. LV local

    This place is GREAT. ToTT is nowhere near as good.

  46. brandonresh

    best strip club in vegas..!!! the most natural girls FOR SURE compared to the others in vegas.. cheaper drinks and cover.. they also offer free round trip ride just call the club & ask for andrew.. i love this place.. couple friendly & overall GREAT time.. exceeded my expectations.. will return again & again.!!

  47. Andy

    It was a wonderful night.

  48. Goodman

    Completely satisfying.

  49. Howard

    I brought 2 girls to vip. They did EVERYTHING to each other!!

  50. Taya
  51. E. Stegman

    I was there Tuesday. Turned into a great night. Girls are very laid back, low pressure. The area was not as bad as everyone told me, and I felt very safe there. Thanks for the great time.

  52. C. Nelson

    I am a host at at 2 of the local hotels, and I would like to thank your staff for always taking good care of my clients. Also, Barbie and Taylor are WONDERFUL!

  53. Mr. Jeffs

    I really didn’t care for any of the girls there! I’ve seen better! Not exactly the type of club I’d go to as a tourist.

  54. Ling T.

    I had a good time. A lot of girls, but not too many customers supprisingly. It may have been the time I went (8pm ish).

  55. Marlena L.

    My husband and I decided to go to the Palomino this trip. While we had fun, it wasn’t the best and probably won’t go back. We pulled up and couldn’t figure out the parking – looked like it was all valet, but there is parking in the back.We got there and they comp’d us both our entry, so that made it less expensive to get in – very nice. The girls were okay – a couple very nice. We were hoping to get a dance from some, but unlike other clubs we have been to, these girls were the exact opposite of pushy. They kept coming up to us and chatting and then leaving us without ever asking if we wanted a dance. We still had fun, but left a bit frustrated.We went to the other side of the building to go see the guys and the atmosphere of course changed. Louder, but more well lit and looked more like a bar that happened to have male strippers than anything. The guys were good looking and a couple very hot. They were having fun and it made us laugh and have fun too. Definitely saved the night.It is way off the strip and the neighborhood is a bit intimidating – at least for a tourist. Overall we had fun, but for now I think we will explore the ones a bit closer to the strip.

  56. curtis17

    Wanted to go somewhere fun with my husband & this place had good reviews. We went and had a blast. The place is intimate so be prepared to possibly catch a seat right up front. The girls are gorgeous & fully nude. What more could you want? My husband & I got the “special” of 4 dances for $100 plus a shot. Well worth it. The girl was talented as well as hot. Great place for couples. The girls respect that you’re with someone & really don’t bother you. The first night we went only 1 girl approached us. The second night the girls did not come over at all although there was a huge bachelor party there as well. If you drive yourself let them know & they wave the cover and just require a 2 drink minimum. My husband & ordered a beer & mixed drink & it was $17 (to give an idea on prices).Long story short, visit the club & enjoy the view.

  57. T=Bone

    Yea I agree with Chris. They do have nasty sluts. Bite my tongue though about what happened to me.

  58. Brad M

    Laid back,fun, and tons of girls

  59. LA PLAYA


  60. fisherdex1

    Beautiful women, but only one girl approached my husband and I all night for a dance, we were there for about 4 hours. Another girl approached my husband after I got up to go to the bathroom though….don’t really know what to say about that because we were both sitting at the stage all night together. Bartender was very rude. Doorman was very polite. Drinks are well priced, and some of these women were the most talented I have ever seen, dancing wise. The main thing is, they avoid eye contact with the women and are not couple friendly. I sat at the stage for a reason (and tipped well), but still, only 1 dancer approached the entire night. First time this has ever happened in a club and I have frequented many.

  61. Jackie

    Left the Rhino for this place. It was worth it. Its a great place and GOD they are so nice to us girls.

  62. XXXbeast

    Brought the wife and her friend. We all had a blast, girls were hot or 95% of them anyway. It’s a small club but front row access was not an issue. I would go back

  63. cowboy

    $35 cover charge + min 2 drinks wasted money what has happened to this place it used to be great

  64. fritter17

    I soooo loved this place! Bear was my fav. I think ill be having a few dreams about his routine lol. All the guys were friendly. Drinks expensive. Aside from that I’d absolutely go back!!

  65. PornFan4

    I hit up the “bedroom” fantasy room. Very worth it, and the dancer Barbie was a winner.

  66. Walker
  67. TX couple

    We saw this club on thier TV show and it was everything it seemed to be! I was a wonderful club, with friendly staff. They really went above and beyond to make it a great time for us both.

  68. anthony1

    I was actually going to give this place another try again since I’m in town but when I called, they went back on the free offer and said no other clubs would do that for just 1 guy. However, that is a lie since I was at Spearmint Rhino JUST last night and there was no cover charge, no drink min, and free transport. Should probably do your homework before making such claims.

  69. Daniel

    I had a great time. Talk to Bella!

  70. GarryWas

    EDIT: So eh, it turns out this club is much bigger than I can remember!!! #facepalmHaha, don’t be like me – go upstairs, have a dance, explore! LOLGreat, I think. The latter parts of the night are a bit hazy!It’s not a massive club, which is good and it’s comfortable, clean and drinks aren’t that expensive. And dancers are good.

  71. Bear

    Dance with Rain, Trust me….

  72. Kate
  73. Scott


    Can’t stand that devil tattoo on her arm. Why would any girl get a devil with an erect penis tattoo on her is beyond me.

    And the iron crosses on her hips? Seriously. WTF?

  74. yanard

    One of the only fully nude stripclubs with a full bar in vegas. However, the place is old and very small compared to other places you could visit in vegas. The stage show is good. I prefer going there during weekdays when its less busy.

  75. HaHa

    You spent two days in this dive? Where do you stay when you leave? A dumpster? If you liked this dump that much, you must be used to some pretty nasty surroundings.

  76. NellisAFB
  77. Summer-scout

    Checked the place out for a future party. Other then not having food (not a big deal)it really was a great time and I will be back. Keep it up.

  78. Patrick K

    The club was clean, and the girls were fun. The bartender Emily was hilarious!

  79. Emmy

    Came in from Reno to try the club out, and I will deffinately be back. Professional staff and really friendly.

  80. stripforme123

    door guy was saying 30 to get in…I paid 10 so that was awesome, their shuttle service said free but as my friends were all passed out I was alone and they won’t come get you…. the gurls were super cool and chill and good looking… definitely got hook lined and sunk. … lol don’t do the vip…. just stick to dances …. same shit basically. had a fun time Mandy/ Kimmy was smoking and awesome and she plays the game well lol. 4 Stars. … thought the vip would be a bit better but still had a great time.

  81. BJ

    They took great care of me!

  82. Impressed

    I was impressed. I only had $200 to spend for the night, and it went a LOT further then I thought. Good time.

  83. Steve

    After about 20 minutes I could tell this was a great place. No pressure, hot dancers, and in the end it was a real good value(the drinks were strong, and not too expensive).

  84. Ron

    A ton of girls!

  85. Firestud

    Best Club In Las Vegas

  86. nudeninja

    While this place was a bit out of the way, it definately has a good crew. Loved it.

  87. WOW

    Fun club. MUCH bigger then it seems from the outside. Whatever you do, just do not disrespect the girls.

  88. Hestor
  89. Kit

    We will be back next UFC.

  90. Christina B.

    gorgeous girls..! fully nude.. full bar.. best strip club in vegas.. call their transportation for FREE pick up & entrance..!!

  91. yanard12

    Best club in town. Drink prices are actually reasonable and Nancy and Moxxie are the best bartenders around. Always a great time at this place.

  92. carlin
  93. Lange

    Sooo many girls

  94. navid

    We were charged $60 for entry when we took an Uber, while it was only $30 if we took their transportation. They charged us $40 for an table as they had everything reserved in there. Avoid it!!!

  95. kurt
  96. C.F.N.

    Good money to be made, but almost drama free which I like.

  97. Van A
  98. henry
  99. Janelle

    We had a great time!

  100. Hale L.

    Pole dancing should be an Olympic sport and the ladies here would probably medal. Have you ever seen a person securing themselve to a pole with only their upper thighs and hang parallel to the stage floor? Lots of naked athletics up in here!You’ll notice after riding the free shuttle service (we tipped the driver 5 bucks a piece) that 1) it’s way off the strip, about 15 to 20 mn. 2) it’s not in the best neighborhood 3) it’s small and not as flashy as most Vegas gentleman’s club. It’s worth the trip, just don’t drive there because you’ll end up paying the cover charge and maybe your car will get broken into.There were 6 of us and we almost declined the bottle service. If you come with a group: spend some money on bottle service. You get seating and it’s cheaper than buying individual drinks: 15 to 20 for weak mixed drinks. We chose the least expensive bottle service which included 8 pitchers of beer and free sodas. We were there for 6 hours. It was that much fun.Lap dances are 20. The ladies sell ya hard on (see what I did there) the private dances. I did not partake. I had a budget. Bring cash and leave your CC at home. There is a cash machine in the building so leave your debit card at the hotel to avoid draining your kid’s college savings account.Did I tell you that we were there for 6 hours.The girls are, uh friendly, and not overly aggressive. The ladies are warm and welcoming. The pole dancing was amazing. In Minnesota, we go to a classy gentleman club that doesn’t have a pole. So this was a treat for me. These ladies are athletes!I’ll bring the wife next time! Tip the bathroom attendant. He has mints, cigars and if you need a couple sticks of cigarettes, he’ll offer that gratis.

  101. Sixx

    This dump is in the worst part of town (maybe the most dangerous neighborhood in the USA). Although this is the only nude bar that serves alcohol, not one girl is worth seeing nude. The staff is probably the rudest staff in vegas (maybe tied with the a-hole staff at Eden). The best advice I can give you is to spend your money somewhere else.

  102. Redd

    Good times

  103. Jordan

    I really had a good time. Low pressure, and good value.

  104. Jack K.

    I was there on Monday night, it was a bit slow but they treated me real good.

  105. Sol F.

    “vulumptious”? Chefs can’t spell.Anyway … best place in Vegas for this kind of entertainment. My wife and I swear by it, and we’re glad no one goes there (too far from the Strip, etc.). Full nude AND alcohol, the women are varied so there’s certainly everyone’s type on any given night, and as noted, it’s not too crowded. Certainly the best place to go to close out a fun night in Vegas.One tip: don’t take a cab out there, because it takes forever to get one out there to bring you back to the Strip or wherever you’re staying. Have a designated driver do the deed.

  106. Tina

    This place is very safe and fun to work at 🙂

  107. Stacy

    We had a fun time thank you!

  108. Aloha

    The Aloha party was a blast this week. Hope it picks up!

  109. Mercedes

    Great play to work and party

  110. Companyman

    I agree, Rain is by far one of the best there.

  111. Vegas Local

    Best MNF yet.

  112. Ryan S.

    the best club I have been to in a long time… coming from the south and moving the bay this was a welcome site.. we went here by accident after being soo disappointed in the Sapphire. please dont go there its a waste of money.. here the girls were extra friendly, the drinks were affordable, and everyone was about having a great time!! this will be a regular stop in vegas when i come again

  113. J C.

    What can I say, but the best stripclub I have ever been too. Andrew went above and beyond to ensure me and my party was taken care of, and the girls and staff are all 10’s, they kept checking on us through out the night to make sure we were ok, and there were an endless supply of girls that are real chill and not pushy at all and all about having a good time. If your in Vegas looking for the best stripclub , this is the place to be. And shout out to the attendant in the bathroom, you rock!

  114. Kimberly B.

    Took my boyfriend there for his birthday & truly enjoyed it. Derek picked us up, walked us in and picked us back up. It was seamless. The drinks were a little expensive and watered down but the waitress was nice. Some of the strippers could have been a little more endowed but oh well…We will go back.

  115. Larry

    This place is fun, but they allow so much sex in the place that I got afraid. Vice will pick it up eventually. Meanwhile, I will be laying low at Talk of the Town.

  116. Trev

    Hot girls. Professional. It was overall a great time.

  117. kip
  118. Bob O.

    I agree with the vast majority of reviews, my only regret is that we just kind of walked in and paid the cover to see what it was about. Unfortunately we did not get to spend nearly as much time enjoying it as we wanted to. We now know about the the limo service and will definitely take advantage of that service next time. It seems like a scam, no one would actually offer a “free ride” to the club and back without some strings attached but from everything we’ve read that is the case.First off, initial impressions immediately when you enter is a very clean and friendly environment. This was the first strip club for my wife and I as a couple and we were a bit nervous at first (actually worked up some nerve with a few drinks beforehand!). That feeling went away immediately and we were as comfortable as if we just walked into our favorite neighborhood bar. As far as some of the less favorable reviews go regarding coming in as a couple – all I can say is maybe the girls are reacting to your body language or possibly some “vibe”. My wife is much more energetic, adventurous and outgoing than I am and we did not feel ignored at all. Quite the opposite.The girls were awesome! Very pretty and sexy but also approachable and fun to interact with. Amazing dancers and excellent pole work too. You get the feeling they really enjoy what they are doing and are happy to be there. A very welcomed change from the places I have been to in the past with buddies. I wish we could remember specific names so we could mention them individually and give credit here but let’s just say every single person was incredible – that includes not only dancers but the entire staff.Our only regret was not making a night out of it – we only had about an hour and a half to kill before making it in time for a show and we both wish we would have skipped the warm up courage drinks beforehand and spent the entire time at Palomino! We seriously considered staying here and giving up our show tickets!I highly recommend this place for any couple that wants a great experience together at a strip club – especially if you have never experienced one before. You will be highly entertained with zero regrets!We will definitely be back during our next Las Vegas trip in January and this will be one of our planned evenings complete with limo and the couples package. My wife is already talking about it and can’t wait to get a lap dance (maybe 3!). Thank you for a great time and wonderful experience and we will see you soon!BobO

  119. Bob


  120. Nat E.

    Terrible they make women pay and the driver will lie to you to get u to go here…DO NOT I really want to give this establishment no stars!

  121. Grif

    Damn good

  122. oinks3

    I found the club to be smaller than I expected yet the atmousphere was good. I must say that I did not care for the seating in the private dance area. It was circular in style and the seat itself was narrow. Not very comfortable and I felt the style of seating in the area really limited my experience with the dancers. I did, however, enjoy the dancers I was with.

  123. Pat K.

    I had 3 or 4 pornstar girls on me that night. It was GREAT!

  124. Shane

    This place might be nude with beer. But it is in the ghetto and the “girls” are awful.

  125. Troy H.

    Came here as part of our “rounds” during the bachelor party.This is the only place that’s full bar AND full NUDE. Unfortunately, the alcohol don’t make the girls look any better. These girls were big and vulumptious! No more comments, gotta keep it nice……

  126. Mark S.

    We had a GREAT time for my brothers party.

  127. ThatGuy

    The admission pisses me off. The staff is friendly, and the girls are nice. Its the only full nude and alcohol club in LV. Its in a shitty part of town so be careful when you walk out of the door.

  128. zeb
  129. Micah

    GREAT HAUNTED HAUSE PARTY! They really went all out for the Halloween party this year. The Club just keeps getting better. Keep it up!

  130. Jewel

    My girlfriends and I were stunned. It was a great time for all of us, and the staff was very understanding and helpful.

  131. MontanaMan

    Realy fair prices, and a good time

  132. ryan123

    My new bride and I went to Las Vegas for our honeymoon and wanted to check out some gentlemans clubs while we were there. After checking web pages I contacted Andrew at the Palomino and explained wat we were looking for. He suggested a two of a kind package and arranged transport to and from our hotel. The driver was awsome. When we arrived it was about 10:00p on a sunday and was fairly busy. Things started off slow with no girls approaching my wife and I which I can understand because the girls never know if the wife is really into being there or not. After my wife called over a dancer to talk to her( she was from the ukraine…I cant remember her name) things picked up tremendously. The girls were beautiful and plentifull after that. We had a great time and my wife and I received some very quality dances. We spent sometime in the VIP room wit a few ladies. When we were ready to leave, the transport was quick to respond and got us back to our hotel. We ended up going to no other clubs while we were in town because we felt we had seen the best already.We will be rturning to Vegas in Nov and again next year. We will definately make the Palomino a regular stop for us every time we are in town.

  133. Dan N
  134. Kody T.

    The palomino club, where do I start. Always a great experience. The girls are plentiful as well as the drinks. Not to mention reasonably priced. I would recommend this place to my mother!

  135. Jimmy

    The drink prices here are crazy. I prefer Talk of the Town, where you can bring in your own flask. TOTT also has cheaper dances from more beautiful girls.

  136. rodneyerm

    Had a great time here. Packed with ridiculous hot ladies. Not a big fan of all nude but sat a ways back from the stage and those gals put in a show. $7 for a bottle of beer was ok for the view.

  137. igor34

    Came here two weeks ago with a stag party. I’m the best man so I looked far and wide, up and down for the best strip club. I freaking loved this place and so did my co-horts. Palomino picked us up from our hotel (Flamingo) and got us in.The chicks were hella hot and most had real boobs, and smoking bodies. Drinks were reasonable as well. Everyone got dances and I blew a ton of money on the best private dance of my life. All nude? Yes please. Drinks? Yup. Fully stocked and serviced bathroom (gum, smokes, etc)? Yep. Friendly, not too pushy, hot girls? Hell yeah. What topped it off was that we got a free ride back to the hotel. I’ll definitely be coming back. Thanks Palomino!

  138. vegasguy

    the current owner isnt the one who murdered a guy. Get your facts straight. The girls are awesome. I prefer this club to any of the other ones in vegas. Never had a bad night when i go. As far as being in a “bad” part of the city if you look hard enough you’ll find that there is more crime going on downtown then near the Palomino. Adam keep up the good work, cant wait to see if you get the playboy channel show, that will be good for getting the club name out and about.

  139. Marcos

    WE had a great time at the Halloween party!

  140. H.

    I was very happy with the girl and dance quality.

  141. Big Dave

    Got great service from the girls. Music was good as well. The Taxi driver said it was burned down, but obviously it was not.

  142. Erik

    It was a great New Years party! Thanks for the invite!

  143. V

    Nasty girls

  144. Gates

    DEAR LORD!…Bedroom Dance..All I need to say…

  145. Doug p.

    In Vegas for NFR. We all had a great time there Thursday night. Not a lot of customers, but a TON of girls. We got some extra attention.

  146. Joe D

    I cannot wait to see what the new downstairs looks like! I have been there 4 times now, and there is always improvement.

  147. Suzy Q

    My husband and I had a GREAT time tonight.

  148. Cody

    Got there early, just relaxed for about an hour. Then it was a nonstop party all night.

  149. marlonmoney12

    I was here exactly a week ago with my cousin and her bf for his birthday! It started off a little rocky because apparently if a cab or uber driver drops you off you get triple charged because they tip the guy? When we already tipped him and told him we wanted to go there he didn’t advise us. We’ll it’s a little smaller place but the dancer were really good! And by really good I mean amazing! They actually work and spin on the poles! More then I can say about the lazy and rude dancers at sapphires ( I was there the night before palominos) the dancers here were pretty nice to even us girls. Which is a little rare. But let me tell you this the bartender Dede was pretty awesome from California which was cool because I am too! Girl kept the drinks coming all night! She was super friendly and got to talk to her a decent amount lol. She’s the reason for the 5 stars.

  150. T-Bone
  151. joseph1k

    My husband and I first fell in love with this place because of Moment, and we made a few visits specifically to see her. I heard she’s the house mom now, and I’m happy for her.But her absence was definitely felt last night.First of all, I want to say that Sasha and Noelle (spelling?) were great. I know a lot of girls are intimidated by couples (although for the life of me, I’ll never understand why), but they came and talked to us and were absolutely lovely to talk to and to get dances from. I would love to see more girls like them.However…Noelle was the second girl to talk to us, and she politely excused herself after my lap dance to make her rounds. This was about 11:30.My husband and I finally got disgusted and left around 2:30. Not a single dancer, in that entire time, came to speak with us. 3 hours. I even tried flagging a particularly talented dancer down, after her time on stage, but she wouldn’t even make eye contact. They all kept walking past us, refusing even to look at us.Seriously. There’s got to be security footage somewhere. Time it. Three hours. And count how many women walked right by us, refusing to look at us, even after I tried to smile and make eye contact with them.Yes, I know I could’ve walked up to any number of women standing against the wall or sitting together at the tables next to us and asked for a dance. But 1) I feel like a creep going up to a random hot chick and saying, “hey, can I pay you to put your ass in my face?” And 2) boobs are always great regardless, but they’re even more awesome when they’re attached to a genuinely cool person, like Sasha, Noelle, or Moment. I don’t want to have to troll for attention. And in the past, we’ve never needed to.Perhaps I was spoiled by finding a woman like Moment on my very first visit to a strip club. She always took amazing care of us, and we loved spending time with her in the VIP area downstairs, or the private rooms upstairs. Maybe part of my disappointment is because my expectations are too high.But even my husband, who has been a regular customer of many different clubs for many years, was surprised that, in three hours, not even a single woman smiled at him or said hi. At one point, I even went outside for about fifteen minutes, hoping that a woman would feel more comfortable approaching him on his own, without me there.No luck.I was completely disgusted. As we were leaving, I made a bit of a nasty comment to the doorman, which, now that I’ve calmed down, I feel a little bad about. But in the moment, I was pissed. We were expecting to spend around $500, with the small possibility of going up to $1,200 if we found the right woman to spend time with. We ended up spending $40 on lap dances from Sasha and Noelle (which were awesome) and about $120 on drinks.I was hoping to have an awesome night out, with some amazing women. Instead, I left in a horrible mood and have nothing but a hangover to show for it.But hey, at least now I have extra money for jewelry.

  152. Nelson

    Not a bad club at all. Low pressure. Not all the girls are 10s, but most are 8+.

  153. mathewater12

    Let me first start by saying, I came here about three years ago and had a great time. With that said, I am currently on my way home (California) and in route to the hospital. Last night I went to the establishment and was, I believe, assaulted. This stripper (Rico) injured my back, while sitting on my butt with me faced down on the ground and proceeded to grab my arms and yank them backwards, three to four times, pulling my upper body of the ground. I began screaming and the announcer chimed in on the microphone, “damn! She screaming like she having a baby!” Yeah, because I was in excruciating pain! I can’t understand why this man (who looks like he weighed 300 lbs) would do such a thing to a tiny woman weighing in at 125lbs. I was in so much pain that I had to take medication for back pain, after I’d already been drinking alcohol all night, which is not safe at all. I then called the club to let then know, I was going to urgent care and was seriously injured. I was then notified that “Mark the manager” was “dealing with another matter” and would have to call me back. At the time I am writing this review I have yet be contacted by ANYONE from this establishment. I would never recommend any women to patron this place. Ultimately no means NO! Which is what I was saying from start to the finish off this entire encounter with this psycho stripper.

  154. Barlow

    A lot of younger girls, and that was fun.

  155. Ofir M.

    It was a great 4th of July Party. Thanks for the invite!

  156. Hanky

    I love what they have done to this club over the past year. If you haven’t been in lately, you are missing out. This place is truly a one of a kind.

  157. adamrod

    I had high hopes for this place based off of the reviews. The driver that picked us up was fun and the door guy was a good guy. The girls are cute but young and the place was dead at 11pm. My wife and I were together and she encouraged a few private dances. As I was going back I pointed her out to the giant “I hate my life and you as well” VIP security guy and said she could come back if she wanted to. She came back once and visited with the girls for a few minutes before going back to tip the girls on stage. Things were going well until she tried to re-enter for more tip money and the same security thug grabbed her wrists strongly and restrained her, forcing her to call for me. I heard the commotion and came out and broke it up. No apologies were made even though he acknowledged I had given prior approval, so we took our money and left rather than spend more there. As we left so quickly I had to return for my cell phone that I left in the VIP and by then my wife was really looking for an apology at least from the management. Yeah that was a joke. The manager on duty’s ego was so big he could barely fit it through the door long enough to roll his eyes and try to blame the scuffle on us having a quarrel ourselves and sided with the security guard. This guy was a caricature of a douchebag, he should get his own reality show. If this place was run by a management / security staff with the slightest bit of class (hey I know, it’s a strip club, am I asking too much maybe?), we’d have dropped a few thousand more with the girls that night but we simply didn’t feel safe there after that. We won’t be going back here on the next trip, plenty of others to visit.

  158. Top Nude Club

    There is not a single nude club in Vegas that compares to Palomino. When I want nude, this is the only place to go. When I want topless, Spearmint Rhino, Scores, and Sapphires are the only places to go.

  159. Don

    No hot girls. stole my money.. waste

  160. Bella

    My husband and I went in. The girls were much more couple friendly then we thought, and ended up having a great time.

  161. Colbys

    I always thought that whole idea of a quickie Vegas wedding was ridiculous.Until I went to Palomino. This isn’t leaving Vegas before my autobiography gets released, but what I will do is leave you with the immortal words of Florence Rider:” Lil’ mama took my cash and I ain’t want it back. “

  162. Doug

    Nude and Liquor…Wow.

  163. Trevor H.

    This past February on my annual Super Bowl trip to Vegas, I decided to steer from my usual routine. I stayed downtown for the first couple of nights and decided to check out Jerry’s Nugget Casino and then run across the street to either the Palomino or Chicas Bonitas.Chicas was tempting because it just looks bad and, well, I wanted to do something different. There had to be a story I could tell walking into that joint.Since I’m writing this review, I obviously chose the Palomino. Last week was my third trip into this glorious establishment (always going on my first night in town) and, unless I’m fatally stabbed with a rusty screwdriver in Jerry’s Nugget during future visits, I will always return until I’m too old and it’s too creepy to be in there (because I’m too old).Bottom line: I go earlier before (I assume) the big crowds get in there. Granted, there are never too many girls working in the late afternoon/early, early evening hours….but the number grows during the four hours I usually stay. I like the fact there aren’t too many other gents / couples when I get there and I like the fact that there aren’t too many girls, actually. The three times I’ve gone in there, I’ve been lucky enough that one/two of the ladies that were in there were keepers and we hung out my entire visit.Lisa, Juliet, KK, and Talia…all sweethearts, never pushy at all, great to talk to, no implants, very natural. The whole totally nude thing is wonderful, don’t get me wrong, but the fact that I have yet to encounter a surgically implanted girl (in one way or another) here is a HUGE plus in my book. It also helps that I have never-ever felt like the these girls were trying to expedite my wallet from my David Bitton-Bufflao jeans and then my Ben Franklins/Andrew Jackson’s from that wallet. In the end, that’s the idea and I get that…but I’ve never felt any pressure in this place in that regard.The VP area is very reasonable. It’s private (unlike other establishments). The drinks are even reasonable, all things considered.The fact that last week Talia told me the boss was into heavy metal made it even more attractive to me. I had tears in my eyes. This place is like a National Park.The only negative thing that happened to me in the vicinity was when I couldn’t get a cab from the joint back in April because there were a dozen conventions going on in town. Transportation was hard to come by and I waited outside for a cab (that the lovely maiden working the front desk called for me)…and waited…and waited.I know NLV is not the safest of places, but I said, ‘screw it’ and started walking back to Fremont Street. I got about 1/4 mile up LV Blvd before a cop pulled over and asked what I was doing. He said, “You’re a high roller if you’re walking back there in this area. You don’t want to be doing that” He gave me a lift.I certainly don’t blame the Palomino for no cabs. I say it was the only negative because if I was mugged and thrown into a drainage ditch somewhere, I’d never be able to visit the Taj Mahal of Gentlemen’s Clubs again.See you again in February.

  164. Ray

    OMG. There was a TON of young girls. I was supprised.

  165. Argo F.

    Love this place. The girls are by far the most talented in Vegas – truly spectacular talent. Take it from a guy who’s been there and done that the entire world over, this is the BEST STRIP CLUB IN VEGAS. And to be honest, I’ve actually never seen that kind of pole work anywhere else in the world. 10 out of 10.Drew’s the best. Call him up and let him organize everything you need before you stumble in there half drunk and start slurring non sense. He’s a gentleman, a scholar, and an MMA ground and pound professional… so behave, and have a blast!

  166. Dana O.

    I had a great time here with my boyfriend on 5/9/15. Special thanks to Julio for round-trip shuttle service. He was professional and responsive to texts for pick-up and return. He warned us, “You can’t miss it!”. Yup…can’t miss a shuttle that is essentially a full, in your face advertisement for Palominos. The girls are attractive and skilled dancers. I only came across 1 chick who gave more of a floor show vs pole show. Most of the girls are not only athletic, but “natural”, which is a plus. We had a VIP experience ($100 for 3 songs) with Carmella and my boyfriend had a great experience. The girls are professional and not pushy to the point of annoyance. There was another dancer who really stood out. She did the inch worm and managed to jump up from her knees onto her 5 inch heels. Great dancer. I would give this place 5 stars, but the smoke is an issue. Despite the smoke, I could feel a cool breeze blowing through occasionally, which helped freshen the air a little bit. Will recommend. Had a better time here than Olympic Gardens and the Spearmint Rhino.

  167. big Tom

    We had a great time, thanx.

  168. Adolphus

    Thumbs up

  169. Jack

    This club is in a really bad area and I almost got robbed outside by someone but I got away. But anyways so far this club really isn’t the top at my list it’s the worst because of the trashy girls they have working there I give it two thumbs down!

  170. moneyman2

    I went to Palomino with my friend twice last week. Actually we planned to go there on one night only, but after having such an amazing experience on Friday we decided to change our plans around and go there on Sunday also. We got our money’s worth for sure. The only fully nude stripclub in Vegas with high mileage allowed (that’s touching the dancers – if you’re not familiar) and a full bar – lived up to its reputation and we could not be more pleased. On Friday all the girls brought their A game, including the smoking hot Zatanna and the cute n naughty Shania. I had the best 15 minutes of the night with Zatanna. She was utterly beautiful, had lots of charisma, seemed to be engaged, and gave a scintillating performance – both on the floor and in the private VIP section. I wanted to have a private dance from Shania also, but we had some more plans that evening and it was getting late. There and then we decided to come back on Sunday. Unfortunately our experience on the second night was not as good. The girls were awesome with their dance routine but seemed to be distracted by a particular group, and it was a little hard to get their attention. On both days we found the service really good – the drinks, the staff and the DJ were all top notch. We are planning to go again in a few days. If anyone from the Palomino management is reading this, appreciate if you can let me know on which nights we would find Zatanna or Shania. We might plan accordingly 😉

  171. Simmons

    Ok, honestly, I have never seen a club renovate so much. Every time I am there there is either new carpet, new VIP booths, or something. I am impressed. Keep it up.

  172. Joey


  173. 1forHobby

    Well, I must admit, this club was fun. At first I thought I would only be there for a minute, then bail. I can definately see how this place would either be GREAT or kind of a let down depending on the night though.

  174. D D.

    Do not go there. And if you do, don’t use your credit card. We heard good things about this club, so we went for my friend’s farewell party. Service was good, grils were cute and last but not least full nude.But here is the thing, if they know you are from out of town, they will charge extra on your credit card. I was charged $200 more on my card when I got back home. Never return my phone call or the person who handles the money is always unavailable. I reported to my credit card company and in a process of getting that money back. Considering economy is bad and all and every penny counts, this is not the right way to do a business. This place will surely go down if they run a business like that. If you don’t want to go through this misery, avoid this place at all cost.

  175. rogerrab2

    Just visited this place over the weekend. We were looking for something that would be more reasonable price wise and didn’t need thousands of square feet. Best decision ever to come here! I made my reservation through Andrew and went with one of their package deals (prices were so good we felt like we were robbing them). Julio picked up our group of 12 (free ride but we tipped him both ways). Our group was set up in a perfect spot overlooking the entire club. The girls were awesome. Pretty faces, amazing bodies, great attitudes, and fun! We did have one bad apple in the group which kind of ruined the experience and the girls stopped coming to our area. Well he got kicked out and after a bit it was back to business as usual and the girls came back. Even the bathroom attendant was cool. Tip him a dollar, say hello, take some candy, and repeat. We had such a great time we came pretty close to cancelling the next night’s activities just to go back. Drinks – Full Bar, affordable, goodGirls – Yes Please!Vibe – Chill but it’s ok to get wildDances – Affordable, not pushyWe are already planning a trip to come back just to spend the weekend at the Palomino.

  176. Disgusted

    This club is digusting, nearly all the girls there will do pretty much anything you ask. Isnt this supposed to be a strip club, not a brothel?

    Management really needs to make some stricter rules.

  177. To Adam

    You have really improved this club since the Mr. H days. Keep up the great work!

  178. AssnTits5

    Yes! Went here two nights in a row! If you’re a prude, go see Thunder Down Under but if you’re game for the real thang, this is your place.Use the car service for $45 per person because not only does it include the transportation to AND from the club, it includes admission, VIP Reserved seating and 2 drinks! Yes!Ladies these men are naked and doing all kinds of thangs with fruit, whipped cream and hot dog rolls! It’s fun and erotic! Worth every penny!!!Don’t forget your singles! But if you do, the bartender can provide some.

  179. Danny

    I cannot say enough about how nice the staff is.

  180. Ethaan

    I had a real good time.

  181. Tony G

    Been there 3 times now. Each time it has been better and better. Seems to be on its way up. The dancers this last weekend were absolutly beautiful.

  182. Mary G.

    I can not do a smoky place, and I feel bad for the girls who have great pole skills and have to breath all that in downstairs. Luckily there’s an upstairs and on this Friday night a good round of girls hung out upstairs as well. I loved the quality of girlsVIP got full quick and I had to wait about 10 mins for my turn. that was ok gave me time to chat. VIP wasn’t very private or spacious and I’m looking forward to the remodeling they have going on next to the upstairs bar.

  183. Rachel D.

    This place was fun! I wanted to take my boyfriend to a nude strip bar and this was it! The women overall we average them to be a solid 6. But there were plenty of tens and then plenty of zeros. The ones who dances there hearts out walked away with lots of cash while some who danced like they were bored or hated life they got maybe ten bucks. There was one lady who stuck out and that was because she had personality. She stopped by to just chill. There was zero pressure. I politely informed her that I didn’t want to waste her time because I wouldn’t be interested in a dance and she laughed and said no bogie she was chillen and enjoying the conversation. Boyfriend had free reign to do what he wanted but he chose to enjoy the dances on stage. I slipped the VIP guy a twenty and he got us the best seats within ten minutes. We were right up close to the pole that spins which seemed to be the preferred side for the dancers. We spent about 6 hours there and time flew! Drinks are pricey but that’s expected. The waitress will break your bills into singles for you as well. The place was very accommodating without being intimidating. Ten bucks for cover is cheap!!! Everywhere else that offers either Boise or nudity not both wanted 45$ a person! I want to spend my money on the girls not on entrance. They offer free limo ride but we opted to drive ourselves just in case we weren’t happy with the place we wouldn’t feel obligated to stay over a free ride. The dancer who hung out was open and super chatty. She answered many of my questions without batting an eye ! If I come back to Vegas I will def enjoy Atleast a night or two or three here!!!!! Women – if you are not comfortable in your relationship – don’t come. Many women got drunk and seemed to compete for there mans attention- either by grinding- trying to get on the stage- or straight up fighting. So odd.

  184. baby
  185. James B.

    I had a very good time there this last Friday. All kinds of girls really. I have heard good things and bad things about this club (hell, same as every club really). I must admit there were a few girls that were not exactly model material, but most of them were hot. I was very supprised at just how friendly they all were.

  186. EZ

    Hit this place up Sat. My girl went upstairs and I stayed downstairs. We had a good time, I just wish I had more money that night.

  187. Jamie W.

    Amazing club and gorgeous women! Only one I’ve found in Vegas that has both full nudity and a full bar. For a strip club, the dancers weren’t pushy and overbearing and actually really nice. We had a great time and will be making this our go to strip club. Doesn’t hurt that the drinks were way cheap.

  188. NASCAR Fan

    We all really had a great time

  189. Darryl K.

    Visited here twice during my week long trip. I went with my lady. We like to watch, but don’t get dances. I believe strongly in tipping the stage workers, as they are working for their money and deserve to be paid. I also have no issue paying $9 for a house wine, which is not expensive when compared to other places on the strip. The club picked me up for free, and entrance was complimentary, I can at least spend $50 -$60 a person on some drinks and tips?!On first visit it was a 4.5 star, as the ladies were not pushy. On our second visit the ladies got a little pushy. Probably recognized us . Overall the ladies were hot and entertaining. I had been to Treasures before, and this place is much better. Less fancy, but more hard core and less pushy. Overall I highly recommend this place!

  190. S.G.

    MUCH better place then in the past. Keep up the good work!

  191. Ty

    My girlfriend and I saw you guys at the arena and came by. We had a gret time. It was nice seeing the same girls that were models at the booth were actually dancers.

  192. Capt
  193. USAF

    My boys and I have been in about 4 times now. You have all treated us with incredible respect each time, and we would all like to thank you for having us each time.

  194. Tom C.

    I was at he club again for this CES. 2 years in a row I have had a great time.

  195. Ron A.

    I still give this place five stars. Andrew was easy to get a hold of hours before I headed over to the club on Friday night. He got me through the doors without paying the cover and offered me a drink. We talk a bit then I sat in front of the stage after there was a spot open. I let a few girls chill with me. I kindly rejected the rest of them after seeing K_i, J_y and T_y on stage. Few of the ones I rejected were rude after telling them “no”, but I won’t let that remove any stars from my latest review. I eventually decided to hang out in the bar area after that. Then J_y asked if she can join me which I said she can. We got to know each other and found out she is best friends with K_i. They are best friends since grade school which I thought was cool, so I asked J_y to have her join us. J_y said she’ll be happy if she does. So we did until we called it a night. I also talked to Todd who runs the Blue area. A cool and friendly “brudda” to get to know.I came back the next night. I called Andrew ahead of time. This time I also met with the owner of the club, Adam. I talked to him for a moment. He thought I gave the club 1-star. I told him, “No, but I will give the club 6-stars if I could.” Andrew offered me a drink and a table. This time I only I only let one girl chill with me while I was at the table, then I eventually moved in front of the stage. Then I saw J_y and called her over, then she asked if I wanted K_i to join us again. I of course said “Sure!” We hung out in Red area and bar for the rest of the night.Thank you Andrew, J_y, K_i and Todd for another great experience in Palomino!

  196. Dallas

    My friends and I go in at least once a week. We always have a great time. Very laid back, and the dancers actually TALK to you instead of the usual “would you like a dance” bullshit.

  197. Cook

    Wonderful locals hang out.

  198. Revelle W.

    Let me start by saying we had a really good time. The dancers are very talented. It was also very appreciated that we got a ride there and back as well as well as no cover. I did unfortunately have a few issues although they were nothing major compared to other places that I’ve visited. The chairs were unfortunate. They made it difficult for me to get close to my date, they were uncomfortable and worn. I understand it’s kind of silly to complain about but it would have made our time there more enjoyable. The biggest issue I had was the so called “bar”. In the club’s defense this seemed to be a consistent issue for nearly every bar we went to during our stay. Every drink we got was watered down. To the point of where it was pointless to drink let alone pay 12 bucks a piece for. A dancer suggested we get shots instead…the shot was so watery I couldn’t even believe it. So knowing this now, next time I’ll have to just stick to beer for the drink minimum. Otherwise it was good and I’d like to go back….but it always sucks to feel like you were completely ripped off and taken advantage of.

  199. john
  200. Nick

    Just went back in after about 2 months. It gets better each time.

  201. Belize Man

    I must admit, it was a damn good time. I was there about 6 years ago, and it has COMPLETELY turned around. Great girls, and the drinks were strong.

  202. MNF regular

    I enjoyed the season! Thank you for all the fun times.

  203. Paul

    I have been to your club 3 times over the last 2 weeks and I am really glad I gave your club a try. KEEP IT UP!

  204. Dustin

    Fun as hell

  205. Martin M.

    I went down for MNF. Thanks for the fun time!

  206. Mr. Moneypenny
  207. Partyman

    We had a GREAT New Years there. We went 3 nights in a row!! Dance with Ava, Cydel or Rain.

  208. VIP

    Great place

  209. Bad Taste

    “The crowd has gotten so much better”? What about the girls? They have gotten so much worse. This place is a filthy dive in the worst part of Las Vegas. That’s all there is to it. Look this club up on google. The owner and his son murdered someone. Nice place for sure.

  210. Marty J. W.

    Easily: Las Vegas’s Best Strip Club. The only club in Las Vegas which servers alcohol and shows you pussy! This club is packed with girls, and the stage has more 10’s than I’ve ever seen walk a stage. Among the girls are several angels and several whores, whatever you want. And best of all everything’s cheap: Lapdances: $20, VIP: $75, Alcohol starting at: $5! I can’t recommend this club more highly.

  211. Bruce

    Awesome renovated club, beautiful nude girls, reasonably priced drinks with full bar. The best in Las Vegas!!!

  212. Nawal D.

    Went here with our Michigan friends after Treasures was a fail. My husband and I arent really into stripclubs as our friends were, but we went for them. We got in for free since the bouncer knew a local friend of ours, so it was cool not having to pay whatever the admission was. I’ve heard its the only totally nude club in Vegas that allows alcohol… Oh, thats right, it is… no wonder why alcohol was so damn expensive!! 12 bucks for a beer. really? Dude, I could’ve bought a whole case for 12.99 at smiths! haha. Our friends got lap dances for 20 bucks, while my husband and I sat there staring at each other saying “Are they done yet? Can we leave?” I think if most of the strippers were a little more on the attractive side, it wouldn’t have been so bad. Some of them weren’t so bad looking though, I wont lie about that… others… mehh, not so much. It was okay, but if i was to go to a stripclub again… please make sure I’m totally hammered before I go in there.

  213. JT

    Finally, a club that caters to people of color. Great drinks, nice girls.

  214. Margie D.

    Ladies if you want to go to a strip club with your man, this is not the one. The girls are very stand offish when a man is there with a woman. Not to mention, most of the girls we saw had no boobs whatsoever and they are young. We had a couples dance and the young girl we had, didn’t know how to include us both and only focused on my husband, I was like an after thought. Let’s just say, I was very disappointed. Some of the girls there looked like they didn’t want to be there. Like they were over it. They weren’t friendly or welcoming. I have to say, the floor show was excellent and they were very talented on the pole, but that’s it. We were there for 4 hours and were approached by 2 girls, we were dismissed by one and the other one was nice, but very young and inexperienced. We were treated better at Olympic Gardens the last time we went to a strip club, but decided to try The Palomino because of the reviews. We won’t be going back.

  215. Jay S.

    $30 to get in the old *ss place?!! Not worth it or even my $25 cab ride to get here! It opened it 1969 and it feels like it’s still stuck in 1969! Maybe they should redevelop this spot into a car garage….

  216. Kuhuh K.

    For those with short attention span TL;DR we had a blast, even though club outside was a little outdated in what seemed like a bad neighborhood,inside was awesome and Andrew took good care of us.Threw my buddy a bachelor party this past weekend with 9 guys. We have had bad experiences with some other clubs previously. I emailed Andrew and told him what I was looking for he quickly responded back. Putting a name and having a phone number made me feel more comfortable with the situation. We got the big ass bucket of booze package. it lasted us from 10:30 pm till 3 am. I called Andrew multiple times just to confirm since I was going to pay at the door really had no confirmation. He didn’t seem to be bothered by it. Anyhow, the driver Julio picked us up at Harrah’s on time in their party bus and took us to the club. Guy was pretty chill. He walked us in so they knew we were on the bus and we walked right in. We had a VIP suite in the corner. Could watch both poles and could see all the talent. They had the mixers ready for us and once we paid the package fee the alcohol came out. Andrew, came over introduced himself said call him over if we needed anything. At first the girls coming over were not our types. We asked Andrew to send over or type and bam it was done. The only negative I have was that the server wanted $20/ mixer to refill but I just sent it back and made nothing else of it. I know its a business but we were spending enough $$ to get free mixers. We just drank the alcohol straight after that which is fine. To recap Andrew took good care of us and we had a blast. Girls were good. They even made sure we got back to the hotel free of charge too. Hopefully, this is a helpful review as I had a hard time deciding where to go since all the comments for all the strip clubs here are hit and miss.

  217. ANYA
  218. Javier B.

    5 stars because the guy at the bathrooms (Manny) was always so cheerful and happy. Honestly made Palomino’s a better experience. Thank you sir.

  219. Harrison69

    Palomino in north town has the best scenic views of titties on this side of town. I’ve seen more Boobies here than I have ever seen in my life. I like Boobies. And that’s not saying much.

  220. J.B.

    excellent time.

  221. Buy Generic Cialis

    Cialis no script

  222. vegasman

    Great dancers. One of the best dancer that i paid attention to was Rain. Beautiful girl and well worth the trip to the club. Keep up the good work.

  223. Playa LV

    Once we changed into dress code it was completely worth it. My cousin had the time of his life.

  224. Ryno

    Wow….just WOW…shockingly bad. Based on these reviews..I must have gone on fat sloppy strung out 40 yr old night…..Not one girl in there I would want to see naked…..I guess they just try to get you in there take your cover charge and thats it….because no one would go back…….

  225. Mimi

    I am happy to say that I gave this club a try, and I am loving it. The staff is friendly and I am allowed to have a good time while at work.

  226. RideRodeo

    Hell of a time

  227. Jim

    Hazel and Rain were a blast. Never had that much fun.

  228. T
  229. Brian M.

    This is the best strip club in North America and I have been to a lot. The staff is great. The bartenders make great drinks, especially Moxxie. All of the dancers are beautiful, especially Moment and Nikki Phoenix. They are hot as lava and their dances will curl your toes! Call Andrew and he will make sure you get to the club and are taken care of. Simply put no other club comes close!

  230. CALI

    Oh My God….Eden was the best. We had a GREAT time….

  231. eddyL

    Great first experience! Not sleezy (of course this is subjective). A lot of people came with their significant other (those in the front row at least; couldnt see behind me in the darker areas though). One warning for girls who are going with their bf or hubby- make sure you don’t leave them alone (even for a bathroom break) cuz he WILL be talked to, unless u don’t mind.

  232. UFC Fan
  233. Ted O.

    We really had a good time during our break.

  234. Birthday Girl

    My girls and I have a GREAT party! The guy and girl dancers really put on a show. Thanks!

  235. really?

    I have doubts that the good reviews are real.

    40 year old “porn stars,” hoodrats and tweekers. And those athe the best girls.

  236. Sucker
  237. AAA
  238. Maxi

    Damn fun

  239. Tinseltom
  240. NLV Pete

    No pressure, no hard hustle, and hot girls. I was supprised at how much fun I had (usualy go other places). I am now a regular. Keep it up.

  241. Justin

    I agree. Talk of the Town is my favorite club too. They have prettier girls, and you can have a better time while at the same time leaving with more money in your pocket. Plus, they have girls from 18-20, where this club does not.

  242. Teddy G.

    My company was in town for the convention. We took clients there 2 nights, and both nights it was fantastic. Thank you for a very fun time. Your staff was very professional.

  243. Nick J.

    It was a GREAT club. The only complaint was that they close at 6am! We wanted to stay longer.

  244. Customer

    I love this place, however, I have not seen Trinity lately. Will she be back or has she moved on to another club?

  245. Best Man

    The girls were HOT AS HELL!!! I heard bad things about this place at first, but they took great care of my boy. We had at least 8 young ass girls on us the whole time. It was GREAT!

  246. new
  247. San Diego Trip

    I am in for the weekend from Cali, and I have had a great time at this club so far (last night). I am confused how this club gets nothing but good reviews but is not considered a top club.

  248. Dom

    Good time. It was relaxed.

  249. z f.

    $8 ATM FEE. Fuck this place.Don’t fall for their “free” pickup & drop-off scam. They’ll pick you up, then tell you that there’s a two-drink, $30 minimum. As you read the other reviews, this is totally arbitrary since sometimes they charge $20, sometimes nothing at all. They said we’d have to pay for a table otherwise we’d have to stand. We went in and the place was practically empty (about 10 people tops). And even when you want to go back to your hotel, they only give you rides every 2 hours, so you have to stay there 2 hours no matter what. FUUUUUCK THAT. Stay away.

  250. Ian H.

    Horrible place, expensive cover ($50+), ugly girls, terrible smell, bad service. Will NOT come back.

  251. Taylor

    I cannot say enough good things. I have had a great time each time I have been to this club. The location is NOT the best to be honest, but they overcome this very well. Two thumbs up.

  252. TV Fan

    I saw this Clubo n TV (Playboy) recently and decided to check it out. I was VERY impressed that it was just as much fun in person!

  253. AJ

    VERY professional and WORTH it.

  254. LV Doug

    Great Locals Place.

  255. Rudy

    First time at this club. Was worlds better value wise.

  256. Jake
  257. Mark

    NUDE AND LIQUOR!!!! Sweet deal.

  258. Chance

    Greatest place ever, I’m in love

  259. Craig

    In for Rodeo. They picked us up, but also took us back for free.

  260. Tease

    I had a great time playing with the girls all night. Very friendly and not pushy.

  261. Said
  262. tb
  263. Mike E.

    I went here one night last year. MTV was filming some sort of special about strip clubs and it involved some sort of amateur stripper contest. The downstairs was mobbed with wannabe television skanks and roided frat boys. I only got to hang out there for a few minutes before a bouncer asked me to leave – I had failed to fill out the MTV release forms. I was going to go through the whole elaborate rigmarole, but when they asked to take a picture of me and photocopy my driver’s license, I decided to give it a miss.Fortunately, the upstairs lounge was open. I understand this is usually used for all-male shows but that night it was all girls. The dancers were all very pretty, and the dance performances on stage were very good. Lap dances get moderately high mileage, depending on the lady you choose. I had a great time here. Once the horrible MTV people were gone, everybody moved back downstairs, and the downstairs area is really pretty cool, looks sort of like an old-fashioned Vaudeville hall.This place apparently has a long and checkered history even by Las Vegas standards, but that just adds to the draw for me. It is too far north to walk here from the Strip, so get a cab and save yourself the trouble. The neighborhood gets a bit sketchy in this direction.

  264. Len

    PLayboy was throwing a party there last night. It was a blast. I guess they are filming a show there now.

  265. Ronnie

    Had a great time here and at the Rhino.

  266. Matt

    Was slow when I got there, but around 9pm got good. Eden was a blast.

  267. maxxy1

    Checked out this place when in Vegas .. I have one word to describe this place .. Perfect !! The girls are friendly and not pushy. Not the extremely hot looking that you feel scared to speak with. They are extremely athletic and most have a great butt.

  268. M.L. H.

    We love the Palomino. My boyfriend and I go as often as we can. It’s fun, couples friendly, has the hottest nude dancers in Vegas and they serve alcohol. Haley & Petra are two of our favorite dancers. We’ve gotten some great dances (alone & together). Remember, don’t be a cheap a$$, clapping doesn’t pay their bills! Tip your bartenders, waitresses and especially the dancers! These ladies work hard for their money and own their sexuality. What more could you ask for?

  269. NASCAR

    Spent the last 2 days there. Was a great weekend.

  270. G.K.

    I was in town last weekend for NASCAR. This club picked us up from the racetrack and really went the extra mile to take care of us.

  271. 1sexycouple

    This club was such a let down! The girls were not that hot. Tampon strings are a huge turn off! What was the deal with the musty blonde – Laurie – Soap and Deo are cheap honey. Don’t bother going to this club — it may be nude – but Treasures is way better.

  272. felixnada

    It was a very nice club but the reason why they didn’t get all 5 stars is because we never got a waitress to come to the table my husband ended up going to the bar to order drinks other than that I love the club we even had a bus pick us up from our hotel and take us to the club and take us back to the hotel we also got in free for using the pick up service

  273. Tim F

    Holy shit! You see a horrible review mixed in with all these short..”I had a great time”…”Lots of hot young girls”…Let me tell you, BELIEVE the horrible ones. If they put half as much effort into building up their club as they do putting fake good reviews on here….maybe the place wouldnt be such a shithole. It was completely ghetto. Now I enjoy attractive black dancers…but I DONT enjoy sloppy, strung out crackwhores with their pimps in the club telling them to get back up on stage……shockingly bad. laughable….I hope I save at least ONE person who was actually expecting a strip club experience.

  274. G

    I had a great time. I am not sure if it was jsut a good night or not, but it was non-stop girl on girl.

  275. Ricky

    A fun overall place.

  276. Jorge C.

    I wish I could remember more. Went for my bachelor party this past Friday. Set up my pick up through email with Andrew and we were picked up right on time from the Mirage. Everyone, including the staff was super friendly and everyone had a great time. We got bottle service, came out to about 80$ for each of us. We got there around 9:30pm and it really starting going off probably around 11 or midnight. I pretty much had to be dragged out by my buddies. All in all a very great time and I hope I can one day have an excuse to go there again.

  277. Washington

    No pressure service from the girls and bar staff. I was very impressed. Usually we are treated as numbers.

  278. Sherry M.

    The only strip club I’ve been to and the only one I care to go to. Full bar AND full nudity … what’s not to like? The bucket of beer for $20 is the ONLY drink deal you will find, but it ain’t bad. The ladies get prettier as the night progresses. Due in part to the buckets of beer, but also because every strip club saves the real lookers for ’round midnight when the sloshed whales appear. Minus one star, because I don’t know what I’m missing.

  279. Tony A
  280. Regular

    I just got to check out the new VIP lounge (soft opening). I am telling you it is a GREAT setup guys. Good work!

  281. Jordanp

    I will never forget my experience here. In fact, my husband will probably have to tell me to shut up about it. Although we had some issues getting there, Andrew was so accommodating and wonderful. All the staff were, but Andrew quickly put a smile on my face. Once inside, there was much more to smile about. After reading some reviews about the ladies not approaching couples, I was a little wary, but my husband and I did not have that problem at all. I think it’s all about attitude. If you show the ladies love and don’t have a sourpuss face, they will love you back. A warning to couples: if you don’t think you will have a good time together, just don’t go. My husband and I had a ridiculously killer night. We got the Two Of A Kind package and got a great table. The ladies came over and sat on my lap and talked to us. We picked out girls for each other to get dances from and most of our dances were with the two of us together. This place is a feast for the eyes. Mostly natural bodies are abundant and appreciated. Lots of different looks and plenty of gorgeous, sexy women. We got dances from Jennifer, Styla, Avery, Chloe, and Sunny. I have nothing but great things to say about all of them, but Sunny was incredible. They were considerate and friendly and just a hell of a lot of fun. I am down to check out other clubs, but the Palomino will always have a special place in my heart. It’s going to be impossible to avoid coming back any time we’re in Vegas. Over four hours there and I don’t regret one minute of it. A damn good time. Thanks again Andrew for making it happen!

  282. Mile

    Fun time

  283. LT
  284. dannyboy7

    A little upset after getting a private dance from Kaya. A very friendly and beautiful Lady. She bit me and I have a terrible and painful bruise now. Not cool…I have a total of 2 marks, but one looks pretty bad!! I felt uncomfortable but the dance was paid so I didn’t know what to do and waited for her to be done with her 15 min…If you’re considering her, be careful….

  285. Todd

    I loved the upstairs. Great lounge area. And very relaxed and non-pressure dancers.

  286. galen
  287. Dr AZ

    I took a client to this club last night. It was a great time, and the staff really made both myself and my client feel comfortable.

  288. Buddy

    This place was GREAT! We were in for CES and will be back whenever we are in town.

  289. Irais V.

    Best strip club ive been too. My husband and I are from los angeles, strip clubs are common out here and there fun but nothing compared to palomino. We called ahead and they informed us if we drove there, there would be a $10 cover if we got picked up from them it would be free. We decided to drive there just for convinience we werent sure how long they would make us wait incase we wantes to leave right away. arriving there the gentleman at the door said not to worry about the cover just buy some drinks. The dancers were young and pretty hot. Servers and bartenders were good lookin too. Drinks were greatly priced. One of the dancers sat with us we bought her a drink because she had just turned 21 (at least thats what she said) she was such a sweet girl we talked a good while she wasnt pushy about a dance at all. Two of the girls put on a nice little show for me, which was amazing. Definately check it out! I know ill be goin every time we go to vegas.

  290. Matt L

    I went in after fireworks. I had a great time and will be back next weekend! Thank you all for the fun.

  291. NJ Mike

    Well, we had a great time. You get what you look for. If its a fun time you find it. If its a dirty time, again…

  292. Chandronait

    A little of the beaten path, but it was worth my trip.

  293. Swingers4life

    This place was very lifestyle friendly. I was actually supprised.

  294. Chris

    I had this one old bitch suck my Dick!

  295. ben
  296. Jaymes

    They were filming something there today. It was fun to see all the excitement.

  297. Emily B.

    This place was great! My boyfriend and I went, it seemed like after you pass the minimum drinks girls come up to you but the girls are worth it and the drinks are too! The shuttle there and back was key and classy! If you sit in this place, you will not be able to drive and you will love it!

  298. JohnnyWalker
  299. Hardy

    Vodka and 18 year old girls…I love this place

  300. Eddie

    WE had a GREAT time. My clients and I will be back.

  301. pistol

    This club has EVERYTHING. In my 20+ years as a competing clubowner, I have seen nearly every club in Las Vegas. This club is great and the Playboy club choose well in using it for a venue because it is the only club that doesn’t have stupid Las Vegas or Clark County rules to dampen the PARTY.

    You can choose any kind of booze you like and anyway you like. You can pick from a gaggle of georgeous girls and have them strip naked as jaybirds.

    Then you can have the girl of your choice crawl all over you or assume any position you desire. Not only does it have a stage, but a runway so the girls can get up close and personal, even on stage! The lights are brighter than other clubs on stage because the girls are pretty and don’t need darkness to hide them. Finally the decor and architechure of the club is a perfect blend of its historic past and the updated present. (Only oldtimers notice architecture in a strip club.)

    I would recommend this club to anyone. A great time without the ripoff sometimes found in Las vegas and elsewhere.

    Raymond Pistol


    Talk of the Town

  302. Texas Couple

    My husband and I had a great time.

  303. Eli

    Check this place out this last weekend. HAd a great time working there. The customers were a lot more firendlythen I expected.

  304. Kris

    There was a 19 year old girl there named Missy I think. She was hot as hell

  305. carl
  306. Jasmine
  307. Shawnda C.

    I absolutely had a great time Sunday. I’m not a fan of packed clubs of any sorts so when I heard about this place literally an hour before I went there I thought ok strip club! Whoa to my surprise fully nude fully nude beautiful, sexy black men! I will admit after a few drinks I had my favorites! Craig the MC/host was great with a gorgeous smile! All the guys seemed happy and smiled all night which made the environment fun and enjoyable! I will be back but next time on a Saturday night just to see the crowd and how they respond!

  308. NJ Matt

    VERY friendly staff and dancers. We did not feel pressured like in most clubs. Plus the stage show was great.

  309. It's simple

    This is the ONLY nude club in the Vegas Valley that serves alcohol – NONE of the other nude clubs do. That is why all of the best looking nude dancers work at this club – it is actually a place where you can party with more than milk and cookies (the other clubs will allow milk and cookies, and this club will too, but you can order a Jagermeister to drink with your cookies). This place is fun, high energy, and a great value. If you like nude girls, there is no place that even compares to Palomino.

  310. Johnnyboy123

    Full nude + alcohol = everyone in the group is happy.For this reason my group of friends & I that travel to Vegas once or twice a year usually stop by here half the time, normally at the end of our trip because some of them can’t control their wallets in these places & they’d be broke for the rest of the trip.Prices are okay. You get what you pay for mostly. It’s more of a relaxed environment IMO than a lot of the other strip clubs, which is why I like it too.

  311. Will

    Rebecca Love was GREAT!!!!!!

  312. harris
  313. Ryan
  314. Charlie C.

    Went there last weekend with my GF and a friend of mine. We choose this club as because it has both male and female stripper on the same club and it is a full nudity and alcohol serve venue. The female stripper side was fabulous, excellent or whatever u like to call it, but however the male stripper side was a total disaster. My girl ask for a lap dance as the price menu said $35 for 3 songs. The stripper ask for $50 for 3 songs, and what the hell, as long as she is having fun, I don’t mind. After the lap dance, the male stripper ask for $100 and it’s not even one song. And he said, he had do extra minute as a favor for us. Yeah, we do look like out-of-town couples, but that doesn’t mean we can taken for granted. And even the money is spend at not at it set price, she is not even having any fun at all. Sorry Palomino, I am giving u one star because of this. But the female stripper club, it’s a go-go. We love it.

  315. Ed Canada

    We really did have a great time. The party booth (not sure what its called) was a real good buy.

  316. Rich G.

    Definitely a fan – hot place to hang out, and tasty drinksAnd – as with any club like this – the prices are steep….

  317. Iris J.

    Let’s get this clear that I’m a straight girl and my little cousin was coming into town. He is a home body at home but wanted to “bust loose” here in Las Vegas. In n Out burger and a strip club. Really? Anyway, I got off work and resolved to go ahead and show him the time he thought he should experience. We went and got the friggin burger first. Then we went to the Palomino. As a local I didn’t want to bother with the strip or any vicinity thereof (meaning Industrial or anywhere over there). So I remembered the Palomino as I had been there on a girls night out to the guys side – and it’s fully nude and there is parking!We went relatively early because he was buggin the crap out of me about it. I kept explaining that things here get greater later – but not good enough. So fine, an early night for me then since I have to get up for work the next morning. We got there at around 7:00 p.m. – the girls are all very pretty. It was pretty empty so we were able to sit at the actual dance floor area where the girls are. They are pretty young but very interactive and talented. Remember this is an all nude strip club. I got caught up in the moment and threw a few dollar bills their way – after which they came over and put their boobs in my face. Okay, whatever. It’s the moment right? The drinks are reasonable for a night out – hey don’t come to Vegas trying to ball on a budget anyways. The only thing that I STRONGLY RECOMMEND is that you get your cash BEFORE you arrive. The ATM there charges $8.00!!! You read right!! $8.00 per transaction. Wow! If the girls have a band on their wrist then that signifies that they are under 21 and unable to drink. Don’t be afraid of the location – it’s icky but relatively quiet. No one lingering or walking about to scare you. There is security in and around the parking area. No need to venture off in the neighborhood either. I felt like a mom helping with their college fund so that justified my trip to the ATM. Lesson learned. But overall good time – or the time that you should have at a strip club.

  318. To Ez

    What’s upstairs?

  319. Lance

    Fantastic time. Thanks!

  320. Frank
  321. Re Mercedes

    That’s great and all but if you work there your comment would be better served in the comments section instead of the reviews section. If you work there and post in the reviews section your obviously trying to drive your own club ratings up which is sad.

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