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325 Sharon Road, Greenville, PA 16125


41.3625696, -80.4097526




8am – 8pm


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10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Headliners Gentlemen’s Club

  1. History Buff

    I come to this club every few months when I’m in the Greenville area. I’ve

    always had a good time here. The atmosphere is on the cheesy side, but it’s

    not bad and it’s clean and comfortable. Chairs are soft and comfortable.

    Plenty of seating away from the stage for sitting and talking with friends

    when you want to give your wallet a rest. It’s BYOB and you check the booze

    with the bartender. They do need to clean the ice machine because the ice

    has a slight rotten-egg smell to it

    The dancers vary in looks. On a scale of 1 to 10, they vary between 6 and 9.

    At least on the weekends, there are always at lest 10 to 12 dancers so there

    are always a few pretty ones. Bedroom dances are great. I have about 8

    bedroom dances with four different dancers and they were all friendly and fun

    to be with. Isis is one of the pretty and friendly ones still there. I think she’s

    a little shy and doesn’t talk much, but she’s sweet when she does talk. Unlike

    most pittsburgh clubs, you can’t touch the dancer’s breasts during a

    bedroom or champaign room dance. I suspect this is due to local laws. I never

    got any indication that the dancers give “extras” so if you’re looking for sex,

    this is probably not the place. And the staff have always been friendly to me.

    I rate this club a 9 out of ten.

    Like most clubs, they have been having some slow nights the last few month

    due to the recession. It’s not the club’s fault, the same thing happens at

    Pittsburgh clubs. You might find a crowd here or you might be one of only

    20 customers, just depends.

    The one thing I can’t understand is why so many of the posts on the

    Comments list (not the Review list) for this club are just insults to the

    dancer’s here as well as strippers in general. This place doesn’t seem like it

    would attract garbage as customers. It’s a nice place. All the Comments

    sections on the strip club list have some rude comments about dancers, but

    the Comments list for Headliners is the worst. The guys posting there just

    sound like trash.

  2. mitch
  3. bobby

    I want to know about the cop that sits across the street everyday…after the guys leave the place, do they get followed or pulled over? I plan to come to the place soon and will bring my beer…and I can’t afford a DUI charge. Is there anything I should know?

  4. SR

    A CLASSY man who pays $20 to see someones vagina or breast and at the same time expects a perfect club that all the dancers respect him like a King. Be realistic, you get as much as you pay for it. In Turkey people pay a few hundred dollars just to enter into a club like this.

  5. Nick

    They had some of the most beautiful girls working there last night, alot of new talent. I got a dance from each girl and they are all awesome. Best of all they have a cute little red head named Erin that totally blows my mind, I will definitely be back and Erin you better get ready to be in the champagne room with me all night.

  6. Secret 945

    Headliners is the best club around and the girls are very easy to talk to. Nicole,Britt,and Sabrina are the best dancers there.

  7. el tou
  8. erick

    My manager Rick is the reason this place is a shithole !

  9. Secret945...YaYa

    I agree if you gotta problem with Britney then go take it up with her not on a internet site. Only cowards hide behind a computer screen and spread untrue stories about girls at the club. Headliners is the best club around and you get your money’s worth of entertainment. Britney,Nicole and Sabrina are the best dancers and easy to talk to. All the girls treat you good cuz all the bad ones are gone

  10. steady

    very nice place

  11. I agree

    Rick is the reason this club sucks most of the time. I’ve been told by many dancers that he tries to french kiss them and he’s nothing but an old pervert. Good job owners!!!!!

  12. Big J

    Ill have to say this place is a dump…seriously…the staff probably fux blax…which makets it even worse…i felt like i was going to get the 7 year itch from sitting in the chair. Half the girls were on drugs…half were fat…so take your pic…a cracked out coke whore…or a pig who will take a double cheeserburger for a tip….i dunno but never go back…

  13. Betty

    Very inconsistent dancers. Some were real hot others were not. When I was there, the stage was empty cause all the dancers were giving lap dances. Sound system good but too loud. Seems like a club that can’t make up its mind what is going to be: class or not. Call in advance to see how many dancers are working.

  14. ednjudy

    nice place

  15. chuck

    its is sweet as hell

  16. Michael Strate


  17. help

    This is one of the worst strip clubs I’ve ever seen. Can you say Trashy? The place smells and the environment is downright hilarious. The girls are just plain nasty. big mistake coming here.Place sucks

  18. not important

    This club is straight up TRASH!!! The dancers are dirty and nasty and they charge you $15 just to walk in the door. There are are few dancers there who are just plain rude such as Summer who is ghetto as all get out sorry but this club is in the country if we wanted to see ghetto we would go to Y-town or somewhere like that. A lot of the dancers have no personality at all.

  19. Veejay

    They’ve had the same girls forever. Same ugly girls who try new looks. No hot girls. Very disappointing

  20. dc

    there is a $15 cover charge, quality of dancers is hit and miss

  21. Mike

    Great club. Sexy ladies! Even better bedroom dances!

  22. oatis

    been to alot of clubs. and in harsh times this is one of the nicest and funnest clubs you could find anywhere.had a great time and i will be back to see the ladies soon.This place blows youngstown and pittsburgh out of the water.nice to find a place where customers are treated so well

  23. lucious linda

    i’ve been here a few times…its gets crowed fast and theres not a lot of room to move around in…the strippers are either fat and ugly or were onc beautiful and anorexic now…they all do the same tricks on stage, not much of a variety…hell, i even went to school with a few of these girls….

  24. rick thomas
  25. kev
  26. shawn
  27. tatu

    the biggest difference between big cities and these small rural clubs is that girls don’t try to seat and speak with you, they ask for a dance immediately.

  28. A
  29. James
  30. hans
  31. Tony

    HOT SEXY WOMEN! 15 girls were there on Friday night. All super hot!

  32. jj

    Taylor gave me a burning sensation evertime i pee and cum. Thanks whore, i’m gonna make you pay my medical bills to get this treated. Good job Management!

  33. Larry
  34. don j

    dancers look like biker chicks

  35. Simon

    Simon says this place BLOWS!!! 2/3 of the dancers spend most of the nite in the dressing room getting high. The others spend all nite sitting with their boyfriends bitchin about being broke.

  36. really gone downhill

    this place has gone to shit and no respectable girls work there anymore

  37. Myah and Wyatt

    Ok if you ladies from the club are reading this.Thank you so much for showing my husband such a good time on stage. Hope and Isis you guys rocked and Jamie too and the other girl I am so sorry hun,I forgot your name. This is one of the best clubs we have been to..we had so much fun as always.

  38. she

    the best of the best

  39. Norm

    Had a great time Friday night. You.ve got to have a dance with Vanessa if you stop here. Had a great time Sugar.

    The only bad thing; no food.

  40. Headliners
  41. I love tits


  42. matt

    good place to go when there is nothing to do on payday

  43. Satisfied

    sexy women, great lap dances. one of the best clubs.

  44. old reglular

    i used to go to this club all the time but now i’m looking for another club. don’t waste your time of money…

  45. kayden phillips

    i was there when rick was in charge and it sucked , now that the new manager i think his name is carey it is so much better all the drugs are gone for the most part except for hope that cunt needs to go she howls like a fucking werewolf and she looks like one to once she is gone this club will be a ten

  46. John

    Overall an excellent experience. Nice atmosphere, good guest to girl ration; girls were excellent on stage – but would like to see some more pole action; VIP rooms appropriately appointed; very hospitable atmosphere – dancers/managers/staff all very nice, accommadating; good sound system; easy access of route 18; truly a “diamond in the rough” – will go again; and would definitely recommend –

    Definitely go to see “stacy” – unreal! Overall: Excellent

  47. Jenna

    The girls here are very nice and they showed my boyfriend and I a great time! I highly recommend it.

  48. TJ

    love it. Specially launa. 😛

  49. little birdie

    ANYBODY THAT WANTS SOMETHING EXTRA, MAKE SURE YOU GET TO THE CLUB BETWEEN THE HOURS OF 11:00 a.m. AND 5:00 p.m….The dayshift manager is NOT PERMITTED to watch the cameras, so you can get away with ANYTHING you want. This has been strictly enforced by the owner so the “regulars” will still have time to spend their money and not get caught. ITS TRUE!!!! The dayshift manager was almost FIRED for NOT LETTING a guy do whatever he wanted with the girl. It’s so sad to see a club fall in a hole, and the ONLY WAY to save itself is to break the law and get money ANYWAY they can. Be careful though guys, there’s been a different cop sitting across the street every day investigating the place. Just a few tips…..HAVE FUN!!!!

  50. 1
  51. Headliners reg.
  52. gentleman scott

    it does’nt say its a gentleman’s club but they treat you like a vip everytime you go there. Lanna is the greatest dancer, she is beautiful and provacative, yet mysterious.

  53. BAB


  54. Djmaxx

    DJ played awful music it didn’t go with the atmosphere at all, some good songs but mostly old music. Club looked nice but I was hoping there would be girls dancing in the cage they have and the stage but no dancer went in it. Girls seemed friendly but looked disheveled except two blondes. One was young and cute in a dress but didn’t smile, the other had a perfect set of tits and a gorgeous smile very very sexy. I got a dance with the one blonde, great dance, fun and sexy plus she had a great personality and fun to talk to. The stage was boring with the awful music and terrible lighting, girls didn’t seem to know how to dance except 3 girls. Overall the place really needs to be revamped maybe different lighting, music, girls dancing in the cage, dance specials or something so it’s not so boring. I’ll be back though.

  55. JM
  56. cowboy

    $15 cover 3 dancers 2 chubbies, 1 fair all with tattoos

  57. DEE

    olivia rocks my world, i have 2 say she is the sexyest dancer ever

  58. Arbys

    I love this place and come in all the time and haven’t ever had any

    problems. I think it’s funny that someone said Kevin the manager is never

    there, because I always see him and talk to him. He is a great guy. This

    sounds like another girl that got fired talking crap Kevin is married to

    rachelle they live in town and i see them all the time, but they are great


  59. The PITS

    this place has really gone downhill since all of the good dancers quit and went to club pink

  60. just the pits

    what a bunch of sluts AVOID

  61. David

    Overall a good club. Could modernize the music.

  62. fan
  63. Club
  64. secret945

    I Like this club but was in last week and was ignored most of the night so I left early to go out drinking instead. I’m thinking I might leave this place for a week and see if it’s any better when I do go back.

  65. fer real
  66. so i siad
  67. fred

    Please have rick taken to the old folks home, he so lost

  68. Club sucks

    Need new managers they act like they are king of the hills and have you seen them.Club has no business like before,Eric your club needs help

  69. lol

    they suckkkk

  70. Sweet
  71. ad

    love this place

  72. WTF

    I say an old familar face over the weekend. I thought they got rid of all the drug addicts? What happened?

  73. Paul
  74. ST

    This club is a lot of fun and the girls there are one of a kind. Venesa is a blond bombshell with a heart of gold and a body to match. Isis is just flat out sexy as hell. Rachel is dynamite in a tiny package and Joleen Has moves that keep you coming back for more. KC is beyond words, smoking hot body topped only by her incredibly beautiful smile. The managers greet everyone and make you feel like you are being welcomed into there home. minimal cover charge with free soft drinks, and a great atmosphere. This place is a must visit

  75. Aaron

    Good all around source of entertainment

  76. dan mceboy
  77. Karlie

    Over the weekend i visited Headliners, it was my first time ever going to a nude club, and i had an AMAZING TIME. The club was clean and everyone was very friendly. The girls are ALL amazing and my boyfriend and i each got a couch dance from Vanessa. This girl is amazing, with such a sweet personality she makes you instantly comfortable, and so sexy you wont get her out of your head for days and days. If your looking for a good time with some gorgeous ladies i seriously suggest checking this place out. I know i’ll be back for sure

  78. Ryan

    This is an excellent club i personally enjoy going there when i can. The girls are all sexy and the entertainment is great as well.

  79. sowut

    Party in the park!! Iv always had a good time there with the girls and

    pneed to hit the place up soon.And to anyone hatin on the place.If ya

    don’t want what’s there then don’t go back.

  80. Rick

    you are the shittest manager ever!!! you need to go to class on how to handle things! This club needs a fresh face and whole lot of changes then the owner will see some very happy customers!!!

  81. headliners VIP

    It’s a great club no doubt the best in the area

  82. Pleasantly suprised

    Been working on the road the last 3 years and go to the local clubs every

    town we work in. Stopped out last night and let me tell ya, I’m glad I did.

    Place is way nicer then I thought it would be girls were hot and fun. Good

    dances. I will be back

  83. Jeff

    Taylor gives extra’s for a dollar. Even sells drugs.

  84. Princess

    WOW!!! This club sure does pick winners. There fucked up manager just hired a bouncer that has warrants out for his arrest. THIS CLUB NEEDS A NEW MANAGER!!!! The managers wife also works there as a stripper her name is Rachelle. This club needs help.

  85. Wont Return

    How is being packed into Headliner’s w/o a seat, w/o a view of the stage, and with a very long wait in line for a drink considered to be VIP service ?? I have never been there, but I would guess that a Gentleman’s Club in Albania would do better than this…

  86. BIG C

    I love this place! Hot, friendly girls! Bed dances! Great stage shows!

  87. Mo

    This is one of the best clubs with the hottest girls!

  88. Club hopper

    This is an exstremly plush club. It is decked out with thousands of mirrors and great light effects. This is also one of the few clubs with theme rooms aka bedroom dances. I was there last night and they had a radio station there and 14 girls working, all of which were absolutly sexy. I could not have been more impressed.

  89. mrbig15124

    overall a very good club. more one on one during the week more dancers on weekends. all the girls are very nice

  90. customer

    the girls are gorgeous and the dances are amazing. soo worth your money. taylor, savanah, stacy, and kendra…amazing

  91. sabrina

    Its a nice place i enjoyed working there alot i always had fun

    ,the girls are nice and the rest of the staff was great to be

    around. i miss it there and i cant wait to go back.

  92. blue shark

    Great time, we’ll worth the time and money.

  93. Mr Big

    Bring enough for a bed dance cause damn they hot!

  94. Frank

    Hot girls, good music, clean club. A deffinite must visit if your in the area.

  95. JC

    out of the many clubs i have seen, this is the best for professional atmosphere and attractive women. one night, there were upwards of 20 girls, EVERY ONE was smoking hot! where else can you say that? good variety of v.i.p’s, great stage setup, visible from every seat, great sound system

  96. friend

    Best club ever.

  97. j

    Taylor is a nasty disease spreading slut who smokes crack

  98. JASON

    This place is the worst club I’ve been in yet. All the girls are either old or nasty, when are they going to hire some young hot Dancers?

  99. Disgusted

    On Saturday, this is NOT a Gentleman’s club – this is an overcrowded unpleasant FRAT PARTY. If you are in your 20s and wear a Nascar hat and Steelers T-shirt, and you think that McDonalds if fine dining, this club is for you.. Otherwise GO TO SILKYs, PARTNERS, or the FILLY…

  100. Guy

    Came in from the burgh with some friends and had a great time! The girls were so hot and the stage shows were like no other place! The bedroom dances are the best! I danced with Jamie a few times she knows how to work it. Lots of sexy girls!

  101. Worthless

    If I could give this place a zero I would.

  102. Pizwat

    Love ya Vanessa!

  103. ????

    whoever. said this was a club is very wrong. seems to me that this

    place has become nothing but a whore house. all the girls will give

    you a little extra for a tip. will never go to this place again. hire

    some girls with class and not all theses low life prostitute welfare


  104. sandra bullock


  105. consort2shadows

    the girls are girls not to bad to look at

  106. John YTOWN

    Great place to go to see welfare frauding sluts make illegal money and a deushbag manager who looks like a chipmunk walk around and be a pervert.

  107. going downhill

    I don’t know why but this place is really slipping

  108. TDPAUL

    Alright club. Some of the girls are awesome. Isis is banging, so is Kc, jolene, rachel, summer, and britney. I remember being there and having fun about a year ago when i was in town for the last holiday season. This time was not as fun as last. The staff was not as enjoyable and the Dj kept playing rock music that was hard hitting and never varied it up to give my brain a rest. Mainly the only girl there I didn’t like was McKenzie. She’s really rude and bitchy and I didn’t want her to sit with me after two minutes. Only thing i saw that she had going for her was she was the only redhead (not counting the ones that I could tell had died their hair to be red in a fun way) and had big boobs due to fat. She’s kinda chunky to be working at a club that goes for a classy atmosphere (which you can tell headliners tries for but falls short big time). Plus one of the other customers told me that he likes her cause she is sure to be the one with the most potential to make more happen than just a dance. She already dates an ex customer from what he told me but you never can tell what some nuts in a club are talking about cause some just can’t take it for what it is. But she was really trashy and I have to lean towards believing him. I know if I get back in the area to go back i’ll make sure not to waste my time with her. I guess I’m just posting this because I miss the experience I had a year ago. I hope they change it up or work harder. I want the fun I had before and just want others to know the changes so they don’t expect what i did if they haven’t been there in a long time. Disapointed return to a club that could be better.

  109. uifhedouijfsxvp;io
  110. justin

    i go there every week and have travelled to my share of strip clubs. this place has an amazing atmosphere that makes you want to come back. the girls are nice, dances appropiately priced, and the bouncers are cool

  111. Hell Yeah

    Hot foxy chicks. Big tits, little tits, whatever you want. It’s like a stripper buffet! Whatever you want they got.

  112. Jim

    This club is the shit. Was there last night for my first time in 3 months and I definitely did not want to leave. The bed dances are amazing, I mean where

    else can you get a private dance on a bed??! The girls were all very hot and

    knew how to dance, for the most part. There was a girl who looked like a

    train wreck on stage, Jenna. If someone would show her how to dance she

    would be so sexy.Joleen was the best on stage. I recommend Vanessa, Jaime,

    and Summer for any private dances. There was a new girl there last night as

    well, didn’t go on stage yet, she was sexy too.

    So for all the guys on here that are bad talkin Headliners they must be gay.

  113. david letterman

    top 10 list material!

  114. Had a blast
  115. Kayla

    I live in Ohio and it’s pretty sad that I have to drive an hour to Greenville, PA to go to a great strip club! This is best strip club to go to!!!!

  116. dave

    What a dump the whole place was from the 80s

  117. Dan
  118. MoJo

    This club needs a NEW MANAGER!! He’s never around and this club is going down hill FAST and I mean FAST!! They need new ideas on how to get customers and teach some of there girls how to talk to customers then maybe there business would be better.

  119. Sha

    you should leran the difference between a stripper and a prostitute. Stripclubs are for having a good time and fun. so if you are looking for sex then go somewhere else, I was there on 01/12/2009 for 4-5 hours and had a very good time and great conversations w girls. Vanessa is a good dancer with a great personality. The bouncers were also very kind. I don’t agree with you about the music, they had some pieces from 80’s and I enjoyed them(because I am 40)They had candles with a perfect aroma and I didn’t smell anything else. Prices are a little high for a rural club. the free soda was surprising for me

  120. dude

    awesome place

  121. MrB

    everything is wonderful except the empty stage time. which happens too frequently. there is about 5 really hot girls and they are always busy a couple more like them and the place would be perfect Kendra and Sam r fucking HOT!

  122. dudedui

    fucking RULES!! u dont like it, get a life grogan

  123. ...

    really is it necessary to bash someone on the internet?… if

    you really have an issue with britney then go to her face with

    it and stop being a childish bitch..

  124. yo boy
  125. Carl
  126. wolf

    The club is great and the people that dis it must not have been there because the people i know that went there loved it and amber and Helena are both banging strippers so idk!

  127. G

    I like this club. went there last night for a friend’s birthday. had a few dances with a really hott mulatto girl named nicole. prices are somewhat steep but it’s a nice place overall.

  128. booger
  129. YaYa

    The ppl. that are disrespecting Britt. really need to get a life cuz she’s one of the best dancers at headliners. She doesn’t do any of the things that are being said. Jealous people I tell ya.

  130. T
  131. CJ

    Previous manager was skin-hound who was always hitting on the girls. When they eliminated bad management and any girls with drug problems, they also elimanted all the hot girls who would give you a thrill.

  132. Bill

    Heard Hope sells thing and don’t mean her body. Bob is a stupid idiot. Can’t keep track of money or dances. Sam has huge tits. If Erika lost 7 lbs, she would be hotter. Need more girls. New DJ is an immature dick and he needs to quit hitting on dancers and cheating on girlfriend. couches need replaced and so does music. some of the girls need to shower and should not eat garlic.

  133. this place
  134. schwing

    I had a good time. There wasn’t enough ladies working for a Saturday night. The bachelor I took there wasn’t happy mainly because he drinks mixed drinks. He brought his own alcohol but either the ice or the fountain coke caused the drinks to smell like rotten eggs! He was disgusted and couldn’t drink. We left and drove 30min to another club. If we go back, we’ll have to brink liquor, coke and our own ice or it would be pointless.

  135. Declare a new manager


  136. ?
  137. something
  138. george clooney

    cody starr!

  139. mr. man


  140. tim
  141. Caden

    My husband and I were there on a Saturday evening .Very classy place . The girls are very hot and extremely friendly.Next time we are in town we are definitely going to stop by in .I would highly recommend this place .

  142. joe

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