Deja Vu Showgirls



16549 Woodward Avenue, Highland Park, MI 48203


42.4174224, -83.1054509




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Deja Vu Showgirls

  1. T

    The overall feeling of being safe there is great.

    Im sorry but after leaving there tonight i felt bad.

    This one dancer just had the worst attitude talking to me with a nasty mouth. One girl was smelly like musk.

    The girls there look like they was all about 20 with not so good bodies.

    One guy birthday and the women didnt even want to touch him while he was on stage sitting in the chair.

    I wouldn’t go back there no time soon.

  2. MJ

    I have recieved some of the best dances in town from this club. It’s just too bad the girls don’t network with the customers better. If they did, I’d go more often. If you find a girl you like there, you almost have to tackle them to get their attention. I’m not going to pay someone to just dance in my lap unless they approach me. Period. If a dancer can’t approach me, she doesn’t need my money.

  3. Rubye

    Even though the drinks were on the house they taste watered down and also it takes girls sometimes too long to get on stage when one girl is finished with her set. Great varity of girls and all the girls and good moves.

  4. Fred
  5. Rob
  6. James
  7. tez
  8. Yvette

    I had a nice time there. My boyfriend and i were visiting from out of town.

  9. Susie

    Love this club and had great girls there when I was working. They treated me well and took good care of themselves.




  11. Cornbread
  12. Confused


  13. uno

    Nice, love the girls, bad bitches everywhere, cool manager, im

    in that bitch.

  14. KIssy

    this is a great club…i worked there….

  15. jhustle rain man of the Vu

    First off Jasmine is my boo there she show a nigga mad love stallion is the thick chick who does her thang flawless is my down to earth chick she the truth on that pole star has buffie the body booty that shit right there nigga that shit right there man Raina do her thang on the pole but she ain’t fucking wit flawless or chocolate but the new hoes need to boss up

  16. Syrus

    this is the club but have some bullshit going on at the same time like we can’t dance with the girl without paying.. I mean i would love to pay for a lap dance but just to dance while chilling watching them dance on stage there is no love from the strippers

  17. Jack Nichol

    They had some descent hoes

  18. Slim

    I used to be up in here all tha tyme. It got lame! I love when Zoe, Star, and Reyhna ran dis bytch. Then one of my niggaz went wit a dancer and she turned into a slut. Found out she was trickin outside tha club. I think her name was caramel. Well anyway I be at allstars to see star and da brasskey.

  19. P

    WHERE I MAKE IT RAIN!!!!!!!!!!

  21. GreenBananaTips

    Great club. About 20 girls. Half are a 10+ the rest are so so. Sometimes I had

    to wait for the one i want but it’s so worth it in the VIP room. All dances get

    100% nude. Most of the dancers are black, some latinas and few white.

    There’s no alcohol sold but i snuck in a flask. Swinging couples frequent the

    club late in the morning if your in the life. Buy a guys wife a lap dance and

    you might get a phone number.

  22. longtime custermer

    ive been comming to this club for a while and its still a nice club but i miss will the 1st general manerger he had this place really jumping i seen ti, chris rock, ludachris, queen latiffa, and many professional players from all leauges he went out of his way to makee sure celebs where comming there find will and bring him back (longtime customer)

  23. DaMan

    First Timer and I enjoyed myself

  24. Joy Rd 4 Life

    Man that shit was hype as hell

  25. F. Uck Lover

    More pleasin’ than teasin’ and that’s a good thing!

  26. stupid comment

    “Another thing, this place is saturated with drug dealers as in the types with the long white T-shirts and the long gold chains around their necks” What in the heck is that comment. I think you need to stay north of 696 with that kind or retarded comment. I sure hope you are not white because if so you just embarrassed the white race.

  27. Youngblood

    I really like Deja Vu overall. The admission is fair at around 10 bucks and there are plenty of girls (around 10-12 on a Monday night).

    The only thing that bothers me and I hope the girls are reading this is that the girls never bother to sit down and talk to you. They just walk up to you in the dark club and you can’t really even see them and they ask you only if you want a dance. They don’t sit next to you or talk to you and just ask for a dance.

    Now there are some great girls in there that love to provide great dances and have a great time with it, but some of the girls here have an attitude problem and will just sit in a group of 2-3 girls and talk all night.

    I dont know about you guys, but I don’t feel like I should have to GO UP to a girl just to get a dance.

    Most of these girls are fine and I would be more than happy to give them at least 50-60 bucks everytime I go but they just dont feel the need to network with their customers.

    Overall I would rate this club 9.8/10

  28. Charles Wooten

    I had a good ass time. i just got home from freaky friday an im already on the site. crazy huh… this girl jasmine turned out 2 b my favorite. she gave me my last dance of the nite an i stayed 2 closing damn near and it was the shit.!! thanks jasmine 4 cummin on me. lol mwa!!!

  29. Mr. T

    You definitely get your moneys worth on the couch dances. It is really a hands on experience!

  30. Boss
  31. Dblok
  32. Jay

    girls should be more socialible/they for the most part wll not speak unless they are asking you for a dance

  33. dev

    the club is great just enough for u to fantasize and take home with you but i have experinced a couple of not so hygenic females

  34. mikey day


  35. Ok
  36. Jack Nicholson

    They had some descent hoes

  37. Edgar Lopez
  38. R

    The woman here are just your typical beautiful women doing the damn thang no other way to say it or explain it need to see for yourself.

  39. eugene mahone111

    the club is good for customers like nude blackwoman I do evertime and next to thevideo &book store make sure you have security guard years ago 20 years ago you had the location at 9 mile woodward deju vu be careful I rate you anine highland,yiplanst, and bulid a another locations make sure don’t closed down hiring security guard I was looking news about you a nd others strip

  40. J-Money

    This club was a waste of time, effort, and money. Me and the guys travelled from Southfield to go here and it was shitty! There was one good looking girl and the rest were, let’s just say, a bit on the heavy side. Maybe my taste is off, but thats just me. The girls didn’t even talk to us the whole time and it was kind of ghetto inside and out. Won’t go here again. Maybe Ypsi?

  41. Samantha

    So would it be weird if a blue eyed blonde worked there? Im from A2 and looking at some strip clubs to possibly work at for some extra college money. Haha I proably would stick out like a sore thumb but I have a great attitude, really easy to get along with and am (not being cocky because you know you have to mention you’re attributes) really pretty. Okay don’t tear me apart with the responses 😉

  42. Worm
  43. Justin

    I love this club! I’m not from the Detroit area, [surburbs] so I stand out like sore thumb. Still, my buddies and I hit this club all the time. It’s great. The private dances are incredable. Thursdays are the best time to go, at $10/dance. Just watch out for the $20.00 cover! That price is simply too steep. If you print out the Deja Vu free passes, you’ll only get half off. Trust me, I’m not complaining. The only down fall about the club is the parking lot security. The parking lot lights are very dim and usually vacant. So, stay sharp. Highland Park isn’t like Beverly Hills so be careful. Otherwise, have a great time!

  44. Ghost
  45. A

    I love this place. The girls are oh so friendly and sexy. I’ve spent too much money here. But it’s worth it. Come and have some fun.

  46. money mike
  47. Cassanova

    Hot, totally nude

  48. monny

    i luv tha vu

  49. Female

    I’ve been to this club a few different times. I’d have to say I really enjoy hanging out there. I’m a bisexual female so I usually go with one of my male friends. I always have a good time. The dancers are always friendly towards me and make me feel comfortable. The private dancers are phenomenal.

  50. maxxy1

    The establishment, as far as I can recall, was a part of the Deja Vu chain/franchise that has clubs all over the country, known for full nudity hence no alcohol being served (If you want to have a drink of liquor before entering the club, you are allowed). NOTE: However, you will be charged a drink fee along with the price of admission. Since this particular joint is in HP (Highland Park) it caters to the local clientele. The Dancers seemed to be extremely good looking when I last visited, a nice variety of them (slim, athletic, and thick; short, average, and tall; mostly Black girls but I did see a few mixed girls (half Arab-half Black, half Polish-half Black Hamtramck probably) and there was a White girl twerkin too, believe it or not. Music will reflect the clientele base as well and the DJ tends to play a good amount of hip-hop and R&B. My experience was a little better than just OK because of the lack of professionalism on the part of the doorman. He couldn’t help it. He didn’t know better. Other than that, I liked the girls and the music! I spent a nice amount of money for entertainment, nothing ridiculous.

  51. mr.makeitrain

    they club be bangin’… some of the girls do need to shower on the hour… atleast at this vu they let u touch when u gettin dances… lots of phat ass bootys… vip oooohhwweee youll jus have to go to see fa ya self man oh man…

  52. THE NEGROtamer

    Was at this club the other day after a tigers game. Was gettin mad fucking lap dances from hot pregnant negro bitches…. and then i think the biotch queefed on me. best night of my life..

    many thanks negrotamer

  53. Jeffery

    The club is hot! All nude black dancers. The saftey could be better in the parking lot.

  54. someone

    amazing atmosphere

  55. dat nigga

    i been comin here 4 a while now and i like the response that i get from tha girls as soon as i sit down they all show a nigga luv every time i go.if its a real dance u want from one of the strippers its lolli,raynna, and sedution… out for this one doe her name christal she got tha fatest fuckin forehead i ever seen she dont even dance on stage dat good.she almost off tha pole dis one time when i came and she dont smell all dat great either.

  56. Lisa Bi The Way

    Ok….so Ive read mixed reviews about the club. Ive visited on several occasions. Ive enjoyed myself most of the times, but a few times, there were honestly some chicks who we NOT on their ‘A’ game, or any game for that matter. But I plan on going this Saturday night….Im hoping that the girls got some ‘ACT RIGHT’…FLAWLESS…STAR…you already know!!

  57. Lol

    So just wanna shout out to all the customers beware of skittles,korean aka marie her real name she is a walking talking whore with hpv

  58. don
  59. Hazel
  60. SS
  61. Antoine Wilkerson

    The there are very sexy. I wish, I had more loot with me because their was some girls that I want to get a dance. So,I know what to look forward to.

  62. crazy white boy

    This is my favorite club in the D. I am glad to see Passion has put weight back on in the right places.

    I think her chest has grown to tripple DDDs. Her booty is back to the size of two years ago. Connie and Candy are the best waitresses in the history of stip clubs even if the cheap club wont provide straws and was out of diet for a month. Remember to tuck a few bucks in both of their shirts.

  63. big man

    the girls are usually 8,9’s and dimes, in great shape fresh and clean with much variety thick and small, light and dark and most girls here have great stage presence and some of the prettiest pussies I’ve seen…

  64. Chris

    Beautiful, sexy, naked black women. Need I say more?

  65. tony

    i love this place although the cover charge is kinda high but whatever love it or leave it alone

    I also wanna say i love getn dances however one of the girls stood out 2 me her name was dominique and i think she needs to work on her hygiene when she’s giving a dance the smell of her vagina and HORRIBLE!!!! try summer’s eve my friend cause its no reason a womans vagina should smell like must

  66. Xzavier

    I just love it

  67. jeremy
  68. e.norman

    i like the club because its safer than most strip clubs no drinks no riraft no fight or shootings very very good.

  69. CJ1551

    Nice, comforatble, Dj needs to work a little bit on his spinning, and I think it would sell and fill up a lot better if the girls get into the dances a little more.

  70. mike
  71. josh

    it could be better

  72. Teezy
  73. peter
  74. U know me

    I was having a real good time to some female kept grabbing the mic talking trash during my dances witch threw off my groove even the dancer was like i wish this chick would shut the fuck up!the dance prices are cool but admission is a bitch and some of the girls have really fucked up attitudes when I’m tryin to spend my money maybe thats why the DJ has to beg us to tip!

  75. joe dumars
  76. Dr S

    The club used to be good with coupons however over the year they have jacked up the price and the special dance also went up.

    Management is now playing the money game.

    $20 enterence plus $5 for soda is excessive for this club. The girls charge $20 for a lapdance no touching and a security guy plays peeping tom everytime someone is having a dance.

    The atmosphere is no longer friendly. No privacy and everything is about money.

  77. Antonio

    Flawless was just that, FLAWLESS!!!

  78. YesMan
  79. Rich Boys
  80. MR P

    The club is always fun. The girls are usually friendly.

    The lap dances are especially fun, but they don’t last very long, so the money goes too quickly.

  81. Terry from Pa
  82. fvsd
  83. Schrider Jay

    Got there with some difficulty, but was worth the visit. The place needs a little uplift as you cannot but think of the shaking furniture during the private dances. The place was crowded and you often play merry-go-round with limited seating.

    A few girls are out of shape but the joint has a great mix and could cater to different tastes. The two that I went with more than made up for the others. They looked great, danced great and were surely a blast in the private rooms.

    Will I visit again? SURE.

  84. StripClubFan99

    Stopped by this place late on a Thursday night and the cover was 15 dollars to get in. Everytime I pay a 15 dollar or more cover I have always felt I’ve wasted my money afterward and the same applies in this case…..I’ll have to agree with the previous review that the girls just walk up to you and ask for a dance as that’s the first and last thing that comes out of their mouths. Also, they do hang out more with each other than mingle with the patrons who are there for the most part to have some fun and are willing to pay for it via a quality lap dance though I’m not into asking for it….It MUST be asked for from the dancer(s) of interest and I will either be interested or not be interested after the fact…..Another thing, this place is saturated with drug dealers as in the types with the long white T-shirts and the long gold chains around their necks. You know, the ones the dancers are always hanging out with when not on stage if not with the other dancers. Long story short, I give the girls a 7, the club a 7, and overall a 7. I won’t be coming back and I wouldn’t recommend it.

  85. denny


  86. craig
  87. EC

    The dj is lame; takes too many breaks. The dances however are hot (depending on the girl). That’s what makes this place a 10.

  88. So Happy

    Four excellent reasons to go there: Reyna, Passion, Lips and Jasmine. If you’ve experienced them at their best, nothing more need be said.

  89. kennith

    i must say this club is full of beautiful women. all shades and colors.



  91. MadMike

    Where else in the city can you get a nude lap dance from young hotty.

  92. shorty

    The girls are busted, its realy nothin else ta say!

  93. Ca$hout

    booty booty booty booty rockin’ every where!!!

  94. bill
  95. Candie

    Love Love Love this place…can’t get enough!

  96. Yummy

    They do the damn thing. I was in there tonight and the ladies were fly so get in there and see whatz up. Something extra for nothing—

  97. asiatic

    what’s the scoop on goddess? she’s looking tasty on the pic; when’s she on?

  98. Barry

    Typical Deja Vu except all black dancers and they all look good. All nude no alcohol nude lap dancers. If you what to see some fine black pussy come here. Better than Canada because of the contact. $20 cover on Thurdays and weekends is a little high.

  99. Sincere

    First time there & will be back in the near future. I do wish the ladies would have interacted more so I didn’t feel like I was being hustled/used. Only time I got some personal attention when it was “last call”. Not the greatest of venues and there’s room for improvement but overall I was satisfied.

  100. Super Nigger

    I love this club and all the beautiful exotic women, latest music and giant flat screen tv. There always new girls montly. Very erotic atmosphere and seductive women on the right nights. If you get a dance from Lips or Reina you can’t go wrong.

  101. ged
  102. Cris

    I spent just over a half hour here with my two best friends and in that time only ONE girl asked us for a dance. But we could BARELY hear what she was saying because the music was WAY too loud. Luckly, the girl that offered us a dance was the ONE attractive girl in the club. The rest were NOT impressive at all. It was VERY disappointing. Want to go to a great club with nice, stunningly beautiful girls? Try the Ypsilanti or Saginaw Vu’s. ALL the girls are stunning and they actually sit down and TALK to you like they WANT you to be there. This place was a waste of time AND money.

  103. Mr happy
  104. Taylor

    The club has a pretty cool atmosphere and the ladies are real cool. But they keep it porfessional

  105. Roger Jr (sexy light skin)

    I really like this club.. ive been here abt 5 times in a month.. Look forward to seein me again.. Im comin 4 u Porsha!!<<$$$) lol..I like the rest 2 but please commute more!

  106. Disturbed1

    Very good selection of girls! Friendly, clean atmosphere with plenty of stage seating. Great “VIP” area upstairs with excellent private dance booths!

    Definitely worth the trip!

    Cheap cover and FREE DOOR COVER is you use the coupon at !

  107. mark
  108. It Dont Matter

    Stallion is the laziest dancer that I’ve ever received a dance from. Her attitude when I asked for a dance to begin with was shitty like she did not want to do it, she stopped before the song was over, and the bitch actually asked if I wanted a nother dance from her.

  109. sidp

    First time at this club it was great. There are some bad ass females

    in there. And baby girl NIA is one sexy thick beautiful female. It

    was my first time but shit it will not be my last. (Still smilin)

  110. ANTHONY


  111. SP

    Overall great Women and great Music.

  112. H dubb

    This place has cool tight atmosphere I can’t complain.

  113. BNJ


  114. tone

    deja vu rocks

  115. C.O.

    Best strip club in Detroit!

  116. RE: Samantha

    Hi Samantha,

    I have been there a few times and have seen a couple of white girls working there (although never more than one at a time). If you are really pretty, you will make money there. Be aware though, the dances are “very” hands on. I hope this helps.


  117. Ciara

    I would love to work there

  118. milo
  119. money man

    I love the vu the girls are great the service is great and the dances

    are amazing I think I’m in love with goddess she gives the best

    dances she almost made me u know but if u go make sure u get a

    dance from her and seduction best dance ever


    Man this joint use to be off the hook when they first opened up. For me, there is not a great selection of girls. Just a few for me. Way too crowded and the girls hang out in groups. I have to hunt a dancer down for a dance. I don’t come up in there all fly but I got plenty of chedda! I agree with the last person that there are several girls who smell bad on that booty and puccy! One I won’t say her name but she is a light skin cutie with a bad attitude! Girls atleast pretend that you are into us by coming over and chat and flirt. Warning, some of these girls will try and rip you off! Sorry but ALLSTARS IS THE PLACE TO BE.

  121. Happy Customer

    I’m in love with a stripper, and her name is Goddess. That girl must be an acrobat or something. The way she works that pole is incredible. And the way she gives a lap dance… A+ work. Bottom line, she’s a top-notch cutie. Keep her around!

  122. lady
  123. It's Just Me

    This is my favorite club…actually the only one I go to. It’s in HPilla, but I’ve never had a problem.. But there is so much ass in here it doesn’t make any sense. Most of the girls are real cool too. You can have a decent time for $50. Of course you can ball out if you want. But there is ass ass ass in there!

  124. yadi

    my shit

  125. eddie

    it feels safe

  126. terry

    First time there, and I can not wait to return. the three of us had a great time. thank you Paradise for the memories.

  127. joyrd


  128. harryharry

    The Best of Detroit!! Hottest Girls, all body type and shades. Private all nude dances and vip dances. Nude stage shows. 10 dollar dollar floor dances. Great local and mainstream hip hop/rap music, some r&b on weekdays.Full juice bar, food upstairs (burgers, chicken, fries, pop, nachos). Super fun place

  129. WhoReallyCares

    This club is fun. But don’t show up during a slow night. (IE Thursdays) The cover is 10 dollars and half off that if you bring a club coupon. The dances are average. I mean, it’s pretty much what you would expect from a black strip club. Ghetto music, black women, and dim lights. Need I say more?

  130. Woodrow tone
  131. o
  132. CWIL7852

    I LOVE THE VU!!!!!!!!!! the girls are great and they can all dance and i am in love wit starr damn she is out cold and flawless they give the best private dances out of the girls that i have had im bout to go in there and go broke again when i get

  133. 38 slug

    Goldie is the shit!!! I repeat goldie is the shit!!!

  134. ted
  135. Ed

    Good googly moogly. These are some bad black chicks!

  136. MR. PERFECT

    Me and wifey come here and always leave satisfied.

  137. chuck
  138. sean

    i visit alot and all i have to say is star, flawless,illusion, and rayna are the best.

  139. Bobby

    Not worth the money. no girls

  140. nakedpictakeratyahoodotcom

    Cool place to visit but I wouldn’t be a regular there! Unfortunately thats the

    same reason I’m not a huge fan, dancers flock to the regulars whether they

    are spending money or not! Cover charge is too high in the later hours to be

    overcrowded, too dark (especially the private area) and a mediocre “juice bar”

    (5 bucks for water after paying 15-20 bucks to get in, WOW! It’s worth a

    peek early in the week and early hours on the weekend but if u want to waste

    20 bucks to see sweaty women and bump into even sweatier men in a

    crowded room go during the later hours!

  141. wow

    Why does the cover price change every time me and my come to the club?

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