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8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Sammy’s

  1. David

    New dancer just arrived…. JADE! Damn..words don’t describe her…gotta see her.

  2. A.J.

    Just like Babe’s..great DJ and sound sysytem. The girls are just too busy to be bothered with the customers. There were only 4 girls the night I was there so it might be better to go on a weekend.

  3. g5114
  4. paul

    hot girls

  5. Joe McDermmit
  6. Brady M.

    Terrible. Just. Terrible. A gentlemen’s club usually isn’t my type of place, but this was the worst I have ever (and I do mean ever) been to. Strippers should avoid being rude….just a thought.

  7. pissed off

    babe’s offers better girls and entertainment. The Managers at Babe’s care more about their customers and take the time to get to know their situations. Sammy’s makes you feel like all you are is a wallet with a tie.

  8. Bruce

    The club is clean,the staff knowledgeable and mostly courteous and most of the entertainers are very attractive.

  9. fritter17

    Not sure what Brady is talking about I’ve been all over the country been to many adult entertainment businesses California, Missouri, Illinois, Colorado, Louisiana, Alabama, Texas, Iowa, South Carolina, and Florida. I’ve been to Sammys many of times and never had a bad time. Very friendly girls and staff. Drinks aren’t overpriced. And they have great group deals for VIP. Can’t wait to visit again

  10. Trey W.

    This is has to be the worst strip club I’ve ever been to. The strippers weren’t all that good to look. None of them literally had NO ass what so ever. They were just skin and bones. How can you tweak with no ass? Come on Sammy’s hire some fucking strippers that actually no what they’re doing. The music sucked too by the way.

  11. s

    Great environment!

  12. Country Boy

    Club was great, Jax and Mary Jane were fantastic.Greta club ,clean,nice place to drink and unwind.Only problem was Dread Lock Dan the bouncer,he cost the girls alot of tips by being a dick,,,,

  13. L-O-V-E


  14. Gamblinman

    This place ROCKS! Not an ugly babe in the bunch. All the girls are georgous and look like they just came off the beach. Dump your wife at the mall for awhile and see for yourself.

  15. Roadmap
  16. ClubberLang

    Dj was great, girls were hot and friendly, witresses were gooed. I’ll go back

  17. Mike

    Club was pretty dead, one of my boys got in a dispute with a black dancer who was bitching that no one liked black chicks and she threw money at him….

    There were like 2 hot girls and the rest were nasty, goldie was the biggest bitch ive ever seen at a strip club and ive been to hummers in WV 😛

  18. average joe

    It was great some girls are snobbing and some are great! I loved it

  19. dancer

    we r not working for free get it get it get it yes we want to make money .this is for the guy who say all we want is ur money .and u r right we do.and when u went to babes they want ur money too .trust us we prefer spend r time with our kids and family then at the club for free with u .

  20. HU BRA


  21. timmykilla

    Meh. That’s what I walked out thinking to myself. My husband and I went here and it was pretty dead at 9pm-10:30pm…there were four other patrons there. The girls were ok. No one approached us for a dance, which I found interesting because they were just sitting there doing nothing. Body wise, I’ve seen much more attractive strippers, and I’ve also seen worse. The drinks were good, but I would not come back here. We will be going to Babe’s before we leave to compare the two.

  22. mike johnson

    Not worth your time or money

  23. nick noel

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