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0 reviews for “Roaring 20’s

  1. eddyL

    First off this place isn’t that well: lighten. It’s really really dark. The girls there are really rude, and you might find some that are really nice to talk to. The other thing is the dancers there are not really up to per. They might a little bit more chubby or mature than the other strip bars in the area. Also one of the strippers first words to me ‘was do I have coke?’. I was like what? I don’t do drugs, but it seems like some of the girls there do. Plus it’s slower than most.

  2. Johnson12

    I’ve been to a lot of strip clubs and this was the worst one I’ve ever been to by far. They pulled me into a back room, and basically took all the money I had for nothing. My friends went too and the same this happened to them. If you want a fun night at a strip club, don’t go there!!!!!!!!

  3. Bobby L.

    This place like every other low end strip clubs is usually packed on Friday and saturday. It’s 10-20 to get in. Inside there’s a stage with seats around and along the walls are a bunch of stools! How the he’ll am I suppose to sit on it when I’m drunk?! The DJ sucks cause he’s always telling the customers to tip the girls. If they looked better or at least danced better I’d give them a tip! The girls ok looking. But not “waste my money” good looking enough. Some are really friendly. I guess if you like that bay area hottie look this is the place. Just don’t get that hoop earring caught on you.

  4. Jason T.

    Overall, this one is probably the best strip club that I’ve ever been to. It might not always have the undisputed hottest girls (I’ve only been here twice though) or the most courteous service, but taken as a whole, this one is the best one so far. Both times that we were here, the girls were mostly above average, with a few that were really top-notch (a buddy of mine actually just handed a girl money when she talked to him, I mean, that’s gotta say something).Oh yeah, and the live lesbian sex show was pretty awesome too.

  5. williamr

    $20 cover fee to see one or two cute girls inside. The one girl on stage with all the cellulite on her booty and thighs totally killed the vibe. Would have been worse if I wasn’t already tipsy. At least they take their panties off tho…

  6. DexterRexter

    Wow this place has sure changed its under new management, very friendly staff and there’s a lot of new and pretty girls there went out there last week and was very pleased it was a very good experience over all. Definitely recommend this place I will be going back very soon.

  7. Chino B.

    This place is cheap. And so are the performers. Haha. The best thing about it is that you get unlimited free soda. They have an awesome selection too. Orange soda, Root Beer, Coca-Cola, Sprite, Lemonade and Cherry Coke. And they have the best ice in the city. Go for the girls but stay for the drinks I always say.

  8. Chris E.

    I had my first strip club experience here and I will definitely be returning. Most of the girls are hot…a few not so much but that is to be expected at any strip club. I highly recommend this place. It is clean(or as clean as a strip club can get) and the girls do some great pole work.A word of advice though…don’t use the ATM inside. It charges you $7.

  9. Joseph S.

    $10 cover charge if you are part of a bachelor groupGirls are ok$3 for a coke

  10. Joyce C.

    For my first strip club experience, I must say that I am a little disappointed. Gee Roaring 20’s, was this seriously the best you could do? Was it REALLY the best A-squad you could come up with on a Saturday during prime time? Maybe I’ll have better luck at Crazy Horse.

  11. Max M.

    Hi Players.I was at this plaz last night 🙂 & you have to say this plz is good spot for guys to relax. This club u can get in for $20. if you buy a $4 beer there is a $2 tip and you might be ale to get a refill for free. Then you can get in to some clubs near by for the half the price.location: When compare to The New Century and Centerfold Clubs.etc , this plz is bit small , but that doesn’t mean that you end up with nothing. Girls: There is a wide range of girls from 10 to 6 rating. So you have to bit mindful when it comes to picking a girl for a lap dance. 🙂 cuz you have to spend your $$ wisely.Be sure to get there early cuxz thrs limited number of seats available , at the back otherwise you might have to sit in the front seats and will have to tip from the beginning. Full nude lap dance would be $60 and WOW it will not just be a lap dance 😉 you can do what ever you want with the girl, but it depend on the girl that you choose. this is for the starters , dont just head to upstairs with any girls , plz observe and have a bit of chat and then play the game. ;)and watch out for the “blue light time” cuzz you can get 2 for the fee of one.Good Luck….!!!! and look for Cherry , She’s Good.. 🙂 and friendly and lot of experience. She’ll make you feel WOWOWOW.Then some girls will come to you and bug you for a Dance and some times, MAX

  12. Lisa C.

    Ok, I’ll admit it. I’m a strip club snob. I come from Portland, OR, where there are more strip clubs per capita than any other US City. There’s something there for everyone.That being said, I dug the Roaring 20s. Not everyone there floated my boat, but there was one dancer in particular named Winter – she was fantastic! Adorable girl next door look, beautiful body, beautiful face…and what’s more is – SHE WAS GREAT AT HER JOB. Not obnoxious, but seemed genuinely happy to be there (whether she was or wasn’t, that’s not the point) and happy to see us.She was very hands on – which I totally appreciate – both me and the boyfriend. And FUN! We did the ‘wrist band tour’ and hit the other clubs on that block, but we came back to Roaring Twenties to purchase a lap dance because she and a few other of the gals (but fortunately we were able to get Winter) were the only ones we’d let near us with a 10 foot pole. So yeah…I’ll go back.I can’t give it more than 3 stars because I’m still reeling that you can’t serve alcohol in a full nude establishment down here, but other than that….good stuff.

  13. Anonymous W.

    Went there on Friday night at around 1030pm with my girl. Front door staff was super friendly, not pushy, and easy to deal with. We got a pass from Garden of Eden that allows you to go to Roaring 20’s, Garden of Eden, Little Darlings, and Condor Club all for $50 as a couple. (They are all owned by the same company) It’s a great deal especially because you can get drinks at the topless clubs, get a little buzz, and then go to the full nude clubs. We walked in to what amounted to a “shark tank”. We are no strangers to strip clubs, but this place was skank. The stage is in the center of the room, it has chairs all the way around it, and then the other seating are bar stools all along the walls around the room. Nobody was putting money on the stage, and nobody was sitting at the stage. So basically it was the “prey” in the middle of the room and all the “sharks” sitting with backs against the wall staring. The vibe was just way off and we left after two dances. We would never go back there again. We did however enjoy two of the other clubs that the company owns, Garden of Eden and Little Darlings. We will write reviews for them too.

  14. rogerrab2

    $20.00 per person rip off. No alcohol no talent. Ass holes working the door. This review is short because we were there 45 seconds. Don’t go

  15. fritter17

    Worst strip club ever the girls there will need at least a 100$ for a 10 min dance. girls working there are basically prostitutes . I paid a girl 40$ you know what I got? A motor boat from a prostitute and I was told if I would like a dance I would need to cash out more money? why when the 40$ I gave u You gave me nothing in return y would I want to give you more money I already have u 40 and you are fully clothed maybe if she got naked for those 40$ I would have given her more money but no way this girl also asked if I needed any drugs she said she has a hook up… lol strip club that sells drugs and the strippers don’t get naked for 40$ ? why would I pay you more ? for Wat ? another motor boat ? these girls are crazy go to another strip club where girls will be fully naked for 20 bucks popping that puss … oh yea I’m a big spender so as soon as this girl did nothing for me for 40$ I went to the next strip club and had a stripper naked for 10$ but guess Wat this girl gave me a good time I ended upcashing her out about 300$ for a long nice dance she got naked for 10$ and earned the rest…. save your money and avoid this strip club trust me there are plenty of clubs on that strip that the girls will get naked for under 40$ and work to earn the rest un like this club where they want money for God knows what? so if I gave her a100$ Wat would she do? give me 2 moterboats ? this place is a joke never ever come here at all

  16. Paul K.

    I couldn’t get out of there faster. It was kind of like how I envision the roaring ’20 era … a speakeasy minus the booze plus a stipper pushing a buck-seventy.

  17. Edward W.

    Sorry, I hate writing a negative review but there is a stripper that goes by the name of “Magic” that has soured me from patronizing this club. She is Puerto Rican with red hair and has a mouth on her. She can be very rude to customers. When I refused a dance with her friend Kiana and jokingly said I’d rather get her number Magic said: “(N-Word), what’s the matter you can’t afford it cuz you’re on welfare?” Then when I checked her on that, she went into a conversation about how I shouldn’t be talking mess cuz I’m showing I don’t have game or a girl by being in a strip club in the first place. Lol, it was Sunday night and my girl was out of town plus she is finer than her! So basically I paid an entrance fee to be insulted. I don’t know maybe she was so mad that night cuz nobody was giving her stage money the times I saw her up there. Lol. Here is a link to her page on the Roaring 20’s website:…Men avoid her!!!

  18. Lydia L.

    I’m perplexed as to why a stripper would eat cup-o-noodles at the bar before her set. You mean to tell me, that you get full-blown nekkid, so you can have the luxury of paying for a cup of $0.79 soup?! NO. It’s unfathomable. Your Pimp is playin’ you, boo. Not only did it smell like noodles and feet in here, it was empty. My friends and I just awkwardly clustered next to each other, in hopes that the man on the mic would stop suggesting for “new talent” to get up on the stage. No, thank you, sir – I don’t need a new hobby. So finally, this girl gets on stage. She was an 8/10. She was only up there for like 4 minutes and 2 minutes in, this rude ass security came over and told us he HEARD we were talking shit. HOLD UP. Who’s snitchin’?! WOW. There is a difference between talking shit and stating facts. FACT: It smelled like noodles.FACT: It smelled like feet. FACT: There was a stripper at the bar eating noodles. To the bitch that was hating and called security on us…you can eat a dick. So, we were scolded mid-set and told us if he had to come over to us again blah blah – I don’t have time for the ignorance of this establishment. Bye.

  19. Amilio P.

    Came here last night for the first time and had a great experience/time watching all the pretty ladies perform. There were many beautiful ladies there, they were all really nice and not pushy about trying to get you to buy a lap dance it is full nude and they have pretty good lap dances. Over all it was great place to go to. I will be going back soon.

  20. Ken G.

    I went this weekend to this place and Wow i have to say i had a blast! the employees were great some the girls could’ve had a better attitude but I went for my friends bachelor party and they put him on stage and showed him a good time!!! I mean they teased him and then embarrassed him lol make him walk on all fours it was great. I have to say I’m coming back next time for sure!

  21. Lily K.

    It was my first time going to a strip club and we came here. Cover is really cheap and everyone is pretty courteous. We sat at the table and most of the girls’ routines are okay, only a couple really wowed me. There was one girl who looks mixed who worked the pole really well. A lot of my friends got booty slapped or iono what you call it when the girls put their legs on ur shoulder and grab and pull your head towards their naughty parts. so you gotta be careful cuz one of my friends almost got knocked over by her bootie. It gets busy around 11pm, we went early so it was pretty chill before then. Overall it was a fun experience

  22. Ella B.

    Kind of a trashy place…. Well, it is on Broadway so what do you expect… Since its 18 and over – dont expect to be served any alcohol. Most of the girl are OK. Nothing spectacular….. A few of them can work the pole and a few have a bad attitude problem. If you are looking to have a good experience in a strip club, visit Golds Club – you will enjoy it much more!

  23. joseph1k

    Wow, it was like we stepped into the ATL! But seriously, are any of the joints in Nrth Beach along that strip super quality? The Dub is no exception; Sub Par Pois at it’s finest, and you get what you pay for, so no complaints. I do like the fact that the girls don’t hound you for a single or come by bugging you for dances every two minutes. These girls are certainly pros, at what I do not know but they all had a$$ for days, and had no qualms about sharing them with you. All the guys getting lappers in the back seemd to enjoy, especially the one with the short asian…you ok buddy? I think I even saw a guy poke a dollar bill into a girls taint after she dry humped him from the side of the stage. Fcking Classy!

  24. XhXeXy

    I came there on a Thursday night and there were10 girls asked me for a dance one after another. Sadly that was more exciting then half of the dancing that went on that night (with the excpetion of Magic who gave me attitude for saying no). If it wasn’t for Aliyah, who gave me a great nude dance and actually knew how to strip, I would probbably give this place 2 stars.

  25. Mike V.

    Heh, my first strip club review.I been around a few strip clubs (okay a lot of them, what can I say, I wasn’t 21 yet okay…sheesh) and I always looked at these elements: size, girls, shows, private dances, cleansiness, and aura.Size: Not really the largest place, but bigger than a few places I have been to. The private rooms in the back vary in size as well (yes, there have little sitting rooms, and a few rooms with beds)Girls: Not really the most beautiful girls on Earth, but they are pretty good looking. I liked many of them.Shows: A few of the girls really work on their craft, dancing up and down the pole. The others seem to be on their way into porn as all they do is shake their booty, which doesn’t bother me much at all.Private Dances: Some girls like you and dance like their life depended on it, others make me wanna just push em off and walk back downstairs.Cleansiness: They revamped the place a few years back I think, so it looks pretty damn good. I think I seen a few girls forget to wipe down the pole though, but besides that, pretty clean.Aura: I always feel welcomed. Girls (okay A girl or two, maybe) swarm me and love me right at the entrance (like vultures).This is a long strip club review. My next few will be lots shorter…lol

  26. XXXbeast

    i get in town for vacation, i walk by the club once, the door man standing outside trying to get people in there. i tell him maybe later and then i finally walk by there again and go in. they even scan your I.D. with a computer to see if it’s real, that’s the first i ever seen that I.D. scan in club’s. the girl’s are to pushy for what type of lap dance’s they do, and then they even want more money for there cheesy way’s. the manager or owner is lucky it don’t turn into a clip joint the way these chick’s acted. I’ve been in several other strip club’s in the past and got better deal’s for less with less pushy girl’s. not to mention which one, o’farrell mitchell brother’s & L.A. strip club’s, i’ve had a better time in. roaring 20’s need to put there girl’s in check and have them treat the customer a little better and less pushy. there door price isn’t that bad i paid $ 15. i will never go back in.

  27. Weedman420

    BAD Stripclub! Very low class, not very attractive girls. This older stripper would not leave me alone. Watch out for her. She carries a lunchbox and acts like she’s the other girls pimp and then charges you double. Eww get away.

  28. Paul Q.

    Now, im not a big strip club guy, so i have no way to compare this place to others. a lot of the girls here are meh. bruised and what not. a bunch of us came here for a buddies going away party, and the one girl who even had a hint of good looks totally hooked us up. the blond psychobilly lookin one is the one to look for. the rest look trashy. yeah thats right, trashy compared to the psycobilly chick.

  29. curtis17

    I took my boyfriend there on his birthday there 12/26. LEXI is HOT!!!! She came on strong and kept us both happy. We got a couples lap dance, and got a little extra for my baby’s birthday. He was a happy man. We will be back to see her. We went nice and early so we were the only ones there too. What an experience. A couple of the girls talked too much. But LEXI honey, we will be back just for you love. You did your job well!!!!!!

  30. kris v.

    Me and a friend went here and I swear they have the cutest girls out of all the clubs on the block. Stayed for at least 5 hours. Definitely will be going back very soon!

  31. the kid

    i was there at night, so it was rather slow. dancer to patron ratio was almost 2 to 1. with that in mind, the girls are rather pushy about tips, and dances. expect to be hustled for your money. the overall environment is nice, but the attitude needs a little touching up.

  32. Martin S.

    automatic boner from ghetto girls. love this place

  33. adamrod

    I remember it like it was literally.. 2 years ago.A friend with the desire to erect within his undergarments pointed us to the Roaring 20s. A cockfest of friends and I entered the establishment like the true sleaze bags that we were obviously NOT, and with the decadence of only the finest mobsters of the 20s, the Nucky Johnson’s, the Lucky Luciano’s, the Al Capones.. pure swagger. $10 later for each crew member, and we were left with nickels in our pockets, unable to make it rain, but were sure ready to make it hail. (Warning: making it hail with nickels may cause damage to performers, hence causing the expulsion from the venue of choice and the possibility of a law suit from your desired performer).As I entered with my team, crunched between cock meat sandwiches left and right in the mediocre space, I was greeted with flattering cheeks, flapping away on stage. (Either cheeks if your imagination tells you otherwise). While admiring the most prominent feature of the young lady on duty, a face on the bizzy body stared me down. I gazed back, only to be flashed back to 2004.I was a junior in high school, she sat next to me in English literature, my guilty conscious she was, with her innocant smile and derierre of only the goddesses. She’d dig into my pb&j like there was no tomorrow, and I would simply indulge ever so slowly in the remaining residue of what was left of my lunch, the closest it came to foreplay with her, atleast physically. She wanted my snickerdoodle oh so passionately, or atleast that’s what occured to my imagination when she greeted me in laced lingerie every night with peanut butter smeered all over her body.I quickly snapped back to reality, and there she was infront of me, bare. I was in love again, or atleast in my undercarriage.”Do I know you?” She asked politely.”Yes, uh hmm you ate my PB&J” I responded.”Oh really? hmm.. sounds naughty” She said.I drifted into my world of fantasy for a second or 10, enough to kill the momentum”So ummm.. do you want a dance or what?””um, yeah, but don’t you want to catch up?”uh, I’m on duty, this isn’t a high school reunion dipshit.”So she blew me off, instead of bl… but like John Lennon’s wise word, ‘imagine.’ So much for being a mobster like Al Capone, I think I’ll just stick to being an Indian guy from the Depressing millenium. The end.

  34. fuckery12

    I was quite literally robbed here. The girls took me to a private room as soon as I walked in. This wasn’t what I wanted, I came for the floor show, so I left the room to go back to the main stage area. I stayed for an hour or so, then left…. only to discover my wallet was missing!! I came back shortly after, and looked all around myself, to no avail. Then I asked the bouncer… he “looked around” himself, and “found” my wallet somewhere within, with all my cards still there (that was most important), but all my cash gone. Roughly $100. I cannot prove anything or say anything for certain (maybe it fell out of my jeans pocket??? doubltful…), but I am 100% thoroughly convinced the girls snatched my wallet, took all my cash, and that was that…. I highly DIS-recommend this place. Seemed pretty seedy, anyway. Will NOT go back. Keep a sharp eye on your valuables if you do venture inside.

  35. StripClub431

    If I could give negative stars I would . Place feels dark and dirty. No bar , girls just aggressively try to take u to VIP after I told them numerous times “im not interested”. My advice is to stay away. You will leave disappointed.

  36. stripforme123

    First things first Kerirose oh my lord. Cutest thing in the city. She was super nice and killed it on stage and up stairs. The club is clean and plays good music. Dances are reasonably priced and worth the money. Anyone looking to go have a good time in the city I would recommend coming here!

  37. mathewater12

    Perfect place if you have an incredibly deep wallet and like fat, unattractive, and aggressively rude girls. This is by far the worst club I’ve ever been to.Cover is $20 and nowhere near worth it.The girls croud around and block the doorway so when I walked in I was immediately grabbed by 2 unattractive girls and taken straight to a “VIP” room. They wouldn’t take no for an answer. I was out for a good time anyway so I figured, what the hell. $100 and 30 seconds later they pushed me out of the booth and had me find my way back to the stage floor with no money left.You can’t sit and relax or talk with friends for more than a minute without some nasty girl being all over you trying to get you to pay for a dance.Multiple girls were drunk and reeked of alcohol.A number of the girls looked pregnant and one looking like she just had a “C” section with the scars left to prove it.When taking with my friend I was interrupted by a girl that had already tried guilt tripping my friend. She grabbed my hand without a word and tried to get me to go to another booth with her. I pulled back and said I wasn’t interested and she yelled at me and continued to drag me upstairs. We sat down and I explained that the other girls had hustled me out of all my money and that I had none let. She complained that it wasn’t given to her and told me to use my credit card to get more money. I showed her I had no credit card and when looking at my wallet reaches in and takes the last 4 dollar bills I had and said “this will be my tip”. I immediately said “for what!”. She said for being up here with you. And then instantly shoved me out and forced me back downstairs.Absolute worst experience and will never go back and recommend you take this review to heart and don’t waste your time and money on this dump.PS. 0 stars should be an option for rat holes like this.

  38. Simon L.

    As far as strip clubs go, this place blows. I came here one year and they had a bunch of fat, ugly chicks dancing the stage. It’s like, what the hell did I pay cover for? Add insult to injury, my friend walk out of his lap dance without his jacket, and the stripper swore she never saw it. Of course, of course.

  39. rickywho2

    Terrible club. The only reason i put one star is because you have to in order to leave a review. The girls tried too hard to get a private dance. Then when i did i was due 120$ in change and the girls attempted to pressure me to leave it as a tip for girls i didnt get a dance from. I will not return.

  40. Bobby

    This club is great check it out, the ladie sare hot

  41. ryan123

    Just learned that the CHANEL I loved is no longer at this club… Sad for this true LOSS. She is replaced with another Chanel.. I don’t believe she is a true Chanel more like a knock off Chanel.. Nothing can compare to the Chanel that used to be here.. Nothing. V

  42. brandonresh

    This place is disgusting. I stayed for about 10 minutes. If not, less. When we first walked in, there was nobody on stage and most of the girls (who were not all that great) were just sitting around on their phones? The place it’s self was super dirty and the staff was pretty rude. We showed up at about 11pm and it was dead. The people working outside of the club seemed pretty desperate to get people to come in.I would avoid this place at all costs. Very shady.

  43. Sean M.

    Some great stage dancing and some beautiful women! NO BOOZE! CHEERS!

  44. harryharry

    It was a Monday night, me and my buddy decide to drop by this place and check it out. Make sure to go around Broadway and find the guy who’s selling the $20 bracelets that let you into 4 others clubs on Broadway. He’s usually in front of Garden of Eden. Pro’s: -Fully nude -$20 dances (Most common price but Little darling across the corner has $10 dances) -Some nice cute girls -Spacious -Nice atmosphere -Great for groups Con’s: -Bad DJ (stop talking in between songs arghh) -One stripper decided not to give me back my change for a $50 (ya ya ya, I know times are hard and you have to make for college tuition. That’s what they all say.)-Semi dirty bathroom -Expensive drinks The one thing I found pretty cool was that one of the spectators which was a girl was pulled onto the stage and the stripper and her were getting it on! They both were just stripping away. I was like whaatttt! Epic scene. This club isn’t the best but it’s something you can try. By the way, try to avoid Garden of Eden, you’ll know what I’m talking about once you get in.

  45. Emcy G.

    I got molested by 2 strippers on stage. How about that for my first experience =]

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