Gatsby’s Pub



2500 Romig Road, Akron, OH 44320


41.045803, -81.5826121




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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A gentleman’s sports pub with dancers on stages, music, and friends! Both locations(Akron and Canton) have premier entertainment/patio bars/VIP rooms.


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0 reviews for “Gatsby’s Pub

  1. Too bad

    I agree. Glad to see someone else enjoys this club as much as I do. The employees and dancers at Gatsby’s do not get the credit they deserve. This club is unlike any that I have been to!! Really nice people!!

  2. Tim

    Dances are good here!!! Ask for Brea Jodi and Mckenzie

  3. Uncle Bob

    $5 dances = amazing strip club……add to it 2-3 good looking dancers and 1 really drop dead cutest little poa in town = best strip club in the City. Some obnoxious biatches drag the place down but that is only a couple…one not so good looking dancer will insist on arm wrestling your manhood…watch it Don’t Trust a Ho…

  4. Pete

    I love that swivel pole they have here. Someday one of those drunk bitches is going to end up in the front row

  5. Customer

    Guys, Don’t be surprised if you can’t get a dance here. If you ask a lady they will say yes and never come over. They either sit at the bar all night and drink or dance with other wonder this bar is going downhill and not busy anymore.

  6. maxxy1

    This place seemed very local friendly and being that I was new I was mostly ignored and avoided by the dancers. The bar stool dance are only $5 but not much fun. The VIP is more expensive but I did not partake on this occasion. The drink service was slow but the prices were reasonable (under $5).

  7. Cuming Back Soon


  8. Randycaver

    over rated grlz… I thought they were bitchy

  9. goerge

    Pretty decent club alot of other action too.

  10. Me

    This bar is great! The bartenders are extremely nice and the dancers rock!! Love the daytime!!

  11. Ex

    I used to work here too. I’ll let you figure out why I don’t anymore

  12. who cares

    i won’t be back. i was there not to long ago and every girl in there basically ignored me.

  13. Michael

    I love this club. Many thanks to the lovelys who treated me so well.

  14. Anmltrnr

    When many of my favorite dancers left the club I was frequenting to come

    here, I was delightfully surprised with the club itself. I have added to my

    “desired dancers” list and am a big fan of this place. Keep up the great job

    and I will lose what is left of my mind and money right here.

  15. North Canton Guy

    This place blows away Jen’s Den (the restrooms are even clean)and even the bartenders are hot and friendly. I’ll be back!!!!

  16. ShortGuy

    Stunning girls. Fabulous private dances.

  17. Dirty Dick

    Best club in this city

  18. customer

    What happen to this place?The use to come up to you say hi talk to you ask if you wanted a dance.Now all the do is walk by you texting on there cell and sit at the bar for hrs.My friend’s ans I use to love this place we will be going to Hush for now on no more Gatsby’s.

  19. JIMMYZ
  20. andrew

    Great dancers clean place will be back

  21. 5.021

    The old Playhouse girls are here

  22. Big Mick

    Top club in the region

  23. Babe

    Too much DRAMA!!!!!

  24. ron

    always fun

  25. BEN


  26. jt
  27. part time
  28. TIM

    This place is great!

  29. dom

    great club not been to any better anywhere

  30. Jodi

    My buddys and I had a great time here.

  31. Butch

    This place is very fun.

  32. JD

    Love this place and great bartenders too!!!!!

  33. Dan TheMan

    Wasn’t expecting much about this club, but me and a friend decided to go in this past Friday night and check it out. We got there around 7pm and not alot of girls, maybe 2 or 3, but then found out that it was at shift change. What I like about this place is the patio out back for smoking. This is a great place to hang out with the girls or listen to some great conversation. We had great conversations with Diana, Leah, and Pepper. Good dancers were had from Adrian, Leah, Whitney, Pepper, Lila (amazing looking asian girl.) Overall it was better than expected. Most of the girls seemed down to earth and easy to talk to. For me, there were a few 10’s, but most girls are between 5-8, with a few below 5’s added in. Again, this is my taste. I don’t agree with other comments that the girls stick to their regulars. This was the first time for us here and would definitely go back again. This seems like a bar with girls; very laid back, and cool. I would have like to have had a dances from Jessica, Kendall, and Sarah. There was also this girl with long dark hair, killer ass, and beautiful smile, but she never came over. Maybe cause we were pretty busy at the time. Anyway, loved the girls, the converstation, and atmosphere, especially at the patio. Loved the freestyle rapping a few guys were doing out there too, and the bartender back there was really cool to hang out with. Will definitely be back sometime this week.

  34. steve

    All i have to say is i fucking love this place!!!!!!

  35. Chuckie

    Hot bitches

  36. Art

    Very comfortable clean bar. Some real beautiful girls. some ok Good mix though. A few get a little naughty but fun. Will be back again real soon. Daytime is alot of fun

  37. BJ

    Queers ain’t my thang at a tittie bar!!!!!

  38. Jose

    Yuck, that’s all I can say.

  39. Bob

    This place rocks

  40. Jackson
  41. Gat rocks!!

    This is a very clean, well-organized bar/strip club. The dancers, bartenders, and bouncers are all excellent. They actually talk to you and can hold a conversation, without being stuck up. The entertainers are great and like to get to know a person before they ‘want money’ which is unlike any strip club I’ve been to. Keep it up Gatsby’s!!

  42. yellow cab

    great place to get a girl to fuk u for 100 bucks or less! no condom needed!

  43. James

    So glad that one blond bartender wasn’t here tonight. She spends the whole time messing with her boyfriend. Kristy is the best and the new bartender tonight was awesome. Can’t remember her name, I think it was Mo. They make me want to come back.

  44. The tax man

    Makes me wonder if these girls know what a 1099 is.

  45. BubbaGump

    Well, I’ve been there a couple of times more since last reveiw and had my first bad experience (Wednesday) but overall a great night thanks to Jen, Brooke, and Angelina, who single-handedly saved me from taking my business elsewhere. I won’t mention her name but a certain blonde (who said she (star tattoo on her lower back) and her sister were the best dancers at the Canton club and Barry, the owner, hand-picked them to come up there) gave me one dance… I said let’s keep going… she said her photographer/manager just came in. I gave her a $20 and wanted change since she was going to her manager… She said she didn’t have change, but would come back and give more dances. All she did was dance for the guy then saw them head over to the VIP area. Now, yes, silly for me to believe her, but no other girl at Gatsby’s has ever done anything that blatantly rude. Furthermore, I know for a fact that the owner has other girls from Canton come up to the Akron club. Now, don’t get me wrong, this blonde was hott… but with an attitude like that, I’ll be giving my business to the other ladies. So, if you read this, blondie, what’s done is done… I know that people probably don’t think I have a pot to piss in, but that’s their problem for judging me.

    Saturday, there were hardly any dancers there, maybe 5-7 at best, and with 2 bachelor parties going on, it made it difficult to get any dances. My friend wanted dances from a couple of the dancers there, but they just walk on by everyone. I don’t get it! I didn’t see Olivia dance for anyone, other than the bachelor party and that was just a few times. She’s hot and my boy wanted a dance, but she just passed us and two other tables several times. I guess she prefers dancing on stage, but doesn’t seem to be very profitable for her. Also, i always thought it customary that if you tipped a girl while on stage, she would come see you after she is done. Well, that’s what they do at the high-end clubs. Olivia wasn’t the only one that did this, but I’m not positive on the name… it was either Lauren or Laurie. Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy Gatsby’s laid back approach and the patio area is a great thing, but I still think the girls can use a few lessons in customer service. Eventually, it will just drive me to another club. As of this moment I am still a Gatsby’s fan… I love the patio area, shooting the sh*t with a few of the regulars, and there are some really nice ladies there. I can’t blame them because of the few problems or issues I see.

    Brooke — I enjoyed our conversation and your dances. You’re the definition of cusotmer service! You were completely engaging and classy. To clarify, customer service doesn’t mean vulgar dances or anything illegal. Well, to me it doesn’t. It simply means that you made me feel like I was the only guy in the room. Maybe that’s because I’m older and so is Brooke, but it worked for me.

    Jen — thank you for coming over when you did (right after my bad experience). Your dances ROCK!

    Angelina — Your customer service is impeccable and, by far, my overall favorite person/dancer there. Will be seeing you soon.

    Special shout out goes to Delaney and Bailey… saw them on Wednesday and it was only their second night. They were both a trip.

    More reviews to come.

  46. Girls

    When one good club opens up, all the hot girls will leave here in a flash

  47. Phillip V

    Need to go and see VIP area a bit to open but the place is still one of the best in this area

  48. Old School

    This is the best club in the area the bar girls are worth the visit alone and the VIP dances are the best

  49. Special K

    the security is a bit strange but the quality of the experience is still great

  50. not going back

    The girls ignore you unless you’re a regular.

  51. Joe

    Nice club , fun girls

  52. Doug

    Dawn is smokin’

  53. sexy
  54. Matt

    best club

  55. brian

    couple of friends took me in friday night. Never been here before. Nice club hot girls especially Stephanie! Wow!! I am definately coming back soon.

  56. S_ _

    Mom always said if you can’t say something nice……..piss on ’em

  57. Concerned Patron

    Be carefull, you have a lot of heroin addicts for dancers. And some of them could talk you in to getting hooked. Specificaly this on girl,she has long dark hair, and is as skinny as a bean pole. Watch out for her. She’s no good for anything

  58. grade A
  59. 5.1
  60. customereveryweek

    Last Sat my friend’s and I were there, It was slow.Bartender’s did nothing but talk to other customers.We waited a half hr for our 2nd drink and never got it so we left and we were sitting at the bar.

  61. George

    could be in better area but as far as clubs go try late afternoon or early evenings for best selection

  62. Jay

    Went Friday nite. Damn I was impressed! Lots of hot girls! I definately recomend it. The bar is nice too.

  63. Wes

    Love this place

  64. Howden

    Try it here you will be back

  65. Howard

    Day time is awsome

  66. Dude

    granma handjobs aint my thing

  67. Bill

    Had a wonerful time here.

  68. Eddie

    Fun as Hell here.

  69. dezzys

    come to a real bar

  70. Bubba Gump

    Just started coming to this place for a month now and love it. Although the music is too friggan loud at times (usually after 11pm) its a great place to hang out and have a good time with some beautiful girls. Go to the patio area to meet some girls without any hassles and then take them back to the bar. There are alot of girls here that are hott, and some 10’s, in my opinion. I like Sarah, although she is only about making money — no or very little conversation. but, when you’re that hott, it don’t matter. There are two girls that go by the name of Britney. The first has long black hair and looks kind of Hawaiian although she isn’t. Probably one of the most hottest girls i’ve ever seen. The other Britney i have had the luck or pleasure of meeting, but she has an unbelievable, tiny body and looks like she gives an awesome dance. Jen gives great dances! Jessica looks like your local librarian and has some of the best looking boobs i’ve seen. Angelina is cute, loves to have fun and will have a conversation with you. Love to hang out with her in the patio area and her dances are good. Rachel is a lot of fun, although she said she doesn’t dance there much. She came there with one of the other dancers, but I had a great time with her. Conversation and dances were great. There are other girls there i’d like to get to know but they seem to stay with their regulars, such as, Olivia and Kendall. Can’t wait till my next trip. Everytime i go there it keeps getting better and better. Maybe it will again this week.

  71. dave

    always a fun time thanks girls

  72. Long timer

    Best group of dancers in the area, best atmosphere, for the most part clean and safe

  73. shawn

    Was in Thursday after work. Had a great time!! Got dances from a couple really great looking fun girls.

  74. Flash

    As good as it gets in NE Ohio

  75. FYI OHIO...

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  76. JOHN


  77. guest
  78. Mike

    Nice looking girls.

  79. girly
  80. Pleased
  81. Jim

    Nice blacklight atmosphere, reasonable drink prices, friendly staff, plenty of hotties to choose from, and my all-time FAV is here! “Numba One”

  82. Deb

    Ihad a great time here. Way to go!

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