The Gold Club



1416 Chancellor Street, Philadelphia, PA 19102


39.9486499, -75.1657999




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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77 reviews for “The Gold Club

  1. Vin

    Please close me down and start over again!!😢

  2. Vinny

    I used to visit this whole in the wall back pre Co- Vid and it was definitely more fun back then The Couch Dance room was were the bathroom is now and the girls were way more hotter and accommodating.. There was a lot of hot action and everyone looked in the other direction. Now it is boring , girls are way overweight and ancient plus it’s no fun at all.!! Please bring back Club Atlantis in University City!! Now there was a great fun,nasty place!

  3. Vinny

    I used to visit this whole in the wall back pre Co- Vid and it was definitely more fun back then The Couch Dance room was were the bathroom is now and the girls were way more hotter and accommodating.. There was a lot of hot action and everyone looked in the other dire. Now it is boring , girls are way overweight and ancient plus it’s no fun at all.!! Please bring back Club Atlantis in University City!! Now there was a great fun,nasty place!

  4. sergio
  5. joe

    last place you’d ever want a bachelor party or bring a women

  6. brandonresh

    Such a fun divey strip club! If you want class and a-class dancers, then head up to NYC. But for $10 cover and some surely entertaining hangover memories to laugh about the next day, go here. PS- if you buy a $6 shot from the shot girl, it comes with a free mini lap dance 😉

  7. strip club guy

    this place has the hottest bartenders around!

  8. Mr. Texas

    It’s a smaller club then i am used to, but the quality of the girl’s definatly made up for that. Very good service by the wait-staff,accompanied by a very georgeous shot-girl.

  9. AssnTits5

    Well… I got a little awkward story about the first time I ever went to The Gold Club. So this place used to be a dumpy strip club called The Office (perfect material for so many puns). It was dark, dirty, seedy, used to have pool tables, and quite questionable dancers until one day it closed.Sometime later The Gold Club emerged. As much as I try to avoid strip clubs because they make me feel really uncomfortable, I ended up here for a friend’s birthday. I pretty much just sat in the back trying to avoid any contact with everyone until the dreaded moment I had to pee. Looking around, I see a hallway with a door and think that must be it. Boy was I wrong! I walk over, open the door, walk straight in, …oh geez! Turned out to be the dancers’ dressing/undressing room. My jaw dropped. I was stunned at how bad I just straight up fucked up. I seriously thought I was about to get the shit beat out of me by all the bouncers. Thankfully this one nice woman walks up to me completely buck ass naked, picks my jaw up off the floor and says “Honey, you lost?” I completely digress into a little boy and answer “Yes, ma’am.” She says it’s ok, takes my hand, and (still completely naked) walks me out, through the club, past all my friends, and to the bathroom. She drops me off, pats me on the butt and says “Here you go, honey”. I’ve never felt so bashful before in my life. I then noticed the bathroom attendant laughing at me out loud. All I could really do was just laugh with him. I left soon after that, but not before telling all my friends what happened so they could also have a good laugh at my expense. It was one of those nights I was thankful I don’t really get embarrassed and also that I thrive on awkward situations. My Synopsis of the Gold Club: -Quite the Dive for a strip club-Girls aren’t busted-Not a place for a big party or anything, but alright if you like seeing naked people and have a few laughs.PS-I’m trying to never go back.

  10. vze6sg5o

    These so-called ladies think that you owe them for their

    time.They’re just like any female who walks the earth…Get a

    grip bitches!

  11. Franklyn

    The only strip club I’ve been to and I appreciate that it’s topless only. Situated right next to an Applebees (in case you’ve got to take a dump) Gold Club is a carpeted, couchy, topless club with A-B cup dancers. Seriously, every time I’ve gone I haven’t seen juggable jugs or hoot-worthy hooters.There are two (maybe three? maybe I was seeing triple?) poles on stage that get wiped down with the ‘nasty rag’ right before dancers launch themselves on and twirl around. Spoiler alert, all dances end with boobs and a g-string.Immediately afterwards the girls walk around and smush their boobs together in front of you asking in a whispered baby voice “will you tip me for my dance?”. Out of guilt and pity accompanied by sheepish giggling, you always do.

  12. XhXeXy

    It’s a Strip Club. In the alley. Behind the Hyatt. It cost us $5 to get in. It was dark, and was about the size of my old high school boyfriend’s basement rec room.The girls had a lot of tattoos. A LOT. Not that there’s anything wrong with that!Anyway, it was my first time to a strip club and I had a good time. The kamikaze shots did not hurt.

  13. Mr Vip

    I visted this club for the first time Friday night. I am Mr.VIP in every strip club I visit. I have heard so many good and bad things about this club I finally needed to see for myself. Conclusion= Very nice girls,very nice club Mr VIP rates this club 8.5 out of ten. Just needs to be bigger

  14. PussLuver

    Love this place… hot new chik named Bella is so fine. Short blonde hair, rockin

    body, good lapdances. Really small place, could use more space for big groups.

    Wanted to have a bachelor party here but the plave was to small.

  15. Giggity


  16. Gary

    I work in center city and this place is such a fun place to hang out. The girls are pretty and very sweet. I was in Saturday night and they had a few Bachlor party’s and they looked like they had such a great time. For some reason all the girl’s were dressed in police outfits. Theme night I guess

  17. Jordan

    its fun to say the least just small

  18. .

    Tiny, out of the way off an alley. No pole, ha, but there’s a PIT! A big carpeted box you sit right next two with two girls going at it! 2nd best private dance I ever had. Great management, very professional.

  19. james1412

    The biggest untold scandal is that the bartenders literally steal your cash off the bar. It has happened many times. And when you confront them, they of course act like they know nothing.And the pressure to buy the dancers drinks gets old, especially when they inevitably order some odd $15 drink. Here’s an idea, Ms. Stripper: Your bartenders rob my cash from the bar and I have tipped you ten times in an hour. You buy me a drink.Good place otherwise. Good times and glad they are now open Sunday nights. Good DJ music, dancers are generally friendly and nice.

  20. Frank Speaks

    This place is Small in being the size of most people’s basement. There are seats (chairs on rollers) for about 50 people and it gets really busy on the weekend nights with bachelor parties, guys striking out at the clubs and the middle aged guys stoned on “E” with nowhere to go. The VIP is expensive but offers varied services ($300 for 1/2 hour and the girls expect tips based on the quality of the services as long as you are not a cop).

  21. sara

    Fuck Tash Bring Nina Back

  22. john

    the last place I would have a bachelor party or take a woman–so dingy and w/ no pole not a godd experience for a novice

  23. Mike

    For a smaller club this club rocks! The girls are pretty much hot, and the waitress/bartenders are very sexy. Wish the club was bigger thought.

  24. Tim

    Sexy girls

  25. Shawn

    The club’s cool, but I love the blonde bombshell Natalie. Party last night was awesome!!!

  26. jon

    Very close down to earth feeling in this club Dark hair dark eyes beautiful bartender!Loved it !

  27. evan bourne
  28. already gone

    getto trash – wouldn’t screw them with there stepdaddy’s dick – NLs

  29. Cummish

    I’ve been there a couple of times when I am in town on business. One black dancer named D helped me bust a nut with each lap dance and another dancer put her snatch and ass right in my face. Great dance from both of them, well worth $20.

  30. Carrie E.

    This place is a good bet for some old school “adult” entertainment, but don’t expect to fall in love with the dancers. As Alexandra T says, they’re generally very nice but all I can remember about my last visit there is the woman who wouldn’t stop talking about her five kids while trying to get my dude to give her a dollar. Buzzkill.It’s super tiny and the bathrooms are gross, but if you like a little laughter with your T&A, the Gold Club is your place.

  31. Doodle von Tainstain

    Not a very big place. I visited at about 11:30 p.m. on a Saturday night early in August of 2010. There wasn’t alot of room to move around. The club was packed.

    Very diverse group of customers. Black, White & Hispanic. Young & Middle age, even guys with their girlfriends plus a couple of guys with their hag hipster chicks. The most annoying part of the evening was the two groups celebrating bachelor parties. GOD! I hate YUPIE White men. The need DORK tattooed on their foreheads.

    Way too busy to get a dance. I’ll have to try it out again on a weeknight.

    The dancers weren’t too bad like some of the other reviewers have stated, but nothing amazing either.

  32. i dunno
  33. Dj_Fun_K

    Friendliest place in philly. The most fun you can have at a gentlemans club.

  34. Uno Hua Yam

    With the right girl, good couch dances and excellent value in the VIP room.

  35. winston12

    So I’m reading these reviews for this place, and they’re a bit mixed. I decided to check it out for myself, especially Wednesday’s with Megan. Turns out she’s amazing. She served my underage buddy, and me and her got high and had some fun in the bathroom. So yes Megan, you do have a nice ass. Thanks for letting me do things with it. Only problem is, why haven’t you returned my phone calls????



  37. T
  38. clarkcasual

    Some knockout girls, some OK girls, but VERY friendly. Had great conversation and GREAT times in the front rooms.

  39. ryan123

    If I could give this place less than 1 star I would. I went here last night for a birthday party and to see the wonderful ladies of the Peekaboo Revue perform a few numbers. The place was a total dump but I figured I wasn’t there for the place..I was there for my friends. And then some guy who was sitting at the bar decides to assault me. Not once did I interact with him, shoot him dirty looks or anything of the sort. I can’t even chalk it up to my being a drunk idiot. I was sober and nursing one small gin and tonic the entire night. But as he is walking out of the bar he grabs the flower in my hair along with a chunk of my hair, rips it out and throws it to the ground. I didn’t know what hit me because it came completely out of the blue. My head was throbbing but I picked up the flower and ran out the door yelling at him. The bouncers did nothing, the bar did nothing and the bartender was a complete bitch about the entire thing. My boyfriend asked her if she saw anything and told her what had happened. She nastily responded with “what the hell do you want us to do about it?” And basically told us to leave if we had a problem with it. The bouncer did at least ask me if I was ok and told me he wouldn’t let the guy back in even though he stood there and watched the entire thing. The way this place handled what happened was not right. It shouldn’t be brushed aside so quickly when a male patron assaults ANYONE in your establishment…let alone a woman. This place sure as shit isn’t worth the time and money. $10 to get in. $9 for a super small gin and tonic with hardly any gin. And a chunk of hair ripped out of my head. Nope..never going there again. Nor will I ever say a good thing about the dump.

  40. Al S.

    Never, I repeat NEVER go in there!!! The place is the size of a closet, the beer list sucks ass and the two dancers who I saw were complete garbage (at 5:20 on a Wednesday afternoon)! Worst strip club I’ve ever been to, and I’ve been to a LOT! This place deserves ZERO STARS!

  41. Johnny

    Awesome Place!!

  42. Paige Taylor hater

    There is a chick there who thinks she’s a star. But really she is a overly tattooed ghotto queen. Wish she wouldn’t come to work with herpes on her lips.

  43. AVOID
  44. Pedro F.

    First thing first, difficult to find if you are using Google maps. Takes you to a hotel, lucky for us, the valet knew exactly what we were looking for.So yeah, this place is small, some chairs, small stage and some cute dancers. We were there on a Saturday around 8, had some beers gave some dollars. I gotta say, there were three dancers there that were awesome. Lennon was one, super cute, don’t remember the second but she liked to talk (even got in trouble) but the third. OMG, knock your socks right off. She was half Asian (maybe Japanese) and something else. This girl made you want to give her your money, trust me when I tell you put your dollars in your mouth tilt your head back. definitely one of the best dancers I’ve seen.

  45. JR

    Love this place!!

  46. curtis17

    This place was probably the worst strip club/topless bar I’ve ever been to. The bar tender was way hotter than all the dancers, but she didn’t dance so there was very little to enjoy. The rap and hip hop music that was playing brought the ambiance of the place down and made it feel ghetto as hell!I went with my wife and none of the girls would approach us. They din’t know how to approach a man and woman together….”You make contact with the woman first ladies… I was there for her”

  47. yoyo
  48. richard95

    It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye! No, not the best; but definitely not the worst strip club in the City. I haven’t been back there in years; surprised to learn its still alive. Difficult location (I actually kind of liked this spooky, back-alley spot underneath a huge parking garage). Right next to City Hall, can you stand it? Bwahaha aha ahaha!First off (to the other reviewers) I suggest that you can’t really ‘judge’ this strip bar or consider it the standard for all establishments of its type–unless you are an experienced strip-bar customer. No one who frequents such joints really takes this place very seriously; the things-they-do-wrong-here are goofy but they’re an element of hilarity singular to just this one place. Its a ghetto strip bar; you sabby? That’s the fun of it. Predominantly black staff (both dancers and clientele). North Philly baby-mama-ghetto-fabulous drama queens, (visible bullet holes on their bodies) prancing around, somehow under the impression that they’re big -time entertainers. Its a hoot!As a white guy to stroll in here and do the do-re-mi; its like a scene from a bad Bill Cosby movie. Hard to keep the chuckles down as menacing, glowering mandingos in mauve three-piece suits and felt fedoras and silk handkerchiefs (CONSPICUOUS bulges in their upper right-breast pocket) keep an eye on you from the corner of the room, ‘in case you’re here to cause any trouble’. Yeah, okay sir. Whatever. Like there’s no drug dealing going on in THIS place, eh? lol. ‘What it is, my brutha’. ‘Outtasight’. ‘Heavy’. ‘Get down’.Anyway. All in all, you can have a good old fun time in here as long as you pay attention to everything going on around you. Always go with a good pal and watch each other’s backs. This is a 1970s time machine. Value it while its still around.

  49. BC
  50. Ive been to better

    its not the worst and its not the best but overall you still have a good time

  51. Danian Q.

    The girls are nice, I knew some girls who worked there so I went there to visit them. That probably made it more fun, but once you’re drinking, you actually stop worrying about how everyone looks. Though I remember a girl asking me if she could give me a dance and that she was pregnant. I felt bad and didn’t know what to say. Some of the girls are alright, but their personalities rocked. After a bit, most of them learned my name, and people were generally nice. It is small, and the ceiling is low so don’t expect entirely too much.

  52. mathewater12

    I passed by & thought I’d sit for a few minutes & have a drink but I was immediately informed that I, as a female, was not welcome w/o an “escort”. Unfortunately, I have a Jeep…lol. Jokes aside, they just missed out on a good tipper.

  53. Bill with the Beard

    An excellent, intimate club. As in all clubs, some of the girls are prettier than others, and some give more value in private dances than others. Worth the visit.

  54. Timmy ThePimp

    yuck! horrible! but handjobs are cool!

  55. johnny b.
  56. Pro Wrestler

    Been there a few times,and it is a dump but some of the girls can be very fun(in more ways than one).

  57. Nick


  58. WhosYerDaddy

    Went to this place on a dead Friday night in February…Had a BLAST! Girls sittin in your lap for half an hour just …chatting…No pressure to cough up the buck or anything…I got to know several of the girls pretty well so the next time I went in (Bachelor party) I bought them drinks b/c I wanted to…a first for me in strip bars. I puked my guts up 3x in the bathroom and the attendant who remembered me from before checked in on me to see I was ok, not to try to throw me out. Got a few lapdances from Jess, the 19 year old shot girl…talk about a young fresh funky body…more than worth the trip!

  59. PonytailGuy&PlaidScrfGuyHater

    Nah, actually the “overly tattooed person who thinks he/she is a star” is actually DJ Frank Sinatra. He acts like a bigshot, well if he has ties with Motley Crew, then why is he DJing at the very small Gold Club?

    I don’t like this one customer who has dark hair and wears a tan flannel plaid scarf in winter. He’s an avid Republican and a McCain supporter. He used to be really cool but in recent months he’s been snobby and dismissive to me — total 180! — and to most of the girls.

    I also do not like this one middle aged dude that is rude and grunts snobbishly when I ask him how he’s doing, and puts his nose in the air + doesn’t say “thank you” when I go out of my way to give him a compliment(e.g., I like your shirt! That’s a cool color!) in an effort to be friendly and amicable despite a past misundertanding. I’m better off saving my breath and snubbing him than trying to be nice. I don’t care if he’s “popular” at the club. He thinks he’s hot shit just like Frank and the scarf-wearing Republican.

    Hmmm who else is on my “bad” list…oh wait the middle-aged customer with the 70s-ish long gray ponytail and retro glasses. He and his sons/nephews are assholes that tried to cheapen me (making remarks about paying only $1 for products a lot more expensive than that, then trying to freely grope) and when I didn’t put up with their bullshit, he’s been rude and dismissive of me. He is a C U N T.

    The skinny black bearded guy in the suit is a whacko.

    I also really hate the skinny baseball-cap wearing piece of white trash that always drinks Bud and farts up the bar. He tried to steal alcohol before. He rarely tips the girls and acts like a drunken jerk most times. Thankfully he hasn’t been in the club lately…maybe the gov’t caught on that he was selling his food stamps for money to use for strip club booze.

    As for Paige…she’s gorgeous and I’m cool with her. And no I’m not her…although I’m sure a bunch of you can guess who I am judging by my list of hated customers.

    Herpes? Don’t you mean Bella(stupid thief bitch)? Definitely not Paige!

  60. matt
  61. Saved the night

    After going to a couple of other clubs in philly that were CLOSED, this place saved the night. The girls were all very nice and hostpitable to my wife and I. They are definitely couples friendly. We will go back. The bartender was very nice also. We had a great time on a friday night.

  62. Do you really care?

    This club is definatly a place to hang out at. They have some really sexy girls and a few that are not just like any club. The club is smaller then most but at the same time nicer then most. The person at the door was excellent dont have that in most places. The limo idea is great too , they just need be able to smoke and then this is the perfect club to enjoy!

  63. FRAUD

    This place is a Joke , It’s only matter of time . The Door’s will Close .
    Quality , of dancers – are at all time low as usual . Manager doesn’t
    care much or have respect for small group of Quality (Dancers).
    Instead the Gold Club Management / Staff Use’s Disgruntled dancers
    To Chase quality dancers off to other club’s .And Which is Understandable
    A small Place Like the Philly G.C . Are one of those underground Places .
    Where Dancers over the years lost their (QUALITY) of Looks or Dancers who are NOW
    Addicted -Drug Strung out Junkies . Or Dancers who Burned their Bridges dancing from
    club the club and being. YOU’RE TYPICAL TROUBLE MAKER -MAKING TROUBLE DANCERS . Again The staff doesn’t give a shit . That’s what happen when you have Shitty Management and staff . And shitty junkie dancers . In clubs like G.C , Purple Orchid , Etc .
    (Gold Club) Wilmington DE, You’re perfect Example . The Niggers -hoodlums ,Spic’s
    White Trash , the junkies , Hookers , Dealers is what has bring down Gold Club Wilmington .

  64. DUMP

    This place is a dump, and a very small one, about the size of a closet. In fact, there are dumpsters in front of the club, no lie.

  65. Brandon J.

    Waste of my time. I was looking for a classy joint and Iv’e heard good things about this place. All lies, its filled with ugly women with the few exceptions. I frequent clubs and I’ve never seen such a disgusting group of women. Especially Lola, just horrible.

  66. Weedman420

    Well I’m from out of town so I heard this place was amazing. Yes pretty girls. Very talented. But the bartender Megan was incredibly rude to a female friend of mine. She asked to audition and Megan accused me of being her pimp and called me friend fat and ugly and suggested she try the Ballpark. Even a bottle of Xanax could not improve Megan’s mood. All that time you’re spending fixing your making won’t work on your inner ugliness. As for the person who says Megan has a nice ass, well hey there has to be something good about her. Her attitude sucks but if her ass is the only thing good about her that’s pretty bad . And what’s this about her serving pregnant women? That’s dirty.

  67. maxxy1

    Went on a Monday afternoon. I had a bit of trouble finding the exact location. But it was worth it. A friendly blonde kept me busy and was very sweet. Her name was Sage and the dance she gave me was very thoughtful and I will be going back. Went on a Wednesday afternoon I had a HORRIBLE time. The bartender who’s name as she “quotes” is Megan. What a cunt! She tried to sneakily take more of my money each time then refused to get off her phone. I asked her politely to serve me one last beer and she pointed her finger at the door. I stayed until she did her job and I told her its not polite to disrespect paying customers in a dead bar. She saw my wad of twenties and tried to apologize. Not in a million years sweety. No more Wednesdays for me.

  68. CubeDaddy

    I was in Philly on a business trip and I decided to check this place out. I have never been to a club where there was such a diverse group of hot, classy girls and completely disgusting skanks. Usually, it’s fairly consistent one way or the other. When I walked inside, I couldn’t believe how small the place was. It was barely any bigger than my living room. There were only five customers (including me) and twenty girls. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll take that ratio any day compared to when the opposite occurs and I’m ignored all night. However, at times, the girls were circling and hovering around me like a bunch of vultures. Every time one approached me and started talking to me, they wanted a dollar tip in their top, then another dollar tip in their ass, then another dollar tip in their kitty. After about 15 minutes, I had already gone through about thirty dollars. Eventually, I started talking to a nice girl, who gave me quite a good VIP dance and a free pass. Shortly after that, another girl sat with me and told me that she just had a baby nine weeks ago, does porn on the side and just had sex with another girl in the back room. Well, that killed the moment. Then, another girl stood in front of me and started talking to me. Man, I don’t know what the hell was wrong with her, but she smelled so bad I think she must’ve been suffering from a massive yeast infection, or worse. If she had stood in front of me a few seconds longer, I would have thrown up. Finally, just when I was about to cut my losses and head out, a drop-dead gorgeous girl named Sasha sat down and started talking with me. Then, she gave me an awesome VIP dance. I swear to god, she literally raped me and after the song was over, I looked like I had been through a wind tunnel. So, overall, it was worth it. But, next time, I’ll try to be a bit more choosy.

  69. sean

    They Really Need smart Good looking Girls Like Nina and Tosha

  70. timmykilla

    I went there on a Wednesday around 2pm. The girls were ok the place was dark, there was cold pizza and the bartender Megan was plain awful. She was putting her makeup on and was irritated when I asked for a drink but had no problem serving a pregnant women who asked for a gnt. I had 500$ on me that I was going to spend. But not to a club who lets it’s bartender serve a pregnant woman. She should have been fired. When I asked to speak to her manager about it she cursed me out . Wow.

  71. Johnnyboy123

    So I returned to what used to be one of my favorite Philly gentlemen’s clubs and was very disappointed. The new girls are awful and just stand on stage and shake their ass. After a lackluster performance I was continuously badgered for tips while I was trying to finish a conversation with one of the girls. It was way to hectic and the talent has gone seriously downhill.

  72. Karen C.

    This place was interesting to say the least.The drinks are watered down & overpriced, and many of the stage dancers are lackluster. I think it’s a little odd/guilt-trippy when the dancers come off stage and ask if you’d like to tip them. I mean, if I wanted to, I’d go up to the stage and do so! One of the (drunk) dancers had a convo w me in the bathroom about finding out she was pregnant, that culminated in me holding her hair while she puked in the sink.Honestly, I wouldn’t recommend this place at all, except for entertainment value and Nina. Nina is one of maybe 4 very beautiful women who make going to this place worthwhile (besides pure comedy). She gives a crazy lap dance – bought my friend his first one from her. I don’t know what the “official” rules are, but she told us “You can touch anything that’s not covered”, which was everything but about 6cm covered by the hint of a g-string.After the dance, she came and hung out at our table and we talked about piercings and some other randomness. Some of the dancers seem a bit bored, and seem to like talking to people, without freaking them out or badgering for tips. Gold Club is good place to spice up a potentially dull night with boobs and comedy.

  73. Bearded Bill

    Private dances rock! Tipping produces what you want. This club, however, is mislocated. It is actually on Chancellor St.

  74. ahoy

    Had some fun here one night last week, small club odd setup but girls were very nice and most were hot. will come back soon.

  75. Philly guy
  76. david

    the best couch dances in philly

  77. Mr X

    I’m just happy I stumbled on this place. Natalia Rocks!

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