Diamond Men’s Club



1628 Fall Street, Cleveland, OH 44113


41.394944, -82.114859




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Diamond Men’s Club

  1. AV

    Not impressed.

  2. KJ


  3. jenner
  4. Cleveland traveler

    Good looking girls who don’t know how to give a lap dance.

  5. Danny

    This place will do good with the new law passing.

  6. winston12

    Met a group here late night on a Saturday. This place is looking pretty good compared to last time I came in. Not only was the place packed, there was some gorgeous girls too. Our server was just excellent, which has a lot to do with your experience. The drinks were flowing, girls were a plenty and the food is made fresh in house. I had their fresh cut french fries, they were hot out the grease and damn good if I do say so myself. The crispy chicken, bacon sandwich was good too. Real chicken breast, not a frozen mystery meat patty. This meal prompted me to write the review, it was that damn good. Most ‘Gentleman’s Clubs’ (ha!) don’t cater to their female guests like they should, which is why I had such a standout experience here. They had flavored vodka, this is a first for me. My server treated me like one of the guys, which is what you want. Even though I don’t engage in tipping on stage and lap dances, I’m still paying top dollar for these drinks, tip well and keep it moving honey.Let’s be real, if your looking for attractive dancers, good eats and a helpful server, Diamond’s is in the top 3 in the city. Instead of using past experience to rate the other two, I think another visit is in order to fairly compare them all. Yes, I’m on a quest to find the best strip club in the city, this should be fun.

  7. TheManInTheYellowHat

    The is a great collection of women here. Beautiful. Intelligent. Funny. Hot.

    Just make sure you specifically ask for a dance, or else you might sit the whole night without one.

  8. D from Elyria Ohio

    The club is overall a great club spread out with sweet pool tables and a huge laid out place vip dances private champagne rooms and HOT Women, as long as a full menu food till 1:30 Am from steak to a burger or some wings they got a top notch place….. A+++

  9. blues clue


  10. Big Daddy

    Poorly managed club, girls aren’t allowed to give a good lap dance. Too much anal oversight by managers. Service can be poor if you have a problem, otherwise waitresses and bartenders do their best in a poor environment. Dancer attitudes need improving to show customers a good time.

  11. ryan123

    I first came to Diamonds in about 2004. I had a ton of fun and there were really hot girls.I’ve gone in twice in the past 3 months and it was completely different. No hot girls and even the moderately cute ones were weird or never came by after being tipped on stage and asked to come over.Also, the last time I was there a woman came in with two other guys to confront her man who had come to the club to have some fun. They started a fight and the bouncers took forever to kick them out. It was right near us so we moved in case we would get hit by a badly thrown bottle or something. Management never apologized or anything.This club seems more like a place where third-tier dancers go to hang out with each other than a moneymaking venture or fun time for anyone.Go to Christies or Crazy Horse in Bedford Hts instead.

  12. Momma
  13. NewtoDiamonds

    Why do the waitresses look better than the dancers…

  14. Bill

    Most of the girls here are Goddesses! Excellent club

  15. williamr

    Evon is a very pretty lady and she deserves your respect. I met her for the first time. I liked her hospitality. She is the one who broke my shyness twards strip clubs. So again very good place. I liked it. Espessialy after comic con. 🙂

  16. maxxy1

    I would recommend going to Christies cabaret 2 minutes away instead of this place…but if you insist on going here: $10 topless dances out on the floor or $20 nude dances elsewhere. Both dances are no contact and they have signs saying “if you touch, you go”. Very uptight feel to the club, which made me feel uncomfortable.

  17. Taylor

    Hi, this Taylor from strippertraining.com. We reviewed your club tonite! What a disappointment! Our experience was pathetic. With your volume of dancers you could certainly excel. From a critics eye, they were all trained at Expressions in Fitchville. Your managers were busy smoking and bullshitting outside. Who’s managing this place? Who’s training your girls?

  18. Gerry

    This club sucks- can’t believe it is actually part of the DMC franchise – you guys are going downhill! I have seen prettier girls on West 25th St in Cleveland!

  19. Kevin

    I enjoyed myself here- don’t know what all the negativity is about. I’ll be back here.

  20. Becks Jimison

    Last time I went here I got molluscum contagiosum and Hepatitis C. Be careful boys. The BBFS was not worth it!!!!

  21. ricky k

    nice girls, especially the asain sisters. greeter/bartender and waitress. nicest place in this area. management has gone downhill since andy left. don’t think there even is a manager other than the owner. some of the recent hirees are not up to par with the other girls as far as looks go.

  22. Tom

    Nothing I can say about this club is bad! The girls are HOT! So many to choose from, with all backgrounds and good sizes! I will be back next time I have to come to Elyria.

  23. Joe

    Check out Ivy!!!!

  24. Rick
  25. chris
  26. misty acevedo

    this club is the best me and my husband comes here every saturday night overall the club is excellent

  27. Chelsey
  28. William

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