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2027 Westlake Avenue, Seattle, WA 98121


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8am – 8pm


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10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Little Darlings

  1. hfhjkl


  2. fg


  3. Richard

    Had another great time at this place on Friday night./ My ATF was in the house and we got a cance to reconmnect. I love this palce.

  4. Mike

    Having gone to Little Darlings a few times, I solidly recommend it. The place is a bit small, but has not been too crowded when I have been there. The dancers have all be very friendly, and very attractive. Moxy is incredibly cute with a great body. Hazel has fantastic sultry eyes, and the best legs I have ever seen in any club. Do not pass up a chance to get a dance from either of them. It is well worth it.

  5. adamrod

    kellie is amazing! OMG easily the hottest girl in there. watch out for her stage – best show in town

  6. me

    very nice club. nothin but good first impression

  7. guest
  8. Kevin

    I hit this club last night; such a let down. No girls, and the ones that were there not worth it. I’ve had a better time at other clubs – check them out first.

  9. Steve

    I love the whole idea of women being commodoties – something for men to buy and sell. Women in our culture are objectified and paid poorly – that gives guys like me plenty of opportunity to take advantage! Yeah strip clubs!

  10. Jd
  11. max

    Red & Natalia were amazing.

  12. jonman
  13. Thai D.

    REVIEW #100! Why not make it this fabulous establishment? So earlier this year, I got to check off something on my bucket list and worked here as a DJ for about 4 months. (Yes, I have an unusual bucket list.) I had a great time, too. The girls were great – they’re sexy, funny, hot, and quite talented. It’s an experience I’ll never forget.For patrons – you can certainly have a good time here. Of course weekend nights at Dreamgirls are more happening and partay partay, but Little Darlings is more of an intimate and relaxed kind of place. It’s your little neighborhood strip club.Don’t be one of those quiet people sitting in the back. Go up front and chat it up with the girls. Have a good time. It’s titties! It’s always a good time with titties!I realize that any future girl I date is going to find this when they do their internet research on me, making this review a potential dealbreaker – but also a potential icebreaker. Guess which kinda girl I want to keep around. One that will go to Little Darlings with me if you smell what I’m cookin’.

  14. Robert

    Ugh! The girls were cute but, not very nice. The club is small but, seems bigger inside. Ok club, I might come back.

  15. C. Benton

    Nice atmosphere, but hell these girls are pushy! Literally got my feet dragged to

    a dance with a dancer named Arie. Average dance, nothin special and she’s

    trying to make me pay her thirty? Uhm, no don’t think so hunny.

    Maybe it’s different on a night with more customers. Girls not so desperate.


  16. G

    Nice club. Great selection of pretty girls. Tiger has an increbible tight tone body and amazing private dance time πŸ™‚

  17. Toggle

    Was here recently, had to fight off the first few waves of upsell girls to leave me alone for like 30-45 mins. Once I could finally watch the stage for a minute, I spotted several young cuties. Several not so cute, not so young, and some that should lose 20-30 pounds. I did a few private dances with this thick blonde, then went home. I had fun, just not much.

  18. Weedman420

    Friendly hostesses, and their DJ, Ryan, does a great job at setting a mellow and sensual atmosphere with the music and lighting. (I hate clubs that overuse dizzying and nauseating lighting.) All in all, a fun way to spend an evening.

  19. jjj


  20. MARINERS!!!!

    Came here and wanted to watch the game, but no tvs. before i could Leave though, I wanted to get some dances. Got some dances from Amber, sweet JESUS! next thing I know the game is an hour in and I hadnt even knotices. Decided to stay, got more dances from Leona….. both girls, super hot dances, next time im going for hotty overload and getting both at the same time!!!! I dont want to bring them home to momma, i just want to bring them home πŸ™‚

  21. XhXeXy

    This club has a cover fee of $20 – $10 just to get in, plus $10 for unlimited drinks. (Disclaimer: Because, for whatever ridiculous reason, strip clubs in Washington cannot sell liquor.) We were able to negotiate it down to just $10 overall, probably because we got on the good side of the guy at the desk.I can’t recall if they had a menu, but that’s not why men go to strip clubs. It’s because they’re drunk and/or perverted. I was the former.The girls here were very nice and liked communicating with the patrons – something I was kinda surprised by. Some were either above-average looking girls, although I can’t recall there being a stripper there who was simply amazing. There were a few mothers dancing, just judging how old some of them looked, although they were still better-looking that strippers back in Akron. All of them were good dancers, but this one with short, wavy hair who was skinny and white – don’t remember her name – was probably the best stripper who has ever serviced me. I just unintentionally made it sound like she was a prostitute. That’s not their job. Their job is to get naked and dance.There is privacy if you want a VIP dance. There’s this back room, and dancers dance to your pleasure inside curtains for $20/song. They have porn stars visit the place every now and then. Alexis Texas was set to visit the place the day before I left Seattle, so they definitely have some big names come by. I don’t know how much the cover was or if she gave VIP dances, since I was broke that night.As you’re getting a VIP dance, a common practice is for non-strippers to check up on the dancers and the clientele. The clientele are often asked to pay for drinks for the dancers – soft drinks, I’m assuming, given how Washington made it illegal to sell alcohol in strip clubs. I turned them down, then was told by the dancer how they’re a huge rip-off.Bring cash if you come here. This place is expensive – name a decent strip club that isn’t – but the girls here are probably the nicest bunch of strippers one will ever encounter. I’d come back here just to talk to the strippers as much as I did. And to get a few VIP dances.

  22. cc


  23. TitanDark

    All the girls are very nice, especially to newbies. I was the only one there tonight, and instead of slacking off, they turned their attention to me and had a great time…I know I did. I wish I could have stayed longer, I’ll definitely come back. Dallas is one my new favs, but there are others I’d like to see more of in the future. I like the intimacy of the small stage and small room.

  24. hdr


  25. JT

    Girls a very cute, dances are alright shows in the middle are better, dont buy the 3 for 40$ they cut the songs short. The 2 for 1 is really good though. Overall excellent club atmosphere drinks stay full ;).

  26. joseph1k

    I went to Little Darlings for the first time in over a year last night, and the place has definitely improved. The talent used to be for the most part decent looking, clumsy, and a little disinterested. Last night there were quite a few sexy girls who were genuinely friendly without being overly aggressive. It’s a little pricey to get in, but in line with many other cities, and if you’re nice to the girls, one’s bound to be nice to hook you up with a VIP card for next time. There were no customers at the front stage laying down singles, so I saddled up to the stage, and showed the girls some kindness. A few singles go a long way.Special thanks to Zoe and Soleil! They made the night super memorable! I’ll definitely be headed back!

  27. big daddy

    club sucks

  28. Business Guy

    This club has the hottest girls of any club I’ve been into in Seattle. I travel here frequently (usually twice a month or so) and have been to all the clubs in the downtown area. The girls are younger, more enthusiastic, not jaded or anything. They will actually sit with you and have a good time instead of standing around looking bored. I always do the half hour vip but I wish they had liquor.

  29. creepy ;-)

    Great little place… my favorite girl was Dakota. She’s what you might politely call “sassy”. It’s all in good fun though and she is frickin’ gorgeous with moves to match.

  30. NOLA kid

    Love this club! Hot girls and hot dances πŸ™‚

  31. oo


  32. Kev O.

    I must say that this is the biggest disappointment in a strip club that I’ve ever experienced. Before going I had actually read some of the reviews on here, and was pretty excited. That excitement slowly turned into quite a disappointment. Firstly, you can’t compare this place to Brandi’s in Vancouver or the Spearmint Rhino in Vegas. These two have stunningly gorgeous women of all kinds of nationalities, and looked like they just stepped out of a Penthouse magazine. The girls at LD’s….*sigh* To make matters worse, they don’t serve alcohol due to some local ordinance banning the serving of alcohol at these clubs…..and to top it all off, they don’t strip naked when giving lap dances.For a Saturday night the place was pretty bare…..and I think this is the reason why. If you want to have real fun at a real strip club, save your money and go to Vancouver or Vegas.

  33. EVO driver

    came here last night…. so many fuckin women!!!! got a grip of dances from the chic said she was new cat or something. so fuckin hot! can i take you home mami?

  34. Dissapointed

    I went there with a friend on a saturday night. Out of 15 girls we saw only 2 were attractive. Private dances were pathetic. 2 min songs and no nudity, touching, or even talking. The only lapdance I had that was semi decent was from an unatractive girl and it was only ok because she jerked me off and had me finger her for 20 min for free. Still pathetic.

  35. ryan123

    Tiny place but cozy enough — thanks to the comfortable chairs and ottoman.You get 1 free soda with cover. Yay. :-\Some ladies are nice, some are not. (Duh)I’m no expert in strip clubs (been to like 3 in the last… 12 years). But this one place is fun if you know how to keep your $ in your wallet and your ummm junk to yourself. :-)”Summer” is great. Go see her. She has to be one of the hottest single moms I’ve ever met.

  36. john b

    I dunno Steve. Who is getting paid $20 for 3 minutes of time?

  37. George

    Nice, friendly and comfortable. I would return just to play with Gina. There were a lot of lovely young ladies, something for everyone. I’ll return soon.

  38. n


  39. john

    very nice….

  40. 206


  41. gg


  42. Jimmy B
  43. fred

    I went in the other night! There are some hotties, and I had a great time… Can’t wait to go back!!!!

  44. ffd


  45. rob

    suck don’t go

  46. Larry

    I’ve visited a long time ago, but I’d return if there were some young blondes. Are any still working there. My all time favorite was Gina, but once she left i haven’t returned only once in awhile. All my favs seem to to retired, quit or moved somewhere.

  48. fuckery12

    This is one of the nicer low key clubs. I can’t really have any colleagues see new go into the club for my daily vip room with Lacey J. She is beautiful and very easy to talk to she also gives me the best hour of my day. I like a couple other girls as well like Claire, Arianna, and Ginger, but only when my tall, curvy, long blonde favorite is not there.

  49. dd


  50. Jim

    Worst. Don’t waste your money. Dirty and girls are not good looking.

  51. Kittens

    Just come to Kittens so we stop posting fake reviews.

  52. maxxy1

    They got a little bit of everything! Black, white, Mexican, fat, small… EVERYTHING! One girl didn’t get any money and went into a VIP room and cried… Made me feel badx But it’s whatever!

  53. CfrmUk

    Nice new club, well worth a look in if your in Seattle, in a nice peaceful area.

    Check out Harmony and Jamie both are very good at what they do whether on stage or in a private dance.

  54. Alex D.

    Of the strip-clubs I have been to, this one seemed to be on the better side. most of chicks over here are better than average looking and quite a few are nice dancers as well. We were new to Seattle and wanted to do something fun. We got drunk and decided to go here. And a good one! We had fun the whole night. They have entry fee of $10 and $10 for drinks (non-alcoholic of-course). And private dances are $20 each song.Monica, Red and Claire are by far the best dancers. Monica is one of the hottest one! Go see her and enjoy.

  55. ff


  56. Tom

    Overall not good. The girls are not worth it. I enjoyed myself much more and other clubs.

  57. Titty lover ( . ) ( . )

    clubs kinda small, dancers are hot tho…. Kellie was fucking amazing dancing for me πŸ™‚

  58. Franklyn

    Of the two clubs in Downtown Seattle that I have been to I enjoy Showgirls other this one . The private rooms are small booths with cloth sheets , most are stain-free . The club its in a nice small club the girls are nice and most a good looking . The stage is small with not great lighting . The only plus is if you have a hotel room key the cost is 10 not 20 bucks . I can drink 10 dollars of 7-up on any good night .

  59. Jason

    Great place, going back soon!!

  60. donute

    club is a waste of time

  61. Lauren

    Being a girl is hard to go into these clubs. I either get shunned by the

    dancers, or get weird looks from guys. But I like it here cuz they’re pretty

    cool. Still not many ladies talk to me, but I had a young Irish lady talk with me

    and give me a few dances. She was nice and welcoming. Her stage name was

    Soley I think? Anyways, I think I’m gonna bring friends in this weekend, it’s

    fun there. Don’t hesitate to go if youre a gal.

  62. JimmyD
  63. Regular

    This club really is dead…I was there on a friday night and saw some of the most ugly ass bitches on stage.

  64. Jessyka O.

    ok ok, So I KNOW its a STRIP CLUB, but seriously, this place is off the hook! I went opening night and was AMAZED. I always thought of strip clubs like ricks-Tacky, stinky, with BUSTED girls. Little Darlings is the complete opposite! The lighting looks amazing, everything is sparkling clean, and the girls are GORGEOUS! I have never been so shocked! Seriously, The place is BANGIN’!!! You Absolutely have to check it out!! Its well worth the visit!

  65. Rhs

    I am a big fan of Lonnie

  66. richard95

    Last night i went to a strip club for the first time. I went in not knowing what to expect but the only image of dirty girls that are all slutty and nasty, but to my surprise it was nothing like that. This is a clean place and all the girls are beautiful, sexy and professional. They have incredible talent and i strongly suggest this for anyone who is going for the first time, or going will not get bored!

  67. ww


  68. jack
  69. bill


  70. rt


  71. dg

    is dead inside

  72. vkg
  73. Dion

    Great place, much nicer then the DeJa Vu’s, and not the same pressure of the other clubs her in Washington.

  74. Zoso

    I have been to this club many times since it opened. The girls working afternoon shift have changed a lot, but there are generally always some quality girls on shift. The music is worse than most clubs, and continues to get worse every time i go in. You can not get a good dance in the afternoon, because even if you are the only customer, the DJ will call the girl giving you a dance to the stage. When there are only 3 girls working, it takes them a song to get dressed, a song to ask you for a dance, and go to the back. You then have only two songs for a dance, and then she will have to hurry off for her turn, with no time for a thank you. This happened twice today, and I was the ONLY CUSTOMER in the club! This issue needs to be figured out. If the club wants repeat customers, they need to let the girls spend time with the customers. When i first started coming here, i was hooked on the friendly, laid back attitude of the place. It has quickly become just another strip club, with all the attitude that goes with it.

  75. Craptastic

    Nice decor for a basement.

  76. bb


  77. c-money

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