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5300 Southwest Topeka Boulevard, Topeka, KS 66609


38.9712415, -95.6866788




8am – 8pm


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8am – 8pm


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10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Baby Dolls

  1. topekan

    the club its self was decent, but watching what must be the owner get a lapdance at the bar that would of gotten anyone else kicked out from any club i will not be back. most discusting sight ever. poor girl looked ready to start bawling. the dj was horrible as well

  2. Joe

    Good club I will visit again.

  3. hopper

    The Dancers were ok, the staff were rude, and the manager was snotty.

  4. Assman

    First of all, despite being advertised as a “nude club”, I found out that nudity is optionl. I saw several girls on stage and none of them went totally nude. A very nice, clean club. VIP dances are $20 after paying a $10 room fee. The champagne room is $30 for the room plus whatever you work out with the dancer. I popped for a 1/2 hour which cost me $300. My dancer was nude in there and it was very nice. Beers were $4 which is a little pricey but not bad. All of the girls that I saw were at least reasonable attractive. All in all, a pretty nice place.

  5. unsatisfied

    no management on site whenever theres a problem-crips and bloods everywhere

  6. George

    Was in yesterday for lunch, they had about 10 girls, will be back

  7. ron
  8. JD

    Great music, nice atmosphere, and attractive dancers. About 5 minutes after sitting down Summer came over and hung out with me. What a knockout. Killer body and cute face, and great personality. Great show, she did lots of pole work, then got some amazing couch dances from her. One of the best clubs I’ve ever been to, and I’ve been to plenty.

  9. Love this Club

    I love this place. I love the girls here even more.

  10. Needs help

    This club used to be the best around.Some time ago it became very poorly managed and still is.It is real hit and miss now. If you can hit a night when the cute or attractive girls work it is great, but you never know when they will be there.

  11. Rachal

    Bad club to work at, to much drama, Bones and kB are poor at there jobs. Try Topeka Sports Cabaret, its great there!

  12. fuckery12

    Been to almost all the strip clubs in ks. This club by far is my favorite. Very Upscale Beautiful woman. Drink prices are the best around town for a gentleman’s club. If your in the mid west, baby dolls is where it’s at.

  13. B.D.

    Used to be great here, but was in last Friday…fat girls and black girls and they’re mongrel following. No drink service if you don’t get it yourself. Few class A girls there.

  14. mark

    sweetest club ive been to in a while.ive been to em all in topeka.this one is the best by to come back!!see ya ladies…

  15. William

    The club has honestly gone down so much these last few years. The girls have gotten nastier and uglier. Barely any know how to dance, the environment just has a negative energy. It’s a strip club, and used to be the best, but isn’t even top 5 in the state anymore. The girls are rude and classless.

  16. FL Racer
  17. The Highwayman

    Best Gentlemans club in Topeka! Dont waste your time or money anywhere else. Especialy not at T.S.C!

  18. Noel

    They have redone the sound and lighting which is awesome, and they are redoing the entrance. Looks and feels alot more friendly and safe, I noticed lots of female customers besides the dancers. Still needs some improvement but they are definately on the right track. My new favorite club in Topeka.

  19. karl


  20. MIC
  21. John

    The club would be better if the owner wasn’t racist. The girls are pretty and dances are great. Club atmosphere is good. Girls would talk more if people were to tip more but thats the only problem. They need a wider variety though.

  22. jj


  23. curtis17

    Probably one of the worst clubs I’ve been to. Save your money. Had to pay a $20 cover charge and the girls were rough.

  24. Topeka one

    This club has taken a noise dive.

  25. boogie
  26. Tom Selleck

    Best gentlemans club in Kansas. Great variety of dancers. Prices are good, the place is clean and safe. The bartenders and wait staffs are good too.

  27. 420
  28. D The Robot
  29. none

    It better now that Gary is gone. There is a new part to the club it’s the new “Swingers Lounge” upstairs. Its perfect for meet and greet parties and it very discreet.

  30. t&a lover

    good times to be had at this club


  31. BabyDoll Fan

    this is the nicest gentlemans club in Kansas. So many sexy hot dancers I can’t name them all.

  32. Natasha
  33. Chris
  34. RUFFIS

    THIS PLACE ROCKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Traveler
  36. A Couple

    Overall this place was great. Safe and clean for hubby and wife. Ashton was awesome and gave us both a hot dance. Bar service was a little slow, but it was a Saturday night. When we did get them the drinks were reasonable and not watered down. Dancers were not pushy like other places.

  37. devon

    the short fat deejay sucks, shut up and play the music your voice is annoying, you are the reason our party left, that and your dumb annoying strippers (passion,danika, you two are retarded beyond belief noone wants to hear about your baby daddy drama, shut up)

  38. Nate

    Was in the other afternoon, was approached by alex, obese girl that shouldn’t be dancing, she sat down and started talking to me, I told her I had a meeting in an hour then I’ll be back. She then asked if I wanted a lap dance. I said no I don’t want to smell like a dancer for my meeting. She said Fuck you and walked off. she then told all the dancers, I got a million fu’s. never coming back!!!

  39. clubhopper

    wow these girls are beautiful. cj will have you awe-struck with her amazing pole work. i will be back to see her again for sure! i love this club


    no management whatsoever always empty low class girls i am guessing the owner is the bald guy with the attitude that drives off the girls and the customers they do have get proper management and you might have a good club someday

  41. Beezer

    Misty Rocked this club!!!!!! Now it has nothin but wannabes

  42. BILL

    Ashton is a dream. Rayna, can work the pole, New gal Michelle is a hard body that can entertain you like no other there.

  43. Jason

    awesome club, I really had a great time. thanks Stephanie for the wonderful dances.

  44. Dancer L

    The place has gone downhill. To much drama. Out!

  45. mike
  46. Tom Sellick

    asia is incredible. great reason to sneak away from work for an hour or two in the afternoon.

  47. Charles

    There use to be a cute dancer name Barbi that worked there. Haven’t seen her in a few years now. Anyone know what happened to her. She use to do private parties for me and my friends.

  48. jon

    the girls look nice

  49. Good time guy

    a great club. nice atmosphere and wide variety of sexy,beautiful girls. love those private dances.

  50. jewhfkrehjw

    get btr looking danc3rs

  51. never again

    whenever i have a problem here there is never a manager on duty only a dj or security person that tells me he cant help and the manager went home early to many deals happening here to

  52. Dave

    The owner must do something to bring back the customers and the most of the girls that work there are stuck up, unless they KNOW YOU.

  53. Kurt

    This place could use some more people, its always to dead, Misty is great, the rest are average to poor. It could be much better, but management is poor.

  54. OutOfTowner

    Somebody ask the late night mc to turn his mike down.

  55. MAD

    Watch out! The douche bag staff from Club Orleans will be working here soon! Dont go here, watch for big changes at the new Club Orleans. A Better staff Better Owners Better DJs Better Music and a Better Name are coming soon!

  56. Nasser

    Club sucks, fat ugly dancers….very sad

  57. customer

    A drastic change in appearance from one girl to the next. you’ll see plenty of ugly ones & then all of a sudden a drop dead gorgeous gal walks out.

  58. tom b.

    I agree with Jayhawker…this club is NOT what it use to be. Back when Rich and Jim were the managers, the girls were always friendly and attractive and the staff/management courteous and professional. It was the best run club in the midwest…now it’s a hell hole.

  59. steven

    The hot ladies are back!!!!

  60. Bartender

    Aubrey needs to shut her mouth more and work. Needs to be gone! Eight years there its time to go. Poor bartender!!! Dancing sucks to!

  61. Bonerville

    This place makes my balls tingle…what the hell did you guys put in my drink. Just kidding! The ladys are sweet and sexy as my grandma when she was 21. Do you girls recommend the VIP treatment?

  62. benny

    takes the stress right from me when i enter this establishment!great place to visit. will be back

  63. Kobe Bryant

    Jeez, lighten up “realistic”.

  64. John
  65. DARYL


  66. Longtimecoming

    glad to see the trouble makers no longer there, ( Chicago, Heaven, Wynter). Newer gals much nicer, cute,and honest no games or crooks and jailbirds!!!

  67. Justin

    Agree a dive is right I thought they got Gary out of this place this is the last time I go here.

  68. impressed

    went into the club last saturday. i have been here before and was happy with the experience, but thought i would comment this time… dolls has quite a few very talented girls right now, as well as pretty. i love when girls actually do pole tricks and work the stage….as well as working the floor. lots of pretty girls, and quite a few new ones… plenty of girls working also!! they had a different dj there too, an older guy looked like a cowboy.. he was a great DJ, way better than the bald one that is usually there. not sure if they replaced him or what but they need to keep the new guy there!!!!!!

  69. Fodors

    This place needs a manager before it dies. Has some very hot dancers, used to be a great place, but it has become dead a lot, few hot dancers, not enough girls or customers to fill the bill, so vicious circle. Hip hop night on Sunday is busy,but yikes, look what it draws. Owners need to pick this place up fast before they kill it with bad vibe and bad mgt.

  70. T.S.C DANCER


  71. Bobby D

    New Girl Pixie is hot! Awesome tattoos on that little bod

  72. Jayhawker1980

    Been coming to this club for years, but it’s just not what it used to be. Haven’t seen any new infuse of talent forever. Half the fun of a club like this is meeting new people. Same thing over and over. The girls don’t even seem to try anymore, just sit and hope someone will run them down. Food is great, drinks are reasonable, music is good. Just really need to find some new girls. Went to Orleans last week, plenty of young pretty girls. Same owner, why can’t they get some of them over to Doll’s?

  73. yuck
  74. James

    I went in there last night, Feb 2016. Club has a nice appearance. The food was good. Not a drinker but thw food was fine. Had some attractive girls, but from what i could see they all just hung out attractively the bar, WITH EACH ITHER! Playing on their phones. I was there 3 hours attractively tend was asked I we I needed another drink 17 times….seriously I counted. Meanwhile I was tipping girls on stage and a drinking there to stop by and only

  75. darren
  76. Dancer

    Night Mgmt. lacks consistency. He plays to much watching hidden cameras in his office. I used to enjoy working here, but his playing favorites and rules are not the same for us gals so I have moved to a better club without an ass trying to be a somebody who obviously will never be anything but a punk. Bones this is you!

  77. Ralph

    Always fun. Been there often. Some beautiful girls. Some so so. Good variety. Can’t say who’s best because I don’t need the competition.

  78. Wes E.

    Overall great place to be. Girls are great, gorgeous. Music is awesome. Love the place, go there whenever am in town.

  79. me


  80. Realistic View

    For those of you who bag on the managment and staff. Take a look in the mirror you just might be the douchbag that they dont want to deal with. Thoses places are nothing more than a giant soap opera with junior high drama. There are more things for the management and staff to worry about than you complaining about girls not sitting with you, slow waitress, etc… And more than likely if you were being generous with your green you might see a different attitude towards you. My wife and I have never had a problem with anything in this club and ALWAYS have had a great time. But hey if you have all the great ideas on how to run it, I am sure they would put a number on the whole operation and you can run it your way and see the whole story.

  81. anon

    overall it is not that good

  82. Jayhawk guy

    One of the best damn clubs around. It’s not a barn house like all the others

    and they know how to hire hot chicks! Check it out.

  83. ERIC


  84. Keystone

    Where is Gary?

  85. KC

    Great club. Asia on the day shift is sexy and amazing. Randi is as beautiful as Beyonce. At night check out Blaze and Aslan.

  86. charlie

    this place sucked ass u have ugly girls and none of them even come and sit with you! and ur waitresses have absolutely no personality what a fuckin waste of a cool lookin club.. props to ashton shes the only girl i saw there that was worth n thing

  87. Carl
  88. Roku

    Lots and lots of beautiful girls, I was insanely impressed by the lineup and

    nearly fell in love every time I looked around the room. The only con I can

    think of is that fat, bald dj, Matt, is god awful. He spent the whole night

    shouting “Let me hear somebody scream!” in 10 min intervals and got wasted

    and had dancers giving him gross lap dances all night long. What’s the point

    of going if the dj is going to monopolize most of the girls?

  89. Alabama

    Was in on daylight savings night. Great club see ya next week.

  90. tom s

    Nicest club in Kansas. Sexy women, great private dances, give and thou shalt receive…

  91. DeAndre

    The dancers are cool, the only thing wrong is it needs updated and the management is horrible. The worst part is the DJ

  92. Robert

    Club would be great if the owners treated the staff better and weren’t racist. After speaking to a few of the dancers I was told they were only allowed to hire a certain number of women of color. All of the dancers seemed as if they were walking on eggshells because the owner of the club is constantly there now they all seem very on edge making the experience suck.

  93. K.Kringle

    Overall, the best club in Topeka for yor time. Many super women to see. Chantee, Ashton, Diane, Jessica, Rayna to name the stars, many more good ones. The bar staff is good and the food is good all the time. Ths sound is great when the dj doesnt screech in the mic.

  94. leon

    The deejay sucks, no one wants to scream in a strip club, keep it more classy and professional, the deejay has the most annoying voice ever he sucks! get a DJ that actually has a tolerable voice

  95. bigskinny

    Nice. Sassy and others are fine

  96. Roger
  97. Jim

    Drinks are $1 IF you are in early. And why not, you’ll get all the attention to yourself!

  98. Racy

    Not worth the time. Stuck up girls.

  99. David

    You can get anything you want here. The girls are DTF. You

    can even get high there.

  100. frank
  101. In town from Lincoln

    Have been here several times in the past and always had a blast. Was just in recently and thought the place had taken a major turn for the worse! About the only thing it had going for it was the full touch policy (no boobs or pussy obviously) and the $2.75 Red Bull and vodkas. Joey you suck. You sit in one place on your ass all nite with your one sugar daddy or boyfriend for the evening and no one else even gets a whiff of you. I’m not the sniffer row type of guy so I got NO attention whatsoever because the girls just don’t make the rounds like they used to. I had a pocket full of money from casino winnings and the only person I gave any of it to was the cocktail waitresses and bartender. Horrible atmosphere. Granted it was a Friday but I’m not looking to go somewhere black guys are “making it rain” and staring at you making you feel awkward. If I wanted that I would head further down south like Texas or the ATL. Come on girls spread the wealth around alittle here and pull yourselves away from the one guy you think will support your habits for the nite.

  102. Bart

    Classy place, great women.

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