Deja Vu Showgirls



485 Northwest New Circle Road, Lexington, KY 40511


38.0727102, -84.4797341




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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The Smokey Mountains of Kentucky have long been a literal breeding ground for sizzling’ hot, adult entertainers. And where could be a better place in which to meet some prime time Kentuckian kitten’s then the exquisite Deja Vu of Lexington. This rambunctious location showcases over 50 of the area’s most seductive, fully nude, southern belle’s on one large main stage, with couch and shower dancing available.


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0 reviews for “Deja Vu Showgirls

  1. joe cash

    loved it

  2. john

    The dancers here are very nice and its great because they will just chill with the guys and hangout.

  3. samiam


  4. John Haywood


  5. NM Visitor

    Yes Novella is Hot, Emma is Hot, the really skinny one (I think her name was Riley) is Hot, Morgan is REALLY Hot, and yes they have some GREAT dancing. But, hands down, GIA was worth the money all by herself. I would spend my entire paycheck to watch her do a crossword puzzle! She is RIDICULOUS HOT!!!! Like MOVE TO KENTUCKY FINE!!!! So friendly, such an Great Dancer and if I may be vulgar for just 1 second Beautiful Pussy! But more than that she is down to Earth and has a smile that makes ME want to strip! Seriously GOOD GOD I wish she would let me buy her a house! OH, and Did I mention GIA IS GORGEOUS?!!!

  6. Keno

    all in all its a grate club

  7. Big Pimping

    I love this place i always go here fairly cheap and the dancers are fucking banging hot!

  8. Jesse Westburgh

    Briana, your the shit

  9. Zeus

    Very Nice Club, gets a bit smokey at times though, girls are all beautiful, couch dances differ per girl, Emma is more energetic, Jewel is playful and erotic, there is something for everyone

  10. Brody

    Best Ever

  11. LT. Col.

    I went to this club after closing time at another club in Lexington. This place is trash. I real do not see how it got an 8.8. The two kids at the front door where complete jerks about I.D.s They asked once and as I was pulling it out the idiot yells at me that he needs to see my I.D. The D.J. Seems to think he is the though guy of the club he has a lot of put down remarks to make. They need to put a lot of money in to the interior of this place. They have the most uncomfortable chairs in town. The bathrooms are trashed and smells like urine. The service from the waitresses is not up to par either. They dont server alcohol, So you would think that fountain drinks would be great there but they are not the coke is water down along with ever other thing they have. Some of the dancers seem to think that they are too good for some of the customers, and others act like they dont want to be there. I got one dance while I was there, and it will be the last one. The dancer had a vaginal odor problem. This was my first and last time there. I guess you could say that it left a bad smell in my noise.

  12. Angel

    I love this club!The girls are friendly and not a bit stuck up like in some of the other clubs I have been to. I was there February 14, 2009 and a dancer named Stacy really stood out. She was so cute and friendly, I couldn’t help but buy a dance from her, and she gave an amazing performance. I couldn’t wait to get my husband back to our hotel room, lol. I can’t wait to go back.

  13. Guy

    ROCK ON!!!!

  14. tommy


  15. Who Dey
  16. Corey

    Great great club, very interesting place to be around. DJ interacts extremely well making things quite fun.

  17. ed
  18. v.k.

    uptight boring place

  19. College Guy

    I’ve been here a couple times and it’s great. The dancers are beautiful and most seem to have a good time dancing making the atmosphere great. BTW Isabella is top notch that girl is BEAUTIFUL!!!

  20. passion

    just wanted to say thanks to all the good comments u have given me i really appreciate it. it makes me know that im doing my job well and makes me want to work harder to please all my customers. thank u and i luv my job very much. lol

  21. i_8_ur_wife33

    WE was there this past wen. night.The music was great.The waitress was great for the first 2 hours but then we had to try to run someone down for a drink.Some of the dancers was beyond great the blonde I think the dj called her passion was beautiful and also gave good couch dances.And for the guys talking about odors this lady was clean and had a very nice scent to her.there was a dark haird dancer with a moth or butterfly tat on her back thatd drop dead beautiful she was a great dancer.but there was about 3 dancers there that looked like they hated being on stage never smileing what so of them had one thing that I guess she thought was sexy that wasnt.She would lay on her back and shake her legs but wasnt giveing anyone and looks or views of her pretty much she was aweful.but the ones that liked there jobs and was showing it well made up for the bad for the club most things was nice the bathroom could have been kept in better shape but nothing major.

  22. Cali

    Jordan is fine as hell and also a cool girl but she seemed kinda bored with the dancing part. I liked talking to her more than the dance.

  23. landers

    pretty good club lapdances are too expencive and girls only talk to u if there asking u for a lapdancebut overall atmospehere is good and exellent dj good music

  24. Regular

    Well noname you are correct about the other 2 girls, cody is one of the best girls there, and very beautiful. But you must be mistaken Clayton for someone else, i visit the club very often you could call me a regular and she is very Professional at what she does and i know if the girls were to give there numbers out they would be dismissed from the club and she has told me she enjoys working there and doing what she does, i dont think she would lose her job over some low lifes trying to get with strippers.

  25. jesse

    best place to go if your not twenty one

  26. m dejavu


  27. Ashley

    I love the club, but there are a few girls who definatly act like they don’t like their job. You could lower the admission and you’d get alot more customers! But I love the girls!! My husband and I love this place, for one you don’t have to worry about drunks!

  28. Tom of Maryland

    I just stopped by here midweek while passing through the Lexington area and I don’t see what many on this blog are fussing about. The young DV women dancers were quite good and the prices were competitive. As an older guy (I could be any of these women’s father) I was treated fine. On two nights, I picked pretty Aurora, Briana, and Jordan and all gave me pleasurable VIP dances (subject to local legal restrictions of course) and Aurora had a particularly enthusiastic attitude, which I really appreciated. I also checked out local Lexington clubs Outlaws, Divas, and Platinum (Plus?) on the same nights and found that DV seemed (to me) to have the highest average quality in terms of physical beauty. I will admit that Divas and Platinum did have several women who were quite attractive and, being older and more experienced, they seemed to give slightly wilder and more sensual performances than the younger women of DV. But in these other places there were also lots of other dancers of much less interest to me, in contrast to DV. The main thing that bothered me about DV-Lexington was the staff frequently interrupting couch dances and even VIP room dances while attempting to sell drinks. This seems particularly inappropriate for the VIP room. In conclusion, I had fun here – although not quite as much fun as I had in DV-Nashville. But both DV locations are certainly worth a stop-in for travelers interested in pretty young women.

  29. Taylor


  30. jeremy

    great club

  31. Andy

    Was at the club on June 29th. Wonderful dancers. Specifically, Gia was a wacky godsend of beauty. Aurora was quite possibly one of the hottest ladies to ever grace this wide beautiful world. Special shout out to Amy, was just her 3rd day working, but the lass is a NATURAL genius. I repeat, stupidest ex-boyfriend ever! Catch her shower shows, its something to be treasured forever!

  32. charles sparrow

    need to have better deals on items for sale.

  33. Good Time

    I had a great time had alot of great looking girls. Haily and jade was my Fav

  34. Sleepy

    Me and some buddies went the Sunday night before several of us left for army training on Tuesday and we had one hell of a time…wonderful atomosphere and the girls hospitality was great. We will go back.

  35. Bob

    This damn club sucks

  36. ds
  37. Hazard Boy

    It is a nice place to go and have fun with your buddy’s.The dancers look good but there are a couple that are smoking. Brianna,And Codi.

  38. Mike Hunt

    I love it but, tuesday’s suck big ones compared to every other night, the cover guy took my money motherfucker!!

  39. dustin

    this club got the best dancers in lexington kentucky and maybe the whole state

  40. Brian

    I’ve been to the Vu 4 times in the past 10 nights. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed myself each time and always end up spending more than I intend. I would have a better time if some of the girls were more sociable. Lolita, Reagan, Angel, and ‘Leya have great conversation and personality. I look forward to going back.

  41. GT

    pretty nice club

  42. bigpimpin
  43. Ricky B.

    Overall very good club. Enjoyed it a lot definitely not the last time I’ll be going there. Most of the dancers were good looking… Anyone know who the dancer is that has blonde hair with wings tattooed on her back and a few other tattoos and piercings?

  44. J12345

    No alcohol and $20 cover. If you like your women thick then this club might be for you. Most of the girls make Kim Kardashian’s Ass look small. Didn’t get any dances because I’m not a fan of the Kardashian type.

  45. Michael

    always coming when I am in the Lexington area

  46. ekillu

    i heart this place

  47. Cara
  48. jordan

    you need to put your strippers on here……over all it’s a good strip club

  49. J from mbor

    last friday was my first day and i just have to say it was awsome and EMMA is my favorite hands down

  50. steve

    some of the girls are hot nut some are just straight ignoring if i dont want a dance please stop asking. how come no one ever talks about thuy she is the best looking and hands down the smartest one in there also girls dont hate on me because you guys make peanuts and i look better haha

  51. Waitress
  52. keith

    very dirty (clean wise) and no run very well, only served non alcoholic drinks , and they dancers were very poorly trained, didnt change costumes thru the whole night kept wearing same outfits between dances and private dances, that seems very un hygenic. Will not return to this club and would not recommend it at all.

  53. laura

    nothing to say.

  54. john lambert

    i feel that the club has a nice laid back attitude wich helps me to relieve stress from things at work.

  55. Lou

    I really enjoy going to the Vu. This was my second time and it was great! Cody gave me a couch dance and she was hot! Look forward to coming back.

  56. trackstar

    awesome club to just hang out in

  57. Jason
  58. reply to concerned

    there is no dancer here named tori, but a+ effort in trying to be obnoxious

  59. bigdik

    hot girls!

  60. Colby

    Cody is still there. She is the best too

  61. Ian
  62. Erica

    I have only been there twice but my third time wont be far away. This club is great! The dancers and service is nice

  63. Cutter

    Best club in Kentucky.

  64. scott
  65. matt
  66. Braxton

    this club is awesome on fridays and saturdays. weekdays are pretty slow. some of the girls could be more polite though. most just ignore you like you’re not good enough. but some are very nice and excellent dancers. i would recommend this club to anyone in the lexington area.






  68. Jacob

    Angelina and Adrian are the best fucking two there! If you’re there be sure to check them out.

  69. dan

    this club sucks

  70. JJ

    Great Club. Some of the dancers seem like they hate there joba dn dont want to be there though. The one i am thinking of would be Brianna.

  71. daniel aka D from danville

    some girls are jealous of other girls and they bring TOO much drama to the floor. If you ever go here DONT talk to Rose becuz she gives the other girls a hard time if they do better than her and she brings drama to the customers making it hard for you to enjoy yourself but the other girls are nice as hell

  72. annonymous

    hey chris how much did management pay you to write that review? the only girls that are worth anything are the veteran girls, and management has no fucking clue how to run a club. they couldn’t find their way out of a paper bag, unless there was a twinkie on the other end…

  73. Mickey

    Was there and the place was dead.



  75. hornyguy

    Sammie Jo is the best!

  76. luigi

    i love it

  77. Tom

    Tom Stewart… its whatever

  78. Wes
  79. Drake

    All pretty girls that work here, club is just for barely 18 crowd. I felt like the oldest guy in the bar.

  80. D
  81. Lea

    I just went there last night for the first time & was expecting to have a crappy time, but it was totally great. 🙂

  82. Jon

    SeXxXxXxXxIeSt dancers i have EVER seen….. EVER

  83. name


  84. Bubby

    I like the Vu. The only things I dont like is that you can’t drink, and it is a $12 cover to get in. But they have $10 dances alot witch is good.

  85. kenny

    Love this club!! Diamond is the best dancer at this club hands down. I highly recommend getting a dance from her. My wife and I got one together and couldn’t wait to get home after that dance!

  86. Chris

    The club was awesome ran very good!

  87. johnson350baybay
  88. honey
  89. Travis

    I just wanted to ay to Adrian you are abolutely wonderful.

  90. Trev

    Vanessa and Amber kind of hurt my feelings on Monday night.I came to see these girls and they left ten minutes after I arrived. I got a ten dollar dance off each one, and was planning on getting many more. But they left immediatly after the introduction of all the dancers. Amber said at least told me bye and reccommended I get a dance from one of the other dancers. I must admit I felt a little unwanted.

  91. j
  92. willow
  93. Jeremiah

    It was my first time to deja vu and all i knew was stories my friend told me and i thought he was joking and playing a trick on me but it turned out to be fantastic

  94. To Charles:

    I’m sure none of the newer dancers knows who you’re talking about because none of those girls have worked at the vu in over five years. sandra still does work here, but she’s not here much. she travels around to other clubs as a feature. as for trinity she’s probably giving blow jobs somewhere, that’s why she was fired in the first place. i hear ray-ray is at rhino. as for mason… i haven’t seen her in years. if you want a good dance ask the dancers how long they’ve been there, i still get good dances all the time. look for morgan, adrianne, and cody.

  95. jon richter

    that new day shift dj always plays the same music and i can never understand what he is saying. classic rock is cool but i want to here someting new. bring the other guy back!!!

  96. John H.

    Went to this strip club for the first time with a buddy on a weekend, it was packed. Club was aight. Some girls could be classier looking but they were good dancers and a few were really hot. A blonde one called Tracy was doing great stuff on the stage poles. I got a few “couch” dances from a real hotty I think Faith was her name and one from a sexy lil Asian lady. They were awesome. The best was a ridiculously hot Arab/Persian chick who I ended up getting some time in the “VIP” with. I think her name was Layla. She was nice when we talked and her dance was great to. My buddy also had a fun time. I might come back, maybe when its less packed.

  97. Re: Trev

    I’m sure that their actions were not intentional to hurt you or make you feel unwanted. Their shift was over and at least they DID dance for you before leaving. If you are wanting to hang out with them and get more dances from them I would suggest coming in earlier than the shift switch-over.

  98. DW

    I’ll definitely be back soon.

  99. JD

    I come here very often. the girls are very good at what they do. Gia omg she is absolutly one of the most amazing girls i have ever seen on stage she is entergetic and wild love it. plus she has great abs. cody is absolutly beautiful. plus she gives one hell of a dance. but to tell u the truth first time i got one from her was to see WTF all those tattoos are on her Very hot i must say. huge tits big ass. shes one hell of a women. all the dancer are very proffessional. mondays definatly the day to be there.. 10 dollar dances all night and 10 dollar cover you couldnt ask for a better price. especially for all the half life college boys that we all know are broke. this club has made me a returning customer and i will b there again very soon.

  100. gots dejavu

    this place was really great. Had Isabella on the couch and she absolutely rocked my world. I would recomend her to everyone. This is a very fine club and the ladies are gorgeous. They place really great music and the private dances are amazing.

  101. DaWangHardt

    ive been 2 severaly clubs in Lexington but DEJAVUS will forever and always be my favorite, because the girls talk more and actually seem 2 be into the lap dance compared 2 other clubs. the DEJAVU girls are some of the most beautiful and most talented girls in Lexington. the only thing that i wish would go down is the Price of the VIP room.

  102. me
  103. E Dub

    Rediculously high cover. The private dances leave alot to be desired. On the positive, the girls are very young, very attractive, and good dancers.

  104. bigdog


  105. Haily

    You girls Rock. xoxoxo I love ya

  106. joseph

    i love this club

  107. jsp123

    love it

  108. smiley

    this club rocks !!!!!

  109. Geoff

    i love passion

  110. Alucard

    Nasty dancers!!! they look nice but I wouldn’t let a few of them touch me…..afraid I’ll catch something.

  111. Teri Ann and Shawn


  112. Cory

    Ryan is an amazing dancer!

  113. Rob

    The place I go to spend all my money.

  114. Donald Hughes

    This is def the best club i’ve ever been to….THE BEST

  115. Donovan

    cool as hell

  116. Danny

    This place is amazing!! There is such a big variety of girls and they are always running dance specials. Check it out, I know you will have fun.

  117. calvin

    new clubs needed badly same old hags from cameltoe

  118. Brandon

    I enjoy coming to this club, and will keep coming back

  119. moe.

    need more dancers, 3 dancers for 3 hours….that gets boreing.

  120. Rick
  121. Jeremy Wagers

    I shall return with more money and a better plan!

  122. Amanda

    I love going to deja vu!!! The girls are gorgeous and are very nice! I have to disagree though, Passion DOES smile, has an amazing body and is absolutely beautiful! Obviously she is my favorite haha..I think this club can be fun for everyone, girls night out, guys night out, and even with your boyfriend/girlfriend.I don’t mind unlimited drinks for 6$ either..

  123. Concerned

    Does Tori really have a staph infection? If so shouldn’t she be at home? Just concerned!

  124. Willy

    had fun when I was here.

  125. bigcuz

    I have been 3 times total and mellonfest was one of them. Wow, great place to go for a great time. I always leave happy and….. broke!

  126. dwayne

    ok…well… cough…hmm…

    the carpets need to be cleaned.

    it gets so smokey in there it burns my eyes.

    one girl that gave me a dance- STUNK- litterally

    the whole place needs a make over.

    the pop is nasty and watered down… guess that what you get… when its “bottemless”

    anyway thats it.

  127. military patron

    yo this club is da shit when i come home on leave i always hit this place up.

  128. gthy
  129. Shawn

    Monroe is a goddess

  130. your daddy

    randy u r a fucking dumb ass u cheap ass

  131. tim

    nice club

  132. rt
  133. Charles

    What happened to the veteran girls like Mason, Trinity, Ray-Ray, and Sandra? I was a regular at one time to these ladies. I heard Mason went to Cowboys but I never see her there. I heard Sandra is still at the Vu but never see her. Trinity and RayRay got a boob job and disappeared it seems. These girls gave the best dances. If you want a really good dance you need to find a veteran dancer, one thats been there for years. If anyone knows for sure if these girls still dance please let me know where. The newer dancers have no clue who these girls are.

  134. dirtygary

    there were only 2 girls on the day shift until at least 8PM. They were nice but there needs to be more. They were both 7s. At night the girls are really hot. Very young crowd. the girls don’t socialize.

  135. Puddin

    the girls were pretty good looking…at a titty club i expect some chicks with some “big tits” some had some good sized ones, others didnt really have any at all, but overall, it was good

  136. bill

    good place, there not much on contact with the customers in there dances

  137. Brandon Stitt

    It was amazing, I believe I got off!

  138. #1
  139. Alex

    I loved it!!!

  140. peaches
  141. gamer_X3

    I thought the music was wicked and the girls were fabulous. Service is up there, but the girls got that club on lockdown. Never seen an under 21 club rate so high on my scale. Great variety of dancers/models. For all the different types of “people” out there!

    My compliments to Aiesha! Very, Very, Very, Very, nice!!!:)

    Thanks for the experience,

    I will definately return,


  142. Enraging Chaos

    Awesome! Hadn’t been in 2 1/2 years and came back and wondered why I stopped going! Definitely something to experience…again…and again…and again.

  143. mat
  144. Zach

    Club sucks!

  145. jk

    Great girls.

  146. Joe Kool

    It was so awesome man. Keep it up y’all.

  147. Yeah_I'm_cute

    Aight I went Friday for the first time and I loved it!! Went back Saturday haha. got a dance from the same lady both nights. It was awesome!! She’s beautiful. not sure what her name was, wish I knew though haha. damn. this place is great. plan on goin back a lot if they keep my gurl haha.

  148. adam

    i loved this club i’ve been here twice and i really like the girls especially madison and aalayah they are awesome and fun aalayah is the most beautiful thing i have ever seen and she gives the best dances i would reccomend those two girls but the other ones are cool too they all were very good dancers i had a blast

  149. BoBananna

    Very nice

  150. sam

    good club overall but some (not all) of the girls are a bit pushy, they dont seem to understand the word no…also some act as if they are too good for the costumers…but the club is still one of the best I have been to.

  151. sean

    I went to this club honestly not expecting much, but it was a very nice experience. I did not plan on actually buying any couch dances, but I have to say that there is one dancer that is well worth the money and she is Passion ftw. Check her out , you will not be disappointed.

  152. AL


  153. biff
  154. Royal Doyle

    The club was nice. The girls looked good, but alot of them were to up tight. They didn’t really seem worried about the guys inless they were theowing money at them. You gotta love the low rent brothers to.

  155. tj
  156. tyler


  157. aekjg
  158. Amazed

    All i have to say is TWEETIE!!! OMG! went in not expecting to have a good time but left mesmerized! definitely coming back nxt week

  159. Jordon

    It was hot and the couch dance was electric!

  160. Electricman
  161. willie

    amber,vanessa,and mary jane are the hottest girls in central ky as long as they are there i will keep on stopping in to say hello

  162. hgj
  163. wbb

    i love this club, the dancers are great and so nice, i swear i could live there

  164. Clark
  165. creed

    novella was worth every dollar i spent…of my morgage

  166. CORACOS

    The girls and staff are very friendly…

  167. FISH

    u fuckers rock

  168. Derrick

    girls are awesome but they are kind of stuck up

  169. Aloha
  170. fucking idiots

    i think it’s so funny that half of the comments on this site is from other dancers just trying to hate on all the deja vu dancers. if you were fired from the vu, i’m sorry, but there is no reason to take it out on the dancers. i’ll admit there are a few who shouldn’t be dancing at all, but that their business. if real customers had complaints then they usually tell a manager while they’re at the club, quit being FUCKING STUPID, GROW UP, AND GET OVER YOURSELVES. it’s just ridiculous to act the way you all do. cameltoe west rejects? lol there isn’t even a girl in this club who use to work there… fucking idiots.

  171. da B

    This is a great place, with some great dancers. Everyone downing the interior, I don’t go for the interior. Its all about the girls and they’re good, with a few smoking ones, off the chart smoking.

  172. Craig

    Very hot and attentive manager. I believe her name was Carol. WOW! Hotter than any of the girls dancing. Answered all my inquires about the club with class and a bit of humour. This lady should get a raise.

  173. Richard

    I enjoyed my visit.. I found the dancers very attractive and talented.

    There are some areas that I think could use improvement.

    All night long, not one dancer just sat and talked to me first or even introduced herself. They just walked by(most often 4-6 feet away) and asked if I wanted a dance. To me, this business only approach, and the fact that I could not hear them ask and had to read lips, is a turn off and brought many rejections from me.

    Of the few I did accept dances from(the ones who actually came close enough to hear their voice), not a single one sat and talked afterward, not even for a minute. I even bought four couch dances and and a drink for one dancer and she was gone as soon as the dance was over, drink in hand.

    The only dancer that talked to me at length was during my trip to VIP .. and that was at my request, but then I was paying for it.

    I guess what I am saying here is that the girls were friendly but not socialable.

  174. swanky

    awesome place…..

  175. BUB

    this club rocks you go once you will addicted .the girls rock there friendly and nice i went to the hot oil wrestling man it was a blast TRUST ME YOU WILL ENJOY YOUR SELF .

  176. Sarah

    everything was amazing.

  177. Troy
  178. Tommy Goodman

    It was my first time coming here because i’m from out of town so this place was very new to me. i could done with so many girls asking me for dances between every girl on stage. that was annoying. otherwise i really enjoyed the lady’s dancing and their company. i really liked aurora she was alot of fun, and the short haired girl named novela i think. but seriously all the girls were great. i’ll try to come back.

  179. kayla
  180. Jim Crapperbottom

    Cut songs and minimal contact make this club unattractive. The girls are generally young and attractive, however. The hustle factor here is high.

  181. chase logan

    you all made my first time a memorable one!!!

  182. TCs BabyGirl

    I think it is rediculous that they actually treated Ray Ray like they did. She made a damn good amount of money for that club. They play favorites at that club- they always have and they always will. When I worked there, they did play favorites- especially to 3 of the day shift girls that were there and they know who they are. Some of the employees are assholes except for a couple of the DJs that were there and they were fucking awesome- Travis and Charlie!!!!!! I did like the managers- JoAnn and Angela when she was there. But some of those girls were rediculous. Amber was a really sweet girl and a great person to talk too. All in all though, this club needs lots of help on the girls and some of the staff!!!!!!!

  183. Trixie

    I’m a girl and I’ve been to this club about 6 times. Its a fun place to go if you are under 21 and the atmosphere is great. I love to sit up front and tip the girls. I just wish that smoking wasn’t allowed. Christina is the best ever. I am in love with her. Lolita and Mia are great too! But Christina got the best body and best moves including private dances! I would recommend her!

  184. Timothy sparrow

    Nice clean place.

  185. nate
  186. BOBBY

    Club is off the chain, fo rizzle dawg.

  187. leah

    Hot girls here!

  188. Cody

    Some of the girls need 2 work on danceing a little better.

  189. monroe

    love the girls when they have time they will actully talk with you

  190. Cecil Hall

    Deja Vu has not seen the last of me haha

  191. tootz
  192. Kris

    Amazing Club. plan on going again real soon. the girls they’re were not only pretty but very nice.

  193. Kevin

    Way to much attention for the girls in the club.

  194. jamie

    awsome place…i had never been to one before and it was my first time, before we even left me and my friends were already panning our next trip there!!

  195. bleach it

    could have sworn I saw track marks? Geez, do these people get check-ups?

  196. bcf
  197. kim

    girls beed boobs if they are going to work in a titty club

  198. mason

    i absolutely love novella, she was the most amazing dancer i’ve ever met. i enjoyed the other dancers as well. this place was alot of fun. i’ll be back for sure!!!!!

  199. Charlie

    This club is amazing!

  200. Derek

    The club was the best I have been to.. Amber was the greatest dancer i have ever seen. The prices was cheep. I would tell anyone who is looking for a club to go to. I would say Go to DEJAVU……..

  201. hey annonymous

    Hey annonymous. Apparently you used to work there and got fired. Cause if you dont like managment or the girls you wouldnt be surfing there website. Get a life and grow a pair…opinions are free but what kind of coward remains “annonymous”

  202. J.C.
  203. Mark

    Rose is the best dancer EVER!!!!

  204. Robert Raker

    Tonight was my first night there. i was a little nerves but DAMN, those girls were so fine. and they treat you good to which is the best part about it. but Keep up the nice work ppl. And i will have all my boys comein.

  205. thad
  206. bleach it?

    lol really? what do track marks have to do with check ups? i’m confused. i really wish stupid bitches could get a life and do something other than run their mouths on the computer when they won’t do it face to face. it’s funny how scared you are.

  207. Me2001

    My husband had a blast and plan on going back the next we are in Kentucky

  208. Chris L Winters

    I love working for Deja Vu. I am currently a door man and the ladies are really nice. The club I work at in lexington is very professional, And I was surprised to see how much fun the ladies have dancing. I don’t really get to see them in action but they come visit me once in awhile and talk to me. The managers are very professional and make sure that everything is done how it is supposed to be done. I plan on staying with Deja Vu and possibly turning it into my career if they allow me to do so.

  209. 2dollaz

    They give Long John Silvers a run for their money, place reeks.

  210. I'll never tell

    I Love it there. The night shift girl could be alittle nicer, But the day shift is fuckin amazing. One on one with the girls they talk to everone.

  211. ttmax
  212. melissa

    fucken awesome cant wait to go back

  213. marie
  214. 995

    worst dj i’ve ever heard

  215. jonathon

    i have been there more then 100 times i still love it

  216. the artist

    I think you need to clean your carpet.

  217. jimbo
  218. ben

    i’m in awe, i had such a great time at the club last night. isabelle is so enchanting, absolutely amazing in everyway. also novella was very cute and loved her dances. the other girls were nice too. morgan, i think, was very sexy in her costume! loved it there!

  219. King
  220. David
  221. J.T.

    One of the best erotic entertainment clubs in KY!!!

  222. timmy
  223. Dude

    Management Sucks. 1 yes ONE girls in afternoon. WTF, why bother 30 mins. b4 she even came by. . . fire the manager get someone with a brain. Strip club = naked women not woman

  224. jake

    my first club. very enjoyable

  225. visitor

    Other than amateur night, girls were SMOKIN hot! The girls were very couple friendly, and the DJ called 2 for 1 and half price dances all night long.

  226. BOO


  227. David B.

    These girls are hot and can give great lap dances. This was my first time at deja vu and it WONT be my last!!!

  228. missy
  229. mike

    the club was okay, the music was great. i definately have to say i’m in LOVE with novella. she was fucking awesome. i’ll come back again.

  230. swing low big dick-ee-o

    tha club is off da hook! wam bam randall cunningham!

  231. miranda


  232. Marcus

    Decent club that caters to the “young” crowd, i.e. 18-20 group as it is non-alcoholic. Young, mostly attractive dancers here, although they can be somewhat aloof to the 30ish business clientele. I’ve had better times at the Vu in Louisville, but this one isn’t bad. On the plus side, they have recently remodeled.

  233. joe

    BEST CLUB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  234. Dick

    you haters always got to hate on the greater things in life yet you dont realize you are hated

  235. lark

    This was my first ever strip club experience. I went with a friend of mine and we had a freaking blast. We got odd looks from other customers, probably because we are 2 females in there w/out any guys. I got a lap dance from Madison and tried to bring her home with us lol She was freaking great though. Gia kept motorboatin my boobies which was freakin rad. There was a couple of girls that didn’t really act like they wanted to be there but other than that it was a great time. I can’t wait to go back with my fiance 🙂

  236. Danny187493

    This club is the coolest place in all of Lexington,Ky

  237. Ryan
  238. curtis

    i love this place keep up the good work….

  239. justin timberlake

    pretty good club

  240. NS
  241. gg

    fun place

  242. Chris Trent

    I Loved It!!

  243. Western Boy

    I havent seen many but I love this club, I love the girls espically Angelina. I was treated very well and in my opinion it can be topped but it would be hard

  244. gary
  245. aaron


  246. Eric


  247. xcvb
  248. w456
  249. jo
  250. daveyboy
  251. Bree

    Im a female and I had a damn good time!! Im going to go back very soon!

  252. kyko
  253. G-Money$

    Aint nothin new here- just some new paint and a bunch of Cameltoe West rejects- and thats sayin somethin if you have been rejected from the lowest of the low!

  254. Aaron Polis
  255. josh

    it was awsome… greatest time ever. and yes i did get a wood

  256. j simpson

    pretty cool nice girls

  257. dj lemons
  258. Erik Stokes

    Great atmosphere, The girls are of high quality and are very social if given the chance. Will be back again.

  259. Soon to be regular

    This club is definately worth a visit. They don’t serve alcohol but that’s cool because you don’t have to be drunk for the girls to look good. You could easily spend an entire paycheck in there without realizing it. Awesome experience, I’ll be back.

  260. puppy52

    jasmine & Mia are Excellent.

  261. TK

    this club is great!!! hot girls and fun times!

  262. millie

    I really enjoyed this club…. the best dancer out there is Tori she was really nice and did a great job at the private dances..

  263. Henry

    The girls here are awesome! Namely, Candice. She is easily the most beautiful girl in the joint, but that isn’t saying anything at all bad about the others. Blaze, Codi, Passion, Kimberly, etc… they are all great. The inside could use a little remodeling, but hey, I’m not there for the furniture!

  264. Savannah
  265. Manual Reardon

    I Have Been Here A Whole lot And I Just Love It

  266. randy

    are you kidding me? I have never seen so many white girls who couldn’t dance, in one club. I can’t believe the dj has the nerve to play rap music for these bitches with no rythme. at least they’re cheap. I got a lap dance for only 10 dollars. Next time, ill come in drunk.

  267. Reverend Ray

    Why don’t the girls ever come up to me? Am I that ugly?

  268. sikatuna

    cool club, girls are friendly, but some of the girls during late night are irritable … 🙂

  269. Jp

    fuckin amazing…Me and my buddys go every friday and saturday and fuckin love every minute of it….The new girl pierce,,her ass to fuckin die for

  270. owendog

    Had a real good time all the girls were great. I will be back soon.

  271. Nannah

    The Atmosphere at the Vu is intense at moments The girls deff know how to put on a show….Everyone there does their job well!!!…Cody by far is a fkn Goddess deff Recommend a Couch dance from her…and her Ink couldn’t be anymore suited to her….FKN Gorgeous…..Make a Betch quiver!!!…Adrienne is a Vixen as well!!! GUYS-GIRLS The Vu is a must ….Seeing these girls Perform is better than a Metal Concert on LSD!!! WORD!!!!

  272. Landon

    not bad

  273. Justin
  274. Christopher Trent

    I LOVE IT!!!!!!

  275. Landon Berry

    I had the time of my life! Everything was clean, classy and fun! It was just what a club should be!!!

  276. Phil

    Overall the girls aren’t amazing looking, there were two in particular though who I really liked. I can’t remember the name of one of them but she was blonde and kind of tall. I do remember the other’s name though, Emma. Emma is an absolutely amazing dancer and extremely sexy, get a dance from her if you go to this deja vu.

  277. jake hammons

    i love this place.

  278. Big Dick Marshall

    its pretty good….they rub their titties in ya face from time to time…i wear thin shorts so i feel the lips on my shit

  279. noname

    i was at this club the other night and it was excellent . i expecially liked cody she has huge titts even tho there obviously fake . carson was another good on she can dance and she is very hot not to mention she accually took the time to sit and chat. clayton i think her name is was bothering me and my buddies trying to give us her number and almost begging us for dances (i waould never date a stripper) but club was very nice i reccomend going..

  280. Dale Bryant
  281. Micah

    This club is absolutely awful. Most of all the dancer I didn’t like was “Brooklyn”. She clearly enjoys herself on stage but most viewers don’t and she has a vaginal odor problem. Also, she rolls her eyes when people turn down lap dances from her. Overall a very disappointing trip to this club.

  282. Logan

    I love this place! for all you haters that say the girls arent very social, maybe you should take a look in the mirror and then you might realize why! passion and jade dont really talk or smile but everyone else very nice, very hott!

  283. old regular

    its was good

  284. bbg

    I love this club the last time i went it rocked my world! The next time i go thought i am thinkin of tryin out the vip room….does anyone know if its any good or would i b e wasting my money??

  285. poked
  286. jerry

    i enjoy the beautiful women you all have there

  287. gre
  288. Return Customer

    I Have just recently been there and will be going again on monday, saundra was an amazing dancer and was seriously talented and was a spectAcle on the pole. The Service was on top of there game, i do have a few dancers that are disrepectful and oneof the waitresses got pissed at me, The club defilnetly gets an A+++++.. The entertainer Jordan caused one of my friends to ejaculate through his clothes, thats a true woman didnt even have to touch it

  289. JT

    I fuckin’ love this place man… best club in Kentucky…

  290. Bo
  291. corey eversole

    i love cody..all i gotta say…corey eversole

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