Ten’s Show Club



11 North End Boulevard, Salisbury, MA 1952


42.84302, -70.818896




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Ten’s Show Club

  1. dick
  2. rick beaupre

    girls are amazing here if i were you i would go there it’s worth the drive

  3. CC


  4. j

    my last visit was great.mostly hot blonds dancing.very nice club,not a dive.

  5. asd
  6. Kyle
  7. travelingguy

    One of the nicest clubs (decor and cleanliness) that I have ever been in. Unfortunately I was there on a weekday and it was slow. The cover/drinks were pricey for an off night. If I lived closer I would consider taking my wife there it was that nice of a club.

  8. iop
  9. yuo


  10. giggle

    Time is money my friend…we will stay if you pay, no dough no show no talkie! does your boss ask you to sit and chat while he doesn’t pay you? Probably not, if you let the girls know your interested in doing dances or tip her well on stage she will stick around, if your just looking to chat, sorry but she may be missing on other dances and making money, while sitting there for “talking”. Im truly sorry if this sounds rude but it is honest.

  11. ghj
  12. 'jk
  13. 1


  14. kevin


  15. ert
  16. duster
  17. rick

    Nice club. Very busy and lots of hot girls.

  18. Patty

    I love girls and this is my fav. club. Hot Hot Hot!!!!!

  19. i
  20. new
  21. bill
  22. jkl
  23. gh
  24. tyu
  25. frank

    thanks tens your the best

  26. george

    cant wait to go back!!!

  27. fritter17

    Always the best in Class when visiting this upscale Gentlemen’s club.

  28. Sean

    This is truly a “Gentleman’s Club”. Nothing cheapy or sleazy about this joint. Very warm and inviting.

    The women are gorgeous and very friendly, not to mention real entertainers, not fake ones pretending to be dancers.

    It would help the patrons to relax and have more enjoyment if the bouncers don’t make their presence felt on the VIP floors.

  29. mw
  30. UwTabADNajLaia


  31. bob

    great time as always

  32. sdf
  33. urnr
  34. brian
  35. Doc

    I love this place. Can’t wait to go back.

  36. op
  37. Bob L

    very nice!!!!!

  38. cETglJITSyqDMifF


  39. qt

    was there 2nite at the place was packed it was a great time

  40. twisted
  41. alan

    If your going to a club in NE. this is it.

  42. Edgar

    This was worth the drive.

  43. Rock Stone

    Not an intimidating place to take a date (if she’s into it). Wife loves the place.

  44. yg
  45. scooter

    been going for many years. i go to see a few favorite girls. it is safe, and i find

    it very relaxing. the staff is mostly excellent and professional. it isn’t cheap,

    but you can have a good time without breaking the bank. overall: best

    suburban club i have ever been to. hands down. (other reasons to go: colleen,

    noel, CJ, janine, kylie, natalie, lisa, honey, and of course tracey….)

  46. Good thing
  47. AJ

    Still the best in new england

  48. Shane101

    I went there yes I have been be4 n I don’t think that 4 the money I have to pay I should get treated like a dog!!!!! All these girls r stuck up they only want 2 sit on the cellphone n text. Than when one sits w u they complain how they r not makin money well hello mayb if u got off the phone. I askd the girl I was talk
    in 2 about the CR she said I like goon up there bc I don’t have to work as hard!!! O so if I take u up there u don’t want 2 dance??? Needless 2 say I did 3 dances w her they were good but I just kept thinkin bout up stairs????

  49. steve d

    went sat. night. lots of action. nice to see a busy club.

  50. aaaaa

    aaaaaaaaaa xxxxxxxxxxxxxx cccccccccccccccc

  51. Visitor

    The club is nice and clean, the interior is new and well kept. All the dancers are friendly, lets face it, they wouldn’t make money if they weren’t. All the dancers are very pretty and some of the servers and bartenders are prettier than the dancers. There is something for everyone, no pressure, a very nice time.

  52. luke

    thanks girls sat.was great

  53. joseph1k

    If you got some spending money and want to go see one of those, they definitly have those there. (You know what I’m talkin’ about.)

  54. David

    This place sucks. If you are running a strip club you might want to have change for a $100 bill and not get pissy about it when you are clled out. If you are not a regular then don’t go….the dancers will do their regulars before they talk to you and some won’t even take your money when on stage. CR is a joke. This is the place you would go if you just hit the lottery. If you only have a few hundred to spend for an air dance then RUN. Another laundry for drug money.

  55. Bobby

    Went last night they over play rock especially shit that noones ever heard

  56. fndjv

    get a new waitress for mondays

  57. Groul
  58. Sam Fan

    Nice !!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. aa
  60. brad

    Love this place!

  61. r
  62. ddddd
  63. joe

    10 plus,

  64. Ray

    OMG go see colleen she is the hottest on there an aswome looking red head she was the best dancer i had ever had

  65. d
  66. dj
  67. wifeandi
  68. toby

    the ten is for the price of a fat dance they need to call it twenty

  69. sammy

    I love this place.

  70. Patrick D

    Change the name to 12s

  71. name


  72. pqaPktuLMTypo


  73. y
  74. qw
  75. Henry

    I was there this weekend, I thought it was very pricey. Don’t think me and the guys will be back again. We are workers not owners of a business.

  76. []
  77. Ulogy

    The club is the worst in all of Mass.

  78. jeremyjj

    you dont HAVE to tip the restroom guy or anyone for that matter! WTF

  79. hTPRPgZQfluzwFZtjOo


  80. zack

    I agree. The best in New England.

  81. Niko

    A-plus all day long.

  82. Aaron


  83. ACE

    These girls are HOTT!!!

  84. gina richards

    great group of dancers especially Taylor

  85. o
  86. justacustomer

    incredible women, great service, clean and comfortable club

  87. g
  88. yi
  89. Christina

    I need out

  90. ron

    last night was the best

  91. k
  92. g yh

    HEy outsider…. your an ass…. “bathroom troll” anyone who knows who outsider is talking about know that the bathroom attendant is one of the nicest people you could ever happen upon. so MR. OUTSIDER if you have an issue with the bathroom guy go take a leak outside, or dont bother coming in at all…. f*cking douche

  94. bulldogg

    For s $15 cover charge there should have been better service. I waited over 20 minutes for a server to take our drink order. The dancers are very atractive but who can see them with the lack of lighting. The girls where not that friendly. The shot girl was amazing. But over all the club was very disapointing!

  95. amanda

    shooter girl was tooooooooo fatttttttt other than that it was greta

  96. frankie

    saw tens for the first time. WOW!!!!!!!!

  97. me
  98. fgh
  99. Jimmy


  100. djgfreo

    great time

  101. pat mine


  102. wer
  103. red
  104. 2
  105. sasha

    best club in NE.

  106. yui
  107. damion

    Its a optical illusion anytime you get bunch of naked chicks around one wit clothes the clothes one looks hot,but really shes ugly to

  108. dfg
  109. ryan123

    Downside: Insufficient stage lighting, $7 beers with nothing on tap.Upside: good parking, reasonable covers ($5-10).The girls were a mix.

  110. deniro
  111. p
  112. daniel

    Went last night and had a great time

  113. Sal

    Girls need liposuction,tummy tucks big time.

    Stretch mark capital of stripclubs. Yecchh.

  114. Eric Mack
  115. nick
  116. Mike

    Culub is to over priced, even in bathrooms you have to tip. Give me a break. I won’t be back again.

  117. Damien

    Tens does hav one cute girl but shes the cashier wats up w that put her on the stage.

  118. jim
  119. rrrrrrrrrrr


  120. Burt

    Best club in the USA.

  121. rty
  122. sleepy

    Waitresses have major attitude problems.

  123. q
  124. jon
  125. ]p
  126. qwref
  127. Busted

    You are busted your club rated 8.1 most nights you don’t have 8 customers.

  128. pete

    cant wait to go back.

  129. paul


  130. Larry

    10s all day long.

  131. lonney

    I love this place

  132. dee

    I would never travel to this club,total disapointment.take advice save your time,find another club.

  133. pat


  134. h
  135. tony
  136. chris

    The waitress on monday night just assumed i was giving a $4 tip because she came over without any change. Maybe if she served drinks rather than stand around and talked i’d give her more than 25 cents.

  137. fdrt
  138. robin

    10s all day long.

  139. Debra G.

    If your a first timer, GO HERE. I’m sure at this point you’re just looking for someone to take their shirt off so this would be the place for you. I hate to say it but if you have to pay to get in, plus pay $20+ for a simple massage or boring lap dance and have to shell out $$$ for watered down drinks, and your best option is the girl that still can’t get herself to the eye doctor to get contacts so she can stop wearing her mothers glasses than I’d rather stay home with money in my pocket and learn how to knit a sweater. You should go once and see for yourself of course but from trying this place out on three very separate occasions and still the same results. Best Nights to Go: Not So Sure Considering I went on Both Fri & Sat and I wasn’t Impressed.Noise Level: NormalAlcohol: Standard, Expensive for Watered down cocktailsPrice Range: Still don’t understand why you should pay to get in plus pay more inside…Accept Credit Cards: YesGood For Groups: Good for People that Don’t Have standards, first timers.Outdoor Seating: No, I should’ve stayed in My CarMusic: Whatever CD they were spinning in the 90’sSmoking: Smoking is Never a Good IdeaCoat Check: Not Sure honestlyGood For Dancing: HA! I don’t consider what I’ve seen there to be dancingAmbiance: Slow Motion NightmareHas TV?: It would be a good idea to know this in case you get bored.

  140. stoff
  141. Jason

    This club fucking blows, my rash is getting pretty bad.

  142. Jack

    I love this place

  143. John M
  144. outsider

    Seems like a lot of bogus shill “reviews” displayed here. This club is located along the coastline just up from the main drag of Salisbury Beach. It looks like a big, white palace, and it’ll be on your Left as you drive into Salisbury Beach down Route 1A (Beach Road). Take Exit 58 off of I-95 and go East to get to Route 1A. The cover charge was $15 on a weekend night, and the basically no-contact LDs were $20/song. This is one of the most upscale clubs that I’ve ever been in, but it was very dark & crowded. There were a ton of hot looking dancers around, but they didn’t circulate the crowd very much. They had a HUGE main stage with at least 4 dancers on-stage at one time. The DJ here was a MAJOR annoyance though…with his numerous “fake” annoucements & general snark. The have a bathrom troll in the men’s room, which is waaaay too small for the size of this club IMO. There are several levels to this club, but I wasn’t sure that all of them were open to non-VIPs. They did have a raffle giveaway for some Red Sox tickets if you stuck around until the very end of the night (which came at 1245 AM, not 1 AM like advertised). The club has an awesome setup (with the exception of the very cramped LD area), and they have a super HUGE set of big screen TVs that display up above the main stage.

  145. Donn
  146. jake
  147. someone
  148. rc

    They should rename this place Fives. I didn’t see any 10s there.

  149. dan
  150. ????????????//

    Amateur nights r always a great night

  151. uio
  152. jade

    ok but they thruw mw out

  153. RT

    Great club, probably best in MASS overall. Careful leaving town!!!!!

  154. hgy
  155. derek

    emma is very touchy in the vip room.

  156. xxx


  157. Jose

    It was decent. The club itself looks high class the only problem is once you paid the girls for a dance they would want more money right away or they leave. I paid for more dances if the girl hanged out for like 5 minutes.

  158. OOOOOO

    Nice clean club – I’m a woman & felt comfortable – nice dancers but they move on to quickly -I would put up more money if they would dance more on the straight away when moving from one spot to the next & it would be really nice if they did more pole dancing – that’s hot!Waitresses kind of have attitudes – The cover charge is a bit steep & the drinks are over priced.But overall it’s a good place not sleezy at all…

  159. v

    gorgous inside

  160. lop[
  161. tonycluber

    It’s a strip club there are all kinds of dancers. It’s clean and it’s not what you think a strip club should be. . You can watch the dancers or watch the game. The bar tender and drink girls are hotties. And IT’S clean no broken fixtures the door staff is friendly and like any real club drinks ARE NOT FREE so when you go remember your there for a good time.

  162. a
  163. TOM

    Nice club I will be back.

  164. ted
  165. aaaa
  166. Sid

    Nice upscale place

  167. al

    nice to see a busy club.

  168. Steve

    Very nice place. Vegas style.

  169. td

    the only club to go to.

  170. judy
  171. BIG Fan
  172. JJ

    Best club in NE

  173. YAN


  174. anonymous

    #1 by far

  175. fgytuj
  176. hjk
  177. ....


  178. aaa


  179. anon
  180. qwe
  181. ch
  182. Mack

    Best level of dancers appearance I have even seen in a club at one time.

  183. Brad S

    This club lives up to its name. Hade a great time this weekend.

  184. adam
  185. Glennstah

    Incredibly Bad, Horrow Show here due to rude and disrespectful attitude coming from Staff and Dancers. One of the worst Clubs I have ever been to in terms of how the Customers are treated. I will never go back again !!!

  186. john
  187. jimmy d
  188. ben

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