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0 reviews for “Mardi Gras

  1. Dean
  2. richard95

    This is one classy place. The atmosphere is somewhat typical of a “gentleman’s club” but the decor shows a real touch of New Orleans and the music rocks. They keep great security and the dancers are fine ladies not the stereotypical trashy strippers we whisper about. The only thing that turns me off about the Mardi Gras is when I have to relieve myself after a couple of brews. While the security at the club makes it my club of choice, the attendant in the men’s room turns me equally off. You walk in, do your business, get a drop of soap pumped in your hand and almost shaken down for not tipping. If you see the heavy set guy tending the men’s room on the main floor, go upstairs. I like security in the men’s room especially in the last hour that it’s open but this one guy is enough to send me down the street as opposed to dealing with him. He’s insulting, rude and is the antithesis of all the staff that works there. Overall, Mardi Gras is great, except for the Santa Claus wanna-be in the men’s room.

  3. j
  4. Howie Pitchtent

    Clean and quality club all around.. Drink prices are a bit too high.

  5. T Bone
  6. TOM


  7. Roger

    this club rocks

  8. Jesse

    Wensday night’s the night to go!

  9. Joe
  10. rocky76259
  11. Kenny McKirryher

    Mardi Gras is the shit.

  12. Whoah!!

    This place kicks fucking ass!

  13. MrBrownEyes2U

    Been to both this club and Mardi Gras 2 recently. This club in nicer in size and atmosphere. It can get pretty loud in this club though and sometimes it’s hard to chat with a dancer over the music. The gals are nice enough but can be a bit greedy when it comes to guys buying them drinks. Some of the gals get really toasted which can make things more interesting for sure in a CR but that is for both MG and MG2. Also in both clubs I noticed how quick some are to hand out their phone numbers so the gals can arrange to be dancing if a guy calls. It would be better to just post the darn schedules on this site or on each club’s site. In both clubs the beer was nice and cold and the bar service was excellent. Either place can make for an interesting night out, especially if you get to know a dancer a little more each time you return.

  14. Conman

    I dont know what u people r talking about all the girls got naked had a great time especially with rebecca

  15. Todd
  16. Bob Jones

    I wrote the general manager and never heard back…too bad they don’t honor their own coupons-or war vets. Parking lot full of motorcycles-riders not in club and just a few girls early evening. Support your vets n go to the club down the street.

    Dear Ms.

    thursday, June 30, Iv isited Mardi Gras with a friend about to return for a second tour of duty in Afghanistan and some buddies, left after a few seconds, and then went to another club. We printed out a couple of VIP coupons for us from the Internet and some friends for free entry from one site and it all seemed pretty cool.

    When we got there the parking lot was full and my friends drove around and look for parking and dropped me off I got to the door and the bouncer said you no longer took the VIP coupon. It wasn’t worth making a scene over but the coupon had no expiring date. Unless you guys got something on your website or on your door saying it’s expired the law says you have to honor it.

    You got a guy headed out to serve his country again and your bouncer wouldn’t even honor a coupon that would’ve just put us in a good mood to start the evening. It’s true I didn’t make a scene and tell the bouncer about all our problems, but the point is I shouldn’t have had to, right??

  17. lj


  18. Marvin
  19. Cj

    more than just a strip club you can hang out upstairs or hang downstairs with the girls it has everything atmosphere girls good food what more could you ask for

  20. C

    This places sucks and not in a good way.

  21. visa
  22. PatsFanMike

    This club ROCKS!

    Though MG and MG2 are related clubs(same owner I belive), this one is way better.The girls here are hotter than MG2. Although some do dance at both clubs you can see and tell who belongs at this club and those who just can’t make the cut. I found the girls who dance here regularly are much more professional and friendly.For the most part MG2 girls are lower in looks, class and attitude and drink to get drunk. Here at Mardi Gras the dancers put on a great show with lots of effort and really give you what you pay for. Mardi Gras is far superior than MG2….FAR SUPERIOR!

  23. Pepe

    Is this a nude club? Wouldn’t know it by what you see.

  24. Nelson
  25. dollar
  26. Me
  27. Mark
  28. Bob
  29. Sherri
  30. Pete Long Gone

    No one cares about this club anymore; that’s what happens when you ignore customers for years on end — they end up leaving for better places. Peeps want strippers to actually strip. DUH Imagine that… zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  31. MS Step

    Overall a great experience. Went 2 days last week during the day. Probably more girls during the day than most clubs I have been to.

  32. Timbo227
  33. don45

    Had a great time best club on the east coast

  34. MAX


  35. Stop shilling

    Patrons w/ a long history w/this club know it’s gone down the sh*tter. Business and quality of performance way, way down from its long ago triumphant days. An occasional shill post won’t fool anybody w/ a brain, as numerous guys have chimed in over the years to attest to MG’s pathetic decline. This shill, mgt and dancers all say its “one guy” posting bad reviews all over the Internet. LOL

  36. JJ

    I’ve been going to Mardi Gras quite a bit lately. The girls range from 6.5 – 10’s…mostly 8’s/9’s. All the girls are super friendly. I’ve found a couple favorites and had a great time in the CR. Highly recommend to locals and visitors!

  37. rebecca

    ya i love what rebecca does with her rack

  38. Geoff

    I love this place!!

  39. fritter17

    Just spent half the night on a Tuesday trying to get service. Worse staff on the planet and Manger didn’t seem to care. To make things worse, it was my friends birthday.

  40. MSRich

    I went twice last week. The first was on Friday night. There were plenty of girls and even used the other stages when there were enough people. It was so great that it was difficult to leave. The other was during the week and there quite a few dancers. The girls were great both times.

  41. Loyal Customer

    Best club EVER! Hottest girls around. ALWAYS a great time!

  42. bill
  43. Good Times

    Hot Chicks!

  44. Matt
  45. Steven
  46. Manuel
  47. Mass Traveler

    The club has an awesome set-up. I like that you can can a drink and mingle with others without being right next to the stage. There were a lot of good looking locals there the night i went (Thursday). I would say the current rating doesn’t do this place justice. I did not have a private dance while there though, i occupied my time with one of the local girls. Hot talent though. I would definitely go back.

  48. Hankins

    Girls are NOT NUDE here. Topless only. Just there couple Saturdays ago and then again just past Sunday. Girls on shift has decreased a lot and only one or two will get nude onstage. That’s it. You can believe the lying BS by mgt./dancers/shills like “conman” (appropriate name) that the girls get nude, but they don’t. Save for a couple here and there. If you don’t care that a nude club is really a topless club, knock yourself out and go here. Otherwise, go to an actual nude club.

  49. Mark G.
  50. Scott
  51. M Corbo

    1st timer here: girls disinterested and not nude. Bad time.

  52. Pauly D


  53. Leon
  54. RP in CT

    Been here four times. Increasingly terrible. Stage is poor: only s few good seats. Women of attitude: need to tip them a lot for nude view. Man next to me paid over $20 at the stage. Dancers sit by you, talk, but only to get you to engage in the expensive VIP dance, promising more than you will get. When I’m sitting at the stage, I want to see all the dancers – not be distracted by hustling dancer

  55. jr
  56. dave

    beautiful girls good time

  57. larry1

    Meh, the girls were acting all bored. No hustlers. I was there to spend some money and I couldn’t even. Eh. Disappointing.

  58. Rocco
  59. dmoney
  60. maxxy1

    Opened from 12-2am every single day!Great FOOD (from the 350 grill) Great drinks and bartenders! Club room upstairs so you Don’t HAVE to sit at the stage if you don’t want to. Great place to have a few drinks, dances, play keno, have fun or just to relax. Massage girl gives great massages and shot girls are fun!

  61. a A list customer

    The prettiest gals around….

  62. Joe S.

    Wonderful place all around, possibly the best in MA

  63. DadaBing

    This club is a must visit for anyone in the New England area.

  64. fan

    Love the babes at the gra!!

  65. MattDawg73

    Went with a gang of friends. I was first off very impressed at how the place seems to be a BIG destination for couples and single/groups of ladies to go for fun. That made for a really fun atmosphere. Got a number of private dances, especially from one beautiful Asian lady who did not speak English very well. Was given a bit of a minor scolding from a doorman walking through the LD room for having my hands on the dancer’s ass. She asked me if I liked it rough, and ended up leaving my nipples sore and my ear hurting from biting. Honestly, overall one of the most fun clubs I have been to in a long time.

  66. Tommy D

    This place has really gotten bad. I went it with a customer on a Friday night and I wanted to treat him to a few Lap Dances. The girls that were on stage only wanted to dance for there “regulars” and the girls that were not on stage were sitting with their friends and not working the room for lap dances or champagne rooms. The girls do not seem to want to work and when you order a drink, there is hardly any alcohol in it and I don’t think it is a

  67. Bobby
  68. ger
  69. Jordan

    I worked here last summer and banked every night. I just came back about 2 weeks ago and I haven’t made less that $400 a night. I love it here. The girls are just as friendly as they are beautiful. The club staff work together with all of us to make sure the night goes as smoothly as possible.

  70. JT

    i love this place so many beautiful women here, i think this must be what heaven is like.

  71. Charlie
  72. Alice M.

    Hated the atmosphere of this place. The girls were the cattiest I’ve ever seen. They glared at each other all night, I was expecting a fight a few times. Really killed the experience for me When I tried to order a drink, the bartender shot me the nastiest look and didn’t make my drink for another 20 minutes. Not impressed with this place

  73. Benny

    good place 2 free ur mind

  74. Dinero Dan

    Closer to a bikini bar than a strip bar. Why does it list nude when it isn’t? Change it please so customers aren’t mislead. See lots of stripper outfits, some topless and next to no nudity. About as bad as it can get because at least at Hooters you can get some chicken wings. Stay far away from here if you’re looking for a real strip bar experience.

  75. Jon
  76. badabing

    This is the best club in Mass.

  77. Mario
  78. reddy
  79. WOWWEE
  80. Russell

    The dances are really good…

  81. tj

    love tha cr room especially with Desiree

  82. Jimbo
  83. jim
  84. Bordo

    Best club ive been to in the area

  85. Quagmire

    Left bar confused and depressed. So NOT giggity.

  86. Circuit traveler
  87. bubba

    this place was the shit

  88. Weedman420

    Funniest comment during my college years.After frequenting Mardi Gras three times in one week The hostess – “You guys here AGAIN”….I went again many times over the years haha

  89. dr. dre

    stripclublist sucks MARDIGRAS DOES NOT

  90. Bobby C.

    The best club next to Spearmint Rhino in Vegas that I’ve seen! Best club on the East Coast for sure!

  91. Your DADDY


  92. Maxim'm Music CEO

    This club has the best atmosphere and the prettiest girls in the North East, as far as I have seen. They make guests feel comfortable and definately want to come back. When I go back to the Springfield Area, I will definately drop by.

    Thanks girls!!!!

  93. fuckery12

    I went there with a pocket full of cash ready to spend it and have a blast, but honestly none of the women were worth it. Only a few of them said hi, they acted bored and like they hated their jobs. The bartender was the friendliest girl there. Some were attractive, but non of them seemed like professional dancers, no one ever offered to give me a dance. Worst strip club ever. They need better management. Next time I’ll take the drive to CT where the real strippers work. I did find a few ladies to tip on stage, they will show you everything for $2, so if you just want some labia in your face, for a few bucks, this is a great place for you.

  94. Jojo
  95. Lady Lover
  96. Big Daddy

    Great please to get a lap dance from a pretty girl….

  97. D-Nice

    This is, so far the best club I’ve been to.

  98. Dancer

    Kaylani very hot! and she gets naked!

  99. Why_Knot

    I check this listing now and then and many of the “entertainers don’t get naked” complaints have a cookie-cutter aspect as if the same person kept leaving them under different names. It’s early 2013, and I haven’t been to Mardi Gras for about a year and an half, but those complaints have been going for way longer than that, and on my experience they’re not much accurate. Mardi Gras is a big club with nice decor and entertainers ranging from “pretty” up to “va-va-voom!” with just a few “mehs” and infrequently one that’s rude or unpleasant. Yes, the majority will go fully nude. Yes, some don’t. I don’t think all dancers are under the same “contract” with the management. A super fox may have discretion, a mortal woman may get the “if you want to work here” notification. Sometime management, more often during the day, is not riding anybody particularly, and there’s a bit of “I do what I want.” There was a time three or four years ago the club was just incredible with very-friendly beauties night-and-day but things did go a bit downhill, more expensive couch dances, more uptight with the extra five dollars going to a monitor each dance. I thought it was a result of the club being sued by a DJ and some entertainers for unfair labor practices. It was the wild west and a lot of dancers were just fine with that and raking it in, but then a group of either noble crusaders or disgruntled party poopers depending on your viewpoint went to court for an hourly wage and benefits and so forth, and things got uptight and went downhill somewhat, but by no means through the floor. The club is still real quality and so are the entertainers pretty much. What else? Two full bars, drink prices not bad. Twenty-five dollar couch dances in an open area but at least open only to couch-dance patrons, in other words Joe Schmo and his ten pals who don’t move from the bar aren’t ogling the performance you paid for. And then there’s the costly upstairs private sessions, those are high-risk/high-reward in my view, suggest getting to know the entertainer to make a smart decision, because you may well end up feeling ripped-off. Or not. The last compliment I’d give “The Gras” is that it’s almost always open 11 AM to 2 AM almost every day of the year in fact perhaps literally every day of the year.

  100. PVH

    Always worth the trip

  101. Donnie Brasco

    Best club in the New England.

  102. sears
  103. Ricky Bobby

    The MG rocks! Best club in New England, hands down. Don’t listen to the haters. Just go and you’ll have a great time.

  104. mastercard
  105. Too Bad

    Wow man that sucks for you I went with my wife got a champagne room with august and melanie it was sick!

  106. Peter

    Zzzzzzzz. Wake me up when this place gets good again.

  107. Mike

    Aswome club…good times hot ladies.

  108. Lia
  109. Damian
  110. Marc

    I must have went on the wrong day.

  111. Julian

    I love the Gra dancer are very freandly.

  112. Mike L
  113. someone
  114. james taylor

    i love rebecca she is so hot, love that ass and the way she smacks my face with that rack of her’s!! cant wait to see her again!!

  115. Springfielder

    Mardi Gras is a Top-less club. Every now and then a dancer

    takes bottoms off. Rare tho. Info on page should change to

    “Top-less”. Laps are average in Champane room is to

    expensive. Better clubs out there.

  116. Roy
  117. sevenondust
  118. Westfield Wanderer

    Gotta get nude girls. Some girls get it some dont. Nudie competition out there. Guys WILL travel.

  119. Dave F.

    This place is open at noon everyday (even Sunday) and even in the early afternoon there are 2-3 dancers. Yes, the girls are easy to look at and yes, it is the best strip club in Western Mass/Central CT (it’s worth the drive up from Hartford). The only drawback is during the day when bums come in off the street and hang around just looking and not buying a goddamn thing, other than that this is worth a stop if you want to have a beer in downtown Springfield

  120. ron

    this place is sweet

  121. JC


  122. Dino
  123. Corey
  124. larry
  125. Fattie

    Lame topless club. Had about as much fun there last week as a dentist trip. I’ll stick to Providence.

  126. BILL G
  127. xoxo


  128. Nate G.

    This was my first time going to a strip club… Jake M. has it right on… the strippers were all-in-all pretty good looking, the drinks were strong and prety cheap, considering it’s a strip club- my gin and tonics were $7(?) apiece.I was there for an electronic music event that was there for some reason; if i was in springfield again and felt like going to a strip club, I’d definetly check mardi gras out again.

  129. Taylor

    The real stripclub,the best club in New England!!!

  130. Daurgo

    Girls are friendly, sound not too loud.

  131. Drake

    Unlinke castaways these bartenders can really tell if you have had too much to drink and will tell you in a much more profeesional way that you have had too much, not just “I think you are drunk” like that bitch kylie from castaways.

  132. M
  133. ghyju
  134. Chitown

    I live in Chicago now- there are no clubs here that are as good as the Gras. Drive there buy a pitcher of beer per person and enjoy…nice variety of girls. The brazillian mami’s there were sweet. probably the owners of other clubs or pissed off strip hoes brought that rating down.

  135. some guy

    Get naked or starve

  136. HEY


  137. Worcester Boy

    What more do I want? Like a million other guys have already said, I want the dancers NAKED. Girls are hot, agreed, but tits alone don’t get it done. I’ll just go to the beach if that’s all I wanted. Mardi Gras has always disappointed me my times there, so I just stick to my territory mostly or head further East. Much, much better on the nudity front.

  138. Jane
  139. Big D
  140. hh
  141. billy

    great club hot girls

  142. Myles

    Hot girls good times

  143. B

    The best time ever

  144. aficionado

    major suckage and not in a good way. not much going on and you could see more watching cinemax. passed on laps. pretty enough girls but if they don’t excite during set time I won’t waste money for ho hum laps.

  145. John
  146. Wil
  147. bill rowe

    this is without a doubt the best club in new england..Been ther 3 times and was a great time each visit…the club is set up the right way and the girls are very friendly…much better than the foxy lady….

  148. Joey D.
  149. Skipper

    Majority of dancers not naked. Only topless.

  150. jack
  151. Richard

    I’ve been to a lot of clubs and the girls rate the best. The dancers are top notch very very good looking. What more would you want.

  152. brout
  153. Johnnyboy123

    I’m not the strip club type of person, but Mardi GRAS was unbelievable. I went there on a friday night on my way to mount snow with a coupla buddies. The place is inviting and the dancers are not invasive and constantly bothering you for a dance. The drinks are ridiculously inexpensive compared to NYC standards. I ordered a belvedere on the rocks and our bartender came out with a cognac snifter filled hallway for a measly 8 bucks. When u initially walk in, there’s a regular bar with the sports game on. As you walk towards the back, the stage if littered with beautiful women and the bar littered with pervs. The stage actually wraps around the bar so if u wanna get a seat at the bar/stage get there early. Most likely you will not be able to find a spot at the bar/stage, but you can still see the show from the outer sports bar area. Next time any of you or your buddies go snowboarding or camping in Vermont, I highly recommend you stop by this place.

  154. Club Sucks

    Needs to be removed from stripclublist and put on GoGoBar (dot)com If you see one dancer naked consider yourself lucky.

  155. Paul Popinjay

    Girls don’t get nude. Avoid.

  156. Teddy

    Awesome time. Great bar staff, very fun and flirty. The girls were sweet and damn sexy! Worth every penny

  157. The Hammer

    Had a great time Wed nite. First time in the CR. Gotta go back. It ain’t cheap, but pretty much worth what you spend. Ladies are gorgeous.

  158. Rick
  159. Alex

    Stuck up dancers who think they are all Victoria Secret models and therefore should be paid as such ($30 for a stage dance?) and also shouldn’;t show any nudity. Last time I go there.

  160. candle man

    love the girls in this club always friendly and always put a smile on my face

  161. Diana
  162. Paul

    was in spfld for a conference and had a blast

  163. Ray
  164. pepo

    i love the asian girl

  165. Thomas W.

    This place is amazing! Thanks Chloe and Christina and Emily for a great evening. The Osso Buco was incredible, served with delicious pork. Also had some scrumptious oysters. Please go to this place you won’t be disappointed. By far the best meal in Springfield. Interesting fact: Springfield was actually founded by a vicious pirate named Hans Sprungfeld

  166. Pickles

    There on Sunday night dancers weren’t nude. Ran around in garments topless. Two hours in me and buddy only saw two girls get naked. This club is off our list.

  167. Dwayne
  168. Chris
  169. Erika S.

    I’ve gone to this strip club with my husband many times and its the best I’ve been to anywhere and I’ve gone to a lot…. I just came back from a week in south beach and this place has all the clubs in south beach beat times 10. you can sit right up close at the stage and get table dances and throw money down. The girls are all good looking and really nice and often playful. It’s my favorite club to go to. Has a great atmosphere even for girls. The dancers treat you the same as the men. Some places the girls act weird towards girls but not this one. Very classy place and good prices. Definitely the place to go.

  170. Paul J
  171. Franklyn

    Always a good time, management is great as well as the entire staff,safe place to hangout . Great drinks, football,give a ways,etc

  172. jd20

    best club i’ve seen.

  173. hyuy

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