Deja Vu Showgirls



1336 Ravine Road, Kalamazoo, MI 49004


42.3073531, -85.6046106




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Deja Vu Showgirls

  1. Doug-e

    Does Devin still work there? I saw her a few moths back and OH. MY.

    GOD. This has got to be the hottest girl I’ve seen in any strip joint in the

    mid-west. Huge, perfect, perky (fake?) breasts. A lot of cool tattoos. Olive

    skin. Dusty blonde. The CUTEST dimples… Gorgeous green/blue eyes.

    Man I think I fell in love! LOL! I’m from outta town so I would kill for a

    schedule. I’d love to come back!

  2. some dude

    my first expience wass awesome shyanne was my girl ill be back in the end of feb of b day

  3. Sarah
  4. re: Destiny

    To Wheel Chair John: Yeah man, I agree with you about Destiny. She is a sweetheart. There are other girls that may have more classical good looks than her, but she is a fave. I just wish more guys would give her a chance. (PS, this is a real customer — not a fake post from Destiny — honest.)

  5. luvit


  6. Ted

    I would recommend Veronica, Scarlet, or Heaven. The overall quality of girls seems to be low. Don’t get me wrong there are hotties who can dance like I said above, but there are alot that are not that hot. Veronica has the curves and personality if that is what you like. Scarlet and Heaven are both great too when Veronica is not around. Veronica is such a hot little Sexy Santa. Check her out. She is worth every dollar let me tell ya.

  7. romr
  8. Jules

    As a woman, I am looking forward to my visit here. My Husband an I will be there on the weekend and I am so excited about some hot naked women strutting their stuff

  9. Lori and Rick

    Congradulations Jackie, sorry we missed you. Not sure when we will make it back, hopefully soon. I got my own dance pole for practicing, getting prepared for amatuer night, can’t wait. Will get back up there to see my girls as soon as possible, Love ya all.

  10. Timothy

    This shit was off the hook, best club yet.

  11. Ty Town

    It bad ass girls are got and lots of fun!

  12. matt
  13. Alicia

    I went to Deja Vu for my 18th birthday and had so much fun. The girls were so nice and very energetic. Very outgoing as well. I had so much fun and plan on going back soon.

  14. bobbie

    It is a really nice club, with lots of attractive girls.

  15. ben

    i think that the kalamazoo vu is great. hot girls, fun, exotic. i am especially into a beautiful girl there, she goes by the name of lilly and man is she something!

  16. sdfas
  17. Brock

    Desire is damn good. I got a blowjob in vip suite – excelent

  18. Renae

    I like the way you pay attention to the girls and involve them in your acts; however, just because a woman is there with a man doesn’t mean that both the male and female are not interested in lap dances and attention from dancers. You ladies are great and I have a blast every time I go.

  19. sucks

    Ive heard about this place since high school im 25 and fianlly made the trip i think it sucks too strict too anoying dancers trig to get privetes wont ever go back

  20. thom
  21. katy
  22. Mario
  23. edward

    who was that short girl with brown hair that worked today?

  24. Ryan

    Alli is by far the coolest girl I have met at any given strip club (and I’ve been to a few). Keep your head up Alli, not all guys are pigs 😉 Another blond bomb shell made my evening also. Her name escapes me. Both of you are beautiful. Thank you.

  25. Brent

    Happy New Year to all the ladies. Ali and Shyanne you give meaning to the word

    HOT! Looking forward to seeing you both again soon, and welcome back

    Shyanne it was nice to see you again.

  26. Dj

    The new building is nice, but the same old girls are still there. I think it’s about time to ditch the dancers who have been there 3+ years and find some new hotties. It also seems like many of the girls are waaay too businesslike with their approach. Very cold and direct. Isn’t the goal to be sexy, flirty, and fun? Just my opinion.

  27. A Dancer

    We need more customers!!!

  28. jiggle the wiggle

    This club is pretty good for the price. One thing I enjoyed was that I was able to strip down and masterbate right at my table. No one gave me any problems for it. I must have jacked the monkey about 10 times that night. I also enjoyed the free HJ’s that the DJ was given out during “Wild Hour”

  29. gixxer 1300

    great place

  30. Andrew Mast

    this club kicks ass

  31. Anthony Spears

    This Place Sucks Anymore, I would Much Rather Be At A Gay Bar!

  32. kzoo
  33. memememe

    this club is amazing! was there on friday and there were a bnch of hotties in the house!

  34. robert smathers

    it is the shit

  35. C.J.Turner
  36. Legend

    Music way too loud, but that’s standard for any strip club

  37. bitchpimp


  38. Ty

    This club was amazing!!!

  39. Jenny

    I love this club:) i’m there all the time. the girls are so nice and easy to talk to. Heaven, Chloe, Akira, Kayla, luscious, Mariah, Scarlet, Destiny, Felicity, Veronica, Arianna, Alize, Leslie, Abby, and everyone else…thank you for making me feel welcome everytime i come in. I luv u guys =)

  40. Joseph

    It was my first time to Deja Vu Kalamazoo, made a really good impression.

  41. wes

    I have been to deja vu in kalamazoo two time since I turned 18 in 2006. I plan on going back in april 07,and on my 19th birthday. All the girls are hot, and all of them are cool. If you have not been there you need to go.

  42. boggsle
  43. Dan
  44. Derek Wiley

    the new building is awesome. the best club i have ever been too.

  45. robert

    this is a very good club with nice ppl andi would recmend this club to eney one

  46. Justin T. Restivo

    What can I say its is the best damn Nightclub in Kalamazoo

  47. Tommy

    I had the pleasure of visiting this club while in town on business. Clearly from the start it was a slow night, especially as it was a Tuesday evening.

    However, the girls I spoke with were very friendly, a couple opting to sit with me and chat while I mulled my options.

    I had no intended on indulging too greatly, however spending time conversing with the girls it seemed right to have a couple of private dances. Sydney and Cami? (not sure on the name, but she was Chilean) were my first sampling and both were great with their own styles. Cami was sensual while Sydney was energetic.

    During the evening I had seen Britney?(again not 100% sure of her name) a couple of times. Again after conversing with her I decided to take up the offer of a 2 for Tuesday dance.

    WOW! Britney completely took it to another level and made me feel like I was the only guy in the place.

    So much for 2 for Tuesday, we carried on after the first two songs for a further two. I think we both had to stop after those dances as it was getting far too hot in the corner booth.

    What can I say? Britney was by far the highlight of my business trip to Kalamazoo. Next time I’m in town I am stopping by to pick up where we left off.

    Hope to see you all soon!

  48. The Chich

    I am the chich behold my powers, I miss my stripper and i want a callout on thursday night ebcause i will at attendance at the tip bar

  49. Arthur

    This is the most beautiful facility I’ve ever seen, and the girls inside live up to it. There are some GREAT dancers here (wink wink Bianca and Kayla). I just wish there had been a few women with some more curves, if ya know what I’m saying!

  50. kevin

    CHLOE all i have to say!!

  51. nate


  52. fggg gggg


  53. Scooter

    Only half the girls are even decent looking, the dances suck (nothing more then grinding), the DJ is an idiot and the sound system is a joke. People must have a REALLY low standard on this side of the state. If you go to Detroit every club has hotter chicks, longer dances, more mileage (and I mean A LOT more), and a much better atmosphere. The only thing that saved my trip out there the other night was the BJ I got from Desire and I had to get a damn VIP dance just to get it.

  54. Josh Higdon

    If you get the chance to go then go and bring lots of money? i didn’t and regret it bring like $100-$150 lol you will love it.

  55. Ronald King

    It was great for my first time ever being there

  56. mitch
  57. jim

    what can u say booze and tits on one side and naked on the other side the building has it all.

  58. Naughty lover

    I was in there on Saturday night and the club was rockin’! I got a private dance from Naughty and let me tell you, her name describes her well! I will be back but next time I will get there sooner before it fills to capacity.

  59. kevin bacon

    olivia is the love of my life, call me

  60. rick jones
  61. lman
  62. jason
  63. justme
  64. jj
  65. The Dancing Giggle

    This club is outstanding. The girls are hot and i love the fact that i was able to cum on the stage and masturbate for the crowd. No one seemed to mind. During “wild hour” i was passed around the club totally naked while others felt me up. A totally fantastic experience for a young man such as my self.

  66. Dale

    Clean and neat

  67. jack

    I tried dances from quite a few girls. Only one stood out, Scarlet. She gave a great dance and unlike some of the girls I felt like she was enjoying our time together and my company. Great personality and great looks! Try her.

  68. Just Another
  69. Grand Rapids

    Anna is best thing about Deja Vu.. Definetly worth going back for.

  70. A McCartney

    Amazing, nothing more to say….

  71. Anonymous


  72. bob


  73. Phil

    Levi (sp?) for president. Very special gal with sexy eyes. See made my night. What a couch dancer. Will come back to see her again, again, and again. All the gals were very good looking Thursday and I will try my luck on other days but it will be the days Levi works.

  74. Cody
  75. tod

    Quality escorts charge less for an hour of sex than Deja Vu charges for an hour in a VIP room, where all you get is teased. What a waste.

  76. entertainer
  77. DirtyDan

    my best b-day ever, had fun up on stage!!

  78. Carmen Fan

    Great club Carmen gives awsome lap dance will be back to see her again

  79. drew the destroyer

    need more girls with big natural breasts! too many strung out skinny chicks.

  80. cadude4u2002

    Lexie and Jacqlyn are HOTT!

  81. da man

    I love Riley, she is so sexy. Her dance’s are one of the best I have ever had. I do wish they would play more hip hop/rap, or anything with more bass.

  82. Chet

    The ladies are prettier and friendlier here than Little Darlings next door.

  83. t stamper
  84. Jaheim

    I thought this club was supposed to have only 3 ugly ones, every one of those sluts up on the stage are ugly as fuck, nasty bitches too.. wouldnt fuck those bitches with my brothers dick

  85. Richard Jonson
  86. Jeff Monroe

    This club isnt very big but for its size it packs a punch!

  87. *frosty Boi*

    damn, all i got to say is thats it was great the staff was great dancers were even greater and i love the atmosphere in there…… so….PARTY LIKE A ROCK STAR…..

  88. G man
  89. Rico

    Kylee……WOW, all I gotta say, but well worth the money for a dance, easy to go broke on a girl like that!

  90. Scott

    The girls could of looked better.

  91. Smooth29

    I really enjoyed the experience last night. It was by far the best time I’ve had yet so far. All of the lap dances I received last night were excellent, but the ones the stood out to me were from Abbi, Lexi, Scarlett, and Kayla. Thyanks for giving me such an awesome experience. I will be coming back in a month or two.

  92. tom
  93. big wig

    Alli is the best dancer there and she needs to stay… I go there just because of her and I am glad that she came back.

  94. ed

    I have to say your club is very nice keep up the good work!

  95. DANNY
  96. levaeh

    i worked at the old club and i had to see how the new one came out, i just loved it. it came out really nice and it sure was worth its time. i miss everyone a whole lot. much love to everyone!

  97. Philip King of Spain

    In my royal opinion, this club rocks the New World. All of the dancers and wait staff are friendly. Dancers are amazing (Desire is outstanding!). Go! Have fun!

  98. Tony

    went for the first time last night and had a wonderful time…

    baily was amazing but so was chloe not sure wen ill b back but

    it will b soon

  99. Tim Gurney

    great club, lots of fun, the girls are fun to hang with and talk to. had a great time the first time i went and plan on going back a few more times soon!

  100. Jen

    FUCKING AWESOME!!! the girls are the best=)

  101. Phantom of the Opera

    Been twice in the last month. Enjoyed both outings, but last night was great. The quality of the dancers was great. Had couch dances from several ladies, all fine, but Felicity stands out. Made two trips to the VIP suite with her.

  102. Brendan
  103. yeah

    It was aiight, would not go back

  104. AC
  105. Dakota Le Francois

    they make me feel better and make me want to live

  106. Anthony

    A very nice place to go to. The best entertainment in the area. I try to go as often as I can because it’s a place to let my thoughts and my ideas go for the time being. I wish I could live there.

  107. Elaine
  108. Cooter
  109. nick gates

    the dancers are out going and gregarious

  110. Dragon

    This club is sweet, but i think its a bit small, it gets really crowded fast, this is the only thing that i think is wrong with this place. The dancers are hott, the atmosphere is great, and the DJ is funny.

  111. N&T

    We go to the club a couple of times a month. Eden is awesome! I would recommend her to anyone! Best dancer and sweetest girl in the place! Waitresses are great, we generally get good service from everyone. My biggest complaint is the Saturday night DJ. He’s a douche bag.

  112. Vincent Shellenberger

    I enjoyed myself there very much and i’ve only been there twice. the girls are very beautiful and very nice. the main thing though that has me still wanting to come back is the music i love the factor that there striping to hard rock and what not. it just makes me very relaxe and enjoy my stay there even more. so keep on playing good music and keep on bring in new beautiful girls too. take easy guys and keep up the good work girls.

  113. Dakota

    awesome place

  114. Skippy
  115. Justin
  116. Balla ass mother f*&%er

    Kylee is one hott girl….get a dance from her…it is worth every penny of the twenty…oh hell ya….if the club looks at this give the girl a raise she deserves it….hottest girl at the place

  117. socko

    Kayla is an awesome dancer. I would definitely would see her again!!

  118. Mitchell

    It was very fun. One of my best birthdays ever.

  119. jimmy

    A group of us were planning on stopping at THE VU Friday so I was reading some of the comments for updates on the GOOD dancers. I shook my head when the name “Levi” came up. If I remember her from a couple of years ago she was blonde and around 5′ 9”. She pressed me for a dance and when I did, (out of guilt,) it was a air dance. Then when she came back to our table she would not carry on a FUN conversation with us and pushed us to buy her more drinks and “AIR DANCES”. Do they get extra credit for the drinks? I was glad she was gone so I could stop saying no to her. The schedule does not show her working, but I see in the comments she works Wednesday and Friday, any other days I need to avoid ???? Thanks for the information, Going to Lansing VU on Friday.

  120. Josh

    I had a really good time. The dancers were very nice and sociable. I especially liked Bionca. She has great potential and makes you feel special.

  121. Sal

    Beautiful club. I like the idea of two clubs in one but I must say the girl quality was poor. You would think a company that put this much into the building would pay some attention to the girls they hire!

  122. Fantasy

    I work here and its great! No tip out! Its the best club ever! You only tip out DJ and the door guy, which totals $20! NO TIP OUT IS GREAT!

  123. me
  124. Rob Bailey

    This club is great, and I would recommend it to anyone inside and even outside of the city of Kalamazoo/Portage. It has a great value all around, especially the cover charge. The dancers, apart from being very good at what they do, are also amazingly gorgeous. I go to the Kzoo Vu around three to four times a week, it’s a very relaxing and fun place. If you are a club goer you should definitely attend this club, you won’t be disappointed.

  125. BG
  126. country boy
  127. Choppers

    The first time i ever went to a club like this I had a great time. Ashley was wonderful all the girls were great though. Service was excellent.

  128. nick
  129. john
  130. Henry

    Awesome experience. Very classy and clean atmosphere. Fun and enjoyable!

  131. Jubilee

    tastes great

  132. joe
  133. Satisfied Customer
  134. Ryan Converse (JT)
  135. Will Spaulding

    i loved my first lapdance. it was amazing. i creamed in my pants! 🙂

  136. us
  137. chuck
  138. dancer

    Come check out the new building!!!

  139. nathan

    i was there on the 14th of january at about 10pm and it was great my friend had a great bday, and i had alot of fun with shyanne giving me lap dances……

  140. Glocks
  141. Kid with aids
  142. baha
  143. Kyle

    had a great time there last night, kristina and trinity, the blonde duo, do some great doubles couch dances, thanks ladies

  144. just sayin'

    I’ve seen a few comments about Desire’s uuhhmmm…”service”. Maybe its not true and someone has it out for her but……

  145. Brando
  146. Amy

    decorated very nice! wasn’t impressed with the ‘low class’ dancers….except for Chloe!!! She made it well worth our time.

  147. derek
  148. Jerry Ready
  149. Todd

    Generally pretty good, good variety of girls that are nice and look good.

  150. johny

    hell ya

  151. D Out West

    I’ve had several visits while in town on business over the last couple months, and I found the club fairly boring with the exception of my time with a dancer named “Desire.” She is certainly destined for things way beyond this club. Fantastic people skills, intelligent, funny, spontaneous, intuitive, radiant… she has the brightest damn eyes. And did I mention that of the approximately three billion women on the plant she absolutely must be the hottest? For me this woman is the perfect muse – she makes the club come alive when she is on the floor. This woman is luxury personified. Man have I got a crush on this girl – whew! Thanks Desire…

  152. who that

    The new club looks great, need more dancers working at a time though.

  153. Ron

    I feel the same about scarlet.She has striking good looks,a beutiful body,and a great personality.I’ve had dances from many of the women there and she gives the best dance hands down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  154. Bobby

    Hot ass girls

  155. NYCBlckGQ

    Cool club in an awkeard location. Two clubs to choose from Dejavu is nude and Lil Darlins is Topless with booze. I opted for the Dejavu side (isnt that why we go). The club was kinda slow, talent was kinda low but Delicious took care of me. It was nice to have a fun conversation in between the fun itself, dont pass on the private dance with her!

  156. Z

    Had a blast, Kendra is great!

  157. Lori

    I have always been a little curious, but after my visit I have decided I am definately more than curious. I love the sexy ladies. My husband thanks you.

  158. adam

    I checked out your new club the other night – lame as hell. I spend a lot of time at the lansing vu and the saginaw vu – there’s more energy there on a Sunday afternoon than there is on a saturday night in kalamazoo. The girls were alright, but there was nothing to break up the monotiny- all the other clubs I’ve been to do contests or the MC comes up on stage and entertains with comedy for a minute. I thought Deja Vus were ran by the same person. Why’s this one so different?

  159. XXX

    For my first time at a strip club…I had a GREAT time!!!!

    I’ll be back for sure!

  160. Nicole

    Good job

  161. Miguel


  162. Cory

    The club was pretty amazing especially for a local joint! I always have an awesome experience

  163. Philadeliphia

    I also went to the showgirl contest. You are correct about Levi. With live props, and great music, in combination with her stage presence, killer body, and high energy all in one total package, she has a WOW factor. I had the opportunity to get a couch dance and then one better, a showgirl suite. I highly recommend a dance with Levi, she is usally very busy and now I know why. I heard she has planned something over the top for regionals. Where and when?

    You will not be dissapointed with any of the dancers at this club.

  164. Brian

    new club is very nice inside but the dancers are not real friendly

  165. Jenny B

    All of your dancers are hot as hell, Heaven especially:)

  166. Traci

    There are several new faces at the club. I will post their schedules this week.

  167. Eric
  168. Rick and Lori

    Just got home from our regular visit to the club. Had a blast as always. We thought the jello wrestling was awesome. Lori can’t wait to get back there and see all of you. And girls Lori is SERIOUSLY considering doing the amateur night soon, you definately have her willing to try it. Just got to find a time we can be there for it.

  169. E

    I have only been to this club 3 times but every time i go i like it better than the last time. I have to tell ya, my fav dancer has to be Leveah… there is just somethin about her that drives me crazy. I fell in love with her when she remembered my name.

  170. T-Bone
  171. Wheel Chair John

    My two favorites are Scarlett and Destiny. Both are kind, sweet caring people. They are not the kind of dancers that just want to dance for you. They actually sit down and have a meaningful conversation. And the waitress and other staff members are also very pleasant to be around. One of the best clubs I’ve ever been to in the Country.

  172. you
  173. Kilo

    I had a great time with Eden and Ana, both at the same time was great, many times.

    I was waiting for them to come back and join me and I was going vip, but they took to long to come back, but I will return and go vip with them.

    I bought a party bus just for driving with friends to hang out with the girls weekly.

  174. Carl

    Eden was amazing.

  175. 6969
  176. perv

    not a bad place but alot of my favorite girls went to the new place angels

  177. Michelle

    it’s way better than grand rapids.

  178. hi
  179. Cody McAllister


  180. Jeff

    The club is Hot!!! Some damn fine girls

  181. a secret

    The club was Amazing the love the new layout. A Got a Few dances for a couple of the girls But I have to say My fav girl that was there was Layla. She was so sweet and kind.

    Get a Lapdance from her or Bianca they both sweet dancers

  182. Tiffany

    It was a great time lots of entertainment we are going back this weekend!

  183. Forever a fan

    I was in on Friday and it was kinda slow but that just meant the girls could spend more time with me. I had dances from Abbie and Kayla and I just want to say WOW! I will be back next week for sure

  184. Ronald Waite

    This club is always a blast to visit!!

  185. ABBIE


  186. rome751

    does anyone know if pixie works on saturdays

  187. mark
  188. rfyrdytdyfu
  189. n/a
  190. jackofalltrades

    New dancer Bailey, WOW is all I can say. Have a dance or two with her. Worth every penny.

  191. biggest fan

    I had the best time of my life!!!

    I think im in love w/ ABBIE she is so hot, and she knows how to move (not to mention she has a really pretty face and the best smile).

  192. chicago

    Thanks for the good time last Friday…Tiarra, Raven, Dani, Sparkle, and especially


  193. Jacob

    i will come back

  194. tone
  195. JT

    Where are all the gl girls?

  196. jlp2103

    every time i go i always have a good time it blows away the local clubs in my area .

  197. Ja
  198. Sakbak
  199. tyler

    i have visited the club 4 or 5 times since the grand opening and each time have always enjoyed the all around atmosphere, a couple of the girls often get a little bit stuck up and rude but why let one or two bad seeds ruine the whole bunch… and each time i have made it out sunny has given the best performance ever… i am verry impressed with the talent the she has and i believe a vip or couch dance with sunny is worth every penny!

  200. julie

    Getting a dance with Kylee or Allie is definately worth the money.

  201. Tristan

    Eden was the best. Definately going again.

  202. Joey T

    A little to deperit for me. U girls need to bach off a little and get to now customers better.

  203. Bill

    Great time

  204. chris

    ugly girls during the day

  205. chloe jaymes

    Any Chloe fans out there, check out Chloe Jaymes on facebook!

  206. jAKE

    dude, deja vu in kalamazoo fucking kicks ass, my friend jenny got me going and it’s awesome

  207. Fun

    Club is awesome. Girls are very cute, If your new and going. Get a dance from Abby – Veronica – Aqura – Jaklyn.

  208. S.P.

    All girls are very polite and beautiful!

    This club is run very well.

    Overall dim lighting could be brighter.

  209. cheeky
  210. Eden?

    What happened to Eden? She gave the best lap dances. Did she go to another club? Dude she was the best!

  211. Thanks for the shirt!!!

    This is a great club!!! You get a wide variety of girls of all nicely shaped sizes. Oh and Scarlet gives a killer dance that is for damn sure!!!

  212. wouldnt u like to know

    Which brings me to my next point dude below me……

    DOnt smoke crack and get online

  213. jklhjk

    it was ok last time the dj was dumb

  214. To Jimmy

    Jimmy: This is not the girl you remember. Levi has been here on and off for a few years now and she has never been blonde! She is always bubbly and never pushy, I’m not sure who you are speaking ofbut I do not remeber a blonde Levi! Feel free to stop in on Friday, I bet you will not be disappointed!

  215. Alex
  216. Evan

    this club is the best place ever to go to. All the girls are nice and very great at what they do and are very beautiful.

  217. will
  218. Drew

    Some older dancers that cant take a hint but other than that a rockin good time.

  219. Omar

    it was my first visit to this club and i loved it!!! i really liked one of the “private dancers”

  220. Joel

    It was my first time and Paris took great care of me, I will be back thanks ladies!

  221. Tray
  222. them
  223. brittany

    kylee is bomb she is the best dancer they have

  224. Ryan Landrum
  225. Jeremy

    If you are going to the Kalamazoo Vu make sure that you get a dance or at least go tip Scarlet. She has a great personality, great body, she’s very fun, funny, and sweet. There is nothing more that I would want from a dancer at a club that she does not have. Make sure you check her out. If she is not there, check out Veronica as well.

  226. satan

    katie had some big ass tittays

  227. Chris Thar

    It was a great time being there for my First time and ill deff wanna come back soon

  228. Doug

    Was here on 6/23. We only had a waitress stop at our table once to ask if we needed anything. The amount of women circulating through the place was laughable, and for the most part they were not friendly. I had a much better time over at Little Darlings next door, where everyone was friendly and the drinks kept coming.

  229. desire fan

    brian is fos

  230. Daniel Tompkins

    Oh MY GOD!!!!

  231. roger bogema

    ill tell you i used to frequent the old club on portage road and that place was a shit whole compared to the new building on rivine i really had a good time thanks a million acura your the greatest ill be back to see you soon!

  232. Rick

    This place is awesome. Thanks for making my birthday a blast. Me and Lori can’t wait to see the girls again. You always make our nights wild and crazy. Keep up the good work and hope to be able to get back there again soon.

    by the way girls, Lori is talking about framing my birthday pic. You know who you are. HeHeHe

  233. owen
  234. James

    I am hard up. This place is great for ugly smelly dudes like me to get closer to tang than I ever imagined possible. Veronica is not fat, and that is A OK with me. Two thumbs and a wiener way up.

  235. Downsizin

    The sound system was a bit loud but that is fairly standard for that type of atmosphere…should offer headache meds in the bathrooms.

  236. A.J.

    I’ve been to hotter clubs in tijuana mexico wathcing men have sex with donkeys.

  237. steven

    i like the new building alot. i like how the girls come from the 2nd story. its pretty cool but i dont like how the girls alway go upstairs after their dance on the stage. i dont walk around like the used to.

  238. Carsiness

    Very nice club. A little diff since I was fond of the old club, but nice as well. Very nice girls! I’ve been to the Vu in Tampa FL more than once and this one has more dancers, better atmosphere. Good job!

  239. Mike Lima

    Every thing was good tonight had a blast

  240. Greg
  241. Back to afghanistan

    had a great time definitely the best place to spend my last night back in the states…anabelle(?)was great…favorite was definitely anna..will go back when i get back from deployment

  242. ladi

    Nice club couple of really hot dancers there not a bad place to go out and enjoy the night out at with the guys, lots of fun,but you just have to see a girl you think is really hot.

  243. Im_in_love_with_a_stripper

    A excellent place to enjoy hangin with your friends and having a GREAT TIME!

  244. POlefan
  245. Jay

    I was in on Friday and had the best time with Levi. She is a great dancer on stage and on the couch! I will be in on Wednesday to see her again!

  246. ice

    Beautiful club but need beautiful girls.

  247. Tim

    Great club with great dancers

  248. Ali

    Could be a better atmosphere. Need better music. Girls need to be a lil more


  249. Kris

    I masturbate everytime go in the bathroom.

  250. Kalamazoo Deja Vu
  251. Lindsay

    the last time i went, which was last friday, i didnt get one drink (pop). The sucky waitress didnt even ask our whole table if we wanted a drink.

  252. ASHWIN


  253. Jesus (Chuey) Mares

    Great time, great girls, great prices

  254. Cedric
  255. DAVE

    The wife and i went saturday evening. we both ha a great time with Bridget,wow she is sexy. love the girl on girl .

  256. ty town

    i am there all the time i pretty much pay the light bill in that bitch girls are hot!!

  257. Chopper69
  258. toni

    good time but had more fun going back and forth between both clubs


    OoOoOo god I can’t wait to go back. I must have beat off in the bathroom 6 or 7 times!

  260. jelly kones

    Very hot young talent.

  261. sexy

    it was hot and i cant wait to go back!!!

  262. Vonner

    I have been going to this club since I was eighteen. I come pair this club to all the other ones I go to across the nation and into canada. This club Rocks!!!

  263. Victor

    It’s a great club, clean and the girls there are awesome.

  264. pimpin


  265. tim yoder

    me and the boys have had some real fun up there… the most fun was the night we took my uncle up there after his gf cheated on him… and the girls treated him great.. it might have somthing to do with the fact that there were seven of us and all togethere we spent some were around 3,000 to 3,500…. man that was a great night

  266. big jon

    Not nude anymore, not worth the time without

    alcohol !! Will be out of business soon, bachelor

    parties yeah right, just hire one of the dancers to

    come to your house, a lot cheaper and lots more fun


  267. baller

    this club is the best!!!!!

  268. 1st timer

    the girls act like they are selling used cars they need to chill a little bit if I want a dance I will let the one I want to know about it!

  269. maxxy1

    Just moved from Los Angeles and I have to say the quality of women and entertainment is better than expected. All the ladies exude postive energy and genuinely like they are having a good time. I will have to admit “Jackson” is my fav though. All around quality establishment from “Amanda” at the front door to professional security making their rounds. Had a great time and plan to be back on a Saturday soon.

  270. stan

    nice place

  271. andy

    i went yesterday and spent everything on a new girl named holly. she is what makes me want to come back. awesome

  272. g white
  273. No Name

    By far the best club I’ve been to! Beautiful ladies!

  274. Cameron

    This place is the best around

  275. Ethan

    awesome girls, very friendly and all great dancers, i’ll deff be back again

  276. etr
  277. Keith

    Sunday May 20th. This was my first visit to the club in about 15 years. I like the new setup. What can I say about Veronica but wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. This was by far the best time I ever had there. Veronica your the best! You can be sure I will be making many return visits.

  278. Sean

    I love girls. They ae all hot. keep up the good work

  279. Daryl

    VIP is too expensive. I have been to many clubs and the prices here are extremely high. Quality is good however. I have no complaints about the club other than the prices for the girls is higher than other clubs I have visited all over the US. I still am going to continue to visit the club in Kalamazoo. I would hope prices would drop or more specials made availalable.

  280. Kiley Marusek

    My husband and I went last Saturday, all I can say is the place is awesome. We will be going more in the future. One of the dancers Lexi is very hot, and has a wonderful personality. Made me very wet durring our private dance, thanks babe.

  281. steve

    50/50 on girl quality

  282. Mike

    New club is awesome but the quality of girls went down as well as the private dances…you dont get what you pay for. But again A+ on the facility.

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