Deja Vu Showgirls



315 North Washington Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55401


44.9847102, -93.2733563




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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Home to the Pole Princess National Championships, the Deja Vu of Minneapolis has stood the test of time, and remains one of the chains brightest shining stars. Located at 315 Washington Ave. North the Deja Vu of Minneapolis still adds a certain flair to the city, even though new gentleman’s clubs are opening all over the town.


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0 reviews for “Deja Vu Showgirls

  1. jimmy

    lots of potential in vip, but never any action, so dont waste your cash. get a free pass and stay on the floor. its worth a visit if youre bored, but dont spend more than $20.

  2. m49
  3. wolfdaddy

    I had a grate time all the girls are extremely beautiful, on the flip side you can easly end up spending a lot of money here.

  4. Cole

    Went on a Saturday Night. Excellent club. Always a good time. Can’t wait to go back.

  5. silky pants

    The Tuesday night wet and wild show was a lot of fun. You need to be picky about who to get the third level dances from. The quality of the dances varies a greatly from one dancer to another. Specials every 4 songs on the night I was there (4/25/07).

  6. Mark

    Dani was amazing. I went there Friday and she was so good I decided to come back on Saturday just to see her. Great club the talent was pretty good. Overall the best bang for your buck strip club I mean all I can say is 3 for 1. 3 song lap dances for the price of 1.

  7. KittenChrissy001

    I’ve gone there a few times. I have to say the chicks are amazing and beautiful. I think I might go there for my birthday in 3 days. WOOT! Hey, girls if you’re reading this I just want you to know how freaking amazing you guys are!

  8. Dan S.

    I used to come here all the time when I was 18. 11 years later, not so much. I stopped in after a Twins game earlier this year because they advertise FREE COVER. What they don’t tell you is you still have to buy a soda. Last time I was here, a soda cost $6. It is now $9. How can you advertise for no cover, but it still costs $9 to get in. What a scam. Also, back in the day, there used to be seriously 40-50 strippers working. Now, maybe 10. And the quality has gone down quite a bit lately. The complete opposite of the Lamp Lighter phenomenon.

  9. Jake

    It Was a blast as an 18th birthday celebration

  10. jon

    it was a great experience an experience i want to do again but prices are a little to high i think i walked in with 80 bucks and left with 13 even though i attended on spending it anyway i would maybe like a couple more dances for my money

  11. guest

    Overall, good atmosphere when regular DJ is in the booth.Otherwise its gonna be a while until you hear the 3 for 1 special.Basically only go there for few gorgeous girls. Janessa is my atf and easily the sexiest blonde at the Vu!Layla, audrina, and mya/mia very good looking.If your lookin to have some fun go on friday or saturday.

  12. Heavy D

    Actually, I was just on Myspace and saw they had a page w/plenty of pics of the dancers so you can see how effing hideous they are for yourself. Saves time for having to spend money to find out that I’ve wasted my time. They should rename the Deja Vu to Lost Cause

  13. aaron

    its nice

  14. anonymous

    a few ugly girls but hey their logo says there will be 3 lol

  15. guy

    used check out this club all the time but on a whim some buddies and I decided to extend our night celebration with a visit to the vu for my brother-in-law’s bachelor party. The management is corrupt, rude to patrons and try to rip off customers as do the girls. Girls are so very average as you can see from some of the pics.

  16. derek

    i think Cloe has done stole my heart but dont tell my wife for she a gut punch me k? But me Cloe is a 10 for she makes me heart go a pitter patter!

  17. jp

    penny is fucking HOT ahahaaa

  18. Brett Stueve

    find me there.

  19. Unhappy

    I agree man. this place really sucks

  20. Candy

    We were there from 10-2:30 a.m. and got bored real quickly. It was very expensive to get in, and the lap dance cost also cost a lot. Some of the dance girls seem like they were bored and which made it less entertaining. We probably wont be visiting anytime soon, since our first time experience wasn’t so great.

  21. Bob

    Thank you Autumn for another enjoyable afternoon. You are a delight. I love your smile, hospitality,and creativity. You always seem to have a new way of putting a smile on my face. I am looking forward to seeing you again. Lunch, coffee, and a dance upstairs – a wonderful way to spend an afternoon.

  22. TD
  23. lance man

    i also fell as if they should upgrade their girls it was a dive.the dancer on stage was a good thirty pounds overweight and had zits on her butt. it cost me almost twenty dollars to come in to see acne ass.

  24. Brandon Jenkins

    Very Nice Will recommend

  25. Nick

    Great time, there were about 20 girls there. there were like 3 or 4 ugly ones, and like 6 or 7 that were absolutely, cum in your pants, beautiful. the rest were hot but nothing special. The drinks there were rediculously spendy, $9 for like an 8 oz. cup lol and I had to settle for mellow yellow insted of dew. The only girl who’s name I remember was Sabrina, who talked about KoRn with me while she gave me a dance. cutest one there in my opinion. will definately go back again.

  26. CJ

    loves Isabella, Electra, and Saphire!!!!!!!!!

  27. Mikey

    Maria was the only hot body there that paid any attention to the customers and even she took a cigarette break outside that took her out of the roation for a while. Neauvia has to be the dumbest stripper ever. she could make a fortune if she was into it. she was disinterested all night long last Thursday.

  28. Brandon

    It was awsome. I loved the dance.

  29. fun_unlimited

    This place is real good. Have to be selective while selecting a girl for lap dance. I had an excellent lap dance from Brooklyn. Few girls made me feel the money I paid for the lap dance is wasted. Brooklyn made each and every penny worth. Definitely would visit back to get a private dance from her.

  30. Fargo ND


  31. jim b

    nice all around

  32. D

    Haven’t been there in years, but went last night with some

    friends. Got some great dances from Ramsey; great

    personality, really comforting, and always such a tease.

  33. pepper

    oh my fuck!!! pretty sure i love this club… it was my first strip club and im a girl and went with my botfriend and some friends and it was sweet!!! nice place with hot girls… i REALLY liked this one girl with peircings on her hips but didnt know her name and really wanted to see her dance so im coming back!!!

  34. summer
  35. troy s

    worst $200 i ever spent not coming back here again

  36. a
  37. Ashley F.

    The Vu is the only strip club I have ever been to, and my review might be bias because I was there with a gang of Norwegian exchange students. But ugghhhh VAGINA in my face. And uggghh that girl isn’t even that attractive! Unattractive lady parts in my face! This is The Penthouse of strip clubs. If it’s vagina in your face you are looking for..this place is paradise. And really? Don’t these people get tired of having to listen to 2 Live Crew?

  38. kellen

    This place was awesome. Very fun and relaxed atmosphere. The best dancer is definitely Joey

  39. Liem

    Club is awesome with some of the hottest girls. Very relaxing club with gameroom.

  40. Tyler

    I had a great time. Only one girl seemed crabby and that was on a saturday night. The only thing that pisses me off is the assholes that go to the vu. To you assholes, show some respect or get out. The dancers are people too.

  41. The 411...

    Kendra’s at Schiek’s at the moment, but if she’s lucky they’ll rehire her back at

    the Vu this week.

  42. johnson

    club was alright bar guy was a homo

  43. SexyBeast
  44. x

    many pretty girls.notenough time for all

  45. MiddleOfTheRoad

    Manager is a jerk, making radical right political comments. I don’t need that crap when I’m going in for fun.

  46. DAVE


  47. kyle

    it’s a sweet ass club, but the drinks are a killer!

  48. mike c

    i cant wait to go back. i will be back on sunday the 7th and hopefully redd will be there. She always makes my experience there a good one, no matter what kind of mood im in, she lifts me up.

  49. Erik

    Good Club, I’ll be back!!!

  50. Tony sulivan

    I loved my birthday at the club.The girls were fucking fine as

  51. S.L.
  52. t

    fucked over strip already

  53. AssnTits5

    Interesting place… The only place in Minnesota I’ve been robbed- dancer named ‘Naomi’… And the bouncers stood by her. ‘If you agreed to a dance you owe $90… Doesn’t matter if she left or not…’ If it weren’t for her and the staff it’d be a great place. Nude, dances are on beds $90 for 3… Or, apparently, 10 seconds. Overall a good after hours club. However, recommend you watch… Should’ve realized when she asked for money at the start it was different than a real dance. Buyer beware.

  54. first time there

    Staff was not friendly dj sucked….Neveah was the only hot girl there the rest were ugly as hell…more than half look like they were on some sort of drugs. which they probably were. A girl named summer gave me the wort lap dance ever…..she was way too rough and fats i thought she was gonna break me. this club needs to be a little more picky about who they let get naked at thier club.

  55. 9 inch Willy

    I definatly have a few favorites. But most of the woman are very nice.

  56. Bekuh

    I always have a good time at deja vu. Miss Dangerous Dani is by far my favorite

    dancer!! <3

  57. Lance

    It was a great time and I am definitly going many more times!

  58. A blast

    Had a blast thanks ladies

  59. MJ S.

    Best strip joint in the Minneapolis area. I have been there twice, spending about $350 each time. The cover charge was $9 to get in the door, and another $9 for a drink. I was pleasantly surprised on my last visit, that I was given a free refill of my Desani bottled water. As soon as I walked in a very hot dancer came up to me, and immediately asked if I’d like a $100 VIP dance on a 6 song special . I accepted this expensive dance, and also accepted the waitresses offer that I buy the girl a drink, (though this drink was way overpriced at $14 and I felt I should have been warned about the price before being offered this.)So I went up to the third floor VIP. The normal VIP is 4 songs, though the “6-songs-special” felt quite short, so the “special” was more of a gimmick than a real deal, I felt a little cheated, but not to worry, This is much cheaper than Choice Gentleman’s club down the street where you pay $200 for the same 15 minutes, (however at the Choice VIP, you are allowed to touch the girls a little in the VIP beds, which may be worth it for some people) .After a couple mediocre lap dances with a couple different girls, I went out for a smoke at the wonderful heated smoking patio. The heat is very nice, and the atmosphere outside is relaxed without the loud music that’s inside. At this point the girl who I had done the VIP dance with earlier came and sat on my lap and smoked a cigarette, and talked with me. I consider this excellent customer service, because first of all her smoking was really hot, and she did not ask for any more dances at this point. I felt like she was giving me extra attention and extra time, which I really enjoyed a lot.I did another VIP dance with another girl; I choose her for a VIP dance because in our lap dance, her mileage was way above average I felt, and she was a good dancer. However, once upstairs, which she did give me an exceptional dance physically, emotionally she wasn’t “present” to me. I feel for $100 I should have more of her attention and energy. While she gave above average physical contact, she was quite emotionless and bored. I hate this. The first girl I did VIP with, while her dancing was not as good, she talked with me, and took a real interest in me, even talking to me extra off the clock; I learned my lesson once again, that if you choose to take a girl to the VIP, make sure she really seems interested in doing it. don’t just take the hottest girl if she doesn’t seem into you, or you have zero chemistry. If you do, you will be disappointed.Overall, an above-average strip club, and my favorite in Minneapolis. Lots of girls to choose from, a nice smoking patio, and decent dances. what’s not to like??

  60. aceter

    Stopped by Saturday night. Had a great time. Highly recommend a private dance w/ Kelly!!! She will rock your world.

  61. bill

    amazing girls

  62. gregory h

    The girls were on average 1-3’s and an occasional 5 thrown in. Business brought me to town and I had time to kill so I made a stop on a Thursday night. I was surprised to find that the beautiful women who were once have disappeared. Next time I will try somewhere else, its a pity that it’s changed so much

  63. Jim

    Very fun time

  64. Ogreb

    I have been at this club many times in the last 10+ years… It has been on a slow decline, but I do not blame the girls. Dancers are usually average to well above average, you always get the one or two that are stuck up A$$holes, but in general pretty good. This club has to have the shortest songs of all clubs I have ever been too… I have not timed them, but I do belive most songs are only played for 1 minute to maybe 1 1/2 minutes… At $20/song for a dance this is a rip off, so you must search out who you want a dance with well before you get one. I have also noticed more of the Gen X/Y door men and hosts, they are not very professional, many are only working there in the hopes of taking home there favorite dancers.

    Now with all the negitive said, I still think this club is probably the best in the Twin Cities. No dressing up to get in, most of the costomers are either friendly or at least are not very annoying. Parking on site, go there on a busy night and they will probably have more girls on site then all other clubs combined within walking distance from 1st ave. giving you a good choice.

  65. sad

    All the hot girls are gone and have been gone for a while. The owners need to get them back and then their business would come back too.

  66. Pete

    I was there last night and it was amazing Indigo is outstanding!!!

  67. Eva


  68. Dietrich
  69. sara lee anderson
  70. regular
  71. customer


  72. Craig

    Awesome Club!!!

  73. DD

    Been a regular now for a while, tend to go about every two weeks or so with a girl I’ve been hanging around. Every time I’ve been there it’s been a more than satisfying experience. Personally, Tatiana (I think that’s how you’d spell it) is who ends up getting all my money, but disappointment never comes to mind when I spend on her so she’ll continue making all of my money. Some other other dancers I’ll give props to are Penny, Red, and Summer, all hot chicks, without a doubt. But please, for the love of God, Toby get the the hell away from me when I hit the club. There are some other girls I’d give props to, but I can’t think of their names. Overall, this club rocks. I wish they’d just be like $20 at the door gets you in and drinks all night instead of 9 here, 9 inside, blah blah, but that’s a small issue. Oh, and the DJ’s sound system is more than a little muffled – not like it matters, cause who’s listening to him talk anyway, amirite?

  74. Haas

    Was there tonight…Got better the later it got. Was rather upset that I agreed to go upstairs for a bed dance which is supposed to be $60 for 3 songs which is what I had and then when I went to give the girl the money she said no it’s $90. I gave you the $90 one. What the heck is the $90 one? Nobody ever said anything about a $90 or that it was even an option. I felt ripped off! Kind of ruined the rest of the night as then I had no more money left for the other girls.

  75. wow

    Hadn’t been to this club in about 5 years, but I was shocked at how dead it was. Like 3 customers and maybe 4-5 dancers none I would classify as beautiful. They weren’t bad either but from what I remember before to now I was absolutely shocked. I also am not fond of having to drop 20$ before I even sit down on their stupid cover and pop. And I was totally irritated by the girl dances on stage for three songs, then nobody for 2-3 songs, then girl, then nobody. all in all..I wont be back..not in 5 years..not ever. other clubs out there.

  76. K-Law

    I love the Minne!!!!!

  77. Mike

    I walked in last night about 9:30pm and they had about 10 girls working, all were very great looking. I was tempted many times for a dance but when I declinded all were very respectful of that and politly moved on. The atmosphere was enegetic and very postivly charged. I moved about from the main floor to the second, obeserving. I visited all aspects of the club and was very happy with it all. At about 10pm all of the sudden there was a huge influx of dancers, there was plenty to go around. The girls were GREAT!! The staff was good as well. I did end up getting a VIP dance from Naomi, I felt I was being over charged for what I was going to get but she took me to an area I had never been in and made it more then worth the money!! THANK YOU NAOMI!! I’ll be back soon!!

  78. Derrick

    I go there every friday and it is great place nothing negative!

  79. Monty

    Best of the many clubs I’ve been too in Mpls, as long as you don’t need alcohol to enjoy yourself. Autumn is a real treat. Leah and Tia are real nice.

  80. Bryan
  81. gary

    pretty girls and a good time

  82. thomas
  83. Sigurd

    All of the dancers were nice and many had bodies that just wouldn’t quit. My wife greatly enjoyed the aggressively playful nature of the lap dance she received. I haven’t been to many strip clubs but I doubt I’ll find one I enjoy more.

  84. tom f

    i have attended this club many times since i turned 18. i love it alot, its a nice atmosphere and has great dancers. i brought my fiance and this was her first time at the club, well actually at any strip club, and she loved it. i got several dances from raven that night, who by the way is wonderful at what she does. she is very sexy i must add. my fiance got a dance from crystal who she really enjoyed. she also really enjoyed the wet and wild session with candy, but she was a bit bummed when she didnt win her shirt but i guess there is always next time. thanks alot and i will keep coming.

  85. micheal
  86. Timster

    I really like this club. There’s no smoking in Minnesota, unlike Wisconsin so you can stay all night without your eyes getting fried. The club has changed their policy on drinks to a favorable one. For $9 you get a drink, like Coke, with unlimited refills. I like that much better than the way it used to be when they made you keep a fresh drink all night. I’d rather pay double the old price and be done with it for the night.

    For $20 you can get a couch dance. For $60 you can get a bed dance, which lasts 3 songs, so it’s the same price as 3 couch dances, only more private and intimate, which is good. There’s also an upstairs where for $90 you get 3 songs in an even more private setting, but it’s not like they go farther or suddenly you get to touch them all you want. There’s the hint that for $90 you get more, but frankly it’s minimal at best and not really worth the extra over the $60 second floor dances.

    What’s nice about this is the price scale. $20, $60 or $90. I’ve been to clubs in Milwaukee, like Silk, where they have a couch dance for $20 or a VIP room for a half hour for $300 with nothing in between price-wise. I’m willing to spend a bit more for something extra, but a jump between $20 and $300? Much better at Deja Vu for value.

    The girls at Deja Vu and generally nice, white midwestern girls that vary from “girl next door” to some really hot ones to the occasional girl with plastic boobs and a plastic face, but in general they are on the wholesome side for dancers. There are usually a couple of black girls and an Asian girl, but the majority are always caucasian. I’ve never been there without finding a couple of girls who really turn my head. All the girls are consistently nice and friendly and conversational.

    The staff is also helpful and friendly. With their drink policy, once you are in the door and have your drink, the staff, other than the waitresses, tend to keep a low profile and stick to the door area. They are noticeably unobtrusive. I also like the level the PA system is at. I’ve been to other places where it was ear-splitting, but have never had an issue with excessive volume at Deja Vu.

    Most of my ratings for this club were in the good range with a few excellents. The girls are not likely to be Playboy or Penthouse quality, but they are as good or better than you are going to find in Minneapolis with really good options for dances, unlike other places in town were you can get a “table dance” that lacks privacy or a VIP room that will break the budget for the evening.

  87. jeff

    Red is smokin’? You are jokin!!! She’s the most unpleasant girl at the vu! My

    friends and I used to make fun of that mean whale every time we saw her

    when she approached us with boogers hanging out of her nose. Fat and

    sloppy is not sexy!

  88. Iron Jack

    Rather a good experience. Ambiance is very good. Nice taht it has a smoking lounge out back. Good place to have fun if you can loosen up.

  89. bruno99

    Afternoon delight. Limited # dancers. Limited number of guests. Met my expectations, but I would rather avoid the masses anyway. Private dance 60$ plus “tip.” Was well worth it with SOME dancers.

  90. Geoff M.

    Can somebody tell the DJ to shut up? Sat. night i was there and Im trying to have

    a nice dance and the dj is yammering on the whole time staying stupid shit to

    just hear his own voice, kind of a distraction.

  91. Chilly Willy

    Had an ok time my last visit. Two complaints: less talent during day time and experiences varies GREATLY from dancer to dancer.

  92. Mike S

    Very nice ladies..they push the dances but don’t go over the top. 3rd floor isnt all it’s made out to be. 2nd floor is just as hot. Don’t get sucked in.

  93. Robert

    It was my first time there, or first time to any club, and it was great. i’m going again tomorrow.

  94. Moira
  95. Hudson

    less rap music

  96. enrique

    had some very bad experience with a few of the dancers from 1998-2001- i never plan on going there again

  97. Tecate

    The first time I’ve been to this club was 1998 when I was 18 and the most

    recent trip I made before tonight was a few years ago. I’ve read a lot of

    negative things lately but some positives so I gave it a try tonight. Tonight is

    a Friday night and it was fairly crowded and there was a good mix of girls.

    Some hot. Some cute. Others just ok. Of course not much has changed

    through the years. $18 got me in the door and girls pounced on me when I

    was downstairs (but not as much on the 2nd level). I made my mind before I

    walked in that I wanted 2 lap dances. I ended up getting 2 from the same girl

    because her first was really good. Her name is Mya/Mia. Black girl. Light skin

    and a very cute/wholesome look. Perky tits and an amazing ass! She grinded

    very good and I would have to say it was probably one of the best lap dances

    I’ve ever had. Did not expect that! If you go here you need to be patient

    because there are a few really cute/hot girls here. The rest are ok. I saw a

    lot of tall, thin girls with no boobs. No thanks. A Puerto Rican girl had this

    HUGE nice ass. Haha! I did notice a girl with a school girl look that had some

    big tits but she never approached me. All in all a better experience than I


  98. nick p

    Club has a lot of pretty ladies. I hate to say this but the last few weeks that I’ve been in there are a lot of newbies and they are not much to look at. Cmom guys don’t start lettin the fuglys in

  99. hott!!!


  100. chad

    best time in minnesota

  101. henry
  102. Chris

    went here for my 18 birhtday yesterday, got 3 dances from 3 hot girls, had a great time

  103. Harlan

    where’d britny go? Is she coming back?

  104. bollocks

    was there couple of weeks ago. had a good time with my

    buddies. All i have to say is GIA, you were awesome to talk

    and hang out with. If I ever come back, I’ll be looking out

    for you

  105. R Moss

    Stopped in a couple of weeks ago after a massage at the san mei rejuvenation center.I had to see my favorate girl Sasha! She made my day !

  106. TC Drifter
  107. Steve

    The girls are all about the money and were very rude to me

  108. Dave

    If your lookimg for one hell of a dance make sure to see Riley. She works Sundays, most Mondays, Tuesdays and all day Saturdays. She seems more comfortable being Friendly on Mondays and Saturday nights. Any day she works was always fun though. 1/2 hours make sure to tip $100 before the dance starts and for an hour make sure to tip $200 before haand also. She wont dance with me anymore so I figured I would pass the information on you all of you. You wont be disappointed. The hour will cost you $800 but very much more worth it then half hour for $400. I just wish she would still dance with me. I never left VIP UNSATISFIED. Shes good!!!!!

  109. stutter man

    I just want to holler at one of the dancer who blew my breath away, her name is FANCY one of the hot hmong chick in the club.

  110. ace
  111. tony

    I won’t be back!

  112. daniel

    GET OFF OF HERE BRITNEY AND STOP PUTTING MESSAGES ABOUT YOURSELF. All of the girls and customers know that you are the one that is writing all of the bad things about other girls and trying (and trying very hard) to make yourself look good on here. Any man that is reading this needs to know the following. Please go to the vu and look for yourself. Britney is the one that her hair scares people so much that she tries to put a wig on to cover it but little does she know that her wigs look like roadkill. She can’t dance, can’t give a decent dance to save here life. An 80 year old truck driver has a nicer and fuller ass then she does. So Britney get off of the website and stop making an ass out of yourself, maybe you could take a little time off of the computer and try and fix something about your body or personality, and maybe you could acctually make a real living doing this instead of being the butt of everyone’s jokes.

  113. The Man
  114. James

    I have a good time everytime I go to the vu, and I’ve been there like five times

    this year so far. My overall favorite dancer is destiny and she know’s that.

  115. John

    Day shift girls are super nice here, though the same 3 girls have been here forever. Got a dance from a girl there early for night shift, very cute, but average at best dance. Then tried Wilder, seems like she has been there a long time. Gave an amazing dance. Not my dream look-wise, decent looking, but super nice and gave a great dance

  116. Allie

    Its a great club, but the charge at the door hurts a lil. I think they need to toss those annoying and touchy guys quickly! THEY ruin the experience. Most of the Girls are sexy and RAVEN is the best pole dancer I have ever seen.

    Try a bunch of girls at$20 a dance you should try 4-5 different girls.

  117. the vu is super

    Not as worthless as the money spent on John’s hooked on phonics program.

  118. Maximus
  119. Trevor Brown


  120. luvthegirls
  121. jam
  122. marc jacob


  123. turbtron

    im not gay

  124. natethegreat

    Most strippers are good but there was one stripper in particular i dont remember her name…asked us if we wanted a dance..and we nicely declined who basically sat there for a few minutes yelling at us and was trying to pressure us into getting one…i went to the club to get away from the nagging of females …i wanted the girls to cuddle up like there supposed to..and when it was my 18th birthday one came up to me asking me if i wanted a dance. i asked how much she said “oh dont worry its a birthday dance…well i thought that meant one on the house it was my first time there i didnt know…and then i get slapped with a twenty dollar bill

  125. Eric

    i had a blast got a really good dance wish i got her so i could go back for another one

  126. j.m.c

    nice cute girls

  127. Darin
  128. Rocky

    Great time…I’ll be back!

  129. Andy

    Club is amazing. Been there twice, girls are very very hot. Can’t wait to go back again! Summer is an amazing dancer!

  130. 213

    hey guys been 2 this place a few times got 1 or 2 dances i thought the girls were boring any one no whats to lola cant keep wasting my money.

  131. Tom Beggs

    First time I went to the strip club, I thought it was great, good girls, good people, and good prices.

  132. Greg H.

    I wish my experience with Naveya was as good as I expected. I wasn’t about to waste that much of my money on such a negative person. Nadia is a sweetheart, though. πŸ™‚

  133. Sam

    I arrived at the club this last saturday night and was immediately harrassed into getting a dance from a girl named crystal. I am sorry to say that the tattoo on her leg was the only interesting thing about her. She offered me “more” if i took her upstairs, but the only girl i was interested in at the time was the tall and beautiful Layla. I shooed away crystal with her (unearned) twenty dollars and immediately went for the girl of my dreams. Layla gives the best lap dances, plus she hasn’t scarred her body for life. I recommend Layla over any of those trashy wannabe hookers that work there.

  134. jason lennox

    I guess I would have to disagree with the last statement, as a weekly guest, I have gotten to know most of the girls, and Britney has always been sweet and maintained a very classy look, free of crazy wigs or hair of that nature. It’s too bad that all the dancers can’t just get along and if you did write about yourself, Britney, then you go right ahead and keep on writing, and whichever dancer speaks so ill of you is only jealous because you’re hot and in a great mood. Don’t let any disgruntled strippers get you down, I’ve seen you perform many times and put you in the same category as the other top girls there. Never let jealousy get you down, especially when you are dealing with girls who are likely to suffer from low-self esteem and emotional issues. It’s just so disheartening to see such a mean review of such a sweet girl left by stereotypical “bitter stripper.” You girls should all just get along, it’s sad to think that you girls are working on this website instead of getting your lives together.

  135. ryan123

    HORRIBLE MANAGER here is the letter that I sent to corporate and never got a response backHi my name is Tim, I attended the minneapolis location on 1/28/11. It was a special occasion as my nephew just graduated USMC boot camp and was on 10 days leave. I thought that it would be very appropriate to bring him and his friends to your club and get him on stage. I approached the dj booth and began to explain why we were there. The gentleman(i later found out that he was the location manager) interupted me and proceeded to tell me how he does not care who he is or why he is there, he was just sick of”all these assholes trying to get there buddy on the stage”. His tone, demeanor and body language all indicated that I was out of line for even making such a request. Before I could even respond one of the entertainers jumped in and said to the manager” come on he is military we want him on the stage” He then gave her a look and she immediatly turned and walked away. I told him politley that I was not there to cause any problems and It was no big deal. I returned and went back to the table. As soon as all my friends returned from getting lap dances, I told them what happened and we all agreed to leave immediatly. Looking back on what happened I suppose he thought I was asking for a free be. I was not nor did I ever imply that I was. He did not ever even attempt to discuss money or the policy for stage appearence. I was more than willing to pay for the service and had already taken up the collection from everyone in my party as we have always done in the past.It has been a ritual to bring fresh marines to the Vu as you have a wonderful club but I also told the guys not to cast stones yet as it is ritual to bring people there. I would hate to see one bad manager wreck a tradition.The new guys were having a great time up until then and I would say that the Vu is still the most classy club in town, but it would be helpful to know that a situation like that will never happen again.

  136. al

    wonderful friendly well worth the money club

  137. Danny Johnson

    This club is the shit. Every chace you can get to go there take it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  138. Justin

    The Bouncer was a pretty cool guy.

  139. j dizzle

    wicked pole tricks and boobs in the face

  140. frank

    the songs were very short, I been to other clubs were I got longer songs. There were about 2 pretty girls in the whole club disatisfied. wont be comming back!

  141. RandyBrit

    Went on Sunday night and it was pretty much me and the girls for a while.. nice chicks and nice moves πŸ™‚

  142. KD

    Not bad, needs more asian chicks

  143. aicsickman

    i enjoyed my self a lot last time i was there

  144. Logan Dier

    I love the club.

  145. Bruno

    I had a great time with Zasha. Definitely worth the trip. Would try again in the evening. The afternoon staffing was a bit of a disappointment for downtown MPS on a friday at 4pm.

  146. Brent

    Attractive girls. A bit overbaring at times. Quality lap dances for the most part. Great atmosphere. Great dancer ratio. Lots of female clients.

  147. Bilal Mohammed

    This is a decent strip club.Has the most amount of girls and it is a goodatmosphere. The only good thing I dont like is the price for admission and drinks, other than that, its a good place and I recommend it.

  148. jj

    Me gusta mucho

  149. Molly
  150. big b

    went here on my 18th birthday with some of my friends had a blast

  151. james1412

    A VERY RACIST ESTABLISHMENT. Don’t bother, save your money. Go elsewhere. You will thank me later..

  152. eddie
  153. zorro
  154. dj


    DRINK 14$




  155. Jesse Sletten

    HOTT!!! A+++

  156. King Charles

    was just there for my 18th birthday, had a blast. girls were great and had a fun time there. got tired of being asked for dances though, but overall it was a great time.

  157. Ryan

    This place sucks

  158. bigdeeks

    i think the vu rocks. the great dancers out way the bad only a few bad each time

  159. Jason

    I LOVE THIS PLACE! I go there everytime I have a chance just to see my #1 girl,

    Nina! I feel that I’m always in heaven when I’m with her!

  160. Doug Palfi Jr.

    Hi im doug i love this indigo girl she is the girl of my dreams other then hannah i hope indigo calls me i even gave here my number

    I love u indigo call me pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee baby

  161. David

    good time can spend hours at the VU hudge club

  162. Deja Pew

    This joint sucks! Totally corrupt management and dancers.

  163. paul

    Had a good time last night. dejavu girls are awesome!!!!!!!!!!

  164. Timothy

    Building is kinda crappy, when you look up at the ceiling, you can see it’s an old industrial facility. But we don’t go to these kinds of places for the architecure, right? There were a couple cute girls, but most were out of shape & couldn’t dance. They also use a bright spot light on the main stage which is really bad about highlighting any flaws. For everyone’s sake, keep the lights low if your gonna hire out of shape, flabby women, it’s a strip club!

  165. weak
  166. sexypants

    Alabama is back. She is so hot and gives a great dance. Shes there on saturdays 2 pm – 8pm

  167. Andrew

    Nice Club but some unatractive girls but the hot chicks were really beautiful and good dancers the only problem is the money for drinks $9 thats bullshit and $20 to get in fuck that it could be a little more cheap than that.

  168. Vagman

    Titties are awesome

  169. Lyle
  170. private21

    uhm i was there this passed weekend with my boyfriend and his friend and all of the strippers walked up to them and talked to them and not me.. i felt that the hospitality was very poor on their behavior..

  171. Big Blue

    It Was a blast on my 18th birthday

  172. hotrod

    The club was cool. I had a good time for my Bday, this girl Maria had a HUGE and Beautiful booty. gave a good sensual dance. they give you a free stage dance on your Bday so that was real fun! they also give you a t-shirt and picture! i had fun. a couple creepy looking clients there but they didnt bug anyone so it was overall a great time! I’ll be going back someday for sure. definitely a good Bday idea!

  173. Lindsay

    I really love going to the Vu! I recently check a different club out and found myself really disappointed. It was then that I realized that I was really spoiled by the Vu and the other club did not meet anywhere near my standards as the Vu does. The Vu has so many beautiful girls of all different styles and personalities and I love it! Keep up the good work! I plan to be there on Friday night and am very excited to go again!

  174. Shawn

    This is probably the best strip club I have been to, it is always a fun time! Usually clubs have all these stupid rules, but here you can just sit and have fun, to an extent obviously but I have never gone to a different club since Deja Vu.

  175. A regular

    I personally love this club dream girls doesnt compare to this one… “first time there” you must be a fag…summer is a babe I loved every dance she gave me you must like a fat cock in your ass….. Nevaeh is also QUITE the babe if i must say so myself “first time there” the only reason you didnt like it is because you didnt have a dudes sausage swinging in front of you……fag!

  176. Joe

    Red was great. Made my first visit special.

  177. dilan

    Helluva good time. We’ll be back for sure. Especially if Britney is there. She is definently the hottest girl you have at this club! She is an amazing dancer and always very sweet! I HIGHLY SUGGEST YOU GET A DANCE FROM HER!

  178. troy

    This club is not what it used to be. They’ve lost their attractive dancers, but they still have all the same old ugly ones. And they lie – there are way more then just 3 and rest of them act like they don’t want to be there. When they all are up on stage they look like a bunch of robots doing what they have to. Club was pretty bare of customers and dancers at Deja Vu are anxious to get your money to the point of ruining the experience, The funniest part of the night was when I bought a drink for the girl doing the lapdance and they didn’t laugh along with me when they told me it was $14 (FOURTEEN DOLLARS!)There’s not any booze in it? What did I pay them for? Does Red Bull get a cut of the Deja Vu’s nightly energy intake? Is it right that the can of red bull is worth almost the same as one of their “naked showgirls?” If a red bull is 14, then shouldn’t a lap dance be 250 dollars? I’ve got a tip for whoever is running that place. If you decided to hire some at least decent strippers instead of taking more time to choose your energy beverage selection, then you might be able to have just a select amount of girls running around happy instead of pissed because you don’t seem to realize that us Joe public strip club enthusiasts have not been fooled by the fact that you seem to hire a ton of ladies I wouldn’t even let touch my balls and think that because you have a disgraceful selection of 50 barely anatomically correct strippers running around and constantly nagging to get our money, screaming at each other in the meantime, that us men wouldn’t get that there were no hot chicks in the building that we paid to get in to see hot chicks. very not pleased with this oversized waste of space building, it should be a stadium parking lot. Maybe a couple of girls at the Deja Vu probably would be cute enough to hold parking rate sign, especially the one who was walking around like a tranny referee. I wanted to ask her which way to the gym, I think she should give me her pass and take a little rester.

  179. Willie

    The club is a run down hole now. Don’t waste your money or time. Most of the girls are just wanna-be hookers. Just sit back and watch the walking ATM’s waste their money. Strip clubs or going down hill now. This one time flagship of fun is just a whorehouse like the rest of the clubs.

  180. mario
  181. johnny

    place in a dump

  182. Irene

    It’s a great place

  183. joseph1k

    My BF and I ventured downtown on a date night … Take your $dollars$ else where ! Waste of time and money ! Managers a jerk too! Here’s a great tip for you all … Go next door to J.D. Hoyts. If you buy a drink there (out of curtesy) you can ask for a pass to the Vu. (Well any club for that matter) They have free cover passes!! But here is where we went wrong and you can do it right …1. We didn’t think to ask how many ladies were working 2. We agreed to each purchase a beverage. So… Be sure to ask how many ladies are “on the clock”… So you won’t be disappointed to find out 2 … Yes 2 ladies are working !! We did go pretty early in the night but 2??? Someone needs to teach the person in charge of the schedule that more ladies = more revenue $$!!After keeping our promise of buying 2 beverages (POP and a water) at $9.00 each… And after sitting there for 10 minutes looking at an empty stage, I finally asked a staff member what was going on. After learning there were 2 ladies on the clock (we only saw one the whole time ) we asked the manager for our money back. The coward turned his back to me and mumbled “no refunds ” We gladly walked out and went to another venue that was much more staffed, had an alcoholic beverage and got first class treatment the second we walked in. The best tip would be : Go the few extra blocks to another venue !!

  184. N & R

    Went here with my girlfriend tonight and the best dancer we saw was in the amatuer contest. There was one other one that we were wanting to get a dance from and when we asked for her we were told “she’ll be right down” then after about another 10 minutes we were told ” she is freshining up she will be down in 5 mins” then we were never told anything again. We waited through 5 or 6 songs (15-20 mins) and deceided we were being blown off. Too bad to because my girlfriend really wanted to just watch me get a lap dance and probably would have paid for quite a few after the first one.

  185. BR

    this place is the bomb!

  186. Tim

    You are right! I could not beleive it, 55 seconds for 1 song, what the heck. Even the songs at other clubs are almost two times longer. Never again will I go back.

  187. matt

    eva is awesome along with the rest of the ladies

  188. Repo Man

    i agree, this is the best club ever

  189. Josh

    staff found me the best girl out there for my first private bed dance. Best night i have ever had!

  190. Beak

    I was there Saturday. The place hasnt changed much. Anyone know if Ms. Marilyn still there?

  191. Alicia

    hi im alicia I used to work at deja vu for about 8 years now I work at the choice I think the choice is classier

    deja vu is a good club but i perfer choice anybody that used to come to deja vu for alicia just wanted to let you know that im at the choice now.

  192. Chaps

    SUCKS!!! SUCKS!!! SUCKS!!! If you ever go time the length of the song…. 1 minute !!!! How can you get a fair dance when they screw you and don’t play the entire song!!!!!! They are a rip off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  193. Joe Schmoe

    i got a lapdance from monroe and she was fucking hot. there were good lookin girls and they were personable.

  194. JimJam

    I’ve been to a few clubs, and the vu is the best by far. The girls are always nice and are polite even when turned down for a dance, and it’s not always easy to turn ’em down. Love it!

  195. Alyssa

    Summer is by far the best dancer at this club! She is the only reason I go. If she wasn’t there I probably wouldn’t go.

  196. JohnnyBeGood

    Day shift is awful. Big Club. 3 dancers. One dancer (dylan) had a bad attitude. Never had a dance with her before, but she pushed too hard (going upstairs, buying her a drink, wanted extra tip after a boring lap dance!). This place won’t see my money for quite a while.

  197. RJ

    Girls selectively good; the staff, the guys working there, are really rude. very bad manager. No respect for customers. They treat the customers like the customers are moneyless, no-manner subjects.

    The staff need some professional training!

  198. hornyguy
  199. Dan

    This was the worst place I have been to, will never go back to this club.

  200. who cares

    This is a great club! these 5 girls are the best! in this order!!!

    Monroe, Nevaeh, Jayden, Cocoa, and Sunshine!

    the best for a lap dance is Monroe and Navaeh!

  201. Mark's brother

    Man, you are a dork.

  202. macdaddy

    Could not understand the announcements. Excellent specials throughout the night: 3 for 1, 2 for 1, etc. Girls should be encouraged to socialize. Get rid of the hats and magazines. Had to personally get my refills even after tipping the beverage girls each time (2) they came by. Boring when the girls have to stand on stage while the specials are going on. The beds, for the money aren’t anymore special then a lap dance.

  203. just
  204. Mike rotch
  205. felixnada

    Most girls working on almost any given night very nice crowd unlike most other clubs in the area the door man that works almost every night remembers me every time and greets me by name makes me feel appreciated I will keep coming here for sure

  206. the natural

    Nadia is the hottest woman there with Jenna in a close second! If these two are working it will be an awesome time…if not there are plenty of other hot women available.

  207. Ken

    Almost every single bed dance I have gotten has been very satisfying.. The spanish dancers are the best.. especially tanya..

  208. MacJack

    Hooray for ugly girls!

  209. Wisdom

    How bad is this club? Well last week they had all the girls on stage for a 2 for 1 dance. There were 8 girls. As they worked through the audience only two girls got picked for dances.

    The other six had to go back on stage.

    And, they upsell you the minute after they introduce themselves. Avoid.

  210. jamison

    I loved sunshine prettiest girl I’ve seen in a long time had a hard time looking anywhere but her eyes. too long in between dancers though while you are doing the dance specials you should leave the next dancer out, so that they can be dancing while the other girls do the private dances.

  211. hello

    Come in on Saturdays 2 pm. Great dancers. More privacy.

  212. Jacob

    Upon entering the establishment, I noticed right away the ratio of attractive dancers to unattractive fatties was really really displeasing. Before I could even find my chair, a rather obsese lady by the name of Red tried to con me into a $20 lap dance. I told big red that I would rather shoot up through my nads than stare at her stretch marks for 3 whole minutes. I do not consider myself a stripper “connoisseur,” but I couldn’t help but notice that although the DJ announced that there were over 70 showgirls available, only a handful of them should have been on display at all. It seems to be completely ridiculous that a woman would be allowed to work as a stripper when her bodytype resembles aunt jemima. Please bring the pretty girls back, I promise they’re out there somewhere…………

  213. highland

    very beautiful girls!

  214. JC

    Carmela, Kiki, and Neveah are currently the best dancers there.

  215. john

    it is a nice place with nice asian girls go deja vu and nancy

  216. Felaan

    I went there on my birthday the past 2 years. My birthday is on the 22nd of febuary. I will be going there friday the 26th 2010. I’m sure it will be just as fun as it was the last two years.

  217. bailey=drama

    I hate to break it to you bailey but Dave did not write that comment. I am a girl you work with, I would say who but I know how crazy you are and I prefer to keep drama out of my life. I did however feel the need to clarify to people what the truth was. You are crazy and management was sick of your bullshit plain and simple. And yes there are other women who work at the vu who like girls. Out of respect I wont write out their names..that is their choice but some hints would be: a girl whose name starts with a G, another who starts with R and one who starts with an I. There are others as well but how many examples do I really need to give? Accept that it was your bullshit that got you fired, not your sexual orientation. Thanks.

  218. mike carlson

    overall i have enjoyed my time when i have been in the club cause i have a regular dancer that i usually see and me and her get along really great. overall i love the club. the girls i have seen have helped me get through some tough times lately. especially 2 girls have really been good to me and i would like to commend them highly. they have listened to me when i have been down and they have lifted my spirits alot. i dont know if i should mention their names, but it is redd and crystal. these 2 girls i think are 2 of the best in the club and i hope they stay for a long time.

  219. Big Boy

    Had a great time bigget strip club I was ever in!!!!

  220. kevin

    cupcake i believe her name is gives one hell of a lapdance i definitly got my moneys worth

  221. him

    keep up the good work, bu the model should give services to all customers …… including those who donot take a dance in a pvt luange

  222. employee
  223. Hugo

    It a good club really liked and the dancer i had

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