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101 New York 109, Farmingdale, NY 11735


40.7250073, -73.4334099




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Cafe Royale

  1. straightmandan

    Get some talent and english speaking girls. I HATE Russians. You can not even walk in sit down and have a drink without getting harrassed.

  2. Adam

    Linda was great!

  3. scaffordi

    This place sucks. Dancers suck, management(you know who you are(wink, wink) A waste of a great looking club.

  4. Rich

    the club is not as bad as everyone is making it out to be there are some realy nice good girls that are working there the hotest girl there is Julia shes realy hot and shes the best thing at this club you all should give them anouther chance and see julia when your there shes great

  5. ST

    Visiting this place i was surprised to see a lot of new pretty girls.Bartenders were nice and friendly too.My friend and I had a really good time.

  6. lacey

    This place was the most disrespecting racist club I and my friend ever tried out for! Nothin but white trash and fat bellied latina girls who look like they got off the boat!! Believe me when I tell u waste of time! Plus the bouncer was very rude to my friend also! But at least me and my home girl ripped the stage that night! lol! Bitches aint got shit on US! We were an 11 while that club wasn’t even a 0.5!!

  7. john
  8. salami
  9. Adam C

    Don’t waste your time here.The cover is high,drinks full of water and women are really ugly.

  10. JP

    worst place on Long Island. Girls are UGH!

  11. al
  12. dan

    Who the $#%^ is Brooklyn?

  13. Vinny

    I you like to pay a lot of money for water in your drinks,for girls who aren’t even topless and pay a cover for that,then this place is for you.Oh,by the way the dancers are even worse.I felt like i was at my 50th high school reunion.

  14. Steve
  15. Renee

    Guys guys guys the most of u r rlii hating this club i used to work there..

    The drinks r normally priced the dj is great the lapdances from the right

    gurls r sexy the vip is very secluded and enjoyable there are alot of

    russians but thats everywhere.. Some gurls r reallj hot or u can just come

    c me at gaslite in lindenhurst i go by the name juicy and am american 21

    years old blue eyes long black hair come stop bi and chill mabe i can get

    rid of these negative comments plus imma sweetheart xoxo

  16. Pete

    Damn so the girls are as dirty as they appear. This one girl smelled so bad. Ugh I wanted to puke just to have relief from the nausea. Really disgusting. Can’t they shower, maybe even some perfume? Anything!

  17. Ryan

    Place Sucks! Avoid it. Not recommended. Just raggy girls grubbing you’re cash.

  18. Mark

    It’s a great place to unwind. Have been going there for many years and it seems to be getting better each year. The girls are friendly and beautiful. The staff is courteous and friendly, as well. I highly recommend this place. Try it you won’t be disappointed.

  19. Dave

    I’ve been going to this club on Friday afternoons for the past couple of months. I have to say the girls are very nice for a Friday afternoon….especially Tanya…she is unbelievably hot and very nice. Very good dances..lots of touching. Mostly Latin girls, much better than the Russians.

    Best not to get there too early, otherwise you will be the only customer there. After 3:00 is perfect. Havent been to Cafe Royale in the evening, but plan on checking it out.

    All the posts on here seem to be very negative. I have heard that Mike the manager from GQ is now the manager at Cafe Royale. I’ve heard from many of the girls at GQ that he is a really good guy. Hopefully he will be as successful here. Good luck!

  20. russell

    was there fri, nite, wanted to post a comment on the horrible time i had but i checked on the other reviews first

    no need to pile on and bash this club anymore than the customers have already, ps will never go back

  21. tom

    Stopped going to this club sometime ago because it was filled with Russians.

    This time I was a little different. The drinks were expensive and not

    consistantly priced. I got the same drink as another buddy of mine but I paid

    $4 more. Lap dances were like that also. The girl I got a dance with charged

    me $10 for a dance, one friend $20 and another $30. The first good thing is

    he mix of girls. there are still a lot of Russians but there is a mix of Latinos

    and black girls. Here is were it got interesting. The girl that came up to me

    was black with a gold tooth and curly hair. She was persistent and convinced

    me to get a lap dance by grabbing my crotch. The dance was great, she even

    let me suck her tits a little. The biggest surprise was that no bouncer came

    by to stop me so I kept going. It was awesome. During the dance she even

    offered to “suck it” in the back room for $150. I was extremely tempted but,

    that was way to much for me. I am definitely going back for more. My friends

    didn’t get the same offer with there girls. Next time I am going back to her.

  22. vito

    really nice place,awesome music and dancers are just beautiful

  23. ed

    Best Long Island Club around! Love the girls, college types, hot tight bodies and really sexy!

  24. X_Regular

    Sad but true..horrible

  25. ad

    This club sucks! We were there for no longer than 20 min. Dancers are NOT MOTIVATED, all they do is fix there hair in the mirror. Drink was $12 and SMALL, not strong! The waitress was hotter then the dancers. If you like REALLLYYY skiiny girls with no tits or ass then this is the place 4 u

  26. NEW GIRL

    I really like this place, girls are great and so are the bartenders.

  27. Gerard

    Why does anyone frequent this club? It is bad, real bad.

  28. nick

    awful place, ugly strippers, rude bartenders, watered drinks. Had experience with a Ukranian girl Nicole (maybe her name is Nicilette, dont remember) and a russian girl Olga(short, with black hair, big ass. both had 0 size breasts but lots of confidence. ended up taking Olga home, came back the next night, she agreed to have sex after work in my office. pretty slutty and cheap, kept calling me again and again till i changed my phone number.

  29. Pussy luver

    2 me this place is a decent lil chill spot u and ur peoples go in..ladies are friendly approchin u workin 4 that money..u could haggle and talk em down all nite

    free feels pussy rubbin wat more do u need

  30. Jack

    Never been to such an awful strip club before. Used to be the place to be about 4 years ago. What the hell happened? I wonder how much longer they will remain open…

  31. valmer

    Beautiful top notch women of all races. Drinks are 9$ and stage is behind a bar moat. They will sit with you after a dance – bachelor party upscale kinda place.

  32. Daytime Regular

    Often visit during daytime. Dancers are nice, some are especially nice, though they tend to get possessive over guys and the cliques are a bit annoying… Beyond that, the bartenders are wonderful. Sara and Rita are the tops – fun and always smiling… definitely a pick-me-up during a bad day.

  33. Feature Guy

    Club seems to be getting better. Much better when they are havoing a feature, with good first rate features eva angelina and gina lynn.

  34. Ghandi

    When I used to go here years ago, it was the place to be. It was SRO, the women were georgous, and it was a pleasure going there. Now it is a shadow of what it was. The crowds are gone,and the women are hideous, and the people running it suck. It should be leveled and the property sold/given to someone who knows what the hell they are doing.

  35. customer

    This place is pitiful. I was just on the webpage and it says “100+ Beautiful Entertainers, Covergirls & Centerfolds from the U.S. & Europe “. Maybe from “Hogs and Heffers” or “Immigrants Illustrated”.The girls pictured on the site have not been there for at least 5 years. The VIP lounge it shows is/was not even theirs(?). In any case, THEIR VIP louge does not even exist anymore.

    So why would anyone want to come in this place?

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