Bottoms Up Lounge



567 Grant Street, Akron, OH 44311


41.0678371, -81.5177312




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Bottoms Up Lounge

  1. Bill

    I’ll be back,damn night shift is wild.

  2. D
  3. Leon

    Dancer selection here is very weak

  4. Fred

    I wasted my money

  5. pleased

    Came in wit the fellas last friday and had fun with Tina & Morgan…will be back girls

  6. Woody

    Been going her for years. I have had some of the best lap dances upstairs. I wonder what ever happened to Jody; I miss her.

  7. Simon

    This is a fun bar lots of attractive women. Something for everybody! Too many X boyfriends trying to post BS.

  8. lindsey

    Thanks for getting this club back to the way it was!! This place will rock again!

  9. q.c.
  10. Homer

    Great girls& even better dances

  11. t

    excellent lap dances A+++++++++++++++

  12. ugh

    terrible, terrible…OLD women. Once u hit 35 time to retire. will not be back

  13. beerman

    I’ve only visited this place once and was not impressed by the overall quality of the girls and the club. First negative is that its now a juice bar…5 bucks during a 6pm visit got me 2 n/a beers or pop. Only 2 out of the 8 girls were worth mentioning…Madison was pretty hot. Got a few 5 dollar dances from her, then moved upstairs for 3 dances that totaled 35 bucks…20 to her and a ‘half price’ ticket for 15. For 3 nude dances with some decent grind it was ok…but very limited touching allowed. Maybe its better on the weekend and at night, but during the week and early shift was pretty bad.

  14. Marc

    Sexy Girls, love the variety!! Will be back!!

  15. Goodtimes

    Open’s at 11am monday-saturday. Best dancers in akron we have the best entertainment Downtown Akron.

  16. Satisfied

    The BEST ladies are here!! I have 2 favs during the day(Tennesee & Lucy) and have 2 at night (Jersey & Tina). Thanks ladies for the HOTTEST dances ever!!

  17. Scott

    Came after 7pm 3 girls on stage.Like angels dancing from the sky.

  18. kijh
  19. Phoebe

    Miss everyone! Pittsburgh will win sorry for my boldness. Lets talk about it on 2/2/09 4pm-

  20. ohio boy
  21. old school

    It’s time for Raven and the other old timers to retire. They need new dancers.

  22. Del

    Always a pleasure! More hot girls everytime I come in!

  23. jeff
  24. Not bad

    Friendly. There are a few attractive girls here.

  25. F

    Stopped in for the 1st time and was throughly impressed with the friendly atmosphere!

  26. Happy customer returns!

    Love this place! Stopped in and had an amazing time with Lynn!!! She is incredible!!! Sorry I missed my other fav. Haven, but Lynn was absolutely incredible!!! Great dances without having to worry about the sleaze of other clubs

  27. shy fan
  28. ufcman
  29. Steve

    Great place to go highly recomended.

  30. Don

    I love this place, please dont close!

  31. Mike B

    Glad we stopped back in, it had been a couple years since our last time. What a colection of talent. Got to love Lucy too!

  32. Scooter

    Wow, what happened to Mandy and Laura? They gained a lot of weight.

    So yeah, this place sucks. Same old, same old, except the girls are getting older and fatter.

  33. AGAPE

    This Club is second to none ! enough said?

  34. H

    This place is the BEST!

  35. Queen C

    Best place on earth!!

  36. Joe

    Daytime is alot of fun. Clean women

  37. BU's biggest fan

    The girls here r great and fun.

  38. Ron

    Most girls are young and friendly.

  39. none
  40. customer

    the best are here

  41. we love raven

    totally awsome place……5 STARS,2 thumbs up etc

  42. mike

    i love it i love joy

  43. jimmyyou

    Food is a good price for bar food. Girls are great. The club keeps the girls from being to evil to one another.

  44. Mark

    Girls pay attention but are not pushy. Pretty good variety of dancers.

    Atmosphere like a local bar. Good place for a relaxing time.

  45. D man
  46. bob

    nice club had a great time, I will be back again soon.

  47. Dan

    New owners have changed things alot, the place is getting better and better every time I’m in.

  48. Jon

    Slow, but alot of girls

  49. pal
  50. Ken

    Always a good time in the daytime. It’s clean, it’s well taken care of. And so are the ladies.

  51. Big Ted

    Awesome dances! I will be back! Love all the different ladies. Something for everyone!

  52. Nikolai
  53. Jack

    Be in soon. Hope Shy is there.

  54. nooner


  55. Trump Played Golf... like Nero played..

    Incompetent Trump kept busy playing golf with millionaires enriching him and his family.
    He fucking didn’t care people were dying. Kept denying there was a pandemic! All he cares is his fucking re-election! What a fucking moron!

  56. Thomas

    Great bar,even better ladies

  57. Waste of time
  58. Great tjmes

    Happy to spend my pat checks here!

  59. GR
  60. jim

    Friendly good looking ladies. 10 buck cover but you get 2 drinks with it. Nice place to unwind.

  61. bud

    its a filth pit nasty girls

  62. I Love this place!

    I will be back!

  63. Matt

    Every time I visit Akron this is my first stop

  64. TED

    VERY nice, better than before. Good luck and I will be returning

  65. ed
  66. nahjb
  67. Brian

    Probably wont be back

  68. Rodney

    Best club on earth!

  69. John


  70. pimp g
  71. Man

    The new girl Daisy is classic sexy with a very 40’s-50’s look. Raven is always a joy and oh my my is Aubrey talented.

  72. b


  73. Kray
  74. acbar22

    4 star place!love all of the girls!

  75. Jason

    Alot to chose from. Girls on stage, girls in the bar. Take your pick.

  76. anonymus
  77. Real

    Place used to be great. Not worth going to now.

  78. Terry Miller

    Been going for over 6 years and met some wonderful women there. They make a old sick man feel young.

  79. george
  80. Stevie R.

    Once upon a time Bottoms Up was the premiere strip joint in Akron. Unfortunately those days are over. I remember only about a year or two ago this place has the best looking chicks anywhere. Now it’s a cess pool where dreams come to die. The dancers all look like meth heads one even looks retarded. WTF!? One day I went over to Dreamers and I saw a black female that use to dance at Bottoms Up. This chick ess gorgeous. She told me that one of the bartenders at Bottoms told her they didn’t want anymore black girls dancing there anymore. Well the place has been down hill ever since. Especially when Bottoms Up used to have some of the baddest black strippers in Ohio. Not anymore. Back in the day I had no problem with the cover charge but now I would hardly pay $10 to see meth head chicks with flabby stomachs and flat trucker butts. Game over.

  81. Andy

    Great girls, great service. Always a fun time!

  82. happy

    I LOVE this bar

  83. Norm

    Whenever I visit from Toledo, Raven (dayshift) makes me remember why I return. She is a sweetheart. Perfect combination of looks, attitude, skills, and personality.

  84. mer
  85. doug
  86. Youngstown guy

    Great lunch and the daytime girls are beautiful will be back soon!

  87. dhr
  88. curious
  89. BU Fan

    best club in America

  90. cruz
  91. anonymous

    ally’s back…

  92. tommy

    excellent place

  93. BuGuy

    The club dances are an excellent vaulue, most girls give very good contact at the bar and excellent contact in private dances. Only down side is that the stage is not danced continuously. I think the problem is that there is too little tradition of annoucing and recognizing the girls with tips, so they’d really rather not dance on stage. But they’re great 1 on 1!

  94. wont be back

    Short dark haired old hag with a loud mouth

    jumped me at the door and wouldn’t leave me

    alone until I gave her a dance. Wouldn’t stop

    bugging me to get a hand job or Fuck for more

    money. Tried getting my number so to meet me

    at her house to fuck. Doesn’t take no for an

    answer.. Would have liked to get a dance from

    the couple decent chicks this place had to offer

    but couldn’t get near em. Not worth it.

  95. dude

    will be back

  96. Leatherpimp

    Very Nice Ladies the best in Akron.

  97. sam

    they have some really attractive girls thet were friendly and gave me every dollars worth

  98. Eddie

    two years ago this was a GREAT club. Now, it isn’t worth the effort. Go elsewhere for a good time.

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  100. bj
  101. Terry

    Unforunately new ownership has done little to turn this club around.

  102. HOt

    The girls AND dances here r HOT,HOT,HOT!

  103. Lucie

    Love this Club! Pheobe is the best! I came from Tampa and was amazed how excellent she was!

  104. B.

    Horrible place. The girls are loud and rude, the owners lack any sort of business knowledge, several of the bartenders are just lazy, and the place is so slow it might as well be closed.

  105. lindseymyers
  106. lou
  107. Flawed

    The best ‘daytime’ club in the area.

  108. c
  109. not very good
  110. Lots of fun

    Be back soon to see all you lovely ladies.

  111. j-

    $10 cover, no beer. But only $5 for dances. Some fairly good looking girls there. But the one i had a private dance from smelled pretty bad. Looks can fool you.

  112. Tom

    I have visited multiple times in the last few weeks. I have to say that I have enjoyed my visits. Vicki (Veronica) and Madison have been especially entertaining. Both ladies are absolutely beautiful and seem to enjoy their jobs. I have had dances from almost every lady on shift at lunch and never really have to wait. Good Time!

  113. lovin it

    i will be returning 2 this club asap.

  114. Danny

    Good job on the reopening , cant wait to get back there

  115. Fan

    Go see the biggest boobs in the area I think, her name is Tina. Very nice young lady. She’s a tall, thick chick. She’s new & I hope she stays!!

  116. Tbone

    Don’t listen to the liar below, this is still the same old Bottoms Up with just a fresh coat of paint inside.

  117. me

    need more good looking girls during the day

  118. club
  119. Andrew

    Had a great time w//Tonya or Tanya. Good personal lap dance

  120. whatevever
  121. Roland

    Nice girls. Will be back on my trips through Ohio.

  122. Denny

    good place to go at night friendly and good looking ladies feel safe inside and out, cameras so I can keep an eye on my car, will return often.

  123. lynn
  124. not a drunk
  125. Aaron

    Came in today, and was ABSOLUTELY impressed!!!! Mercedes is an absolutely incredibly beautiful girl, and the nearly 1/2 private dance I got was the best lap dance I have ever had!!!! She is so sweet, incredible body, and a smile that could melt anyone!!!! I will absolutely continue to come back as long as she is here!!! There were several other hot girls I saw, but there was no way that I was having anyone else dance for me but her!!! So highly recommended!!!!!

  126. JohnnyB
  127. larry1

    Cover charge is $10. There are cameras in the parking lot which makes it feel safe but there are also cameras in the VIP.You can get a bar stool dance for $5, but most girls are pretty lazy about these. They all want to go to the VIP area, which is much more expensive. The club does not serve alcohol and is nearby the Univ. of Akron.

  128. Roy

    Roy says very good!

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