2528 West Rosecrans Avenue

Gardena, CA90249

SCN ADMIN (management)onStarz

posted on 16 December, 2016


La Chambre Lounge is Detroit's oldest gentlemen's club.

We have immediate job openings for dancers, waitresses, chefs and djs.

If you have what it takes inquire online or call 313-537-5420.

Walk-ins are also welcome so feel free to come down to the club and apply in person.

Click Here!


posted on 8 April, 2016
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This past Saturday we attempted to Starz for my sister's bachelorette party. Prior to the night I spoke to the manager two times,the first time one month before the party the second time two days before the party to arrange everything. I let him know that we had a party bus with about 15 and 20 women he said it would be fine as long as we got there before 10:30pm. When that Saturday came we arrived at 10:00pm they would not let us in because we came on a party bus. I told the guy at the door we already arranged everthing with the manager they still wouldnt let us in...this messed up our whole night and my sister's bachelorette party. I will tell everyone I know never go to Starz

Angela A.onStarz

posted on 20 January, 2016
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I have been wanting to go to a strip club for a while to check out some ladies and I never lived near an area that has my kind of women (black with some back) I was sooo excited to try Starz when my girlfriend and I went!I can say I thoroughly enjoyed myself! There are a variety of women (slim, average, and thick) & the drinks were STRONG, I should've tipped the bartender more. I loved watching the thick girls dance and I wouldn't mind going to Starz again but definitely don't want to get hooked haha!


posted on 26 December, 2015
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Been going there for a long time I like the girls and the food and the service .Lab dances are cheap !!It's totally nude upstairs !!!


posted on 3 June, 2015
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is chyna still there id love to get a dance from her??


posted on 7 May, 2015
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You really can't have a bad time at Starz. These chicken WINGS are seriously the best in all of LA. Roscoe's chicken is OK but they don't have anything on STarz wings. The entertainment is good... staff is friendly.

Alos T.onStarz

posted on 29 March, 2015
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I had a terrible experience. The only good thing was the waitress she was very nice but I can't say the same thing about the strippers. Soon as I got there I bought myself a drink and scanned the room for any pretty girls. Which there was few of them there but they didn't even walk up to me I sat there for 2 and half hours not one stripper walked up to me I was dressed nice and I had 5 racks to spend that night. Like most of the strippers were at tables doing nothing just sitting there. As a paying customers I shouldn't have walk up to a stripper they want my money they have walk up to me. It's almost safe to say I wouldn't be going back there if the strippers want to act stuck up


posted on 12 January, 2015
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If you are like me who enjoys beautiful thick black women then this the place for you guys.It's $15 per song which is pretty affordable and great service by the girls.Some of the girls are kinda rude sometimes.Over all experience was good.


posted on 14 December, 2014
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Good ole starz. LOL I came here on a Friday night the last 2 times and enjoyed myself. My co-workers sure did too. I like the size of this club, i hate small cramped strip clubs but starz is spacious and roomy with a big bar area and plenty of seating. The food is pretty good too, nothing great but good food to wash down your alcohol with. They have wings, nachos, fries, mozzarella sticks and more bar type foods. The drinks are strong and mixed well. The bartender is really nice as well. The dj is hilarious and will have you laughing most of the night, hes a pretty live mc on the mic.Most of the dancers come out in groups of 2 or sometimes 3. They dance to 2 songs and the second song they get topless. Im more of a person who appreciates pole work vs. how much you can just pop your booty on stage. lol The girls are decent, nothing fantastic. The upstairs are they get totally nude and no drinks are allowed up there. Theres an atm machine inside so there is no excuse for not tipping. lol Overall starz is a cool place to come, have drinks and enjoy yourself.


posted on 13 August, 2014
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This place is ghetto. Ghetto fabulous. Booty popping up in the air all up in this piece. Um...all the girls are black and beautiful!

Keisha H.onStarz

posted on 1 June, 2014
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Thursday night bachelor party for a friend and this was the meeting spot. I've seen better girls but there were a few winners. My bestie fell in love with this creamy light skinned girl named Jody. Very juicy thighs! I had a good time tho. The gem is the bare naked room upstairs, no drinking there but if you want to get super close to the taco this is the place. A lot of money raining on that stage I tell ya!! I gave up a few bills to this one spunky chic whose skills were amazing. I prefer a show, it's one thing to be pretty but get up there and dance I say!!!I went here last year on a Saturday the crowd and girls were better but hey who cares. Get drunk throw some dollars. The place gets four stars for the $8 chicken strip plate!!! Man it took a fight to get the waitress over (she was a cutie!) But well worth the wait. It was white meat fried strips with fries, hot sauce, ranch and ketchup! So yummy!!


posted on 30 March, 2014
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Went here with two other people on a Saturday night. Crowd was average and so were the tips. I couldn't believe how cheap everyone was being that night. So one of the people from my party decided to liven up the scene by tossing more and more money on the stage. Funny because after he did that, it started a chain reaction lol and they totally deserved it. Yes this is not the greatest upscale place but it's a cool spot just to go and hang out while watching the scenery. The girls who were dancing that night I felt were cheated. They were great and deserved more money and attention. But not everyone is as generous as they should be. I like this place for extracurricular fun. Will go back one day soon and I hope the girls are compensated right this time. They do deserve it. Overall Starz is cool by me. Great place to take the bf or friends just to relax and unwind. Pure fun!


posted on 22 December, 2013
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My BF and I went in on a Thursday night and it was pretty dead. There were a few pretty girls and the strippers were friendly. Drinks were a little pricey.

Denean V.onStarz

posted on 18 December, 2012
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I came here, with my friend, on November 24 (Saturday) for my 23rd birthday celebration (my birthday is on Nov 25 but the club isn't open on Sundays). I had so much fun. The dancers are so beautiful and they get completely naked upstairs. Downstairs only their tops come off. I have 2 or 3 favorite dancers myself. The drinks are reasonable and good . They serve food. The club charges 15 dollars to get in after 9:00pm, and 10 dollars before 9 on Friday and Saturday. This is the first strip club in Los Angeles that i have been to where the women get naked. I am so glad that I walked into this wig shop where this woman referred me to this club!!!

Asia Z.onStarz

posted on 29 September, 2011
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THE PROCESS___________________I came here at the end of my 21st birthday night yesterday.I was wearing pants and a shirt.My boyfriend was wearing pants and a shirt as well.We walk up and the door guy is like "No pants for ladies, skirts or dresses only on Monday and Tuesday"WTF kind of perverted rule is that?!? So we walk back to the car and I'm like SCREW THIS I'm getting IN. Did not just drive from Huntington Beach to be told no on my bday.I made my lace top I was wearing into a skirt and just wore a jacket.Yup. For this sh**ty ghetto club lol. We walk back and he checks I.Ds."We can't let you in, it's the 20th still"UHHHH YEAH?!? THAT'S MY F%^^^&% BIRTHDAY & IT'S A QUARTER TO 12AM!"We don't know what time you were born"Now, I'm like, is this guy phucking with me??? I just went to a gang of bars, getting treated on the house in HB and you guys have the audacity to not even say happy bday and give me problems?? I talked to another bouncer and he looks at my I.D and is like 'come'.I don't know if it was because it's a BLACK club and my boyfriend's MEXICAN why they didn't want to let us in. Black guys are the WORST with my boyfriend and I. Ugh.THE CLUB__________________________________So we get in.Sat a little by the stage at a table since it was PACKED and alot of people were standing up. For a Tuesday night, they had a OKAY selection of girls. Probably 2 that put on a show and the rest were just moping around on stage, acting like they hated being there.DRINKS__________________VERY STRONG. I ordered 1 cran/vodka & 2 jack/coke. It seems like they put a SPRITZ of coke/cran and the rest alcohol. Wonderful if you want to get messed up. Perfect situation if you want to get pulled over by the cops when going home. SUMMARY_________________________No offense, but if you're HOOD, love HOOD neighborhoods, like HOOD black girls, love strong drinks, love The Player's Club movie, and like Waka Flocka-- this place is PERFECT for you.


posted on 14 June, 2010
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Lap dances are $15 for the house (of which the girl gets half). The dancer then expects a tip. I generally give $20 if she brings my evening to a climax.

Phuc B.onStarz

posted on 31 January, 2009
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second night living in socal and some friends came to visit and we ended up here (since one of them runs or knows the guys that runs the place)you get patted down before you go in, not sure what the entrance fee was cause we got in free. they got a topless stage down stairs and a nude stage (but no alcohol allowed) upstairs. chatted with some of the ladies (Sugar, Selena) and they say tuesday and fridays were the busy nights.had some chicken tenders and fries which were pretty good. their specialty drink was the "slapaho" but I stuck with the patron. they were next to a restaurant called "them wings" haha.lots of ghetto booty


posted on 5 October, 2008
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how much are lapdances???


posted on 3 June, 2008
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Does Jewel still work at Starz. If so, what nights?


posted on 22 May, 2008
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does Maliah still dance there?


posted on 29 April, 2008
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no matter what people say about this place it has the best black girls n la. my favorites are seduction cause of her convo, nautica has the best ass by far, i love to watch magic make it clap, chyna has the prettiest pussy ive ever seen and charm is #1 at starz. drinks are great, a little expensive . great music

joe blowonStarz

posted on 3 February, 2008
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does nautica work here?


posted on 21 April, 2007
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I went to Starz for the first time tonight friday 4/20/07, and had dope time. This was my first time at a predominantly black girl club and I'm glad I found this place. All I can say is that I love watching sexy as hell girls, thick in the right places, who can actually dance...with plenty of booty poppin' for all to enjoy, just like in the BET uncut vids. Thumbs up!

Big BudonStarz

posted on 24 March, 2007
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Pound for pound, still the best! Beautiful African-American girls for very reasonable prices.

Au NaturelonStarz

posted on 7 March, 2007
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Swing into action with **Mariah** and the Newest Beauties of the New Millennium visit "wetandplenty" This websight includes fantastic Nude Photos/Movies/Chat Rooms it has just enough to spark your memory or pique your interset to see more.

Sweet DonStarz

posted on 22 February, 2007
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Yo Angel/Lisa I think someone is looking for you. Check out the RBC comments. Sounds like you got a fan girl.


posted on 21 February, 2007
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No, Rain now dances in Atlanta Georgia.


posted on 29 January, 2007
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Does "Rain" still dance at Starz??


posted on 18 December, 2006
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anyone know what happened to Eden?

Sweet DonStarz

posted on 2 November, 2006
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Lisa/Angel I remember the sly fox days. Damn, it was ON back in the day!!!!! If you are the same young lady that used to dance at BC around "89 or "90 I remember you too. The dates are kinda slipping away on me but those long hottt nights last forever. Hey, what are you doing now? Still dancing? If so whereat?

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