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San Diego, CA92110

SCN ADMIN (management)onDeja Vu Showgirls

posted on 16 December, 2016


La Chambre Lounge is Detroit's oldest gentlemen's club.

We have immediate job openings for dancers, waitresses, chefs and djs.

If you have what it takes inquire online or call 313-537-5420.

Walk-ins are also welcome so feel free to come down to the club and apply in person.

Click Here!

timmykillaonDeja Vu Showgirls

posted on 4 October, 2016
Joined 2 years ago
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Its OK. Definitely better strip clubs, its a little "ghetto". Has many ups and downs. The girls range from supermodel hot to tweaker looking drug addicts. Its small but its never crowded, which I like so its not hard to get the stripper you want. Lap dances are PHENOMENAL I must say. Depending on the girl of course but after around 8 strippers i must say, they are fantastic compared to other strip clubs. Although, 2 were crappy. The try to hustle you though. One tuesday night a gorgeous blonde girl named "Miss texas" was dancing and the dj was saying it was her birthday and to tip her more. However, i went the following wednesday and they were claiming it was her birthday AGAIN. Straight up lying. One time, a girl came out barely dancing, like she SUCKED at dancing. We were all tipping the H*LL out of the good dancers but this one just thought she looked good enough to just move around a little. Whats worse is she makes really creepy eye contact with you thats cringey and disturbing. And after no one was tipping her cuz of how boring her dance was, she stopped dancing and irritably said "why arent you guys tipping me!?" Huge turn off. And we were never turned on in the first place. The dj also ALWAYS bitches at us "cmon! Tip that hot ass girl!" "Get a vip dance!" "Tip that girl!" "VIP VIP VIP" whats worse is most of the time we already tipped her a lot and he still complains at us. Hes annoying. Also, when I asked for 1s in exchange for a 20, the girl just grabbed a random amount (without counting) and handed it to me and said "have a good time!" And the SECOND she saw me start to count it in front of her she immediately said "wait wait wait lemme see that real quick" and it turned out she almost shorted me like 6-7 bucks. Also, one girl thought i was inexpierenced and was my first time there (probably because i look so young) and tried to give me a "deal" on a vip dance, saying that they're normally 160, but just for me she'll make it only 100. Girl, I've been there before, i know they're always 100. After i pointed that out she said "well its 100 without touching and 160 with" again, a lie. Ive gotton a vip once before and she said it was allowed. Same with all my buddies who got 100$vip dances. Its obvious this place doesn't do well ans just tries its hardest to hustle . I only go there frequently because i see through their attempts and a LOOOT of the strippers are absolutely gorgeous, honest, and give the BEST lapdances.

Check this out seriously amazingonDeja Vu Showgirls

posted on 1 October, 2016
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Man strip clubs get worse and worse . I used to be a big tipper but I found this camgirl on myfreecams - leeannstar and holy shit . Perfection in every way including personality which is like finding a fuckin unicorn. Just trying to help out my guys who might wanna give that a whirl . I included a pic . There's some aight girls on the site but none come close to this girl like NO way but its fun and they have raffles that you can win a date and shit too as well as the avn awards so its pretty cool her Twitter and Instagram is leeannstar23 more nude shit on Twitter obv

DexterRexteronDeja Vu Showgirls

posted on 22 July, 2016
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First off, the plus side is that there's a bar next door, and you're allowed to leave, get a drink and come back. There's also a smoking patio, and I believe hookah's available. The interior is cool with a nice layout, but the thick red lighting can get obnoxious. The girls are cute and nice and all, but seem super inexperienced. Lap dances are ridiculously cheap, but be advised, there are no topless or nude lap dances in San Diego strip clubs, so you get what you pay for; A dark, 2-minute, clothed disappointment. You wont really be seeing any talent or professionalism. If you wind up here, and Mona's there, get a dance from her. Probably the best girl to get a dance from.

brandonreshonDeja Vu Showgirls

posted on 8 March, 2016
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If you like to see naked crack head whores with fucked up teeth deja vu is the place for you! Not only are they ugly they push the issue on tipping them for simply sitting next to you. Im pretty sure i saw a stripper drop her ebt card on the floor while doing this upside down maneuver on the pole.

rickywho2onDeja Vu Showgirls

posted on 12 October, 2015
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First and last time I will ever be going to a strip club. I have never been more flaccid in my life. The entire time I was there I couldn't help but think that I was looking at someone's daughter who was trying to get tips to flash her pussy. The Dj looked like a cross between a homeless Ron Jeremy and Mario. If I could take a punch to the face from Mike Tyson to get my $53 back I would do it no questions asked. If you are considering going to this establishment, take my advice and do not go. You will be more disappointed than a dog at the humane society that gets to meet the family but doesn't get adopted. Take your hard earned money elsewhere. Just so you can fully understand how disappointed I was in my experience, the highlight of my night was going back to my dorm to watch "The Last Samurai" on a 2003 portable Sony DVD player...

Brian D.onDeja Vu Showgirls

posted on 3 September, 2015
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Don't go to this strip club I have never experience such a horrible customer service in my life. There aren't many dancers to choose from and they suck at dancing.

Mistercap12onDeja Vu Showgirls

posted on 23 June, 2015
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I've been coming here since I was 19 and this place still Rocks. The redesign on the inside looks great especially the patio. Now you can enjoy a hookah by the fire while you watch the girls on stage. Even the waitresses are super hot. The dancers are among the best pole dancers I've ever seen especially Kenedy. Everyone at this club makes me feel at home.

Tori O.onDeja Vu Showgirls

posted on 27 August, 2013
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brooklyn is amazingonDeja Vu Showgirls

posted on 30 May, 2013
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brooklyn i hope im spelling your name right.if your reading this what days do you work

brooklyn is amazingonDeja Vu Showgirls

posted on 25 May, 2013
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i have not been there for awile but brooklyn gives one of the better vip dancez i have ever had. she knows how to treat a man i wonder if she still works there

Johnnyboy123onDeja Vu Showgirls

posted on 23 September, 2012
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its not what it used to be, dances are expensive 3 songs for $40. Also DJ is too pushy, let the girls dance. Highlight of the night was Roxy, great dancer and great lap dance. Would highly recommend her

ReTiredonDeja Vu Showgirls

posted on 14 June, 2012
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First true posting in 2012

fuckery12onDeja Vu Showgirls

posted on 20 January, 2012
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"Let's put a smile on that face"

adamrodonDeja Vu Showgirls

posted on 2 December, 2011
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This place is getting worse and worse. What's bad is, the girls are getting more aggressive trying to persuade lap dances. No quicker than you tell one no, you got two more scratching at you. What's worse, if you do blow your hard earned cash on a laptop dance, it's pretty cheesey... What they try to do is convince you the lap Dance and the resulting pleasure you get from it only if you commit to $200 more dollars for the vip room. They try convince you that you will be pleasure in the vip section... The DJ has become the most irritating aspect of deja vu this year. This guy just won't shut the f...k up. It's really annoying... My wife and I visit many clubs during the year and have never seen a dj this bad at a strip club. They rush the girls through their dances and 60% won't show you their cooters... What's even worse is the girls are really drugged up, often falling before getting on stage or having one of the security guys picking up the money for them... Some are Sooo jacked up, they forget about the money completely.. This clubs quality has gone down severely in the last year... Even a fri/sat night is as dead as a wed night.Soon as the girls are getting into their song, they are switching them to a second song so they remove their bottoms.. More like a cue for them. My wife and I have even been noticing a large increase in new girls and large amounts of turn over. We sometimes go during a weekday and see them training. We have decided to try expose next as we are giving up on the so called world famous, deja vu with a dj who won't shut the hell up.

XhXeXyonDeja Vu Showgirls

posted on 8 August, 2011
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Overall ok. Waitress service wasn't really that great. Girls didn't come by often to check on customers. Saw them kicking back a few times. Didn't really care but other spots are very good with waitress service. Main stage is equipped with money rain machine. Which I personally think is useless. Front row seats are pretty close but the center seats there is a dumb space there which I really don't understand why. More fun when you can be closer to the dancer. Cool that they have a hookah spot. Didn't get to try it. But it's in the corner of the club so I think you really don't get to see the girl on stage very well. Regular lap dance area is decent. Lighting is good. Doesn't serve alcohol. Smoking area in back is nice and laid back. It has a pool table. Didn't get to see how the VIP room is like. Played a lot of rock and techno. I think that's why the girls really couldn't find a rhythm. **Girls Even on a Wednesday there were a lot of pretty girls. I noticed all of them are shaven. Which is cool but it's nice to see trim bushes every now and then. Oh well. Biggest draw back. None of them can dance or perform very well. Didn't really work the stage at all. 2 that were really hot was January and Athena. Athena came by a few times to ask for a personal dance, which was cool. None of the girls came by to chill out. I guess I didn't look friendly that night. Came on a celebrity night "Katsumi". She gave a decent performance. She had a lot of energy into it. She was nice but there is a language barrier. It was an ok night. I didn't want to end the night but I was tired of the performances being given. Actually drove to Pacers after Katsumi's last performance. Place had better music and more energetic gals.

konDeja Vu Showgirls

posted on 20 September, 2010
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I'm a dancer from PA and was thinking about coming to dance in CA. Could someone HONESTLY post about the laws, rules (touching etc) and money splits in CA clubs? Thanks!

RegularonDeja Vu Showgirls

posted on 5 February, 2010
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It was the corporate offices that burned, not the club, but if you have a lot of disposable income, they want you at this club!

Travis BarkeronDeja Vu Showgirls

posted on 14 December, 2009
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I was driving by this place tonight and I saw it burning. I hope all the lovely strippers are okay.

NIKITAonDeja Vu Showgirls

posted on 11 December, 2009
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My name is Nikita and I make Exotic Dancewear. I am looking to find a local strip club magazine to advertise in. If some one can help me I would greatly appreciate the help and information. If you are aware of such a publication in the San Diego area please send me a post . The name of the magazine would be perfect . Thank you to anyone who responds .

first timeronDeja Vu Showgirls

posted on 30 October, 2009
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I must say this club has a grreat atmosphere and fun environment. I had some great dances from a few girls but the the ones you really need to stay away from are Emani (sp?) and her friend that looks like a black frog, Allure. I have never met such classless women in my life. They have very bad attitudes and worthless dances. I had decent dances from Vanessa but she does have an odor under her armpits and her pussy too, in which I dont mind. It kind of turns me on!!Other than that, I had some amazing memories with other girls in the VIP room.

Bigman1069onDeja Vu Showgirls

posted on 23 September, 2009
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Was in the club last weekend while in town for a visit. Does anyone know the name of the girl with a zombie tattoo on her thigh??? Sounds like a wierd question, but she was SMOKING hott!!!!

DominqueonDeja Vu Showgirls

posted on 13 September, 2009
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I don think she works there anymore.

Dave from New YorkonDeja Vu Showgirls

posted on 17 July, 2009
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Whatever happened to beautiful Alexis? She was truly gorgeous with a nice round ass...Perfect tits too!!

o'neill t-shirtonDeja Vu Showgirls

posted on 13 July, 2009
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when i asked JADE to do long division it sounded like she didnt even know what it was - a true hustler. you know how to make a friend and sell a free t-shirt. yeah, good luck, have fun hustling. (you lost a customer)

passin thruonDeja Vu Showgirls

posted on 15 May, 2009
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been here twice on the weekends from out of town on business. Love that I can get away from the wife and enjoy the company of beautiful bombshell Jennifer... She is very entertaining, witty, funny, and most of all exotic looking and beautiful! Don't hesitate to ask her for a dance guys... as she is seemingly in high demand... but if you do have to wait, she is quite worth it! If you are reading this jennifer, hi, from Greg if you remember me:)

joseph1konDeja Vu Showgirls

posted on 11 May, 2009
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Went on a Tuesday night.10 dollar cover charge...for my gal and her friend to.Gals were talented, place was clean, free water and alcohol :_(.Had a lot of fun, will definitely hit it up again...BUT!!!Have a few complaints, as great as the setting was, as great as the gals were in talent...The door man was nice to me...didn't hassle me at all...But my girl was harassed like crazy...and so was her friend."you got pills in there" door man"aaaa yea...excedrin, you know head ache" g/f"you dont have a camera do you" door man" phone" g/fThe harassed them and made them feel very unwelcome...they didnt even bug me...its like dont like women in your club?so...yea...other than the door man treating them like that. it was fun.

DomaniqueonDeja Vu Showgirls

posted on 16 March, 2009
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Does anyone go to this club and dance with her. She is smoking hot!

RE: RoxieonDeja Vu Showgirls

posted on 17 February, 2009
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Does a petite Latina dancer who goes by Roxie happen to dance here? Half-Puerto-Rican, half-Italian, slight accent, friendly, from Chicago originally.

Thayne L.onDeja Vu Showgirls

posted on 8 February, 2009
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Ok heres the real deal...Who in their right mind can give a strip joint that has full nude and allows re-entry so you can drink at the bar next door under 3 stars? I would give more, but the quality of the females is not where it should be for san diego. The hostess chic had the best body by far. I think I saw a c-section scar and a hairy mole while enjoying my free evening at the strip club after the chargers game. If you bring you ticket stub after home games you can get in for free.

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