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939 North Coast Highway

Oceanside, CA92054

SCN ADMIN (management)onThe Main Attraction

posted on 16 December, 2016


La Chambre Lounge is Detroit's oldest gentlemen's club.

We have immediate job openings for dancers, waitresses, chefs and djs.

If you have what it takes inquire online or call 313-537-5420.

Walk-ins are also welcome so feel free to come down to the club and apply in person.

Click Here!

yanard12onThe Main Attraction

posted on 19 October, 2016
Joined 2 years ago
89 comments posted

went to this place last night and i was impressed with the vibe and good music its located in a great spot the girls were banging all of them very professional great entertainment highly recommend. i live in oceanside so l am local and the nearest gentlemens club other than this one is miles away sandiego or los angeles but this one is right here in my neck of the woods i can uber or taxi it there in ten mins

Johnson12onThe Main Attraction

posted on 27 June, 2015
Joined 2 years ago
92 comments posted

This Club gets ZERO stars. IT IS NOT A STRIP CLUB !!!! more like a restaurant with top less dancers. Dancers are not cute. They all have fake tits and manly faces and beg for tips. I came here and spent 3mins and left. Go to Cheetahs ! Totally nude . Top less shit is a waste of time. Worth the drive to San Diego. BTW, they have no AC here. NEVER COMING BACK.

Harrison69onThe Main Attraction

posted on 16 May, 2015
Joined 4 years ago
128 comments posted

Wow...I got approached by a basic ass security guard for taking a picture of a happy hour menu here at the scrub attraction.Now keep in mind I've been to strip clubs across the world, and granted this is my first one in America and let me tell you... This plays blows cackkk.$20 for a 3 minute dance. They do have cute gals here though. I cannot compare this poophole to any other place here in America so I honestly don't know but damn, this place sucks. the women are useless. Straight up told a bitch to go away cuz of how much of a rip off the place is. Shoe I can buy a girl in the Philippines for $10, and they won't be all tagged up like the walrusses they have here.I was about to tell the security pussy that I could buy him, his job, and his life for less than $300 but in the end a shitty titty bar still needs shitty help and he already knows how insignificant he is.

Mike In AKonThe Main Attraction

posted on 27 February, 2015
This comment was posted anonymously

I drove up from San Diego last week. It was not worth the drive. The lap dances did not to compare to anything in San Diego. No touching allowed in Oceanside. Stay in San Diego!

Alex S.onThe Main Attraction

posted on 23 April, 2012
This comment was posted anonymously

This place sucks!!!!! Horrible dancers, maybe one out of fifteen can even climb the pole....STUCK UP BITCHES!!!! All they want are dumb Marines who get so obliterated that they don't know or care where their money goes until they wake up the next morning, check their bank statements, and REGRET EVERY DOLLAR THEY SPENT ON THESE PRUDES!!!! The girls here are ok looks wise, none of them really try hard with make up or hair or costumes, totally BORING!!! Rude ass cocktail waitress named Shannon...apparently related to the owners (the only reason she works there) she brings everyones BUZZ DOWN!!! only 3 DJ's 2 of which SUCK!!! The door men actually walk through the only private place in the club, the couches, while dancers are giving dances, making sure that the girls aren't even the slightest bit touching the customers (COCK BLOCKERS), don't even think about touching the girls, it's AGAINST THE THE LAW!!! Vice is SO up this clubs ass the owners are shitting bricks because it will most likely be shut down by Oside within the next year or so....Girls aren't allowed to have more than 2 drinks per shift (and most girls there have to work long shifts to make any real money, but don't offer to buy them a drink bc there will be an awkward moment when they say that they aren't allowed to have one) This is a strip club right? i mean I know the place is called the church, but I think they took the nickname a little too literally....) The most prudish, & stuck up bitches in SoCal work here...leave this place to the poor camp Pendelton boys who have no other options....normal men should go elsewhere or else be prepared for DISSAPOINTMENT!!!!p.s. they just hired a pregnant girl....WTF???? LOL

FranklynonThe Main Attraction

posted on 16 September, 2011
Joined 6 years ago
141 comments posted

The worst. All the dancers harrass you for tips, constantly passing by asking if you saw them dance and that they work for tips, blah, blah, blah. Many are older, tattooed and unattractive. Don't go for the lap dance. $20 per song, the girl asked if I wanted her to continue and I said sure but didnt know I owed her another $20 for the second song. Then the drama began, I am going to tell my manager!! then 2 large black bouncers took me to a side room and stated I needed to pay another $20 or they were going to call the police and I would be fined $500. Finally paid the other $20 and left.

Nick H.onThe Main Attraction

posted on 6 September, 2011
This comment was posted anonymously

Not that i would ever go to an establishment like this, but if i did ;) then im guessing based on the experience i may or may not have had- that all the high reviews are probably written by the employees. Yeah, go on, pat your self on the back Sparkle, Skittles..whatever your names are.

richard95onThe Main Attraction

posted on 7 June, 2011
Joined 7 years ago
165 comments posted

I always have a good time in the Main. Growing up in this area there is only the Main and like any club there are some good looking girls and some that are not attractive to me. I must say that everyone is different and I may not like this girl but my friend might, and that is how any club works. All these reviews i bet are from people who got out of control prob kicked out and did not have a good time. Also some of the reviews were talking about fights?? Well....not sure if they have ever been to any bar but this is a universal problem.

Pete D.onThe Main Attraction

posted on 7 August, 2010
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The first thing I noticed when I walked in was the fruit fly problem.

TomonThe Main Attraction

posted on 27 May, 2010
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Just wanted to talk about the experience I had there the other day. I know every shift is different and sometimes some trolls sneak through the cracks but overall I thought the girls were smoking hot, specially during the day shift. There are a couple of hot blondies that work most days, summer and karissa. Believe me you won't be dissapointed!

Alex B.onThe Main Attraction

posted on 3 May, 2010
This comment was posted anonymously

over priced, the more attractive girls are few and far between.actually found myself more intrigued with the servers than the dancers.girls wear two pairs of under wear that seem to be glued to there body's.lap dances were short, thoroughly disappointing and the girls have a horrible tendency to keep all garments on them.easily the worst strip club iv attended, unfortunately its the only one in the area probably the only reason its still in business.

QuyenonThe Main Attraction

posted on 4 January, 2010
This comment was posted anonymously

You didnt need a license aka: a sheriffs card when I worked there. This was 5 yrs ago but it was because the dancers where those ugly thick dancer tights under their panties so yea..I mean no, not if it is the way it was in 05'

RickonThe Main Attraction

posted on 12 December, 2009
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Stopped in Wednesday evening. Plenty of good looking girls. Hooked up early with Jessa (Jasmine), a petite and friendly filipina and straight back to the couch area for about 20 dances. Will see Jessa, again.

ryan123onThe Main Attraction

posted on 29 July, 2009
Joined 8 years ago
181 comments posted

Wow I'm feeling both excited and ashamed to be have my first 'first to review' be a strip club.The positive about this place is that they serve alcohol, but that brings about the negative which is that it is 'only topless.' Depends on your whats your bag. And speaking of bags, the ladies here would be considered less than attractive, at least in comparison to the swankier clubs down south near Clairemont. But what is there to complain about when girls be showin orbs?P.S. my last experience here was about a year ago, and it was definitely under the influence, so the accuracy of my description of the talent there is subject to interpretation.

DanceronThe Main Attraction

posted on 26 May, 2008
This comment was posted anonymously

Hello!! Do you need a license to dance in Oceanside or particularly at this club? Can a dancer or somebody working at this club answer? Thanks!

BaD KaRma!onThe Main Attraction

posted on 4 March, 2008
This comment was posted anonymously

Dan is the fuckin man!!! Dan is the fuckin man!!!

"L"onThe Main Attraction

posted on 2 March, 2008
This comment was posted anonymously

They arent allowed to get naked you idiot. It's topless because there's alcohol. If you are looking for a free shot, buy a magazine or rent a movie. Maybe you just happened to go on a night when there were lame chics working. If you have 500 dollars, fly to South Florida and go to Platinum Gold on Federal Hwy. And cheer up or the girls will probably know your an uptight guy. Bring alot of $$$$$$$$$$$$$ and be prepared to hang a while and have a blast. The dancers in South Florida are fun, but the most important thing.....smokin hot. Most of m'.

HorseshipperonThe Main Attraction

posted on 22 February, 2008
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I stopped by this club on my way out of town last night. All of the gals were pretty pleasant to me, especially one in particular!. I don't know what all of the whining is about. What I did see though, was a bunch of squeaky, cheap deadbeat guys tipping the girls only a dollar. What do they expect, some sort of VIP treatment for a buck? I had a great time. I'll be checking back on one particular lady to see if she made the Deans List at SMC this semester! Yes, "hot for teacher", you know who you are! Thanks for the nice time, you're the best! Your friend, Uncle Ben Franklin!

marc paulonThe Main Attraction

posted on 15 February, 2008
This comment was posted anonymously

This club sucks, what happened to the cool ppl that used to work here. Now that faggot white bouncer with the curly blonde hair thinks he's a cop, he's just jealous cause he works there and the customers hook up with more girls than he can. Fuck this club, the lap dances suck, nasty ass hoes, and they don't even take their thongs off. Greedy bitches

WRONG!!onThe Main Attraction

posted on 8 February, 2008
This comment was posted anonymously

Not when she really was having a relationship with him!! what is our policy? do you have to have sex with the customers to get money?

DanceronThe Main Attraction

posted on 7 February, 2008
This comment was posted anonymously

It's only a job! It's sad that you can't tell the difference. Especially as a dancer, you should know. The entire industry is a fantasy, a lie. It's all about making money and telling people what they want to hear to get it. If you can't realize that then you've got some problems.

PattionThe Main Attraction

posted on 13 January, 2008
This comment was posted anonymously

Hi Hamster! You were a great DJ. That was a fun club when it was still Dirty Dans.

XXXonThe Main Attraction

posted on 30 September, 2007
This comment was posted anonymously

Looks like Billy is still a wanna-be cop asshole. Karma's right around the corner for you dickhead!

DJ HAMSTERonThe Main Attraction

posted on 8 September, 2007
This comment was posted anonymously

Jeeze, it's been 10 years since I've been to the Main Attraction. Lots of memories of good times with old freinds and our fighting men of the USMC! I was top DJ there from 1986 until Summer of 1997. We had a blast. Foxy Boxing, Mud Wrestling, Amateur night...hell, we had it all. Sounds like the place is having troubles...nevermind that. It's always had it's share. All depends on who is in charge of the club gossip ring. LOL. Things never change. HI GENE! Thell Mark I said hello. God Bless.

TonThe Main Attraction

posted on 29 August, 2007
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Man I met the hottest dancer at the MA I wish that number she gave me was real.....

Re.LOLonThe Main Attraction

posted on 27 August, 2007
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WOW this guy hit it on the head.. How funny, yet sad but true. striper ho's are scum... Dont give them your money!!!!! its a waste of your money!!!!

ClintonThe Main Attraction

posted on 6 August, 2007
This comment was posted anonymously

Just got back from Iraq and the Main Attraction is hopping! More good looking girls than the last time I was here over a year ago. Will be back this weekend.

RickonThe Main Attraction

posted on 5 August, 2007
This comment was posted anonymously

Lot's of Hot Babes at the MA. Have not Noticed any Porkers in Recent Visits. What I HAVE Noticed is a Friendly Atmosphere and a lot of Friendly Women. Only had one Mediocre experience with a Mulatto that goes by "Mariah". Cannot recommend dances from Her. Other than Mariah, I've had Many Great Experiences with Hot, Fit Ladies! Thums Up (All 3 of Them!) for the MA!

Re JeffonThe Main Attraction

posted on 4 August, 2007
This comment was posted anonymously

Yea this club has a lot in common with sea world, can you say shamoo

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