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1400 Northside Dr NW

Atlanta, GA30318

SCN ADMIN (management)onSwinging Richards

posted on 16 December, 2016


La Chambre Lounge is Detroit's oldest gentlemen's club.

We have immediate job openings for dancers, waitresses, chefs and djs.

If you have what it takes inquire online or call 313-537-5420.

Walk-ins are also welcome so feel free to come down to the club and apply in person.

Click Here!


navidonSwinging Richards

posted on 2 September, 2016
Joined 7 months ago
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I have been going to this club for years but each time it goes downhill from the previous visit. The guys use to be a plus but this has gone down to a lot of really skinny who looked they just got out of high school barely. Every time I go the dancers start later and later and when they do appear there are fewer of them. I would glad to pay more if there was better quality. I think last will be my last trip. Really hate it. This placed use to be awesome

felixnadaonSwinging Richards

posted on 11 August, 2016
Joined 2 years ago
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Overall this place is very good. The bartenders are very good, the drinks are strong and the dancers are very attractive. They have a very good selection of men ranging from all types and sizes. (No pun intended). The VIP area is amazing and the cost of a private dance is pretty much the same in every major city. For the most part the dancers are polite, respectfully and honestly whatever you want them to be if you pay. I would've have given this place 5 stars but there is a lot of women who go here. As a result of that some of the "straight" dancers will flock to them. I also noticed some of the dancers flock to there regulars which is understandable. Of course at the end of the day money talks. My partner and I went to this place 3 nights in a row and wow did we have a blast. Word of advice is you want to have a really good time bring money and lots of it. But this place is cool too if your want to sit back have a drink and enjoy the show. However with no tip money don't expect any of the dancers to come up to you, but hey you can still look :)

adamrodonSwinging Richards

posted on 15 November, 2015
Joined 6 years ago
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It's supposed to be a gay male strip club but there are women in droves and the strippers pretty much only cater to them. Not worth it

Jessica L.onSwinging Richards

posted on 22 June, 2015
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This place sucks the dancers were ride so was the staff, I would never recommend that anyone come here / I came with a group of girls for a birthday party and had a terrible time. Definitely won't be back

tonycluberonSwinging Richards

posted on 10 February, 2015
Joined 4 years ago
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Rude bouncers, expensive crap hole, dancers are small. Everyone I encountered was negative. Told us they were gonna close in 5 min but charged us at the door to get in ended up staying open much longer. Terrible atmosphere, very hostile.

Harrison69onSwinging Richards

posted on 31 January, 2015
Joined 4 years ago
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Fun club and strong drinks. It would be a 5 if it didn't reek of choking clouds of cigarette smoke. Disgusting.The guys are pretty hot though. I wish it was men only. Lots of women and bachelorette parties. Plus, lots of straight guys stripping. Some are cool but I am not giving my money to straight guys who think they are doing you a favor.

StripClub431onSwinging Richards

posted on 9 December, 2014
Joined 3 years ago
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Went here the other night with some friends & was definitely a bit wild! Was similar to the ones I've been to in Canada. My only complaint is that there is only one bathroom for women, so every time I had to go, I spent about 20mins in line waiting to access the single stall available to us. I understand women aren't the typical crowd they cater to, but a second stall in rotation would really be great! Lol

rogerrab2onSwinging Richards

posted on 22 June, 2014
Joined 3 years ago
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Cons:1. Smoking allowed inside the dance area2. No AC or fans to move air...was sweltering hot and full of stale air3. Dancers that don't have rhythm 4. Dancers with unsexy bodies (I'm talking Christian church youth pastor types)5. Outrageous ATM fees -- $5 plus whatever your bank charges in addition -- I think not!6. High "minimum" tabs at the bars -- I was able to duck these by complaining, but I already spent $3 to park, $10 to enter, I'm tipping the strippers AND you're trying to charge me a $20 minimum on my credit card? Hell nah.7. Too many loud, obnoxious women---and they are not obnoxious because they are women, but because they are loud, distracting, and drunkenly embarrassing themselves--this is a gay male strip club after all8. One too many strippers struggle to use the stripper pole--I mean c'mon, at least practice on your days off fellas! Pros:1. A few sexy strippers who know how to dance, use the pole, and entertain the audience--totally cocky and full of themselves--just the way I like!2. Strong drinks

Candy girlonSwinging Richards

posted on 6 May, 2014
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Hello! I'm from PA and I've been dancing for a few yrs. I would like to take a trip to Atlanta and check out this club. When will be a good day/night and time to audition, and who should I ask for when I get there?... Can I just email pictures or what? Please let me know what is the deal. Thank you!

Weedman420onSwinging Richards

posted on 8 April, 2014
Joined 3 years ago
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This place would get 5 stars if it were not for the groups/parties of straight girls there. This used to be a gay classy place. Now it's packs of women pawing and hogging the dancers all night !

igor34onSwinging Richards

posted on 14 March, 2014
Joined 4 years ago
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This place is loads of fun for Judy's and Fab Queens a like. We came here for my best friends birthday and the drinks were cheap and strong and the boys were plenty. They don't shy away from girls either so if you're a girl, you can expect to still have fun. Super friendly atmosphere but long lines. It is always packed. Don't expect expertly crafted COCKtails, but do expect to call SafeRide afterwards.

larry1onSwinging Richards

posted on 28 February, 2014
Joined 7 years ago
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Call me trashy... But I want to freakin live here! A must see in Atlanta. All of the dancers are soooo hot! I wanted to make it rain so bad hahaha. I'm from Texas and they don't have anything like this here. Or in the near vicinity for that matter. Trust me, take some money and check these men out. There is someone for everyone. You won't be let down!

Richard P.onSwinging Richards

posted on 22 December, 2012
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From the look of the other reviews my experience was probably not the norm but it still wasn't very good. I'm from out of town and had gone alone because I had heard it was really good and I wanted to check out the gay scene in Atlanta. I really just wanted to sip on a couple of drinks, check out the dancers, and leave.As soon as I got there I was SWARMED by the dancers who were really pushy and rude. One of them even went so far as to walk up to me and just ask for a tip...he didn't dance, didn't chat, didn't say hi...just walked up and asked for money. He was the worst by far but in general none of them would leave me alone even when I made it clear I just wanted to chill by myself.Also they're all freaking hairless which was kinda annoying. If I wanted a dance from anyone it woulda been someone with a little fur.

Rusty B.onSwinging Richards

posted on 20 November, 2012
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Although there has been a newer all nude male strip club opening across town, Richards is still the model being copied! The drinks made by Billy, the bartender, will have you feeling great after just one!!! The dancers can be a little aggressive for a dance or VIP room, especially if it's been a slow night or they are near closing. I'd consider myself a regular and can almost always point out the straight vs gay/bi dancers. Regardless of their preference, they will all create a fantasy and collect your money if you allow them to. I've gone alone and with friends and can always have a good time. Most of the clientele are friendly, especially after a drink and even certain dancers who know me as a "regular" will stop for small talk. Definitely check it out and you will not be disappointed. The only complaint that I have is that the music can be a little dated and they play edited versions of songs, which makes no sense in a nude strip club.

harryharryonSwinging Richards

posted on 4 March, 2012
Joined 7 years ago
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I had the best time there for fat Tuesday. I came from Columbia SC with my best friend and wish we had a place like this. A dancer named Clint was so nice, friendly, and professional. He made me want to stay forever. The bartenders were very accommodating and fast with fantastic drinks. I will make sure to pass on to my other friends what a great place it is to be at while in Atlanta.

FatStack2012onSwinging Richards

posted on 14 January, 2012
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Hey, How's Diamond Club, since it changed from Tiffany's. Really enjoyed Tiffany's Nice Girls, great fun in V.I.P. Is "The Diamond Club' run by the same people? Last I was at Tiffany's, same dude that ran Tiffany's ran Swinging Richards, same guy?

richard95onSwinging Richards

posted on 31 July, 2011
Joined 7 years ago
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Well, this place was part of my kind of grand plan to visit popular gay places during my stay in Atlanta. Even though I never got to visit the other places, I am glad I was able to enter this joint. I was really nervous about going here because I was going solo. When I actually entered, I still felt nervous. I was also disappointed when my first sight was of just guys in their pants. But soon the nervousness and disappointment disappeared. I decided to get a beer so I'd have something to occupy with. Then the strippers actually began taking the pants off and eventually revealed their gorgeous cockadoodledoo. Now I'm happy. The place was packed! So I got a chair for myself to escape the awkwardness of standing next to strangers. Oh how lucky i was to chose a chair that I eventually got to witness a private nude lap dance next to me. Dang those Richards are big. While I pretended that I didn't want to invade the private lap dance by staring constantly, I observed the environment. The reviews here indicate staffs being mean to their lady patrons. I didn't witness any ridicule at all! In fact seems like 1/2 of the customers were females! It was a pretty relaxed atmosphere.I never visited such a place before so I'll describe it so others who never visited strip bars/Swinging R. can picture it in their mind. The stage was the center, basically a very long billiard/pool table so the strippers can perform on. Tables and chairs surround it, kind of like a restaurant setting, but more low key. Against the walls were stools/high chairs to sit on. There's the bar...or two. The place was somewhat dimly lit; and against the wall, you can practically hide yourself since it's pretty dark at the outer edges of the room.Okay, so I didn't tip anybody. I wanted to tip the guys who did private lap dance for the other patrons but I didn't know if that was appropriate since they were PRIVATE lap dance, not aimed for me. So I don't know. Hey it was my first time. Anywho, the setting of SR makes it well suited for parties of people and individuals coming by themselves to enjoy. There were many people who came by themselves so I did not feel out of place at all. I highly recommend coming here for anyone interested.Oh yea, $10 cover, $3 parking. Am I missing anything?

billyonSwinging Richards

posted on 28 September, 2010
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I think the club is awesome!! If you haven't been in a while, you should go!! There are a lot of new girls. I only go during the day....hottest girls. My favorite is pink. She is so fucking hot. Definitely my fantasy.

Ed in AthensonSwinging Richards

posted on 19 September, 2010
This comment was posted anonymously

carson, I left you a volce message with my phone number last week. are u ok?

DSQonSwinging Richards

posted on 3 September, 2010
This comment was posted anonymously

Carson DID kick the cops in the nuts, and she is a dumbass drunk! She is nothing but trouble. BEWARE!

carsononSwinging Richards

posted on 13 August, 2010
This comment was posted anonymously

Ed call or txt m 404-771-0484

M H.onSwinging Richards

posted on 10 August, 2010
This comment was posted anonymously

Since Atlanta has lost all their clubs and most of the bars suck, this place is usually HOPPING on Friday and Saturday nights. I have been some nights and the clientele is even hotter than the dancers.The drinks are strong (and I mean strong), and the vibe starts to become like a big party as the night wears on. I lived in NYC for over a decade, and all we had was the crappy, depressing Gaiety by Times Sq (now closed)...this is one time Atlanta trumps the big apple. I really hope the christians and republicans dont close it down...heaven forbid anyone be caught having a good time.The dancers are usually fun and sometimes we head to the VIP lounge to just wallow in the utter trashiness of it all. Good, friendly vibe all around. It gets even better as the night progresses and your glass of vodka (with a teaspoon of soda water) starts to take effect.My bf and I cant get outta here without dropping a few hundred bucks. Whatever...you only live once. This is the best gay bar in Atlanta.Only drawback: sometimes a few too many girls here...but if their money helps keep the place in business, I guess its a necessary evil.

StanonSwinging Richards

posted on 28 April, 2010
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I have been out of town for a while. I was a regular at the old 24K on Chishirebridge Rd. I was trying to find some of the ancers I used to know from the 24K club. Does anyone know if any of the old 24K club dancers Eve, Siren, Hanna or Nikki work here now?

Ed from AthensonSwinging Richards

posted on 12 April, 2010
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Carson, are you back at Tiffany's. Which days?

maxxy1onSwinging Richards

posted on 22 March, 2010
Joined 7 years ago
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I have NEVER had such a bad experience in a gay bar in Atlanta! We, 4 females, were going out to celebrate our gay male friend's birthday and decided to go to Swinging Richards. I was very excited since I have had many positive experiences at other gay bars in the area. We went around 9pm on a Saturday. The place was fairly empty so we saddled up close to the stage preparing for a fun night. We had not even gotten drinks yet, been there MAYBE 10 minutes, when the DJ/manager began heckling us. I can take a playful joke and roll with the best of them. This man was outright hateful over the sound system. He began with the "women don't tip" singling us out by our location near the stage. He moved on to "you must be single" to "get off your asses" and "pull out the tampon". I was absolutely appalled. Our friend, who's birthday it was, was mortified that his friends, who were taking him out, were being publicly flogged just for being women. A female "regular" came over and tried to explain that he wasn't going to let up until he "saw us tipping". We had just tipped 3 dancers on the floor (not on stage yet)! It quickly became more apparent he was being antagonizing because of our gender not the tipping. We asked the "regular" to point him out so we could tell him to lay off for the sake of our friend. She was so afraid of his taunting that she would not nod or look in his direction and just pointed under the table. Then he set in on her! We sat for another 5 minutes trying to figure out what to do. We really wanted our friend to have a good time, but the DJ/manager was making it impossible. I had had enough and wanting to congratulate the jerk for ruining our friend's birthday. The conversation that ensued was absolutely ridiculous. He said, verbatim, women are not welcome in his club, but he is glad to take our money. He made no attempts to cool the situation or end the discussion. Contrary to common sense he continued being antagonizing. I could see that he was unwilling or unable to act intelligent so we started to walk away. Instead of letting a dead dog lie, he followed us out to the parking lot yelling insults about how much money we make and our clothing being from TJ-Max. I would think a real gay man could identify a shirt from The Limited, jeans by Citizens, and shoes from Nine West.Here is the point. I understand that a gay man would like to have a place where he can go to be away from women and straight men (which some of the dancers are).... I get it. But that is not reason for me, a paying customer, to be berated and harassed! If you do not want women in your club, turn them away at the door for whatever reason you want to make up. I would think alienating the predominate gender and #1 supporter of gay men would be a bad business decision, but that is yours to make. This type of leadership is the embodiment of what the gay community has been fighting. He was intolerant, ignorant, prejudice, narrow-minded, and openly malicious. As a gay man or woman why would you support what you have spent your whole life fighting?

LicenseonSwinging Richards

posted on 10 March, 2010
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Do you need a permit to work here and if so is it only 300$ in one day if I bad one at another club? Anything going on for march madness?

stevie hailonSwinging Richards

posted on 14 February, 2010
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hey does anyone know if yall have anymore of last years calenders still available?

:o)onSwinging Richards

posted on 10 February, 2010
This comment was posted anonymously

she moved back to washington state

joseph1konSwinging Richards

posted on 10 February, 2010
Joined 8 years ago
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First, you must admit it takes a couple big ones to even write a review of a gay strip club, am I right?I have heard about this place from my ATL friends for years and finally went there on my trip this week...uh, and TWO nights in a row, so I'm an expert!This place is upscale, cool, fun, and the dancers are too. Very hot dancers, and something for everyone. (Keep an eye out for Leon - wow!)Tuesday was no cover - how cool was that! And I guess if you arrive fairly early on Wed, the cover was only $5...also a bonus - more tips for the dancers! Unlike straight strip joints (yeah, I've been - so...?) the drinks are not watered down and overpriced. Yay - they KNOW their target audience...and we like a stiff....DRINK!I heard all about the VIP lounge and the VIP room...there, you can get a private dance with your favorite dancer...but it can get very pricey. I'm not here for all that, but I heard it's worth every folded dollar.The place is clean, spacious, and table service is fast and courteous. Everything you could want in a club on a night out. Except, I don't like seeing tables of giggly women killing my buzz. Thankfully, the mgmt does not cater to them. If I saw too many on a regular basis, I probably wouldn't come back ...much. Go find your own Swinging D- - - uh I mean...Richards!

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