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SCN ADMIN (management)onCenterfolds

posted on 16 December, 2016


La Chambre Lounge is Detroit's oldest gentlemen's club.

We have immediate job openings for dancers, waitresses, chefs and djs.

If you have what it takes inquire online or call 313-537-5420.

Walk-ins are also welcome so feel free to come down to the club and apply in person.

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posted on 28 September, 2016
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Great times. Great staff all around. All super helpful and stoked to be there. The ladies I had the pleasure of "dancing" with were knockouts. Me and the guys will be coming back for sure. Thanks for taking care of us.


posted on 9 August, 2016
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It's gone downhill and I know the reason. They started a $100 minimum lap dance. Cut their business way way down, and the hot girls wouldn't work there anymore. Those girls still exist I just don't know where they went. Terrible management decision:Other than that, which is everything, the inside of the club is so relaxing and amazing and awesome. Just reinstate reasonable lap dance prices.


posted on 18 April, 2016
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People don't have to follow Ted Cruz so we love this place.


posted on 11 February, 2016
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I have visited all the clubs in this area, and I found this one is the best. All the employees are very friendly to the customers. Especially the girls here are super nice, and prettier than other clubs I have visited. The girls here are willing to spending time with all the customers. I got nice and good lapdances with many girls who has spent their time with me. I wish my wallet would let me getting lapdances with all the beautiful girls here. I guarantee that you won't be disappointed to spend your time, and get lapdances here with the beautiful and nice girls here. Did I mention that DJs here also constantly runs 2 for 1 (two dances for the price of one)? I definitely will come back again on my payday.


posted on 27 October, 2015
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it was fun while it lasted. This is my last time here. I went there with two friends, one of whom is leaving for the military and I told the stripper that when she told us her name, she gave us a " i dont give a fk, who gives a sh*t about the military, give me money, tip me now! " I gave her two bucks and she was like " thats it?! " she then proceeded to do the same to the other guys there. You want to hate on the military? Fine, dont do it on my watch. After that, I decided after an hour, its time to LEAVE. Very Anti-Military that Stripper Was.


posted on 21 January, 2015
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This place is suck and very badly ....... I spend $ 30 to enter and $ 80 for one of bitchs there to get private dance and she told me that she would do more..... after she got my money ...... she didn't dance and asked me to get out ..and I asked manger to refund me my money back and he refused and forced me to get out the club's really ridiculous and I won't be there any more and I won't go to any stripes clud anymore. ...... they will cheat you and steal your mone


posted on 26 December, 2014
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The worst service ever from a girl named jessica. She ripped me off and very impolite, she grabbed my atm balance receipt off my hand and demanded a ridicilous amount for first dance. The bouncer are nice and thats basically whats good about the club

Laura C.onCenterfolds

posted on 12 October, 2014
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Beautiful girls, good music, chill atmosphere, no alcohol because it's an 18 and up but I would def. recommended this strip clubs out of all the clubs on Broadway. There's is a lot of variety when it comes to the girls and most of them are great on the pole and in the downstairs VIP.

Rob S.onCenterfolds

posted on 30 September, 2014
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$30 cover charge and no alcohol. Full nude but girls were gross and only stayed about 10 minutes before we left. Way too crowded and there was no place to sit, I suggest the penthouse club across the street.


posted on 15 September, 2014
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Ok so this review is based on a personal experience, I would give it 5 stars if it wasn't for this.The girls are beautiful and friendly, but after I had spent about 200 bucks (which was my limit for the night) the girls tricked me. It was my birthday and I was there with some friends. As I look at my friend and ask him if we should go, the girl he is with tells him he can't speak to me. His lack of response, as well as my girl telling me he didn't wanna hang out with me and telling me he is ignoring me, made me spend more money on being with her. Throughout the night I kept saying I need to see my friend, but she kept convincing me he left me, thus making me spend more money on her. Basically, I was scammed. Love the girls, but they will screw you over.


posted on 10 September, 2014
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Even though the dances were a bit pricey as well as the cover charge, most of the girls were beautiful. this place offers full nude dances which kind of justify the expensive cover charge ($20). Some of the strippers have an attitude, but other then that this place is alright. I recommended this place to anyone at broadway street looking for a strip club.

October H.onCenterfolds

posted on 21 June, 2014
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Had a great time on my birthday! My boyfriend and I stopped in last night after having dinner. We have been to a lot of the clubs in north beach but I was our first time in Centerfolds. I was pleasantly surprised! I didn't know it was all nude which is super fun! Watched a couple of girls dance on the main stage until "Chance" came on stage. We hightailed it to the front row and enjoyed her entertainment. Later the bf and I had private dance with Chance. She was very sweet and a lot of fun. All the girls we ran into were. I will definitely be back! I had a fun birthday night out thanks to Centerfolds!

Vincent V.onCenterfolds

posted on 23 May, 2014
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My favorite place. I know a ton of the girls there my name, face, perfume that makes up for what I didn't get in a high school and college as well as post grad. They have always been very nice to me and the hosts are super cool, was good friends with some of the bouncers and gateman a while back. They get frisky there and are very touch friendly and into constant contact. I have very few places with no doubt in my life that I can go to in an instant. This is one of them!!! I give them a ten even in 32 feet of snow kinda of thing. Stuck in B- More at the moment. Hugs and kisses to my girls!!!!!


posted on 8 April, 2014
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Dark strange decor

Brandon O.onCenterfolds

posted on 6 August, 2013
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I came out with a few of my buddies to Broadway in San Francisco. We checked out a few of the clubs that were grouped together at on end of the street, they were small and not what we were looking for. We got to Centerfolds where we were greeted at the door, and let us know of cover charge included a drink.Once inside we were greeted by a host and were offered an opportunity to get one of the VIP tables. The price was reasonable so we accepted the offer. We explored the club and found out it was HUGE! 3 levels, 4 stages, and a SHOWERROOM! We got to check out a shower show with our cover charge and it was HOT! 2 Beautiful Naked young girls soaping each other up. I got a couple fully nude dances and had a great time through out my night. I love this place and I will be back soon!


posted on 25 July, 2013
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Came in the other night with my girlfriends and was promptly greeted which surprised me for the type of establishment we entered. While there we got in as a group rate, which was great since we were already wrapping the night and wanted to finish it with a bang. The girls looked amazing and the dances they performed were fun! We got offered redbulls and water but was bummed that it was a dry establishment. It was okay as I bumped into the manager may outside who told me it was due to it being a fully nude place.Anyways I didnt know that you could review a place like this but decided to write a review because we had a good time there as well as the night in general. Staff was friendly, the dancers were gorgeous and overall just great. The atmosphere was great, we even had time to share the stage ; )


posted on 16 February, 2013
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My review is based on the rude lady working the front desk/cash register.. I don't know if your clientele has gone so downhill that your rude and passive aggressive behavior is now needed, but I can tell you that for customers like myself, I don't go out to be talked down to and/or treated like a criminal or a child, especially on a Wednesday night at 7pm... The bouncer/doorman out front was a pro, and knew how to talk to people, but the large woman I paid to get in, who spoke to me like she was the warden and I was the new prisoner in town. I don't appreciate your tone, your attitude, or your bad vibes... It's a pretty short transaction, I say "hi, how ya doing", and hand you the cover charge.. Your job is to say "welcome to centerfolds! Have a great evening", Now I know this is gonna sound crazy... but SMILE! Act like your happy to be there.. It's contagious... But I know this, as long as your miserable self is the first staff member to greet me at the door, I will never patronize your establishment again. On the night in question, I walked inside, stayed for about 5 minutes thinking about the conversation I had at the front desk, and I said "F This" and I bailed to the much much much much friendlier Larry Flynt Hustler club.. I was greeted at the door by a smiling and friendly staffer, and went on to have an enjoyable evening.

Anonymous P.onCenterfolds

posted on 28 August, 2012
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Women are beautiful! Half naked women are even more wonderful!! This place offers all sorts of flavors and in every kind of color and form. They have apple cidar on tables ready to be poured out and pretty hostesses all around you. They have a main stage and one smaller stage where you can get up close and personal with the stripper on duty, handling her business on the pole. They lost one star bc the stripper who we had a private dance with was being real stuck up and grumpy about her nite but $35 for a couple's private dance and for three songs??? It was worth it!!

Johnny W.onCenterfolds

posted on 23 April, 2012
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I live in the apartments above this building, and the staff is professional and courteous, keeping the crowd under control and the noise down. They don't try and call out to passersby to entice them to come inside -- they don't need to. The guys that frequent the place seem pretty chill in comparison to the flashier clubs down the street, perhaps because of the steep cover charge and no alcohol. All in all, Centerfolds has been a good neighbor.

Alexander E.onCenterfolds

posted on 26 September, 2011
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The ongoing mission to review every gentlemen's club in the city continues. This time around, Centerfolds was hosting a three day event with Jayden Jaymes as the featured guest. I've stayed away from Centerfolds, due to its steep cover charge, $30 to be exact. For $30, you can get a wristband for four Deja Vu clubs up the street. Nevertheless, for those insiders who RSVPd like myself, the $30 cover charge was waived.The club wasn't especially packed, even with AVN award winning Jayden Jaymes in the house. I scoped out the club and the layout is hard to describe. The club has no exact shape and resembles more of a maze, with adjoining rooms everywhere you go. The main floor houses the main stage, which is pretty small, with a second smaller stage to the side for those watching from a distance. Centerfolds is an all nude club, which prohibits it from serving alcohol. As a result, the bar only serves soft drinks, non-alcoholic beer, juice, and Red Bull.If you're able to get a seat at the stage, bring plenty of ones, which can be acquired at the bar near the back. However, if you're running with a group, you might be better off paying $20 for VIP service, which gets you a reserved table and a private host, who can run you drinks and ones. Jayden Jaymes delivered a great set and was interactive with her fans and plenty of fans made it rain. After her set, Jayden did a meet and greet, sold merchandise, and offered private dances at $120 for three dances.Whenever a feature star is in the building, the house strippers are in a funk. The majority of the customers are there for the feature and pay little attention to the regular girls. However, Centerfolds does have a nice mixture of girls, from what I saw, including: white, black, Asian, and Hispanic. I opted out of a lap dance, with extras being a YMMV case. The girls were pretty, with some stunners here and there, and plenty of average girls as well.I ran into a situation with a dancer, who got pushy and pissed when I turned down her "special." She was polite at first, especially since I was interested, but that soon changed, which led to a verbal argument and continued to worsen. The altercation ruined my night, but I know Rubi was simply having a bad night and took it out on me.Bottom Line: Centerfolds is pricey. Vegas pricey. A $60 special is hardly a special in my eyes. With such a variety of clubs to choose from in San Francisco, I suggest you keep driving and skip Centerfolds.Centerfolds Pricing Structure:Cover: Varies ($15-30)$30 is the standard cover charge. Do not pay more than $15, as it's not worth it. Ins and out are allowed; no baseball hats allowed.Lap Dances:Bikini Dance (on the main floor): $20Topless Dance (private booth): $40Nude Dance (private booth): $603 Dance Special:Topless: $100Nude: $120VIP:Quarter Hour: $200Half Hour: $400Full Hour: $700

Vicky T.onCenterfolds

posted on 18 June, 2011
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So we had a large party but they still wanted to charge full price.. which is understandable.. so we left.... then magically someone knows someone and we found our way back here The girls here are not overly aggressive which saved some folks in our groups a lot of grief.....overall the most consistent dancers in the places we checked out no alcohol since it is a full nude club. the bachelor had fun needless to say The ATM fee is 7.00 as an FYI

Jeremy C.onCenterfolds

posted on 14 February, 2011
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$30 was way pricy.Then got a lap dance in the back payed up front and then got done and she charged me another $60 saying I asked for another dance. Three songs is three songs. Then the dancer talked mad shit after I paid her. Really would not go there again. The dancer even give you dirty looks when you tell them no. I remember a couple years back girls used to get in free and guys were $20 . Now it is just a waste.

Richard K.onCenterfolds

posted on 4 October, 2010
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I like this place, I really do. They have pretty girls, but damn some of them try to rip you off.Angela was her name, I believe she is Filipino. Pretty, but a classless act. She was wasted and tried to rip me off. She went to get me water and ran off to give another person a lap dance when I had paid for a lap dance already on my card. I seriously am looking for her at least a half hour. Finally, I get fed up and ask for the manager. I describe her. She is trying to close for the night and not give my lap dance when I finally find her.What I do not think so! Trying to close on me and take my money, hell no! Give my money back or give me the lap dance. The manager asks what I want to do. She is pissed that I had ratted her out. She reeks of alcohol and barely can stand and my soft side kicks in and I decided to get the lap dance.BIG MISTAKE! Worst lap dance I have ever had. She completely soured my mood on this place.Watch out for her and girls like that at this place. On another note, Isis she is a fun stripper and I recommend getting a lap dance from her. She is what keeps this rating decent for Centerfolds.

Keit K.onCenterfolds

posted on 18 September, 2010
This comment was posted anonymously

Only one dancer was a 9.5, all the others had somthing wrong with them. They dont have $20 dances as advertised, only $40. $40 is too much! I only got a one minute dance when the dancer agreed to do 2 for 1. Her excuse was "we started mid way into the song" and I didnt agree to do the 2 for one, I heard you wrong". ! And she refused to let me touch her boobs, for $20 more I could! I dont like upsell or bait and switch. Dont trust the dancers. My stripper pretened to be drunk and said " for $100 dollars, you will cum" I asked her " are you saying what I think your saying"? She says " its a SECRET". She aint drunk, shes drinking juice. Also, fuck the dj for cutting the songs in half.

John G.onCenterfolds

posted on 17 September, 2010
This comment was posted anonymously

there was an ok amount of pretty girls here. i like the atmosphere here alot better than the hustler club a block down for sure. Girls walk around topless at least.Some of the girls rip you off if you don't make sure what you're paying for. Make sure you confirm what you're paying for before you hand them the money. I never had issues with any girls, but my friends ended up getting only a minute for what is supposed to be about a 3 song is not fun unless you have money, because the girls on the stage don't really work for it and just frollic around on stage. Use the pole damn it. So if you're just sitting around here, don't expect much effort from those on stage.There was almost a good show involving two girls on stage, but people were too timid and cheap to keep the show going. they had to stop it because no one was tipping or indicating that they had any interest of what was going on on stage. But at that point, people got pretty bored of what was going on before then.i say this is the best strip club i've been to, but i've only been to three. also, cover is kinda high, it is bit pricey to get in here. but, eh, do you expect to really have a frugal night going to a strip club?i would come back, but only on special occasions or when i have a crapload of money to blow

Ivy V.onCenterfolds

posted on 20 July, 2010
This comment was posted anonymously

Really San Francisco is a big sex pot. Centerfolds is just one of the many sleazy bars. I'm only go to this places when I'm really down on my luck, horny or seeking female attention. First off, the bouncer are ok, seems to be up for the task, but I am clearly hear somebody yelling at their ear non stop. The owner isn't really nice, the Asian woman front end seek's nice, but the strippers treat her as a go buddy or somebody to harrass. Cue in the strippers, young 'girls' not women, hints I used girls than women cause they are really immature in many ways. After talking to some of them, I know the reason why. All of them are results of broken home, broken family, so if you know some girl who mess up, they probably working at Centerfolds. Some of those girls are so under develop, they are pretty much the rudest bunch in Broadway. The stage is pretty big, lap dances are semi cheap, but honestly if you like sleazy girls that smell like death. (cigarettes) Go here.Another thing, the lap dance rooms are nothing, you wouldn't be surprise to see clients interrupting your dance to get with the girl. The funniest thing to watch is the girls in high heels trying to go up and down the stairs. While crude, watching them fall from grace and the stairs is the best thing to notice. Hee hee.Not a lot of ppl knows this, but downstairs there is a private stage for I guess for private parties. Right near it is the offices. Honestly 'real' men don't need thus strip club cr*p, but if you must go to one, at less go to Garden of Eden. As less they treat you as a person, rather than walking ATM machine.

Lee S.onCenterfolds

posted on 29 June, 2010
This comment was posted anonymously

wtf, went here for new years one year.the bouncers were DICKS.the guy in the bathroom kept bitching at me because i'd come in a few times to piss and was not planning on tipping his ass until i was getting ready to LEAVE. the ladies, while hot, are bitches and only went up to the old farts in the crowd (prob because they assume they have more $$$).f*ck that, the Centerfolds in Sac is waaaay better.

Hogan W.onCenterfolds

posted on 7 January, 2010
This comment was posted anonymously

Okay, I'll admit I'm on the VIP Mailing list for the San Francisco strip clubs. I received an email before Thanksgiving notifying me the San Francisco Fire Fighters of Local 248 was having a holiday Toy Drive. If you donated an unwrapped new toy at one of their sponsored clubs in the area, each entrance fee would be waived.After having a big feast a Cha Cha Cha, we wanted to bring the birthday boy to his first experience at Centerfolds on Broadway. This would his first time and he declined to go telling us he had another party to attend. Since we already planned on going, our group of five decided to go without him. I forwarded everyone my VIP email, but the other three didn't listen to our warning and didn't bring a toy. The streets along and around Broadway were filled with parking, so we decided to park in a pay lot for $20 to lessen frustration of circling around the area and waste time. The lot was next to Sutra on Broadway.When my wife and I walked in to the front counter at 10:30pm, the young gal behind the desk said we had to have a toy worth at least $30 each before we can get in for free. She called over another guy to help her out with our transaction and he called on his earpiece to see what could be done. Luckily, I had the original email on my phone as proof to show if they wanted to deny my free entrance. There wasn't anywhere on the email that said you had to bring in a toy that matched the entrance fee. After five minutes of waiting, the guy said we could enter without paying as long as we donated the toy. I looked in the bin where they kept the donations and it was empty. We got our wrists stamped and entered.When we entered the main floor, the place was barren. There was a girl dancing on the main stage and another on a side stage. Not many people sat in front of the main stage but along the outer rim. There were plenty of girls, but not as hot as the other times I've been there. Let's just say, the girls were decent, but not porno material. They weren't exotic looking enough that I could salivate over or want to get a private dance from. There may have been one or two gorgeous ones with curves in the right places, but that's to the extent I saw. Waif model like material is not what I expected. I asked one of the room attendants if he thought it would be busier enough to open the downstairs stage, and he reassured me it would as the night progressed. We met up with our three other friends a few minutes later and they told me they were charged $30 each because they didn't bring toys in; two guys and one girl. In the past, they usually let ladies in free and charge $30 to guys, but it wasn't the case anymore from what I observed. After an hour, the place had a few more people but not to the point that they opened the downstairs stage. There was the usual 2,3,or 4 for 1 lap dance specials, but each song was less than one minute long. Individually, I was approached a few times to go in the back for a dance but declined since I wasn't feeling it. The place felt sterile and overly cold. My wife pulled a cute older Asian gal about 4'10" with too large implants for her size aside and asked her the rate for a couples dance, and she said $60 for simple dance, $80 topless, and $100 fully nude dance plus tip. $100? I remember six months ago when girls were charging $60 for fully nude, they didn't insist on tip upfront, and they looked naughtier, acted more sensual, and carried themselves very well. This time around, the gals travelled in groups like cliques and weren't as friendly talking to people to make them feel comfortable.Next time, I'll have to go next door to Broadway Showgirls or venture out to the Gold Club and try my luck elsewhere for a better time. I would've given Centerfolds 2 stars, but my previous experiences were better, thus one notch up to 3 stars overall.

Katie Anne N.onCenterfolds

posted on 26 July, 2009
This comment was posted anonymously

I used my lawyering skills to get my girlfriend and I in for free here on a Sunday night. It is Sunday people, the Lord's day. You should NOT be charging girls $10 to get in on a Sunday. That is just wrong.I can't say that I like the no alcohol policy. But then again, you have other things to focus on. The space itself is a small but they try to keep it lively in there. Girls are nice and "down to earth". Whatever that means in stripper talk. They ask you "How are you" as they are hoovering down for a full frontal shot. To be honest, I like a nice conversation. I can't forgot the moment when this hot Megan Fox looking girl with tattoos down the side motor-boated my best girlfriend. Awesome.

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