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SCN ADMIN (management)onBrass Rail

posted on 16 December, 2016


La Chambre Lounge is Detroit's oldest gentlemen's club.

We have immediate job openings for dancers, waitresses, chefs and djs.

If you have what it takes inquire online or call 313-537-5420.

Walk-ins are also welcome so feel free to come down to the club and apply in person.

Click Here!

kenston12onBrass Rail

posted on 20 October, 2016
Joined 10 months ago
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So I gotta start off by saying I've been here AT LEAST 100 times. Granted, not a whole lot in the last 3 years but was just there a couple weeks ago for my brother in laws 21st birthday. First off... We walked in and the place was DEAD. Like maybe 2 customers in the whole place. But as soon as we walk in the security guard was SO RUDE!! I swear it was almost like they didn't want to have customers there at all! We told the guy it was my bro in laws 21st birthday but he didn't really seem to care. He VERY RUDELY demanded the cover charge and it felt as though he was suspicious that Birthday boys ID wasn't real or something... Annoying and SO RUDE!!!Anyways... after we got some drinks and got the birthday boy a dance on stage things got better. The girls here are always super nice and made sure to give the birthday boy lots of extra attention. We had an awesome time!!!As usual we all left broke. There was 5 of us in total. We did the math and we spent about $2000 between us. (Not that it matters, but hopefully management sees this and checks their bouncers. If it wasn't a special day and if we didn't Uber all the way to Sunnyvale we would have walked out!!)All n all, this place could use a remodel but I like it. The drinks are cold, they have pool tables, and girls are cute and fun. Now if they would just do something about their rude ass security guards they might have a more successful business and more stars...

Glock F.onBrass Rail

posted on 6 April, 2016
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i have to give it three stars simply because the last time i was there they had a stale old lady dancing on the stage and then a pregnant chick also and the other was looking like skeletor i mean she was pretty but extremely skinny..when people go to places like this we want to see some nice thick chicks..a little extra is fine but not exaggerated come on now.

Mario M.onBrass Rail

posted on 8 October, 2015
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I'm from Vegas & this place is great! Not to high on itself.... Quality $5 buck entry fee. I was not ripped off like at cheatyous (cheetahs) nearby! Definitely a travelers visit! Must see!

Jose B.onBrass Rail

posted on 27 December, 2014
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Went to enjoy some cocktails during the day with my buddies on the 19th of December, which was a Friday, at around 3PM. The cocktail waitress was nice and gave us our drinks in a timely manner. However, while sitting at one of the side stages and talking with one of my friends I was slapped in the back of the head by a stripper who yelled at me to turn around or leave. After I told her she assaulted me she flipped me off and cursed at me repeatedly until she left the stage after throwing her tantrum. Overall I was pretty disappointed with my experience, I've been to plenty of strip clubs but never have I been assaulted. Won't be coming back here.

igor34onBrass Rail

posted on 28 May, 2014
Joined 4 years ago
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Went there for lunch. Needed to get away from the computers and such. Got Turkey over mash potatoes, Went and sat out viewing the Dancers. The Turkey was OK, had better last time. But Still good. The potatoes Sucked. But All in all with the Hot dancers. I would recommend checking this place out.

Weedman420onBrass Rail

posted on 22 April, 2014
Joined 3 years ago
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I had a good time! My first time here was this last Sunday. I went with my boyfriend and we started off with drinks, playing pool and one I loosened up a bit went to check out the stages. There's some really cute girls here.....and some of these moves can teach anyone a thing or two. I didn't feel like the girls were stuck up like some of the other reviewers suggested. Just tip and treat the ladies with respect. Bar service was good and the security gaurds were super friendly. I'd definitely go back for a second visit. I enjoyed my time there. For the guys reading reviews....the girls here, again, are very attractive.

mathewater12onBrass Rail

posted on 17 April, 2014
Joined 3 years ago
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You really can't go wrong in this place. Its definitely not a top notch SoCal bikini bar but can be just as fun. If the 5 pool tables get an upgrade I will upgrade my review.

ryan123onBrass Rail

posted on 16 October, 2013
Joined 8 years ago
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all i can say is onyx . she is gorgeous ! it was my first time at this place and she most def will see me again. love love love this place! great music great drinks and great girls !

Harry K.onBrass Rail

posted on 16 September, 2013
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Friday night - pre wedding, boys decide to take me to a strip club. To sum it upNot ToplessNot attractiveObnoxious DJ interrupted the song every 5 minutes to talk shit to a patron. We left after 10 minutes, and will never be back.

kimberly h.onBrass Rail

posted on 7 September, 2013
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If you like skank dancers, an asshole bar tender, and a crap DJ this is your place. Was standing at the door just checking out the place and I see a skank dancer letting a customer cop a feel and get a peek. Nasty! Trying to be open minded I still went in. Bartender was not personable just an ASSHOLE and the DJ was a jerk seemed to be tension between the dancers and him. I'll go home if I want tension.

Robert R.onBrass Rail

posted on 10 April, 2013
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Okay place, music too loud. Some girls go after the older gents so if you are young and young i mean early thirties you might wanna pass

adamrodonBrass Rail

posted on 2 January, 2013
Joined 6 years ago
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Another review update for the Brass Rail and this time I've upgraded it to 4 stars! I had my 50th birthday party at the Brass Rail and it was a great party. Ahead of the party my wife and I went in and talked to the manager Georgie who was super nice and inviting. He offered to reserve an area for us. No problem if we brought in food and cake. We had a big group coming so no cover charge. He would be there when we arrived to make sure the night shift knew what was going on. On my birthday we arrived and a section was reserved for us. The doorman was not happy about dealing with my party not being charged the cover. My wife gave him a big tip and all was well. The girls were great! I'm going against many of the other reviews in saying that they were all super attractive ranging from HOT to SUPER HOT! Some of the girls didn't give us the time of day while others joined our party and seemed to have as good a time as we were having. We developed crushes on several girls. Good times! (Hint: I found this out by accident but if you wear a cashmere sweater you get lots of cuddles.)My wife set me up with several lap dances which at first I really didn't think I would enjoy. Once I got up there it really was fun and I really did enjoy the lap dances. To make things even better most of my guests were motorcycle racers and the DJ that night is a huge MotoGP fan. We became good friends.At the end of the night we closed out our bar tab. We were buying drinks for our 20+ guests (and some of the girls) and were expecting a huge bill. It was half of what we were expecting to pay. The drink prices are reasonable.We has such a great time that we are talking about making this an annual party.

Viuda N.onBrass Rail

posted on 24 November, 2012
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I will never go back to this place. As a female you will not get any service what so ever. We paid to get in but waited for over 1 hour to get a dam drink! We were never asked if we wanted a drink so we got up and left. The door man didnt even offer to refund us the door fee. We were looking to having a good time and of course with $$$ but our money wasnt goo enough

CamonBrass Rail

posted on 4 August, 2012
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Who's the incredibly hot, light-skinned, Australian chick? Big ass, little waste, smallish boobs. Got a dance from her and IMO is the by far the hottest girl their. Gottamn...

FranklynonBrass Rail

posted on 7 February, 2012
Joined 6 years ago
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1st- gonna have to try the food seems like the better experience than the dance expectations.I brought my man here for our first time to get our night started and we both had to pay a cover fee. Yikes! Then I noticed the 3 stages which the females all take turns. I did the bad girl thing and kept slippin my $ in the string of the bikini Iwhich after quite a few was finally told to stop. Oh come on can't a girl spice the night up.. after that it was pretty blah!!!I went there with the expectation to get my man a lap dance and NOPE... not allowed.. SO VERY DISAPPOINTED!! and I definitely wasn't paying for a dance which everyone else can watch so BLAH!!! We or should I say me tipped the girls we were feeling the most drank it up and well like other reviewers the girls bathroom is soooo where the juicy talk is... them dancers get pretty irritated by you NONE PAYIN MEN.. LMAO!!! which is why i tip ladies.... One dancer warned me not to leave my purse around cuz there is ALOT of shady girls up in there so VISITORS BEWARE?!?! I didn't leave my purse around but I guess I just needed to hold it tight in other words... Anyway, probably would prefer drive to Frisco for some 'REAL' fun... This is more the female dancers who don't want to take it ALL off and for the visitors who don't like to drive to see some skins... This is the spot!

Jamie W.onBrass Rail

posted on 28 January, 2012
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First of all the place is cool, the place is just alright in terms of its location, ambiance and general decor. The staff (bartenders, security) can all be cool if you get to know them, but they are working and if your good will be treated good. The majority of the girls are average to below average. The one girl there that is worth 5 stars, and the only reason why this review got 5 stars, is the prettiest girl at the Brass Rail, Juliana. As you can see by all of the pictures that were posted Juliana is a stunner, and she is an amazing dancer. She is an amazing person as well and if you are lucky enough to get some time to talk to her, she is a fan favorite who has tons of admirers, you can have a great conversation as well. Make sure to offer to buy her a drink and make sure to tip her nicely, she is definitely worth it. Juliana, hottest girl ever, best dancer ever, make sure you tip her, she is definitely worth it. A classy classy lady, in an overall average place to spend some money.

Alex L.onBrass Rail

posted on 20 December, 2011
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I'm the 1%.I'm sure 99% of the people who come here come for the entertainment. What else do you think of when people mention the Brass Rail? Well, today we came here for the food. Seriously.We rolled up and the parking lot was completely empty. It was only 11:00am and ready to eat. I dont think the "entertainers" are even out of the shower yet, provided they shower before coming into work. I walked into this dark cavern of a place that's so typical of all strip joints. I saw a room with empty chairs and a brass pole, but the room was void of all forms of life (except maybe microscopic...ewww). We round the corner where the food was served and we were like the first ones there with an anxious cook behind ready to take our order. I saw the rib eye was $9.95 and didnt have to look much farther. Rib eye it is! Why? Because I still haven't satisfied my craving for a good steak.You have a choice of soup or salad plus 2 sides for that price. Really? What can be better? Well...i meant in THIS room. The steak was a decent slab of meat. Not terribly thick but very decent. It was grilled perfectly also and not dried out. All it needed was a slight shake of pepper and salt and it was inhaled with a quickness. Like a good boy, I ate all my vegetables and salad. For $10, I was content. Next time when we have more time, I wanna check out the entertainment. I doubt the girls are Spearmint Rhino or Scores-quality, but then again it's free. Saline always pairs well with red meat. I wouldn't come here in the dark. The parking lot looks hella shady and it's not in a part of town where there's good visibility. The 4 star rating is for my lunch experience only and in no way reflects the quality of the entertainment since I did not witness a single dancer in there. Where else can you get a great steak for $10? Score! Oops wrong strip joint. The Brass Rail!

Danielle A.onBrass Rail

posted on 26 May, 2011
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This is a bikini bar! Wandered into the wrong place! Apparently there is a buffet and definitely entertainment. Didn't stay long. Awkward!

Feyd N.onBrass Rail

posted on 5 November, 2010
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This used to be a cool place to simply hang out and chillax on a given night once in awhile with da fellas and/or clients but it really has gone down quite a lot since sometime after 2002-03 thereabouts IMO. The food is ok and the draft beer can sometimes taste far sudsier than it ought to for some reason, regardless of what's ordered. I like that they accept all major credit cards unlike most places, but that's not much to crow about if your only respite is the sudsy booze (then you might as well just hit up regular bars).

harryharryonBrass Rail

posted on 22 September, 2010
Joined 7 years ago
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Finally went here for my first time after hearing mixed things from various people personally.Great if you like or have a fetish for bananas. There must have been 20 on stage in the half hour I was there. When I first walked in I thought, "oh, this looks alot better than I was expecting." But that ended quickly.It looked nice, wasn't dead, had a full bar so I had a drink.NO dances onstage.NO private dances.NOT ONE GIRL came up to us the whole time we were there. Which basically consisted of us watching a couple girls trying to be entertaining with bananas. Ok we get it, a banana trick or show can be cool for a bit. But where's the GIRLS dancing or coming up to us or anything else entertaining? I'm not a monkey.I gave this place 2 stars cuz it wasn't a shythole. But if you wanna go to a bar & watch chicks eat bananas go for it. I even went up trying to talk to a girl & she was completely not interested in talking with me.90% chance I won't be going back. What is there besides a bar & bananas? Nothing. Zzzzz...

Dano G.onBrass Rail

posted on 30 May, 2009
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They have Prime Rib.Okay, so you don't have to eat it right there with ass in your face, since they do have seating area separate from the bar/dance area. But I have seen old white dudes eating their prime rib with dollar bills spread out on the table in front of them, stageside.The food is alright. It feels like a timewarp ordering food from this place. And NO ONE ever goes here saying "Dude, I am starving, let's go eat at the Brass Rail."The girls are alright. You get what you pay for. C'mon, it's right next to a mobile home park. Don't come here expecting to bust a load in your jeans. Unless, of course you are virign to strip joints.This would be your first step into the world of dancing ladies.If you're broke, stay away from the stageside seating, and sit at a table or barstool not adjoined to a dance area.Sometimes the girls get dumb, though, once I put a dollar tip out (which is mandatory for each dance if you sit stageside) and the girl collected, got distracted by some creep who kept commenting her, and she went back to my area and demanded a tip. Couldn't be too mad at her and gave her another dollar. But it made me NEVER ever sit stageside ever again. She had no reason to get bitchy just because she can't remember a simple thing like earning a dollar.If you have a mullet, like to wear flannel shirts and/ro steel toe boots, have paint on your clothing, think having a cell phone on your belt makes you look "professional," and//or drive a buick, then this is your place.

Ann N.onBrass Rail

posted on 8 March, 2009
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we had a group w/ us, 4 girls and 5 gals, for their prime rib lunch special. yes, i said i went there for their meat :)prime rib w/ a glob of mash potato just like you were given in high school from the lunch lady on your plate touching my prime rib w/ salad and a drink = $9...I'll take it!!!hella old looking place w/ old men staring w/ drool at the girls clicking their heels as if it was someone nailing something to the floor w/ a was quite an experience that we laughed as we had our dollars ready to make it rain for these girls sitting around their dance floor w/ our tray of primerib/mash potato and soda.i would never go here by myself and not sure if i would come back but i did enjoy my prime rib, the DJ music had me grooving while i sorta looked at the girls and marvel at what they can do vs. what i can do for my man. hmmm, i can do better than some of them hahaha.very interesting place and surprise it's still open.

Kimberly C.onBrass Rail

posted on 21 February, 2009
This comment was posted anonymously

a tribute to the long delay of reviewing this 'club'Who's a GreaT friend?! MeeE. the one who goes to support her friend on amateur night. this makes the list of the "Most Memorable Nights" where i vow never to do again.Yes. i have been to strip clubs before..where i felt comfortable. here, not so much. but i did enjoy talking to the lesbian couple =)advantages:*nice strippers/dancers*FREE for ladies *mixed crowd (males/females later in the evening)disadvantages:*horny ass guys in there that need to cool it...i get how its a bikini bar but come on, i wasn't even performing AND i dont look like a pole dancer!*not the nicest looking place*guy in the crowd that asked if i was interested in selling weed...Beware of the creep with the video camera in the back room where he was already filming a bare breasted dancer. how dare he ask me with his eyes scanning me if i wanted to bare it all for the camera where clients were watching outside!! HELL no. i rather find a sugar daddy.Employees insisting i go on stage was utterly annoying. (keep in mind i was clothed it was summer but i was wearing dress shorts at moderate length and a blue tank top.) Plus some dude who spoke Spanish was starting to scare me so my friend (who was about to perform) got a dancer to talk to him so i could evacuate. And the best part: this one black employee asked me, "do u not like chocolate"..umm i was like 'uh...i never said that..' just weird. i'm no flirt. especially not at a place like this! but hey, i got a free drink out of it and a great story to remind myself of why i wont return unless im having low self esteem and want it back by getting male attention without dancing.

Andrew F.onBrass Rail

posted on 23 January, 2009
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Michael G.onBrass Rail

posted on 29 August, 2008
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Why pay a cover charge and high drink prices to watch so-so women in bikinis??? I can do see women in bikinis at the local public pool for about $4!!!

Stay AwayonBrass Rail

posted on 20 May, 2008
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Read in the paper that 2 guys were shot dead at this place yesterday. Want to die for some PU-tang? I dont think so.

Anthony H.onBrass Rail

posted on 24 February, 2008
This comment was posted anonymously

I came here after a long day at work with a co-worker to relax. We have been on Thursday, Friday and Wednesday nights. I like Thursday and Friday better but Wednesday is amateur-night and wet T-shirt contest night. Let me tell you, they're not really amateurs. They can really dance and move. I got to spray water on one of the sexy girl's white tank top. I believe her name is Angelica - she has the smile of an angel. You guys need to check her out. But I'd have to say, my favorite girl there was not a dancer but rather a waitress, which is why Thur and Fri's are better. She's blonde, wear glasses, and has really nice big you-know-whats. She's real friendly and can speak some of several languages including spanish, vietnamese and americanese. I try and tip her as best i can cause she seems to work harder than anyone else there. She's hands-off though! Don't grope her or any of the waitresses. I think you'd get kicked out. **shame,shame**

Senior F.onBrass Rail

posted on 21 July, 2007
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This place is hit and miss. I've had a few good experiences there and other times sucked. Good was seeing some hotties, maybe 2 - 4 ladies. Bad side was when there were only older, overweight girls, plus there's a bartender that is kinda stuck up. Older skinny guy talks to the girls more than the customers. Oh well ... If you don't go, you are not missing anything special. Besides, if you aren't going regularly, you might as well plan to go to SF or Vegas strip clubs instead ...

Susan D.onBrass Rail

posted on 23 June, 2007
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Ah, the good ole' BrAss Rail... what can be said that will replace the immediate image that pops in your head at the simple mention of the name? Probably not much. LoLThe Brass Rail is a fun lil sports/bikini/local bar that's clevely HIDDEN in the depths of Sunnyvale. The beer is cold and the girls are cute. There seems to be a big variety of girls so whatever your taste... you'll probably find it here. For lunch, they have a brisket buffet and at night, regular bar grub (hotdogs, nachos and cheeseburgers). I expected drink prices to be a lil higher because of the type of bar it is but, they aren't t bad. Pitchers of bud light are 12 and Sierra Nevada are 16. Well cocktails (gross) are only 5 but my Grey Goose cranberry is 8 (tastey)... totally worth it.The girls don't strip past their bikinis and no private dances are allowed so... it's best to just buy her a drink and tip her for chatting you up. What else do you come for if not a lil buzz and conversation? Haha. (I see guys who don't know this staring at tables that are full of girls... do they seriously not get it? You're at a strip club, you're supposed to generouesly tip the dancers and waitresses.) And yes... they are just talking to you for the tips, just like you only go to work for the paycheck.Definitely mapquest it before you go, even if you've been before but it's been a while. It's twisted back on the side of the hwy 237 wall. You'll think you've turned wrong and entered noman's land. It is right next to El Cerrito's Mexican Restaurant. (El Cerrito will deliver to The Brass Rail, btw.)Umm, beware of the bathroom... they're not always the cleanest.

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