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Lacey Black   on  Body Shop

posted on 23 September, 2016
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Lacey Black Adult model and dancer Lacey Black

Username laceyblack

Gender Female

Location Florida

Relationship Single

Age 24

Ethnicity Caucasian

Hair color Blonde

Eye color Green

Height 5'6"

Weight 108.0 lbs

Hey everyone! My name is Lacey, I love to interact with my fans on here!

If you have anything you want to know about me just leave a comment and I will gladly answer any questions you might have.

SCL Admin (management)  on Body Shop

posted on 22 September, 2016

With the first presidential debate coming on Monday, Donald Trump has moved to a five-point lead over Hillary Clinton, his biggest advantage since mid-July.

Strip Club List: Job Opening (management)  on Body Shop

posted on 30 June, 2016

Job opening at Club 390 in Chicago, IL:

Manager needed to run all Club Operations. Great customer service skills and reliability are a must. Nights and Weekends required. Please submit a resume, a photo, and your salary expectations. Hiring immediately.

Contat Club 390 directly at 708.758.2582 or fill out an online application by clicking the link below:

Click here to View Position

Out of towner  on Body Shop

posted on 27 March, 2016
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All I need to say is February!!!! Been to clubs around the country and she is one of the best. She probably won't sit around with you at your table but she does a great job during the private dances!!!!

TN  on Body Shop

posted on 16 March, 2016
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Had a good time last night until I discovered Ivy. After that, it was a great time!!! Wish she would have been working on Tuesday too!!!! Full nude show. Go for the 3 for $25 instead of the 3 for $30 in the back room. yes she will get nude back there but you watch from 10 feet away plus they cameras in there to "protect the girls".

Mike from AK  on Body Shop

posted on 19 February, 2015
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I was in here last night. Signs say that dances are $20. When you get to the room, the upsell starts immediately. One dancer wanted $30 a dance, another $40. I don't go to strip clubs for the upsell. I wont be back.

DaGreat12  on Body Shop

posted on 6 June, 2014
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Thanks for the info James... Will have to check her out over there and get a little something something

James  on Body Shop

posted on 5 June, 2014
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Renne is now working at Cheetahs under the name Azia same girl very sexy!

Da great 12  on Body Shop

posted on 29 April, 2014
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Most definitely Renee is hot... Was able too experience a couple of nice dances with her

David  on Body Shop

posted on 12 April, 2014
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Yes Renee is hot! Does anyone know if she still works here? Thanks fellas!

Polk High #33  on Body Shop

posted on 23 March, 2014
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Does Renee still work there? Works during the days

S  on Body Shop

posted on 5 September, 2013
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I'm a dancer from Canada coming out to San Diego mid september, looking for a spot to drop in for a night or two. Do you allow drop ins? Thanks!

Ronny  on Body Shop

posted on 21 June, 2012
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Was there a couple of weeks ago -not sure what to expect - but was pleasantly surprised. $10 to get in - and a lifetime pass. Drinks - were 2 form $10 - no alcohol and only $3 after that. Ladies were HOT!!! Lapdances were good - depending on who you got from - but isn't that always the case? When i get back to San Diego - I will venture on back - with more cash!

drew  on Body Shop

posted on 7 April, 2012
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Whats up with hazel..tell her I want to get in touch

Newsman  on Body Shop

posted on 30 October, 2011
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Any news about one of the day girl being hurt in a car accident last week. Hope she is doing well

Bobby G.  on Body Shop

posted on 3 July, 2011
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This is one of my favorites. You have a seat around the stage, pay $10 for two non-alcoholic drinks, and enjoy the show. The stage is better lighted than any stage I have seen anywhere else. The supply of girls seems to be unlimited; I don't remember seeing any girl on stage twice on the same day. They range in looks from average to gorgeous and in sexiness from okay to really exciting. You can spent hours here for $10 for two drinks and a $1 tip for each girls--not a bad way to spend a rainy afternoon. In addition, there are lap dances, but, of, course they are not free.

Pharmd127  on Body Shop

posted on 15 November, 2010
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Hello! ceeegcc interesting ceeegcc site!

adam  on Body Shop

posted on 12 August, 2010
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Wow.. I visited the club 2 diff times onece and night and once in the morning, , , , I enjoyed both experiences..... but I have to say I like the morning the best, , , the girls sit down and talk to you and get to know you.. I really like the girl called Nadia she was very pleasant and honest... she does not try to hustle you and she gives great lap dances for the milage.. I had a couple of other girls that were good... but Nadia made it good and fun... I rate her 10 plus and the rest of the club 8plus it was good experience..

NIKITA  on Body Shop

posted on 11 December, 2009
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My name is Nikita and I make Exotic Dancewear. I am looking to find a local strip club magazine to advertise in. If some one can help me I would greatly appreciate the help and information. If you are aware of such a publication in the SAN DIEGO area please send me a post . The name of the magazine would be perfect . Thank you to anyone who responds .

East Coast Dancer  on Body Shop

posted on 22 November, 2009
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I will soon be moving out to San Diego and will be looking for work. I was told that to dance in Ca you need to be lincensed, could some one explain how I would go about doing this and the cost? Thanks

Ace  on Body Shop

posted on 4 November, 2009
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What is the best value in Gentelman's Clubs in San Diego? By Value, I mean the best of combination of lowest overall prices for parking, drinks & dances; appearance of dancers and the quality of the dances you get? thanks

...  on Body Shop

posted on 1 August, 2009
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I do agree that Jennifer is very HOT...But please remember she did work at the body shop for a while.

Leo  on Body Shop

posted on 31 July, 2009
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Wow just wow. It is an absolute must that you get a dance from Angel. Sexy thick ass latina that works there. I think shes mexican and puerto rican. Let's just say it was better than anything ive gotten from craigslist and about 1/3 the price. Bring some extra Trojans you'll need em

Jennifer  on Body Shop

posted on 7 July, 2009
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Great lap dancer. Great mileage

Jennifer  on Body Shop

posted on 4 July, 2009
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Is there anyone that works here, named Jennifer, with multiple tattoos and long, dyed-red hair?

Rusty  on Body Shop

posted on 13 June, 2009
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Been coming in here regularly for a few months now. while the drink policy is idiotic $10 for 2 fountain drinks, juices or bottles of water. The club is a great time. Girls will of course ask for dances but not pester. YMMV here but just mention this place and someone will have a legendary story. I reccomend Lauren shes sweet and is very attentive in the booth. Staff isn;t exactly friendly.

re: best club in san diego  on Body Shop

posted on 15 May, 2009
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you can call me a strip club connoisseur, as my company has me traveling quite a bit for work and have been to this club once... The club is horribly run down and the girls are either coked out or very out of shape.... Literally one minute down the road on Midway Dr. is Deja Vu with very hot girls... My favorite in particular is Jennifer (works weekends)! She is smokin hot. Great tits and definitely works on that bod. The atmosphere there is also very fun and friendly.

Joseph  on Body Shop

posted on 12 May, 2009
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Girl named Haley is back i haven't seen her since last year. saw her last night! Her dances are clean and hott! Tall girl wears alot of pink.

Patrick  on Body Shop

posted on 10 April, 2009
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I am coming to San Diego on vacation and was curious as to what's the best nude strip club around Balboa park area? Thanks!

K.J.  on Body Shop

posted on 30 January, 2009
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WOndering fi two girls still work there, One is D.D. (Danielle) and the other is named Michele. Just curious, want to see these two again!

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