Diamond Cabaret


1222 Glenarm Place

Denver, CO80204

SCN ADMIN (management)onDiamond Cabaret

posted on 16 December, 2016


La Chambre Lounge is Detroit's oldest gentlemen's club.

We have immediate job openings for dancers, waitresses, chefs and djs.

If you have what it takes inquire online or call 313-537-5420.

Walk-ins are also welcome so feel free to come down to the club and apply in person.

Click Here!


rickywho2onDiamond Cabaret

posted on 9 July, 2016
Joined 2 years ago
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Great club. Great girls. UPSTAIRS IS WAY TOO HOT. I would have loved to stick around for the after party but the minute my friends and got up there we were SWEATING! Please fix this! Love Diamond Cabaret!

brandonreshonDiamond Cabaret

posted on 30 December, 2015
Joined 1 year ago
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This is the #1 worst strip club experience I have ever had in life. Every girl looked exactly the same. All shaped like slot receivers on a local junior varsity high school football team. The girls don't dance, and there are no poles. So basically they do nothing, but roll around in front of you and look at you until you feel bad for their desperateness and give them $2. To give you an idea of how bad this strip club was. I got $100 in singles when I walked in, I walked out with $93 in singles. Now what the hell am I gonna do with all these 1 dollar bills. One positive - they don't force you to buy drinks, if you want to just chill no one will bother you.

DO...onDiamond Cabaret

posted on 14 December, 2015
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...Prezley and Stephanie still work here?

tonycluberonDiamond Cabaret

posted on 21 September, 2015
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Idk if it's just me, but I think all the girls were into me. Nah, but seriously, first time at DC last night, awesome place. Outside of the dancers the rest of the staff are very friendly. Got a hookah and a couple drinks, which were reasonably priced. Killer spot. Great time!

timmykillaonDiamond Cabaret

posted on 21 August, 2015
Joined 2 years ago
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Talking about pathetic this place is a dump from the cheap steaks to that low life chief jason in the back that cooks them. The women they call Dancers are ugly n strung out on drugs half the time its pretty sad n pathetic they just beg for money what a bunch of peasants. This place is no good whats so ever its old and its falling apart. Come on down to shotguns and have a blast I sure did

matt meyeronDiamond Cabaret

posted on 11 August, 2015
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Um does anyone know a j sweets at the diamond cabaret?

KCRoyal92onDiamond Cabaret

posted on 12 July, 2015
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Went to this club Friday night. It was my first time going to a strip club and it was an awesome experience. The only thing I'd like to know is if anyone has info on specific times/days certain girls work because I checked their site and they didn't have a list of who worked there. One girl in particular blew me away and I plan on coming back for a private dance with her if possible. She said her name was Raven and she had dark wavy hair, was tatted on her thigh and had a big butt. If anyone knows who I'm talking about and has any info on when she usually works I'd appreciate it. Really would just like to see more of her so if she has a Twitter or IG that would be appreciated too. Thanks.

Sarah D.onDiamond Cabaret

posted on 25 June, 2015
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Went here with 2 of my friends. Male friends of course. We took the side entrance to the top not sure what we saw there but it was not what was promised in the pictures. We went in to one good pole dancer that all of us enjoyed and the rest ended up in a clap and bounce party..... I'm sorry but I don't want to see girls that are uncomfortable. Plus a lot of them didn't even have fun . Girl learn another move besides bouncing your bottom up and down on the table :/. Pretty disappointed plus for the fitness of the ladies not too skinny not too chubby. Some pretty girls some ok girls gotta say that speaking for me and friends at this point

ryan123onDiamond Cabaret

posted on 17 May, 2015
Joined 8 years ago
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The dancers here are all really sexy from what I saw! I was really impressed with the quality of the girls which usually it's a mixed bag at other clubs but I could tell here that they only hire hotties. Everyone was nice not tons of pressure - they actually take the time to talk with you for a while before asking to do a dance. We had a great time with Jemma - ask for her if you like a natural body, brunette a with a personality! The only down side is they need some sort of ventilation for all the cigar and cigarette smoking it gets really thick with smoke.

winston12onDiamond Cabaret

posted on 9 February, 2015
Joined 4 years ago
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If disappointment, headaches, and shame are what you are wanting to enjoy then enter with a smile!The web site clearly states $10 cover; not the $15 I was charged! The music is geriatric loud and circa 2002!The girls are beautiful I won't take that away; however when I'm watching you dance don't try to whisper sweet up selling nothings in my ear about the steakhouse!! The drinks are watered down and you can't just cash out your tab at the bar when you can't find your waitress! All in all this little lady and her man walked out sad and came back reeking of smoke, disappointment and hearing loss!

LoveronDiamond Cabaret

posted on 14 January, 2015
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Yeah, you can see her on model sites, IG @ ladymcg012 .:Kayla Ann, FB easy

fancontonDiamond Cabaret

posted on 4 January, 2015
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I remember her going by both London and TY, anyone seen her lately? She said she used danced at Penthouse besides Diamond.

LoveronDiamond Cabaret

posted on 23 December, 2014
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you'll love this one also

Replay to Pic BelowonDiamond Cabaret

posted on 21 December, 2014
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Search: 303-647-4312 escort or try "kelly ann" Denver escort

Below piconDiamond Cabaret

posted on 19 December, 2014
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That's not anyone that works here now. What porn site did you pull that pic from? ...haa!

love youonDiamond Cabaret

posted on 19 December, 2014
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she is absolutely beautiful, will you Mary me babe !! I want to eat you every night...

rico suaveonDiamond Cabaret

posted on 19 December, 2014
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I wish i could stuff my face in her crotch !! so sexy you are xoxo

Kelly Ann FanonDiamond Cabaret

posted on 19 December, 2014
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OMG, Kayla Ann McGowan sure has an amazing ass and wow, what a pose

fan contonDiamond Cabaret

posted on 19 December, 2014
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Check out that amazing ass

Another FanonDiamond Cabaret

posted on 19 December, 2014
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yeah, you probably catch Kayla Ann McGowan teaching yoga classes around

oooohhh YesonDiamond Cabaret

posted on 17 November, 2014
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Haven't seen her for sometime, sure miss her dancing

Stripclub FanonDiamond Cabaret

posted on 3 October, 2014
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OMG thats Kayla McGowan

Kelly AnnonDiamond Cabaret

posted on 15 September, 2014
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Didn't she dance here? Search backpage dot com 303-647-4312

DanceronDiamond Cabaret

posted on 23 July, 2014
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Thinking about working here. Can someone please tell me rules and cost of dances? Is this a good club to work to make good money? How much does the club get off dances and fees? Thanks for the help!

AssnTits5onDiamond Cabaret

posted on 17 June, 2014
Joined 8 years ago
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Went the other day to spread the wealth. Little hard in the beginning getting drinks but once they realized we were spending money they came around. Well be back. Girls were on the higher end.

curtis17onDiamond Cabaret

posted on 15 May, 2014
Joined 4 years ago
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We've been to clubs in many cities and this one ranks right up there at the top. I read somewhere that Platinum 84 had higher average reviews. (I think it was Google.) These two clubs are not even in the same league (I reviewed that one at 1 star.) This one reminded us of some of the nicer clubs in Vegas. Is every girl a 10? Of course not. We all have different tastes in girls, and this club has something for most of us. Blondes with curves (NOT fat, just shaped like women rather than pre-pubescent boys), ladies of all ethnicities and pretty shapes from thin to curvy. The girls are not pushy at all - they are independent contractors, not employees. If you want to talk to a specific girl, don't ask your waitress. Ask the girl directly. My husband and I sat at the big round stage for a bit, enjoying the dancing. I always love that they are so flirty with me and tend to be much more forward than with the guys. (Sorry guys... ;) Some are definitely better dancers than others, but again, something for everyone.The drink situation seemed strange. I asked for a double Captain and diet. The waitress told me sorry - we can only serve single shot drinks. I asked if they had other mixed drinks and she said yes. So I ordered a Long Island. Pretty sure that's more shots than a double, but whatever. Seemed like they had a decent wine selection from what I could tell, although we didn't order any.We went on a Wednesday, our first night in Denver. We found a fun, beautiful blonde who made us feel really comfortable with conversation as well. We asked for a private dance. We've been in other clubs where a 'private dance' takes place in a corner of the main room. This building is HUGE. The private dances take place upstairs in darkened cubicle-type rooms with open doorways, a small couch, and a small stuffed stool for the girl. Full nudity for the private dances, topless for the main floor stage dances. If you want private dances, make sure you're willing to shell out their prices. There is, of course, a handy ATM in case you don't bring your cash. We ended up going back both Friday and Saturday as well and had great experiences all 3 times we were there.

Harrison69onDiamond Cabaret

posted on 13 April, 2014
Joined 4 years ago
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Zero-stars aweful.. My buddy an I were out with the girlfriends Saturday night. After a few drinks, the girls really wanted to check out Diamond Caberet. We were surprised at the request but happy to oblige. Still far from drunk, I picked up the second round from a tipsy bar tender who called me "a pussy" based on my drink order (4 beers + 4 shots). I bit my tongue and still tipped her 15%. As soon as I got back to our table, a bouncer approached us an said we had 5 minutes to finish all of our drinks before he had to take them. He sat there an waited while listening to our conversation - felt pretty awkward. Needless to say, we didn't finish and the $60 worth of alcohol went straight to the trash. Moving on. We went upstairs (each had $100) an found seats at the stage. Maybe 20 minutes later a group of guys tried to fight us for our seats? I grab a bouncer who walks over but doesn't intervene. At this point, the girls are freaked out and want to leave. I stopped on our way out to talk to the manager, Bryan LaMothe, to explain our night at his establishment. He has obviously never heard of the phrase "Service Recovery". He gave me his card and said to "name drop" him next time we came in and he would take care of us. He then told me we could not change in the 100's of single dollar bills we had. What kind of ass-backwards Mickey Mouse operation is this?? Never going back and I will discourage anyone I hear talking of going.

David S.onDiamond Cabaret

posted on 23 March, 2014
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As a limo driver I recommend this place to all my clients. This is a top notch club with a great steakhouse if your looking for a great night and a outstanding steak don't pass this place up

Demitri R.onDiamond Cabaret

posted on 6 September, 2013
This comment was posted anonymously

Way better than Saturdays. And the women here look good. Having hookahs set up are a nice touch. It would be nice if they had more stages set up. I'm a little spoiled due to the Vegas strip clubs. My biggest complaint is the bouncers need to keep control of the Taxi cab drivers. Seeing them fight outside for fares is a big negative.

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