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San Diego, CA92126

SCN ADMIN (management)onGoldfingers Gentlemen's club

posted on 16 December, 2016


La Chambre Lounge is Detroit's oldest gentlemen's club.

We have immediate job openings for dancers, waitresses, chefs and djs.

If you have what it takes inquire online or call 313-537-5420.

Walk-ins are also welcome so feel free to come down to the club and apply in person.

Click Here!

fritter17onGoldfingers Gentlemen's club

posted on 27 September, 2016
Joined 5 years ago
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The day girls are the best dancers EVER very sweet sexy very nice!!!!! Wow was so amazing!! I will always recommend this place to all my military friends and civilians. No doubt I will be coming back for more . Best strip club in San Diego.. 125 for g lounge is the best price around

williamronGoldfingers Gentlemen's club

posted on 10 June, 2016
Joined 1 year ago
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I can't get over the bad reviews. This place seriously has the HOTTEST girls I have ever seen. They all are young (under 28) sweet and amazing. I still stick to my original statement (ally is my fav) but seriously any one of the 30 or so girls here are 8's- 9's and 10s.

yanard12onGoldfingers Gentlemen's club

posted on 4 June, 2016
Joined 2 years ago
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DO NOT GO HERE! okay just had to write that so you'd stop and pay more attention to this review but Yea the prices were great but unless you want a lap dance with titties in your face don't go here. The only way you're gonna get that here is if you pay the $120's for the "gold" room.. From what I saw seemed more like it could be the bronze room

Russ D.onGoldfingers Gentlemen's club

posted on 30 January, 2016
This comment was posted anonymously

Skip this toilet. I'd rather sit home and watch infomercials, than go to this pretend strip club. It's just 4 or 5 ok looking dumb chics trying to get you to go in a back room for $120 dance, that's the same as the 2 for 1 $20 happy hour dance. Anyone thinking about going to this place needs to stop thinking and just anywhere else. This place is terrible!!!!!!

joseph1konGoldfingers Gentlemen's club

posted on 10 September, 2015
Joined 8 years ago
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This place isn't that great. Maybe I'm used to the strip clubs back home, but this place kind of sucked. It was a Tuesday and it was nearing closing time. There wasn't a single other patron in there, yet they wanted to charge us $15 each to get in. What? We finally negotiated and got in for a few bucks each. I don't remember what the girls were like because I was wasted but you have to sit really far away which is annoying. We literally had to crumble up our $1 bills and throw them so they would reach the stage. And that made us feel like we were being rude. Probably won't return.

rogerrab2onGoldfingers Gentlemen's club

posted on 29 December, 2014
Joined 3 years ago
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1st off San Diego law is stupid as _ _ _ _. The girls have must stay 6feet away while they dance on stage, so that kills the vibe right off the back. But the girls were beautiful for a weeknight. Get your money ladies.

A. A.onGoldfingers Gentlemen's club

posted on 30 August, 2014
This comment was posted anonymously

I am going to start with the NEGATIVES since they outweighed the POSITIVES:NEGATIVES:ALLY ALLY ALLY ALLY ALLY ALLY ALLY ALLY ALLY ALLY ALLY ALLYA stripper by the name of "Ally" (blonde, skinny bombshell of a young lady with a sweet body) was, by far, the rudest stripper I have ever encountered. When she approached me for a lap dance, she didn't even initiate conversation or try to be nice. She came up to me like a begging peasant and when I informed her I wasn't interested in a lap dance, she told me that I must be gay and began to barrage me with insulting comments. What the heck??? This nearly made me leave the strip, but I decided to stick it out since there were some nice girls.Throughout my experience at this club, I continuously overheard "ALLY" complain about clientele and about how she was getting annoyed hearing people talk and having to talk to them and about how drunk she was. The SECURITY is extremely tight on phone usage, which is understandable since they don't want any filming to occur, but make you go all the way outside to use your phone and even yell at you if you attempt to use your phone in the restroom. What sense does this make???You cannot casually hangout with your friends without the girl dancing on stage come up to you afterward (regardless if you were watching her show upfront or not) and assume you owe her money and act pissed off if you don't give her money.Don't get me wrong, there are a few really awesome girls there (that will make me go back), and unfortunately I cannot remember their names, but generally the girls there are all really bad at initiating conversations and don't make you feel welcome and moreso feel pressured to get a lap dance upon approach and, if you don't, they act annoyed and pissed off.POSITIVES:Unlimited soda refills (use the "free coupon" on their website and get hit with a REASONABLE $10 drink charge to get in)The "bartenders" (they don't server alcohol) are exceptionally sweet and really liven that place up and make it enjoyable. In fact, they had better customer service and I would have bought several dances from them if they were dancers.$10 lap dances before 10pm. I thoroughly enjoyed these lap dances and, although you can't touch them, I had a great experience and the girls did a great job.Unfortunately I cannot remember their names, but there are a few really sweet girls there that are dancers that made me want to come back and I will for sure get more dances from them. After ALLY called me gay, she pretty much ruined my night, but I will definitely be back with a better attitude next time I come in and will avoid this girl at all costs.Two stars for the friendly bartenders and the few sweet strippers, otherwise this place would get 1 star.

Weedman420onGoldfingers Gentlemen's club

posted on 30 June, 2014
Joined 3 years ago
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I've been here several times, but the last two times were bad experiences. One night I walk in and the stage is completely empty for 15 minutes, so I get up and leave. The next time I go in and I get myself one dance. That dance was cool. But then I met Kylie at the non-alcoholic bar. She seemed sweet enough. Cool chick at first. So I'm thinking yeah I'll get a dance. It was a fine dance, she didn't seem all that into it but that's okay, sometimes there are off nights. But the kicker was when she asks if I wanna keep going.. I check my funds and I tried to go for 3 or 4 songs. The rate is 20 bucks a song. So I'm thinking, sure I'll swing that. She says it's 120 for 6 and I say I don't have 120. So she says go to the ATM, and I tell her no id better get home and all that. So I try to get up from the booth, and she stands in front of me and starts saying "give me money." Like what the fuck? I tell her no, and ask for the 80 I'd given her. She tells me to go to the ATM again and keeps saying that I have money. I tell her no. She's still holding the money and I wouldn't mind the extra songs.. I mean holy shit, I already the DJ pimp 120 for the private dance in the janky ass sunk in "VIP" chairs they got in the back. Anyways, this girl must be unhappy because she was complaining about a slow night or something, and how Goldfingers makes her work a certain amount even as a private contractor. I slip her a VIP card at Cheetahs and she gets offended and finally lets me get up. Anyways. It's a shitty place, with shitty VIP, and I won't be going back. Cheetahs is pretty damn awesome.

tonycluberonGoldfingers Gentlemen's club

posted on 7 June, 2014
Joined 4 years ago
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Emily and Lilly were my favorites! They were amazing! Would definitely recommend this place. One of the best.

Justin R.onGoldfingers Gentlemen's club

posted on 11 March, 2014
This comment was posted anonymously

I went here last-minute with a group of friends (three guys and three girls; three couples) and cover was only $5. The place is pretty small, but it wasn't too bad or too packed. The girls were really nice and I wasn't too disappointed with my first lap dance.I'd recommend this place to my guy friends who just want to kick back and chill, but I probably wouldn't bring my girlfriend back here. I'd honestly rather take her to a high end strip club in Vegas.

XhXeXyonGoldfingers Gentlemen's club

posted on 4 August, 2013
Joined 7 years ago
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My boyfriend put me on stage for my birthday (for each girl to dance in me) and I had a blast!!

ryan123onGoldfingers Gentlemen's club

posted on 11 December, 2012
Joined 8 years ago
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I must say from the strip clubs I've been to, gold fingers have much better looking girls and vaginas. I've been to one in point Loma and the girls were horrendous looking and their vaginas look like they squeezed several kids out, and old and worn out looking with a nasty snail trail. At gold fingers the girls are young and decent looking, I only saw one fat chick who was stripping and pretty gross looking. But other then that I had a great time for my coworkers bachelors party. It's also next to the bar that my coworkers and I always do happy hour at, cheap drinks before the strip club, also $5 off cover with receipt.

PissedOfStripperonGoldfingers Gentlemen's club

posted on 11 July, 2012
This comment was posted anonymously

This place sucks. stay away from here. i know, i used to work here.

PissedOfStripperonGoldfingers Gentlemen's club

posted on 26 June, 2012
This comment was posted anonymously

Ladies, if you are even thinking of working a GoldFinger, just know the following. Mel doesn't know how manage his hair, let alone the club. Arron, the owner, just wants to fuck you. Dances are $120 for 5 songs, and the club takes $20. You will pay 35% to the club and tip out an additional 10% to the staff. They hope you can't do the math, but you are giving them 50% of what you earn.

PissedOfStripperonGoldfingers Gentlemen's club

posted on 13 June, 2012
This comment was posted anonymously

This place is run by a bunch of morons. I was FORCED by Mel to work 10 hours because no girls came in to work. I came home with $100 for my trouble. I'm gonna get all my girlfriends out of this place.

Kevin P.onGoldfingers Gentlemen's club

posted on 7 December, 2011
This comment was posted anonymously

this place is a total dive.. Stage and chairs are broken down, the girls dance too quick and often not showing their cooters. The sound system breaks often. All the girls look strung out on drugs and many are overweight. Save your time and money, go elsewhere.

savanahonGoldfingers Gentlemen's club

posted on 15 November, 2011
This comment was posted anonymously

al i can say! great lap dance i got fropm her last friday

PringleonGoldfingers Gentlemen's club

posted on 11 April, 2011
This comment was posted anonymously

Do the drink server's give lap dances? Where I'm from the club doesn't make the girls that are only serving drinks do any dances. Sorry if my English is not in the right.

Big DoggonGoldfingers Gentlemen's club

posted on 21 December, 2010
This comment was posted anonymously

Where's my baby Kitty? I miss her so much! (that bitch is in law school at USD. do I have to go over there to get my $10, cum-inducing lap dances? I bet that little tramp sucks off her profs if she doesn't like her grades.)

laughsonGoldfingers Gentlemen's club

posted on 9 October, 2010
This comment was posted anonymously

This club is a joke . Mel is a scum bag that treats the girls like shit . Arron the owner is a scum as well . The only reason he has a club is cuz of his daddy. Both tese men use the club to get girls cuz otherwise they have no game. Owner is a balding and ugly and preys on girls. I went with a friend to work there and its dirty. You dont get in the lounge with out letting a guy finger bang u or ur willing to give a bj. Staff only treats u ok if ur fucking them

G-ManonGoldfingers Gentlemen's club

posted on 26 June, 2010
This comment was posted anonymously

I wanted to check this place out for myself. I went in last night and it was dead! The talent was pretty good. Lindsey was an ok dancer. The G Lounge was a joke!

santiagoonGoldfingers Gentlemen's club

posted on 10 April, 2010
This comment was posted anonymously

I have a good time right there, the attitude of the girls very good, they are firendly even the bar tenders, I had enjoyable lapdances with a couple of girls, happy hour is fantastic, you pay just $10 for a good dance, but you have to come early, I was there at 8pm .

Gurjot S.onGoldfingers Gentlemen's club

posted on 31 March, 2010
This comment was posted anonymously

I chose this club for my first strip club experience and i don't regret it at all. well maybe a lil because as i entered the club at 1 pm, i was the only one there. Being the only one there was awkward so i left and came back an hour later. when i came back , there were just 3 people in there and 3 strippers. As i entered the club, I was greeted by 2 of the 3 strippers and one of them immediately asked me if wanted to have some fun. I said yes ( i thought she meant having some fun like chatting and talking), not knowing that it meant if i wanted a lap dance. She took she to a private room and gave me my first lap dance, id say that was mistake because she wasn't that appealing. After the dance i paid her and went back to the lounge. I sat down on a table and the dances begun, after each dance a stripper would walk around for tips. I should mention that its a fully nude club. I tipped each of them $2. The cover charge was $10 which included free lunch. So i said why not and they brought me a hot pocket!! While eating my lunch, i saw two more dances and then the hottest one of the 3 approached me and asked if i wanted to play. she was really pretty and stacked with curves at the right places. I said ok and that lap dance was the best lap dance i had ever gotten. One thing that i noticed was that she was persuading to go in the VIP lounge where i could be naughty with her. I would love to but honesty i wasn't carrying any more money..But my overall experience was excellent and worth 80% of the money i spent.

maxxy1onGoldfingers Gentlemen's club

posted on 26 March, 2010
Joined 7 years ago
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I was on vacation in san diego with some friends and we decided to stop by Goldfinger's. This place was a lot of fun, the music was great and the girls were really friendly and they were really good dancers. I was surprised how clean it was, which made it more comfortable to be there. Ladies get in for free so that was pretty cool. The staff is friendly and the guys at the front were fun to talk to when I went out for a smoke. Next time I'm in the area I'll definitely be visiting Goldfinger's again.

NIKITAonGoldfingers Gentlemen's club

posted on 11 December, 2009
This comment was posted anonymously

My name is Nikita and I make Exotic Dancewear. I am looking to find a local strip club magazine to advertise in. If some one can help me I would greatly appreciate the help and information. If you are aware of such a publication in the San Diego area please send me a post . The name of the magazine would be perfect . Thank you to anyone who responds .

SD_KlubberonGoldfingers Gentlemen's club

posted on 17 October, 2009
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Mamacita from VH1 Real Chance be in da house! She be fine in person and off da chain in da VIP. She likes da starfish massage cuz she cool like dat!

ex-sderonGoldfingers Gentlemen's club

posted on 13 September, 2009
This comment was posted anonymously

Re: Harmony Harmony retired years ago ... like back in 2007. She's married w/ kids and the whole 9 yards now.

MarkonGoldfingers Gentlemen's club

posted on 17 August, 2009
This comment was posted anonymously

Ya I saw her in the club a could days ago and she looks better then ever...

jimonGoldfingers Gentlemen's club

posted on 16 August, 2009
This comment was posted anonymously

does xtcy still work here? if so, what days?

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