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1504 Northeast 54th Avenue

Des Moines, IA50313

MikeonThe LumberYard

posted on 26 December, 2016
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Hey I am looking for a dancer named Star. She is blonde and sometimes has a wild color in her hair, lots of tattoos, nose ring, and B maybe C Cup tits.... I am a regular and I was planning on talking to her but then she disappeared. I haven't seen her in almost 2 months! I hear she is the girl to take home if you know what I mean?

SCN ADMIN (management)onThe LumberYard

posted on 16 December, 2016


La Chambre Lounge is Detroit's oldest gentlemen's club.

We have immediate job openings for dancers, waitresses, chefs and djs.

If you have what it takes inquire online or call 313-537-5420.

Walk-ins are also welcome so feel free to come down to the club and apply in person.

Click Here!

timmykillaonThe LumberYard

posted on 31 May, 2016
Joined 2 years ago
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Great place, beautiful lady's and the music isn't so loud that you need ear plugs. Staff is friendly and helpful, right along with the beautiful door lady's.

dopeboy19onThe LumberYard

posted on 21 April, 2016
Joined 1 year ago
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Don't waste your time getting off the freeway. Go to the next big city and maybe you'll have some luck. It's the employees that ruin it. Not the girls. Well not all the girls at least. Why do the employees kill the fun and atmosphere? Customers just want to spend money and have fun and so do the girls. I left and I'll keep my money for businesses that want it.

traveleronThe LumberYard

posted on 19 December, 2015
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Should of just kept driving north for about another hour and half and got to Dodge. At least they have some talented ladies.

ErikonThe LumberYard

posted on 2 December, 2015
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I was in there last night for awhile. 4 Dancers, all very attractive (which is unusual for a strip club in Iowa). 2 of them were quite friendly, the other 2 were at least not bitchy. I somehow seem to end up with the unattractive, overweight strippers with tits so saggy they need cables to hold them up sitting on my lap so this was a rather pleasant experience for me.

GuyonThe LumberYard

posted on 1 December, 2015
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Who is "she" from the "infrequent patron" ? Who are you talking about?

Infrequent patrononThe LumberYard

posted on 25 October, 2015
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She was there this weekend. Not sure if she's a regular. I hadn't been there in 6or7 years but she was a total sweetheart and seemed "real" to boot. I would hope she's there often cause I'd go back for her alone.

MagicmonThe LumberYard

posted on 25 October, 2015
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The club is still a busy place but all I can do is give the girls some advice, especially the young new ones. In order to make high end cash, don't just hang out on the stairs and wait for someone to come to you. Walk around and mingle with the patrons and have a seat and interact, say hi. Yes, there will be lots of no's, but you are in sales and many no's will get a big yes in the long run. Hustle ladies. Hi Marie.

LAMPLITERonThe LumberYard

posted on 18 October, 2015
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Try The Lampliter in Ottawa IL They're Hiring Dancers!

Waring!!onThe LumberYard

posted on 23 August, 2015
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There might be a black dancer named Kayla working there....she is bad news...advice from one guy to the next, , , r better off saying away from her!!

james1412onThe LumberYard

posted on 12 May, 2015
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I love Iowa, as well as the Lumberyard.I've never seen a strip club where you can bring in your own beer, that's nuts to see people walking around with cases of beer.Cover is $15.00, not too bad - about the average price for strip club admittance. Lots of good looking girls (wasn't initially sure what to expect from Iowa strippers).Lots of fun and friendly interactions with the girls, a lot of the dancers actually seemed to be having fun an chit-chatting with guests.Really cool layout, there is 3 different stages that are on different levels that are all connected. Pretty sweet trip! There is another strip club or 2 in Des Moines that I might check out next time I'm in Des Moines, but I think it would be hard to beat the good time I had here.

GuyonThe LumberYard

posted on 9 May, 2015
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Why call u. For what.

B L.onThe LumberYard

posted on 31 October, 2014
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I gotta say, I truly enjoyed this strip club. Three levels, very crowded, almost felt like a nightclub feel. BUT WITH BOOBIES!!!!I liked that for the lapdances they played the entire song, so you really did get your moneys worth. Yeah, there were a few girls who walked around but most were pretty busy. It might be hard to find the girl you want to dance with due to the crowds, but hey, it's still a chill place. Can't blame em for makin money.

Sexy and readyonThe LumberYard

posted on 31 May, 2014
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Call me 515-259-3972

Ron donThe LumberYard

posted on 25 March, 2014
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I guess it is a requirement now to smell fuucking like shit if u r a ripper?!?!?! What the fuck!

MikeonThe LumberYard

posted on 24 October, 2013
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Stopped in lat Tuesday night. Lots of girls there, but not many "working". Sat at a table next to the stage, had a stack of $1 bills sitting on the table, tipped at the rail, and sat there alone for almost 1-1/2 hours. Apparently the dancers had lots to talk about because they would gather at the bottom of the stairs and be so involved in conversation that they weren't able to spend any of their precious time taking my money. Needless to say, I wasn't impressed. Guess I finally found strippers who don't want money.

The GoochonThe LumberYard

posted on 20 October, 2013
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Does Alize work regularly at LY? Didn't she work at Daisy Dooks as well?Are her private dances good (half hr and one hr booths)?

to amber fanonThe LumberYard

posted on 4 September, 2013
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can you tell me what this amber looks like? looks size tats boob job etc? just wondering if its the same hot amber i have seen at other clubs worth the trip if it is

Naomi fanonThe LumberYard

posted on 29 July, 2013
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Stopped by for the first time in many months - I was immediately mesmerized by Naomi, who has the sort of body seen in a dream -- and knows how to work it! Worth the price of admission all by herself ...

Dancing GirlonThe LumberYard

posted on 26 July, 2013
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I've worked here off and on. It has gotten worse and it's not just the fees. Dj is terrible and the manager is clueless. No he can't dj, but thinks he can. He does sound awful. One of the bouncers told me that he has the computer completely screwed up so no one can find a song, except him. He must think it makes him a hero. And "entertainer" you are right- No one knows when their set is over. Starting and stopping songs for our cue? Really? Even the customers hate it! Big Clubs I worked at before always played the same song (one of them sounded like the jepardy song) It was simple. You certainly can't understand the yelling on the microphone. It's the worst! no wonder nobody makes any money :(

EntertaineronThe LumberYard

posted on 18 July, 2013
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Worked here one night. Very disorganized. Manager called himself- tinkles (maybe he wears diapers?) Said he has run big clubs? Really? He also dj'd. I think he needed the tip out from the girls. They certainly arn't paying him anything for his management skills. Worst dj i have ever heard. Girls didn't know when to move to the next pole. Played part of song then started another. He said that was our cue to move to the next stage... most ignorant thing i have ever heard. Nobody new when their set was over. Constant yelling on the microphone was terrible. NO money!

DAMNonThe LumberYard

posted on 8 July, 2013
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I'll definitely be back in to see Amber. She's gotta be the hottest one who ever graced the stage. Plus a smile to die for so if youget the chance she wwon't dissapoint

Slow nightonThe LumberYard

posted on 20 May, 2013
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I was in last Tuesday- 2 for 1 night. It was extremely slow. Lots of girls but less than 15 customers. Felt sorry for the girls- some didn't make much that night. Slowest Tuesdsy I've seen.

Minnesota Crane ManonThe LumberYard

posted on 25 April, 2013
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Suzy is great, she parties with Deon and is lots of fun Minnesota Crane Man..if you can't find Suzy or Dawy, or Deon, Summer what a cutie

joe snuffyonThe LumberYard

posted on 10 April, 2013
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Word of advice guys if you go by yourself. If you bring beer with you, make sure you take it with you to the private dance area or the bouncer will throw it away.

Minnesota Crane ManonThe LumberYard

posted on 2 March, 2013
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Lumberyard always well worth the visit, , I work my flight schedule to fly out of DSM so I can stop in and relax Deon, Dawn...WOW..great ladies..thank you...

JimonThe LumberYard

posted on 10 February, 2013
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Just a Iowa man getting ready for farming season was in on a Tue and met a girl named Suzie, not only did she make a man feel wanted again she knew alot about farming nice to meet a girl with beauty and brains....nice conversation not only out for the $$$

afternoon guyonThe LumberYard

posted on 28 January, 2013
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Saw on their website that on Monday, there is a free VIP wristband. What is the cost of a VIP dance with the free wrist band

yeah steve-oonThe LumberYard

posted on 13 January, 2013
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why are you bragging about this shit online? how stupid are you to think that you are bragging about the extras you got? and you think that is going to help you continue to receive the extras?

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