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497 Northwest 31st Avenue

Pompano Beach, FL33069

SCN ADMIN (management)onCheetah Pompano

posted on 16 December, 2016


La Chambre Lounge is Detroit's oldest gentlemen's club.

We have immediate job openings for dancers, waitresses, chefs and djs.

If you have what it takes inquire online or call 313-537-5420.

Walk-ins are also welcome so feel free to come down to the club and apply in person.

Click Here!

PompanoFanonCheetah Pompano

posted on 31 October, 2016
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The best of the 3 clubs by far. The service was by far the best, pretty wait staff and bartenders. Would highly recommend.

stevenjamesonCheetah Pompano

posted on 13 June, 2016
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anyone know what happened to ariana? real skinny, white, dark hair? thanks

bill the ladonCheetah Pompano

posted on 10 January, 2016
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CJ is back on saturday only she is on vacation at this time back last week jan fantastic in champagne room

Trixie KellyonCheetah Pompano

posted on 3 January, 2016
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Heard she works here now. Is this true and if so what name does she go by

Weedman420onCheetah Pompano

posted on 31 May, 2015
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I have to say that i am very dissapointed with the management staff at Cheetahs. We were a group of four guys just chillin and enjoying the scenery, drinks and some wings. Drinks were above average but bartender was really like she did not want to be bothered even though she was being tipped very well. The wings were actually pretty good. But what made it bad was they accused one of our group of doing drugs in a stall. The manager said he saw this 100% with his own eyes. COMPLETELY FALSE! Now we did have one of group that was very intoxicated and the accused was just checking on him in the stall. The security and management escalated the situation to an almost physical confrontation which was completely unnecessary. Sorry Cheetahs but i wont be visiting your establishment again.

Hugh JardononCheetah Pompano

posted on 14 April, 2015
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Samantha gave me the clap :( its like luggage and will never go away

richard95onCheetah Pompano

posted on 6 March, 2015
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Ah and here we go into on of my fields of expertise. Having DJ'd in these places for two decades I have gained a unique insight into what makes these places work and what doesn't. The Cheetah has had a blue chip reputation in this industry, and at one time were one of the best club chains in the US. Those days have faded and left behind a faded and awfully dated version of the club that once enjoyed the glory of clubs like Score's, Spearmint Rhino, etc. Basically you can go visit the Cheetah now, come back in 10 years and you're at the same place with a few staff changes.. ugh. Cheetah is not a bad club, whereas back in the day, there were dimes galore (dimes = 10's for those that don't know), these days it's gonna take a nickle and five pennies to pull it together. In the 90's, there were no girls rated less than an 8 working here, but those days have past. One really good thing is that this club is NOT ghetto, and for Pompano, that is a feat unto itself. One will find that while the girls here are known for "going the extra mile to make you smile", that the same girls have almost no drive in approaching new customers here. Seriously, i wrote this review while sitting in the middle of the room and was never approached by an entertainer, and while I don't mean to toot my own horn, I am not hideous, creepy, or broke, so yeah.. that's kinda weird.. For the most part, Cheetah's demographic tends to be the 40+ crowd which I guess would explain the lack of good current music, as I guess the mgmt pushes a format that suggest no one here has listened to music since 2005 unless the turned on the same radio station that their 12 year olds listen to. Oft times, it is like Boston and Carly Rae Jepson and the "Fireflies" song. If the current tunes being played here were anymore bubblegum, they would be playing tracks off of a Kidz Bop CD. I cannot totally slam this joint, I am simply calling it as I see it, and I am speaking as a pro who knows nightclubs and bars, well. What I will say is cool about this place is that servers are not pushy, they actually have a nice free (or really cheap) lunch special here. They run this joint like a machine, so you will always have entertainers on stage, bartenders at the bar, and a manager on the floor. That may seem standard in every club, but South Florida are notorious for stocking their employee rosters with hacks and people who do not take this biz seriously, hence the high turnover. Cheetah, not a bad place to go at all, but definitely not the best either.

mathewater12onCheetah Pompano

posted on 6 January, 2015
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Let's start with the $2 parking charge. That is, you park it yourself, but apparently have to rent the spot. Ridiculous. You are told this rudely, BTW. Once inside there is a lot of activity and 4 stages, all with dancers. There is a free lunch. Now that ends the good points. I'm old school strip clubs, where the majority of dancers could have made it to the pages of Playboy and Penthouse. No more. Every single one of the dozen dancers I saw were too big in the body for me, many with Kardashian size mega-booties. If you like that, then go here. My $25 "private" dance (you are in a closed room, but with several others getting said dances) was with a woman with fake breasts (the concrete type). In the club the dancers are nude for one song, but not nude for the private dance. By today's standards only minimal touching is permitted. My woman gave a perfunctory, mechanical performance, without the slightest hint of making believe she was enjoying it (the dancers in my home club moan when you suck their breasts, etc.). Back at the bar, the vodkas I bought for my entertainer were fairly priced, but my plain old soda was charged by the glass, instead of my clubs which give endless free refills. And the $25 dance tip, plus the $5 bartender tip were snatched up without a smile or thank you. Finally, the alleged "world famous Cheetah burger" was barely above fast food level. And if that was the claimed half a pound of meat, I'm Orlando Bloom. Friends, do yourself a favor and skip this place. They don't deserve your business.

gabbyonCheetah Pompano

posted on 26 July, 2014
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mouth like a vacuum !!

SashaonCheetah Pompano

posted on 14 August, 2013
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Big fan of Sasha.... Has she been around ? Any 411 on her Champagne rooms ?

Dime Bag DarylonCheetah Pompano

posted on 9 April, 2013
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I see Carmella was arrested in Broward last week....... Just happend to be looking at mug shots on Local10

FREDonCheetah Pompano

posted on 5 March, 2013
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Does anybody know what happened to Margarita? I miss her. She is so hot.

fuckery12onCheetah Pompano

posted on 13 February, 2013
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I came here a little intoxicated on my 37 th birthday in November. The gals are predominately attractive and my pals and I sat in the middle so you can admire all 3 stages. The cocktail waitresses are attentive but the last round one gal never returned with my change and charged my credit card for 2 spirits when she clearly brought one. No big deal. I think I saw a celebrity guest here from the Tarantino movie " from dusk til Dawn" he sent over the lascivious Amara. She was very accommodating and erotic. Good show and I highly recommend ! Cheers, aXeL

Abc123onCheetah Pompano

posted on 14 December, 2012
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What happened with Kelly? Great girl with cute gap in her teeth. She still here?

fredonCheetah Pompano

posted on 23 September, 2012
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whatever happened to Margarita? She danced at one time at night then I think she moved to the mid day shift. I would like to see her again.

ratedonCheetah Pompano

posted on 22 February, 2012
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Out of the three this one is way way better in all aspects than the other a little skanky, Hallandale has growing pains, Pompano is tops.

A dime bag?onCheetah Pompano

posted on 22 February, 2012
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She must be a real cunt if she puts out for a dime bag. Unless you mean a trendy, outlandish, designer handbag.

Scott From NYonCheetah Pompano

posted on 21 February, 2012
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Any fun girls to hang out with there anymore? there was a girl Carmella that would do just about anything for you in and out of the club(would meet you out for $$ or a dime bag or some pills) but havent seen her in a while

Charles XavieronCheetah Pompano

posted on 1 February, 2012
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Airianna is Danicing at Centerfolds in Pompano..

Chief BrodionCheetah Pompano

posted on 2 November, 2011
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please retire Sandy and Alana, , , , , they should bar tend or go get real jobs by now....Its been 10 years. Alana is still attractive but she sticks her knee in your groin and thinks its arousing me. Sandy was good 10 years ago when she would take it all down her .......... "That's no boating accident"

jbrock95onCheetah Pompano

posted on 16 August, 2011
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Is there a massage girl named Savannah still working there?

BrettonCheetah Pompano

posted on 10 July, 2011
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All the 'Old" girls are coming back - Porsha, Natural, etc! they were great in their day, but it is time to be put out to pasture and let the younger girls take over!

Whoa!onCheetah Pompano

posted on 17 June, 2011
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Turn that shit down! They should tie that DJ to a chair, and set him in front the speaker all night.

BrettonCheetah Pompano

posted on 12 June, 2011
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Went in the other day, shitty dj - plays nigger music so loud that my ear drums were sore, couldn't even talk to any girls it was so god damn loud!!!!

jbrock95onCheetah Pompano

posted on 14 January, 2011
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Is there a massage girl named Savannah still working there?

JosephonCheetah Pompano

posted on 30 December, 2010
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Does anyone know what happened to Arianna? Real skinny, black hair, hispanic girl that worked daytime during the week? Mid-20's? Thanks

650KonCheetah Pompano

posted on 18 December, 2010
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Some of them know how to behave themselves, and some of them are just whacked in the head. It is very difficult to exert control over that type of dancer. They could seem like perfect angels, until they blow up on somebody. And, with the amount of dancers that they have coming in, and out, it is tough to weed out the ones with violent tendencies. Maybe they should try to screen the dancers, using a personality test before they hire them. I bet they're watching the dancer very closely, now.

Dr. KimballonCheetah Pompano

posted on 18 December, 2010
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some nice new talent .....but not enough big fake racks for me. Too many girl next door types. If I wanted that ....I would go to a regular bar. Pompano cheetah still has the best day time crew. The door are back on so lets see how we do. ciao, the one armed man

BrettonCheetah Pompano

posted on 21 October, 2010
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Girls! Kick me in the HEAD! I can use $650, 000! Stupid Cheetah, just Stupid!

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