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1137 North Scottsdale Road

Scottsdale, AZ85257

SCN ADMIN (management)onSkin Cabaret

posted on 16 December, 2016


La Chambre Lounge is Detroit's oldest gentlemen's club.

We have immediate job openings for dancers, waitresses, chefs and djs.

If you have what it takes inquire online or call 313-537-5420.

Walk-ins are also welcome so feel free to come down to the club and apply in person.

Click Here!

helponSkin Cabaret

posted on 1 April, 2016
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This club stinks literally. The customers sitting at the bar must be taking dumps in their chairs or something. It was so foul I could barely enjoy my 10 dollar lap dances. I was appaled to stay longer than a few dances as I watched guys munch on their free happy hour buffett of food with the rancid odour of chicks dumps in the air. So foul. Get your septic tanks checked.

curtis17onSkin Cabaret

posted on 21 March, 2016
Joined 4 years ago
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I've been sporadically coming to this place for over 10 years when I am in town and some of the women they have cocktailing there have also been there for over 10 years. It doesn't take a brain surgeon to know that is not a good thing. These women have gone from attractive young women to mid 30s or older failure to launch types. Time to move them on. The dancers aren't old though, and they are good entertainment for an hour or two. There are other clubs in Scottsdale/Phoenix that are better, have cleaner seats, less pushy employees. I don't think we will be back on our next visit.

ryan123onSkin Cabaret

posted on 3 February, 2016
Joined 8 years ago
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Piece of shit hussler girls working there. I was tempted to have the cops show up for stealing my money.. I can honestly the girls know how to cover their asses and change their tune when management comes in. First one baited me for an extra 10, second was an extra 60. And yes I was sober.

Steve for IndianaonSkin Cabaret

posted on 3 January, 2016
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Met the most amazing and gorgeous women and even proposed to her. Diamond, thanks for a great night.

Beauty and ClassonSkin Cabaret

posted on 2 January, 2016
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Got a new manager who is absolutely amazing, really knows his stuff and is unbelievably nice to all of the girls. This place has been my home for awhile now and I can honestly say that they finally got it together with the new management. Oh yeah and in 10 years of being a dancer, this is the first manager I've seen who actually knows how to dress.

rogerrab2onSkin Cabaret

posted on 17 December, 2015
Joined 3 years ago
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A friend once told me that strip clubs don't experience inflation. Back in the 80s he threw out $1 bills. Today, he would still throw out $1 bills. This logic make sense.Enter Skin Cabaret. I pay for my party to get inside the place. This is a business trip and our chaperone took us to a strip club. (Full disclosure: the girlfriend has given permission to enter into such an establishment. Besides, give me the book on game and a $1,000,000 and I'm still useless in this environment so all bets are safe on me not doing anything stupid.) I receive my change and notice that there are $10 in $2 bills! $2 BILLS? These are still floating around? Did the city of Scottsdale or the governing body of strip clubs lobby for the continued production of $2 bills to combat such inflation my friend spoke of? The 21 year old kid rolling into this place may not even know a $2 bill exists. I would guess all the $2 bills circulating all throughout the United States are in Scottsdale, Arizona and chances are, the $2 bill you are pulling out of your wallet/purse at this moment has touched the lovely thigh/hip skin of a beautiful Scottsdale adult dancer.True story. After I ran out of $2 bills I kindly exchanged two $1 bills with my chaperone so I can keep one as a souvenir.By the way, it was a Wednesday and this place came out swinging with some talent. I couldn't even imagine a Friday/Saturday in this place.

mathewater12onSkin Cabaret

posted on 28 October, 2015
Joined 3 years ago
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Worst place ever. Took a friend out for one last hurrah... He has terminal cancer (and this was told to management), so we came for his good time. We arranged for his personal dances and his dancer was giving him one last "time". Then some bleachy blonde fully dressed chick walks through, throws a look and has the bouncer come tap her out. They send her home for inappropriate behavior... In a strip club... and doesn't have to sense, professionalism, or courtesy to explain to her paying guest. I guess she has a money tree. Round two.... Bourbon street got hundreds and my friend so happy he thinks he might make it. Bottom line save your time and money just go straight to somewhere else.

billtheguy12onSkin Cabaret

posted on 16 July, 2015
Joined 2 years ago
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I love this place...has nightclub/party vibe with beautiful topless women included. Its much more of a fun experience than the other places in town.The owner brought the manager back from the old days (Clay) to clean up the place a little and add some new flare...and I've noticed a real difference....great vibe, better looking girls...nice guy, very professional.Sounds like "Andrea" may be one the fat girls he fired...haha. Scott & Rick are there still taking care of the lunch buffet is awesome...the girls are very friendly too.I make this spot a regular stop.Why go anywhere else??

yanard12onSkin Cabaret

posted on 30 June, 2015
Joined 2 years ago
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This place was good back a few years ago, now everyone there looks like they are on drugs or spun out on something... I went in the ladies restroom and had to wait because there was one stall open and two dancers were snorting something together in there forever... Not to mention the bathroom was disgusting. This does not feel high end, any club that does dances out in front of everyone is strange. Don't you want privacy, hence the name "private dance"?? I was disappointed and ended up just giving the 300 in one dollar bills to the nicest girl there, a little cute blonde with long hair who wasn't cracked out looking and was also nice and friendly. This place has gotten lazy... Get rid of the 30 girls in there with prison tats all over them, get rid of the druggies, make a better dance area/vip booths and then maybe your club would be the place to go again...

james1412onSkin Cabaret

posted on 5 December, 2014
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You might think that all strip clubs are the same, and I'll admit that I don't go on a regular basis; in fact, I rarely go at all, but I've been to enough to know quality customer service.Some girls in these establishments are there strictly for the money and their attitude reflects that, while others really enjoy dancing, mingling and providing the kind of customer service (no, not that) that will build a regular clientele.I'm happy to say that Skin Cabaret falls into this category, as the girls are friendly and outgoing.Of course, I live just down the block and am now hoping for free entrance for life! LOLOkay, maybe not for life, but a time or two.

Moni Z.onSkin Cabaret

posted on 9 November, 2014
This comment was posted anonymously

Pretty lame. I didnt use valet parking and I was told I still had to pay a fee..really?? Stupid. Then I had to pay $20 to sit at a decent table. There were only a few free tables and they were taken. Makes no sense. Dont forget $10 cover charge and a $4 water. So I had already spent $39 and haven't even had a chance to watch some girls dance. There was only one nice looking girl. All the other ones looked like crackheads. I even saw a girl get mad because someone wasnt paying attention to her so she threw money at him.. Really?? The dancers were changing in the restroom. And there was only one stall..super ghetto. Just go to Xplicit!!!

Adam W.onSkin Cabaret

posted on 18 August, 2014
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I took my wife here the night of August 1, 2014 for her 42nd birthday. She wanted to do something grownup so we shipped the kids off to the grandparents and booked a weekend at Talking Stick Resort. We started the weekend off with a nice dinner and then headed over to Skins Cabaret. We found parking a little confusing as we weren't quite sure where to park. Everything seemed to be valet parking and I wasn't comfortable parking across the street in a neighboring business. I ended up doing valet. This was our first time at a strip club together. I used to frequent them in my younger days, but eventually out grew them. My wife had only been to a strip club once before in her life as part of a work related birthday party. As we walked in the place, the first thing we noticed was how dead the place was. There were only a few patrons sitting amongst a lot of empty chairs. This was kind of what I was hoping for thinking we would get more attention from the ladies without a bunch of men staring down my wife. Wrong! Upon sitting down we were promptly greeted by a waitress who took our drink orders and returned within minutes with our drinks. After that we never saw her again. We were there for well over an hour. In addition, the dancers seemed to avoid us. They were good at talking amongst themselves while waiting for their stage call, but not much else. I don't know if it was because I was with my wife that the felt uncomfortable coming to our table. Who knows. Back in my day, dancers would approach a table regardless if a woman was present or not. They would even ask the woman if she wanted a dance. Not sure how things changed over the years. Anyway, the longer the night went on the more annoyed we became over the lack of service we received. The dancers seemed to prefer grinding on some fat 70 year old man sitting in a dark corner of the room rather than coming to us. Then a group of employees or reps of some kind (insiders) arrived and took over the joint. All the dancers flocked to their table and continued to hover around their table forgetting about everyone else. Then the group moved into a private room taking half the girls with them. It seemed as though they were all partying among themselves and forgot that there were paying customers still inside the building. No hard feelings though because honestly most of these women looked like crack whores anyway. Some of them were so skinny they didn't have breasts while others looked like they belonged in a Marilyn Manson video. Not to say they were all skinny, some of them really need to say no to Cheetos. Most of them just seemed to hate being there. I guess I don't blame them. What happened to the sexy, upbeat, and energetic dancers of the past who understood how to drain a guy of all his cash? Not sure how you make money ignoring the clientele. I dated a dancer once who always said it wasn't her @#$% that made her money it was her smile. Approachability is everything! Anyway my wife and I grew bored of the same group of girls in rotation and opted to leave. As I mentioned before, this was for my wife's birthday, so I had planned drop a lot of cash for her. I took 400 hundred out of the ATM and left Skins Cabaret having only spent twelve dollars. Sad. We left while the night was still young so we ended up driving down the street to Babes Cabaret. The place looked a little sketchy from the outside, but once inside they took care of us and were more than happy to take my money for a much better night.

Old town regularonSkin Cabaret

posted on 15 August, 2014
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Was here for first time in a while same old brown and blonde girls some cut there hair and gained 40 pounds ... Do yourselph faver go to burban

JJonSkin Cabaret

posted on 7 July, 2013
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Anyone know a dancer named LeeAnn? Does she work at this place? Is she a good dancer? etc.

The smell is probably fromonSkin Cabaret

posted on 5 April, 2013
This comment was posted anonymously

all the black and brown semen oozing out of the strippers pussy holes and ass holes.

FebreezeonSkin Cabaret

posted on 23 March, 2013
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Hi! I'm Febreeze! I'm not that expensive and I do a Great Job! I am seeking employment at Skin and wonder if you need my services? I am hard working and I will help your establishment more appealing by killing that foul moldy scent you possess! I can be found at WalMart or Target or Fry's or Safeways to name a few. Don't be shy! Come see me!

smells foulonSkin Cabaret

posted on 23 March, 2013
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This club stinks literally. The customers sitting at the bar must be taking dumps in their chairs or something. It was so foul I could barely enjoy my 10 dollar lap dances. I was appaled to stay longer than a few dances as I watched guys munch on their free happy hour buffett of food with the rancid odour of chicks dumps in the air. So foul. Get your septic tanks checked.

MoldonSkin Cabaret

posted on 23 March, 2013
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The first thing I noticed when entering was the smell of Mold or Mildew or something not fresh. Maybe its the carpet? Maybe its the girls. Didn't stay long as the moldy smell kept bothering me.

RE bibiloveronSkin Cabaret

posted on 25 February, 2013
This comment was posted anonymously

Dude that was the worst attempt at a racial slur I have ever seen. Gronk is spelt n i g g e r. Anyway, look for daddy's little angel to be working at more than one club than this one. Probably dream palace and bourbon street. Even skin does not have enough black and brown cock for this whore. Get in line for sloppy seconds!

hot bartenderonSkin Cabaret

posted on 15 February, 2013
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i recently was in town visiting from Chicago and best looking lady in this place is the daytime bartender, she is SUPER H O T

bibiloveronSkin Cabaret

posted on 24 January, 2013
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Hey that Gronk loving skank Brittney Maclin aka Bibi Jones was stripping there last night at 10. How was the show if you were there? Did she do full contact lap dances after? Is it worth getting one?

Anyone know Jade?onSkin Cabaret

posted on 11 December, 2012
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Skinny blonde bimbo with lots of tats. I hear she is one of the biggest black cock sluts in town.

RE Ho Ho HoooooooonSkin Cabaret

posted on 5 December, 2012
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I think nigger heaven would be more accurate. The fat spic manager seems to like it that way!!!!!!!!!!

HO HO HOOOOOonSkin Cabaret

posted on 3 December, 2012
This comment was posted anonymously

Is this place really called monkey jungle ????

Lap dances anyone????????onSkin Cabaret

posted on 30 November, 2012
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You can take me home for enough coke money!!!!!!!

Johnnyboy123onSkin Cabaret

posted on 13 October, 2012
Joined 6 years ago
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Top notch, great ladies. Good hourly drink and dance specials!

BarryonSkin Cabaret

posted on 4 October, 2012
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Now that's what I mean by jobs!

Next Months Skin KittenonSkin Cabaret

posted on 2 October, 2012
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Working for a living!

YeponSkin Cabaret

posted on 28 September, 2012
This comment was posted anonymously

The Obama people, and the left wing have done a good job of squashing the truth about Barack Obama?s background, keeping it, and his true political agenda out of the main stream media. If the white majority fully understood who their president is, what he is really doing as president, and what is going to transpire over the course of the next four years, they might actually show up to vote this time.

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