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SCN ADMIN (management)onChristie's Cabaret Tempe

posted on 16 December, 2016


La Chambre Lounge is Detroit's oldest gentlemen's club.

We have immediate job openings for dancers, waitresses, chefs and djs.

If you have what it takes inquire online or call 313-537-5420.

Walk-ins are also welcome so feel free to come down to the club and apply in person.

Click Here!

DexterRexteronChristie's Cabaret Tempe

posted on 16 November, 2016
Joined 1 year ago
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the girls are really pretty. service was good by the waitresses but sat here for an hour and not one solicitation for a lap dance? strange... after mentioning this to management it was fixed but I shouldn't have had to bring g it to their attention. thank you for correcting it. Christie's really cares about their customers.

danielsononChristie's Cabaret Tempe

posted on 3 August, 2016
Joined 11 months ago
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Had the best night of my life for my first time going to a strip club. I will be coming back when i get paid again lol Well worth the money $$

Veronica L.onChristie's Cabaret Tempe

posted on 28 February, 2016
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Visit: 02/18/2016This place and this review are not to be confused with the other Christie's Cabaret in Phoenix. This Christie's Cabaret Tempe, although possibly under the same management group, is totally different.First off, we'd like to thank Tammy, Naomi, Gia, and Renee for making our night. We went to four strip clubs in the same day before ending our night here and the club and the ladies did not disappoint at all.There's one circular stage with a railing on the ceiling around the outer rim for the dancers to use and a pole in the center that actually does not go to the ceiling, which was different for us, but the dancers who used it did not seem to have a problem at all with it. Each dancer got two songs and you could tell the DJ did his best to play songs that each girl was comfortable with.It's a full bar, which is located to the left as you walk in and it had most likely one of the most beautiful bartenders we have ever seen. She was short, in a corset, gorgeous; we didn't catch her name but we'd go back just to see her. But since it is a full bar, topless only, which is more than okay for us. The bar had two TVs and there are two TVs close to the seating to the right of the stage.We didn't get the VIP/dance specifics, but it seemed that there was a very nice VIP area in the back and that dances were being performed in a raised, roped off area behind the main floor seating. Plus we saw a lot of floor dances being given at the tables and against the back wall.This is most definitely a club we will be returning to and odds are as long as Tammy is there, it will be very soon.

To DanonChristie's Cabaret Tempe

posted on 13 February, 2016
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Many men prefer curves. Don't be shallow. You can like unhealthy skinny girls and that's ok but don't be so quick to judge. I see great "heavy" looking girls here.

DanonChristie's Cabaret Tempe

posted on 5 February, 2016
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Stopped in this club for the first time while in town. It was rather quiet but there were a lot of dancers. Too many of them were heavy or sloppy. I did get to spend a good deal of time in the couch area with the beautiful Natalie. Smooth and sleek, with pop up nips, she is one of the few girls at the club worth spending some bucks on. Next time I come to town while seek her out.

Mizz Lucy M.onChristie's Cabaret Tempe

posted on 4 February, 2016
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I have long been a fan of strip clubs, preferring topless to nude. A date and I went to Christies last week and had a mediocre, at best, experience. (Question- when did strip clubs start charging ladies cover charge?? Has it been that long since I have been to one?)Anyhow, door guy was ok, counter gal was ok, nobody walked us in to seat us. That's cool- no biggie.We chose the only table left near the stage but moved after a bit because the way the stage lighting is set, you are blinded while trying to ogle the lovely ladies. We tried to stay seated since we'd ordered food and worried the food wouldnt find us but DAMN! That food took forever. The fryer was out of order so I was offered veggies instead of the side which I was ok with since I dont eat much fried food anyhow but the server said "the fryer is still broken" which tells me it had been for some time, for whatever that's worth to you. My date ordered a cocktail of which they were out of the liquor for. Huge let down for him, as it's really the only thing he drinks. He was a good sport and ordered something else which turned out to be weak/lacking much liquor. The food was SLOOOOOOWWWWW to arrive and we were seeing spots from the stage lights so we moved. My date was kind enough to order the dancer who latched onto us a drink ($10 for a redbull!). She was sweet enough but overstayed her welcome as we really wanted to watch the dancers on stage to choose who we'd like table dances from. She went on and on about her previous job and being new and how nice the other gals were and needing lessons on being a better stripper, etc. She was definitely nice enough, but girls- if the table aint buyin a dance from you within the first 10 minutes of conversation, maybe move along...The stage "entertainers" :Beat.Totally beat. Bored. Lazy.Tired.High. Zero entertainment value. Scene: Walk out (bored), walk the pole 1-2 times (annoyed), no eye contact (the floor was more interesting that potential tippers), boobs come out immediately (no tease), floor work was bland (facial expression like "when will this song be over?", no pole work (until our Nubian Goddess arrived!), and in one instance, when I went up, stack of bills in hand, the dancer didn't notice me because her eyes were so rolled back in her head, that by song's end she finally "snapped out of it" long enough to see me and said "Oh i didnt see you i was blacked out". Um-huh? Two dancers who approached us made a point of telling my date "I dont do things on the side", unprovoked. Um-huh? The lack of engagement and entertainment was such that he finally began trying to "educate" the girls who approached us by telling them how they could be more dynamic on stage. I think it fell on deaf (stoned) ears. There was one lady, long dark hair, delicious mocha skin, athletic build, who killed that pole and made it pay her! We showered her. She came by after to thank us personally. She was smiling, enthusiastic, able-bodiedThere was the Bombastic Latin lady who's body was out of this world and her personality was SO SASSY. She had this devil-may-care, hot ass bitch thing going for her. She let m touch her boobies! : ) OH! I did get my food. It wasnt hot anymore but I was so famished (hence ordering food in a strip club!) that I sucked it up and ate it anyhow. The shots of fireball he ordered werent full pours. I stuck with bottled beers (safer). Upside- ladies room was clean although the soap dispenser was broken (ew). Glad my date was engaging and entertaining because the entertainment, largely, was not. The $200 he spent and $40 I spent, was not worth it. I wont be back.

ReonChristie's Cabaret Tempe

posted on 28 September, 2015
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The girls aren't necessarily to blame, a customer can see for himself how slow it is and makes it easier to lowball the dances. Of course a girl will take 50/60 bucks instead of a 100 it's better than nothing.

I.C.U. TOOonChristie's Cabaret Tempe

posted on 13 September, 2015
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There r 20 dollar places in the club but girls are doing dances for 10 dollars that should bring 50 are 60 dollars girls just do to much for nothing

BLONDSHELLonChristie's Cabaret Tempe

posted on 4 September, 2015
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Dj doc needs to work thurs friday saturday the other djs are boring as fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! btw try hiring someone with a marketing degree thats what i pay a house fee right not to sit in your empty fucking club.thank gawd no manager tipouts none of them deserve it you get enough of our money.

REonChristie's Cabaret Tempe

posted on 14 August, 2015
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Not really.. I do not consider either one of them of any value.

Dear B $onChristie's Cabaret Tempe

posted on 12 August, 2015
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as you assume April the night VIP hostess, You might want to rethink and remember April the day sever who is also a hostess... Mackenzie also a day entertainer... look before you leap..

I smell BSonChristie's Cabaret Tempe

posted on 10 August, 2015
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April has been gone over 6 months

Rick FonChristie's Cabaret Tempe

posted on 6 August, 2015
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Guys, if you want to relieve stress, this place... the best cabaret in Phoenix Metro... is much better than going to your doctor or massage therapist. The dancers there are ultra-top-flight. In particular... MacKenzie... was so sensitive to my situation, I began to feel better, after only a few minutes in her wonderful presence! It's the classiest place in the city. I was welcomed at the door, then, had a good conversation with the DJ, Aaron, and the cute bartender, Rachel. The manager, Debbie, and the VIP hostess, April, were equally cordial. I had a great VIP visit with MacKenzie! Thanks to all.

They only give a fuck about their 45$onChristie's Cabaret Tempe

posted on 24 April, 2015
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they run the club like they way they act like TRASH. Its getting ghetto in there

I C UonChristie's Cabaret Tempe

posted on 30 March, 2015
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Seriously, they need to either change the dances from $10 to $20 all around floor, or do something about $20 couch dances. Bc if customers don't want to do VIP well we can't force them. We shouldn't be punished bc of that. Another thing....Debbie getting massages at the bar by a customer... not good, not good, especially when it's from this particular guy who always harasses the girls!

Old guyonChristie's Cabaret Tempe

posted on 22 December, 2014
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Anybody know what happened to Jasmine? She seems to have dropped off the radar. I've not seen her around for a while and was missing some great dances from her. If she left the biz, good for her, but if she hasn't, can somebody clue me in as to what club she's at now?

RE SASSonChristie's Cabaret Tempe

posted on 28 September, 2014
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The DB manager took away our 20$ vip area, why because they think they will sell more champagne that way? lol no way the hostess are so rude anyways I wouldn't recommend taking a customer up there!

SassonChristie's Cabaret Tempe

posted on 12 September, 2014
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Please promote this club !!!! i am about to pull my hair out !!!! don't want to go work somewhere else. we need promotions. radio for example. a giant billboard. i find it hard to believe the club doesn't have money for advertisements. come on people !!!!

JDonChristie's Cabaret Tempe

posted on 9 September, 2014
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I was visiting from out of town and decided to check Christie's out... Great place... great staff... Had a couple of dances from Cassandra.. Very sexy girl.. She is an amazing dancer very sensual... After just a few dances we went to the VIP... This girl is funny, sexy, and worth it... I will be back...

XhXeXyonChristie's Cabaret Tempe

posted on 19 June, 2014
Joined 7 years ago
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came to Christie's (Tempe location) as part of plan B of a Bachelorette Party. We originally wanted to go to Dick's but found their $20 cover charge a tad ridiculous.Price:-cover charge was $12 on Friday night, be aware that Christie's downtown (which I called) only charges $10. -after I offered to cover for myself and the bachelorette, the cashier notified me that the two of us would be let in for free. SWEET!-Bachelorette Party packages were offered to us, but very few were drinking and the $200-300 bottle service didn't seem worth it.Ambiance:-classy joint, kinda reminds me of the Belagio what with the fresco'd ceiling, etc. -pretty full house, but not too noisy, music was kept at a great level.-relatively dark (duh, it's a strip club) but walkable-nice big stage with room for plenty of crawling about and sexy strutting. Other reviewers mention "no pole" but there was definitely a pole there when I was there!-a few ladies "roaming" the crowd, none ever approached our two tables.-I appreciated that the ladies had their own bathroom separate from the dancers' bathroom-smoking outside onlyService:-our waitress was really polite and friendly despite a couple of setbacks (one of our party's card was unreadable/declined, several weren't drinking). She was very prompt and got our drink orders quickly. She also sent over the VIP hostess to offer up some specials.-VIP hostess was really sweet, offered us a couple different options, but never pushed them. We politely declined and she didn't ask/bug us further.-cashier was also very nice, was able to give me $40 in ones right off the bat without a complaint.Drinks:-we ordered a couple rounds of Fireball shots (probably $8 a shot) and then finished up with just ordering mixed drinks. -I'd suggest paying cash as paying with credit card means you end up signing several receipts and losing track of them (as I did later in the night).-as a note, this strip club (like many others) puts a "hold" on your card to ensure payment in case you walk out before paying for your lap dance or drinks. Don't freak out and call your bank (like my friend did) 'cuz you'll look like an amateur. This pending charge will disappear after a day or so and the card has been cleared.Dancers:-really wide variety of tastes to be catered to here, from your au natural to boyish/waifish frame to exotic to plastic surgery vixens. I really didn't see a single dancer who was "unattractive", most are pretty classy and only saw one with tattoos.-I LOVED the girl who did the belly dancing; she started off a bit more covered up than most of the girls, but REALLY got the crowd going with her hypnotic moves. MOAR PLEASE! -went stage-side for a few girls, but they hardly any paid ANY attention to me or any of the girls who also came up (it was their first time). Only ONE dancer (out of 4 or so) paid any attention to us, and thankfully, she recognized the bride-to-be and gave her extra special attention. Would love to see them really pay better attention to the ladies, as it's not just the men who shell out those dolla bills, ya'll.

NASCARonChristie's Cabaret Tempe

posted on 10 November, 2013
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Crazy fun last three years! This year was fun, not the same came Wednesday left early dead as can be yesterday was a lot better. A lot of the best girls no longer working there. The couple of girls who where still there said management changed 4 times and push customers and girls out with changes of prices every other week. You had the best clubs with best girls, host, bartenders, floor staff and Djs. Hope you keep what stuck around. Train the newbies chomping on gum, smelling like cigarets and complaining is not sexy! See you next year hopefully it is better Tom

Mr.FunonChristie's Cabaret Tempe

posted on 9 November, 2013
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Great club, some amazing girls, great location.Friday Dj needs some work.Other than that had a great time!I'm coming back for more.Weekend Dj, please play better music!

VonChristie's Cabaret Tempe

posted on 22 August, 2013
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I agree Cassandra is hot and worth every dollar. I have been in a few times looking for her but did not see her. Anyone know her schedule?

Doctor BonChristie's Cabaret Tempe

posted on 16 August, 2013
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I have spent some time in the VIP with the amazing Cassandra. This place is impressive. I went on a recommendation and now I may be a lifer. If you have the chance to spend time with Cassandra in the VIP do so. April the VIP host will set it up for you. Tip these ladies well and they will keep you coming back for more.

Ashlee JamesonChristie's Cabaret Tempe

posted on 13 August, 2013
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Does Ashlee James work at this club?

Rick FonChristie's Cabaret Tempe

posted on 19 July, 2013
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Now that I've returned to Christie's Tempe, I feel that I'm at my home-away-from-home! What better place to relax, enjoy some spirits. vino or suds in the company of some of the world's most beautiful, intelligent and soothing women? It's not just about the bucks... well-earned and gladly-spent... it's about the opportunity to share time with the experts! I've always enjoyed my time here, especially since Saturday, June 8th, when I was able to visit VIP with a referral of Bill's: the wonderful Makenzie.

Cr?me de la Cr?meonChristie's Cabaret Tempe

posted on 3 July, 2013
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Our club in Tempe is great.You just need to understand that it's more fast paced here...if you like dead clubs that's fine but know that we are a great club here in Tempe and we have fun!

Cr?me de la Cr?meonChristie's Cabaret Tempe

posted on 3 July, 2013
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The gay DJ's name is Scottye!He is fun!

New DjonChristie's Cabaret Tempe

posted on 3 May, 2013
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Doc was not workin :) It is some gay guy from Joshs club he was alright better then Doc. You think they give the girl what they want. We are the ones paying tip out-housefee-minimum. They did not listen to the girls in Phoenix now look at that club it ia a ghost town.

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